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  1. As a added bonus for those that believe John Morton has been good this year as an OC. Morton was the WR coach in SF with Harbaugh. So maybe he would stay on as the OC.
  2. I think Harbaugh would do well if he got back in the NFL. But I would replace McCloughan with Tom Gamble. A couple years back he was a candidate for the 49ers GM position as well as a possible replacement for Tannenbaum, IIRC. I believe Gamble had followed Harbaugh to Michigan after leaving the 49ers. As for Harbaugh, he has struggled to win the big games during his time at Michigan but I believe he has done well this year. He had lost 19 players to the NFL from the 2016 team that had finished 10-3. The ability to win the big games is a bit concerning. As for Kaepernick, he could start right away while they search for a QB and rebuild the offensive line. If not Kaepernick, maybe the Colts will part ways with Luck and the Jets' can spend the draft picks on other offensive positions.
  3. Hopefully they can draft one of the top QBs (Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield), either by trading up or if one of them were to fall (injuries, questions about their abilities, etc). One player that I interests me is Ryan Finley from NC State. Probably a non-1st rounder but has showed promise.
  4. Jets enter top 10

    I get the feeling that Darnold will declare this year and it will be a mistake (and not all his fault). He has some things to work on, but the USC coaching staff ain't helping him. He does well when he gets the ball out quick and works the short to intermediate throws. Similar to an Alex Smith type of QB. But USC coaching insists on him doing RPOs and rolling him out rather than adding extra blockers and have him throw from the pocket. The added stress of trying to learn and do something he is not used to and will not use in the future, is causing the frustration for Darnold. At the end of the day, the USC coaches are focused on winning games and having the players conform to their way of playing football, which is their job. Darnold has the idea that he is displaying his talents and developing those tools that will get him to the next level. As of right now, I believe the two sides are at odds with each other. Watching Darnold's interviews vs Helton's or Martin's, you get the sense that they do not have the same goals in mind. As for Darnold leaving, I get the sense he is not on the same page as the coaches. Last year, when he made a mistake he would spend a few moments to chat with Helton before heading to the bench or another coach. It looked like they were working through the issues and trying to correct them. This year, Darnold tends to ignore Helton and just heads directly to the bench or to stand behind the other players. Just the other week there was an article where Darnold said he had to apologize to the coaches for a comment he had made about the play-calling. But when the media asked Helton about the apology, he said he received no apology.
  5. Amari Cooper

    He has been struggling with drops through the beginning of the year and hasn't been able to catch touchdowns, which has always been his problem. The significant difference between him and guys like Julio Jones and AJ Green is the touchdowns; through 2 years, Cooper 11, Jones 18, Green 18. But the yardage production and receptions has been there. He is also younger in his third year than Green and Jones were. This has been a disappointing 3rd year (which is suppose to be a break out year for wide receivers) but the talent still seems to be there. Year Age Games Targets Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng Catch % (Rec/Targets) Amari Cooper 2015 21 16 130 72 1070 14.9 6 68 55.4% Amari Cooper 2016 22 16 132 83 1153 13.9 5 64 62.9% Amari Cooper 2017 23 5 33 13 118 9.1 1 23 39.4% AJ Green 2011 23 15 115 65 1057 16.3 7 58 56.5% AJ Green 2012 24 16 164 97 1350 13.9 11 73 59.1% AJ Green 2013 25 16 178 98 1426 14.6 11 82 55.1% Julio Jones 2011 22 13 95 54 959 17.8 8 80 56.8% Julio Jones 2012 23 16 128 79 1198 15.2 10 80 61.7% Julio Jones 2013 24 5 59 41 580 14.1 2 81 69.5% Comments on the last game by Del Rio: “I saw five wide open, shook his guy, was open in space. I would have loved to see that ball get delivered to him there,” Del Rio said when asked if Cooper was having trouble getting separation. “Not every play is designed to go to him (Cooper). You can’t see everybody at one time . . . He was doing his part to create space and opportunity for the quarterback. We just missed him a couple of times,” Del Rio surmised.
  6. I prefer drafting a QB over signing a free agent. Especially with the upcoming draft and the depth at QB. They could even double up on QB in 2018. Draft one in the 1st and take another one later in the draft if one of the top prospects were to fall (some issue comes up before the draft / injury) or they believe there is mid round QB that they like. Similar to what the Redskins did when they drafted Kirk Cousins. The way the Jets draft picks look as of today, they got a 1st round pick, 2 2nd round picks, 1 3rd round pick, 1 4th round pick, 2 5th round picks, 1 6th round pick and 1 7th round pick. If the Jets season takes a turn and they end up in the bottom 4, they could have 4 picks top 100 and then they could take a flyer on another QB. The guy that I am watching as a mid round pick (if he comes out) would be Ryan Finley out of NC State.
  7. Big Game Tonight ...

    I for one am rooting for Darnold to turn his season around. Last night was not a good performance as they were out coached and outplayed by Wazzu. No excuse but he was missing 3 starting lineman, not sure what happened to Ronald Jones cause he was a non-factor down the stretch after having that long run, and his WRs are still young and inexperienced. But thats why college football is so exciting, watching these young players forced to learn and deal with these situations before they get to the NFL. The bright side to all of this, is that the Jets could win a few games this year (4 or 5 as some have mentioned) and still end up with a top 5 pick, and be in a position to select Darnold, Rosen, Rudolph, Falk, Mayfield, Jackson. Darnold might not be having a good year but the others have showed that they could be considered as top picks.
  8. Trends To Watch

    Getting a true fullback could really help too. Someone to open up running lanes and also can get out for quick passes. Really want to see Stewart and Hansen get on the field a bit more. Perhaps getting them the ball on simple wide screen passes, just to get touches. Though a small sample size so far but McGuire is more exciting to watch than both Forte and Powell. Would also like to see Powell and McGuire more involved in the passing game.
  9. The receivers are the biggest question marks surrounding the USC offense this year. The WRs have had a lot of crucial drops this year. And some of his incompletions were thrown in places where only the receiver had a chance at the ball but just couldn't make the play. As for the interceptions, he does need to clean this up, but they were not all his fault. The Stanford interceptions were just incredible plays by the DBs; Both were very acrobatic highlight interceptions. That pick-six by Texas should have been caught by his wide receiver, Jalen Greene, who was having a really tough day. Look forward to seeing his running game getting back on track so that he can take more shots down field.
  10. If they were to remove both Bowles and Maccagnan, which I do not believe will happen, one possible GM/Head Coach combinations I'd like to see: GM: Tom Gamble - formerly of the 49ers and currently working at Michigan on Jim Harbaugh's staff. Head Coach: Jim Harbaugh. Less popular options but thinking outside of the box: Jim Mora from UCLA - has head coaching experience in the NFL. Average results during his time in the NFL (31-33), but has matured as a coach at UCLA. Though not as successful as Pete Carroll was with USC, his career path is similar and maybe he can make the move back to the NFL. He also has produced some quality NFL players. Kevin Sumlin from Texas A&M - this would be more of a Chip Kelly type of hiring and we know that experiment failed. Also, Texas A&M seems to be struggling after that Falcons-esque melt-down they had against UCLA. But Sumlin is someone that has been mentioned before as someone who could make the jump to the NFL and has a great offensive mind. Though his offense is deemed an air raid offense and many don't believe that type of offense could work in the NFL, the air raid offense was originally a simplified west coast offense and many of the air raid concepts are the same as the west coast offensive concepts. Sumlin could also bring over a coach that the Jets are familiar with: Noel Mazzone (current Texas A&M offensive coordinator and Jets WR coach from 2006-2008). Mazzone's NZone system is air raid based, but has seen players like Brett Hundley and Josh Rosen (freshman year) thrive in it (Mazzone was the OC for UCLA 2012-2015). Another coaching connection for Sumlin is his one year special teams coach Brian Polian, son of former GM Bill Polian. Polian had turned down the Jets in 2012 and got into an altercation with a Jets employee before, but he was interested in getting back in a GM position as recently as last year. If the stars would align for this scenario, it would end up looking like: Bill Polian GM, Kevin Sumlin HC, the Jets with first pick in the draft and selecting Josh Rosen. As a bonus, Peyton Manning as the Assistant GM being groomed to take over for Polian, spending the entire year picking on Eli and making multiple appearances hosting SNL. A coach with no head coaching experience in the NFL would be a pretty typical move by the Jets.
  11. What about Cody Kessler from Cleveland. He is number 4 behind Hogan, Kizer and Osweiler (unless they cut Osweiler). But he could be a possible cut (or trade), he is still young at 24, probably knows the offense a little from his time at USC (no overlap with Morton but they ran a similar offense), he has starting experience, has sat behind McCown before, has shown he could be a capable backup QB. If Darnold is the plan, wouldn't mind seeing this guy as a back-up / mentor next year. Stats from last year: Year Team G GS Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A TD Int Rtg Att Yds Avg TD Sack Fum Lost W/L (as starter) 2016 CLE 9 8 128 195 65.6 1,380 7.1 6 2 92.3 11 18 1.6 0 21 4 1 0-8
  12. Suck for Sam......OR who else

    Though not in the same conversation as the rest as of today but maybe one of these guys could step up and have a Trubisky type of climb Just to add to that list : Mike White WESTERN KENTUCKY Baker Mayfield OKLAHOMA Logan Woodside TOLEDO Jake Browning WASHINGTON Justin Herbert OREGON (probably not next year though) Quinton Flowers SOUTH FLORIDA J.T. Barrett OHIO STATE Christian Chapman SAN DIEGO STATE Lamar Jackson LOUISVILLE Wilton Speight MICHIGAN Nick Fitzgerald MISSISSIPPI STATE Austin Allen ARKANSAS Jarrett Stidham AUBURN Chase Litton MARSHALL
  13. Stanley Havili out of USC. Was more of a receiving FB rather than a between the tackles blocker. In short yardage situations, they used to always run a playaction to the left and have him run the flat to the right. He ended up averaging about 2 catches and 1 carry a game. Not a lot but his TD receiving rate was above 10%.
  14. TE Jordan Leggett

    Leggett actually reminds me a lot of ASJ. Big, athletic, ex-basketball player types that are known more for their catching ability than their blocking. For both of them, they have effort issues which leads to being seen as inadequate blockers. Leggett had 9 drops in his last 3 years (109 passes). Another positive for Leggett: "Third-most total snaps played (2,263) over the last three years in the tight end draft class and fifth-most college playoff snaps played (327) in college football history." - PFF
  15. ArDarius Stewart Player Comparison Height 5'11" 5'10" Weight 204 194 Arm 32 1/2" 30 3/8" Hands 9 3/8" 9 3/4" 40 4.49 4.48 Vert 34 41 Broad 124 123 20 yd Shuttle 4.21 4.35 Grade 5.79 5.77 STRENGTHS Brings a physical play demeanor to the field at all times. Has takeoff to push cornerbacks into an aggressive backpedal. Karate fighting hands ward off jams and redirect attempts inside his route. Varies route speed to create uneasiness in defender. Sells route fakes with sharp head turns that tilt cornerbacks. Has a gas gear to race past defender and climb quickly over the top. Talented ball tracker with skills to win the deep ball on a consistent basis when matched one on one. Body control for mid-air adjustments is superb and his hands are like clamps. Very strong player and can take the ball away from corners when he needs to. Has kick return talent that translates into the NFL. Competitive runner after catch with skills that mirror a running back. Will elude certain tacklers and punish others. When asked to block and sustain, he's willing to do his part. WEAKNESSES Burly through the hips and doesn't have the build of the typical receiver. Saw 70 percent of his yardage gained come after the catch. Benefited from screens, pop passes and reverses. Routes could use more sharpness at his break points. Wasn't asked to create route separation on short and intermediate routes very often. Will need to work aggressively back to the ball as a pro. Can you get too cute with the ball in his hands and run himself out of yardage. There is still room for improvement with his hands. STRENGTHS Silky smooth with terrific route quickness. Plays with consistent play speed into and out of his breaks and can hit the gas out of his breaks to create instant separation for anticipatory throws. Runs variety of routes from the slot. Almost impossible to stay with his "whip" route. Clean with his double moves and if cornerbacks bite, is able to get over the top to track throws and run under them for the big play. Will adjust routes to ball placement. Not afraid over the middle. Born to catch a football. Just eight drops with 253 catches and is able to adjust to high, low or behind him for difficult catches. Loves to compete. Willing to jump into a cornerback and get after him as a blocker from slot. Takes pride in his work ethic and scouts say his personal and football character is extremely high. Was a talented basketball player and long-jumper in high school. WEAKNESSES Not very big and lack of play strength will show up from time to time. Won't see as many free releases in pros. Strong cornerbacks with good feet can cause issues for him in press coverage. Can be redirected in his routes and will get trapped against the sideline at times. More quick than fast and reliant upon clever routes to get over the top against true speed. Not much of a catch radius. Can get too cute with amount of moves off release or underneath routes. Stewart must improve his hands but has the attributes of a typical west coast offense wide receiver (think John Taylor). Like the "Body control" comment and his competitive nature. Player comparison: New York Giants 2016 2nd round pick: Sterling Shepard. Does not have Eli throwing to him but was taken 1 round later and some special teams value if he cannot get into the starting lineup early on.