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  1. This is a possibility. What if the exact opposite happens, where Darnold gets injured, highly likely given his past three seasons, and the draft pick plays lights out? Darnold walks away and gets no pick in return. Or what if Darnold can't beat out the draft pick? The return for Darnold now would garner another starting caliber prospect. Signing someone like Alex Smith, who has proven he can win, more so than Darnold, would be a more ideal backup if they are worried about winning this year. Smith also has more experience in the Shanahan offense and has shown to be a great locker room
  2. If the Jets cannot trade Darnold this year, the free agency market for him next may not garner anything close to a 3rd round compensatory pick. He would need to sign a $15M+ per year deal. As a comparison Mariota's 2 year deal $17M with the Raiders, would have resulted in a 6th round comp pick for the Titans. That could be the same type of contract Darnold would sign. If a team is willing to sign him to a $15M+ contract next offseason, what would teams be willing to give up for Darnold at $10M this year and $19M next (exercise 5th year option)? By trading for Darnold, the team that gets h
  3. Knowing he was building for the future, Douglas took more developmental prospects with more future upside, rather than immediate impact players. Players develop during practice more so than during games. Game experience is valueable and cannot be replaced but they spend way more time during practice developing these players. 4 - 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for almost 25 weeks of film study, walk-thrus, weight training, meetings and on field drills outweighs the approximate 30 minutes of playing time each game, 16 times a year. Getting on the field in year one is not as valueable as makin
  4. Anthony Schwartz Wide receiver Height: 6-0 / Weight: 186 Vertical: 32 Broad: 10-3 Bench: N/A 40-yard dash: 4.26 On expectations for Pro Day… "My expectations were just to run fast on my 40, do good on all my drills and then when it came to the position work, just being able to show good footwork, be fast in and out of my breaks, be clean in and out of my breaks. And I feel like I did all of what I listed. I feel like there's still room to improve, but I feel like today I showed I'm more than just that deep-threat guy. I can do everything a receiver is supposed to do."
  5. His bench number was 34. He needs to translate the athleticism into results but his stock will move a little higher after this performance.
  6. This is why the 1 year deals are great. If the Jets make a mistake, they can easily move on. Mistakes don't set the franchise back. If they hit on a free agent, they can try to re-sign them before they are free agents again.
  7. Perriman and Basham were also signed
  8. Juju is being touted as a versatile WR that can play on the outside. But we didn't see that last year (His 2018 year he also led the league in slot targets with 92). The original point was not to compare Juju and Crowder. The point was that adding Juju to the offense will add questions about the playing time as the offense the Jets were planning on implementing limits the usage of 3 WRs as compared to other NFL offenses. When the team is running 2 or less WRs more than 50% of the time, which 2 WRs of the 3/4 WRs will be on the field (Davis, Mims, Juju, Crowder, etc). If we compare
  9. I'm just not sure that the WCO is built for running a lot of 3 WR sets. Unless Mike LaFleur was planning on drastically deviating from the Shanahan WCO, I would expect to see the number of 3 WRs somewhere between the 49ers and the Packer which would still be below the league average. The spacing and blocking concepts in a WCO really changes with 3 WRs which is why we don't see it very much. Perhaps Mike LaFleur will be the one to change this but would have to see it first before we assume this is the case. As a comparison, Kittle runs less than 17% of his routes from the slot vs in-lin
  10. The number of throws and distribution will be very telling of LaFleur's style. Kyle Shanahan has often had a main target without spreading the ball around as much as other offenses do. The 49ers most successful recent season was also limiting the throws of the QB but with a high efficiency and great defensive play. In 2019, Garappolo was 29th in attempts and the 49ers offense ranked in the top 5. If this is where the offense is headed, there may not be a lot of throws being spread out among 7-8 targets.
  11. Juju's Next Gen stats: It really depends on the Juju the Jets would be getting. Last year he spent 82% of his snaps in the slot. This may be why his catch rate increased but his YAC and TAY decreased. The Steelers had Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool, both were more productive than Juju in lesser playing time. Juju played in 84% of snaps and accumulated 831 yards on 128 targets while Johnson (923 yards, 7 TDs) and Claypool (873 yards, 9 TDs) were in the 65% snap range with both putting up better numbers. The Steelers felt that both Johnson and Claypool were better on the outs
  12. This is the great appeal of going to a team in the New York market. This would be good for him. He has mentioned it on IG before that there is life beyond football. Football is not his only priority. Build up his following and play a little football.
  13. The 40 time difference (.07) is not considered significant for DE. The range for NFL prospects at the DE position is 4.41 to 5.27 with 4.74 being the average target. The long range running time difference is not a big factor in measuring explosiveness for EDGE rushers. My number for the shuttle was wrong. Should be 4.69 rather than 4.78. This difference is a little more significant than the 40 for an edge rusher. The NFL range is 4.00 to 4.96. With the target being 4.37 for DE. So both Lawson and Perkins are slower than the target but they are only separated by (.07). This is a lit
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