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  1. Ballage would be a nice pick but I think he could be had a little later.
  2. Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    Darnold Mayfield Rosen Allen Rudolph
  3. QB player comparisons

    Darnold - Rivers Mayfield - Brees / Garcia Rosen - Cutler Allen - Newton / McCown
  4. Baker Mayfield/Steve Mariucci white board session.

    I really like Mayfield. The only thing that bothered me in this interview was his answer to the last question. He said his goal is to be rookie of the year. On the move the sticks podcast they mention this type of question is asked all the time and the answer is very telling. Certain guys answer with personal achievement accolades, similar to what Baker answered. But the answer that is more impressive is when the player wants to achieve team-oriented goals like being the best offense/defense or making the playoffs. Neither answer equates to winning a super bowl, but shows that the team's success is more important than their own. Other than that, not a bad interview.
  5. Move the Sticks 360 : Baker Mayfield Podcast

    Liked the Westbrook story of Mayfield picking him up every morning at 5 so that he wouldn't be late for training.
  6. An actually good read from Manish

    A little off-topic but that St John Bosco vs St Louis game, though a lopsided blow out, featured Josh Rosen and National Champion QB Tua Tagovailoa.
  7. I thought the NFL switched to using the AIQ rather than the wonderlic test. Anyone have those results?
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Bold Predictions

    Giants trade OBJ and the number 2 pick to the Browns for the number 1 pick and an early second rounder. Giants select Sam Darnold, Browns select Josh Allen and Saquon Barkley. Jets select Josh Rosen. Giants use the early 2nd to find their RB.
  9. Giants shopping Beckham

    Would be an interesting roster for the Browns. Number 1 pick QB (whoever that is), OBJ, Gordon, with Landry in the slot. Hyde/Johnson in the backfield or an early 2nd round RB. Landry and OBJ reunited with their LSU wide receivers coach, could work.
  10. By this logic, Wyoming has never produced a draftable NFL QB so Allen won't be a good pick. UCLA and Oklahoma share in producing Aikman. Oklahoma produced Bradford and Jones. So Mayfields got no chance. UCLA has Hundley, Losman and Maddox in the past 15 years. Not looking good for Rosen, either. USC have Palmer, Sanchez, Kessler, Lienart, Cassel, Barkley. Mixed but a lot of back-up quality QBs. So perhaps Darnold will end up just a back-up. So, none of these QBs should be drafted because of players that went to the same school? Using the past success/failures for QBs that have come before is not a good way to measure current prospects. The top QBs in this draft all have the abilities to be quality QBs in the league. It's a matter of coaching, hard work, and being surrounded by right people (on and off the field). Their successes and failures won't be because of players that attended the same school years before.
  11. Landry Jones vs Baker Mayfield

    The screen game is definitely a part of Oklahoma’s offense (23.5 percent of Mayfield’s completions were behind the LOS) but not because Mayfield isn’t capable of the downfield pass. 41.5 percent of Mayfield’s completions traveled at least 10 yards past the LOS. Mayfield’s average completion traveled 8.9 yards past the LOS. His average attempt was 11.4 yards past the LOS. https://www.cfbfilmroom.com/2017/12/30/baker-mayfield-heat-map/
  12. Landry Jones vs Baker Mayfield

    This sounds exactly like a Mike Shanahan QB, the offense Bates is supposedly implementing. The zone-blocking, West coast offense is predicated on smaller, faster linemen that aren't expected to hold their blocks for very long. The QB needs to be able to make quick, decisive choices; something Mayfield is great at. Here is the completion percentages under pressure for the top 6 QBs in the draft: Jackson: 40.3% Allen: 40.4% Darnold: 47.2% Rudolph: 48% Rosen: 48.3% Mayfield: 56% Secondly, the offense calls for shorter passes near the line of scrimmage as the lineman are expected to get down field and block. Of the top 6 QBs in this draft, this is how they stack up with yards per attempt during their career: Allen: 7.7 Rosen: 8 Jackson 8.5 Darnold: 8.7 Rudolph: 9.9 Mayfield: 10.6
  13. If they do trade up to 2, the trade up to 3 by the Jets increases the cost for the number 2 pick significantly.
  14. Incrediboy, The Rosen One, or Baker Airfield... all good choices.
  15. Agree. Parcells seems to me like a guy that is too old and stubborn to change his way of thinking. If the Browns are smart they should take his opinion as advisement and not as gospel.