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  1. It is rumored that the 2021 cap will drastically increase. Some are estimating a jump from $200M to $240M. Not coming from an NFL source but would be interesting if this happens.
  2. He reminds me of Frank Gore. A guy that can consistently get 4 yards a carry and help out in the passing game. Good balance, good vision but lacks the break away burst to frequently run away from defenders. Gore played one year under Gase in Miami in 2018. At 35, he led the Miami RB group with the most carries and yards, ahead of a younger and very explosive Kenyan Drake.
  3. He was also dealing with a thumb and knee injury the last 4 weeks which probably affected his play a bit. The knee injury was downplayed but was enough for him to show up on the weekly injury report. Random other injury he had was a toenail removal where he was limited in practice.
  4. Matt Ryan had a good rookie year but really broke out in year 3/4 and saw steady improvements until his 5th year Eli had a breakout year his 2nd year only to regress and breakout again 4 years later in his 6th year Flacco got better every year with his best year coming 9 years into the league. Alex Smith has had a rough career but has been steady throughout his career when give the opportunity. You could say his breakout season was his first in Kansas City 10 years into his career. Andrew Dalton was a third year breakout. Ryan Fitzpatricks breakout wasn't until he was 28, when he finally got a chance to play. Ben Roethlisberger broke out in his 3rd year and again in his 6th. River's was a 5th year but 3rd as a full time starter. Foles' breakout was at 29 unless you think his 2014 year was his breakout year. Cousins breakout year was his first year of starting at the age of 27. Goff's 3rd year was his breakout year after playing 22 games his first 2 years (Sam has played 26). Russell Wilson statistically broke out his 4th year when the Seahawks began to rely on him as more of a passing QB rather than their running game. QBs develop in different ways and at different rates. Hopefully this offseason provides the players around Darnold to see him take that next step. Seems like starting QB don't always take the same path to success. Look at Rodger and Mahomes or McCown and Fitzpatrick.
  5. Mims reminds me of Demaryius Thomas. Limited routes, great hands, runs away from defenders after the catch, can go up and get it if they need to.
  6. Ashtyn Davis has a good interview on the Move the Sticks podcast. It was around the time of the Senior Bowl and he talks about his work ethic. I am so happy the Jets landed this guy as I didn't think they would draft a safety this early with Adams and Maye in the mix. When I first heard this interview back in January, I just remember thinking this guy is smart, athletic, has a great work ethic and pays attention to the details. The video for the interview just came out on nfl.com: http://www.nfl.com/videos/move-the-sticks/0ap3000001108521/Move-the-Sticks-Ashtyn-Davis-talks-about-his-journey
  7. Smith to back up Perriman at the z. Smith actually got a lot of playing time toward the ending of the season. Could see an expanded role if things don't work out with Perriman. Berrios to backup Crowder in the slot. The Jets have very little depth at slot. Mims' backup at the x is the big question. Perriman could slide over if Mims struggles early on but if they are looking for a pure backup x receiver then it'll be a battle between Enunwa (if healthy), Cager, Doctson and possibly a vetern like Thomas (if they brought him back). Not a lot of good x receivers become available. The Jets seem to be loaded with z receivers.
  8. Most of the WRs that were available around the Morgan pick the were missing the speed and explosiveness the Jets were looking for in the wide receivers. Also, some of those guys projected as slot receivers and Crowder seems to have that locked up. Mims can fulfill the x receiver role and if they need to find a veteran backup they can bring in Demaryius again but they may want to see if Enunwa will be healthy. On the opposite side, they have Perriman, Doctson and Vyncint Smith has showed flashes. The z receiver needs to have the deep speed, the suddenness to break off routes and the ability to run routes underneath; all things that Doctson, Perriman and Smith have shown.
  9. James Morgan had a lot of buzz in the scouting community which the media got a hold of really late in the pre-draft cycle. This was mostly due to the unusual circumstances but he was making the climb similar to that of other small school QB prospects. He was getting talked up during the East-West Shrine game and at the combine as a sleeper / player to watch. As others have mentioned Darnold has had a history of injuries. In his junior year of high school, he sat out due to a foot injury. In the NFL, he has missed time due to an ankle/foot injury and mono. He has lost a toe nail, has had bruised ribs, thumb surgery and knee problems. Investing in a backup is not a bad idea. James Morgan also had a knee injury that plagued him all last year. You could see the difference in his 2018 tape vs 2019 tape. This was a big reason for the significant drop off in accuracy. They got a developmental QB with the potential to become a starter in the NFL. He has talents that translates well to the pro game. Given some time he could be a very valuable asset for the Jets. Shrine Buzz: Combine Buzz: Pre-draft: Scouting:
  10. With a hopefully (chemistry plays a big role) improved offensive line, the run game should be able to help Darnold out a little more. If runs on 1st down can get them to 2nd and 6 or 2nd and 5 this should allow the Jets to keep teams guessing as they will not be forced into passing on 2nd down. If the runs can even get to 2nd and short, this will give Darnold the opportunity to take shots deeper down the field. With speed at every level, he should be able to find the defense spread out with holes all over the field. Not sure Darnold has to make drastic improvements to his game but if he continues to play like he did the 2nd half of the season and continues to improve, he'll be fine. The game tends to slow down for these QBs in the 2nd year and it seems like it may have down the stretch of last season. He does need to make quicker reads, get the ball out sooner and continue to clean up his mistakes. The hope is that we can see him in a full year where he is healthy. One thing to remember about Darnold is that he has had a lot of small injuries throughout his career. He has missed time due to foot/ankle problems and mono, but also had knee problems, a lost toenail, a bruised rib and thumb surgery in two years. He also sat out a year in high school due to a foot injury.
  11. At the very least, the WRs are starting to look like a Gase type of group. Using the 2014 Broncos and the 2016/2017 Dolphins as the template for the Jets possible depth chart. Team Z X Slot 2014 Broncos Thomas Sanders Welker 2016/17 Dolphins Parker Stills Landry 2020 Jets Mims Perriman Crowder Enunwa Smith Berrios Cager Doctson Campbell Perriman could actually play the Z too. Vyncint Smith showed some flashes last year. I am not sure if people realize but over the last 3 games (small sample size) Vyncint Smith played in 134 snaps, caught 9 passes for 108 yards. This was against two playoff teams (Ravens and Bills) and a team still trying to get into the playoff (Steelers). By comparison, during those last three games, Robby Anderson caught 9 passes, 116 yards and a TD in 182 snaps. Over the last 6 games, Smith went 13 catches on 20 targets, for 190 yards. If you gave Anderson's targets from 2019 to Smith, those last 6 games translates to approximately 62 catches for 768 yards. Perhaps the front office want to develop Smith and give him more opportunities. Even as a backup and limited role, when given the opportunity, he was productive. The Jets return their #1 WR next year with Crowder and look to replace Demaryius Thomas with Mims (who by the way compares favorably to Thomas when he was coming into the league). They hope to have a replacement for Anderson with Perriman and possibly Smith. The upside is that this group is still fairly young, Perriman is 26, Crowder is 26, Enunwa is 27, Smith is 23, Berrios is 24, Doctson is 27. The key is for Darnold to start building chemistry with these guys as this could be the WR core for the next couple years.
  12. You are pretty spot-on with that assessment. Check this out: has rare measurables for the wide receiver position and will be a very attractive gamble for some team after the first round. He shows excellent vertical speed, especially for someone his size, and can be intimidating to a cornerback when isolated on the perimeter. He has the size of a tight end with the speed, agility and ball skills of a wide receiver. He needs a lot of work on his route running skills as he tends to round off his breaks and will telegraph his routes with too much upper body movement. He can make acrobatic type catches but will drop some very catchable passes due to lapses in concentration. He is not a very physical blocker on the edge in spite of his massive size advantage. 6'3", 224, supposedly ran a 4.38 40 vs Mims 6'3", 207, 4.38 40 Mims is a long-striding outside target with excellent height, weight and speed and an insane catch-radius. He's a touchdown threat anytime he's near the red zone, with the focus and body control to finesse and finish catches above the rim. He struggles to release and separate from physical press corners, and he doesn't consistently compete and outwork opponents for positioning on contested catches. If the route work and intensity catch up with his natural athletic ability, he could become a dangerous "Z" receiver in a vertical offense, but the floor might be lower than some teams are comfortable with. That first profile is Demaryius Thomas.
  13. Bringing in a veteran player may limit the development of the younger players by taking away snaps and repitions in practice. It takes time for players to develop and build chemistry with each other. Douglas is a big team culture guy and this was his 1st draft that is the beginning to establishing that locker room. Of the free agents he brought in, many of them were not long established starters. Most have been career backups. But I bet these guys see the opportunity to start and they are motivated to put in the work. He is creating a culture of working hard and not simply being handed the starting role. Signing an immediate starter would send the wrong message to the team.
  14. "Speed creates pressure. Pressure bursts pipes," Douglas said. "When you have one guy who can run by you, you worry. When you have three guys, that really puts teams in a bind. When you have that explosive dynamic, you can have three-point shooters and you don't have to worry about the 12-, 15-play drives. You can throw in a couple 1-, 2, 3-play drives, now you're cooking." Player Height Weight 40 Bershad Perriman 6'2" 212 4.26 George Campbell 6'4" 183 4.35 Vyncint Smith 6'2" 190 4.36 Denzel Mims 6'3" 206 4.38 Josh Bellamy 6'1" 205 4.38 Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 4.41 Braxton Berrios 5'7" 184 4.44 Jamison Crowder 5'7" 185 4.46 Josh Doctson 6'2" 190 4.50 Lawrence Cager 6'5" 220
  15. Pre-draft had Morgan as a 2nd to 3rd round talent. His exposure as a small school prospect was hampered by not having a normal draft season. There were a lot of teams interested in him (check out his pro day attendance). It was not expected for him to have a Wentz/Flacco/Garoppolo type climb, but there was definitely a lot of buzz around him coming into the draft. The scouting community had him as a good developmental talent but the media never got around to covering him much due to the circumstances. Here are some of the teams that were interested in him: Jets, Patriots, Packers, Bears, Raiders, Giants, Bills, Dolphins, Titans, Colts all had meetings with him, some of them multiple meetings. Perhaps this is Douglas finding a gem like he did Flacco Perhaps they can develop him and in a few years trade him for some draft pick A great value at where they got him, huge arm, smart, quick release Its good to have a cheap, talented, developing player to backup the most important position on the field, just in case. Or just have cheap depth at a premium position is a good idea.

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