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    Alex Green on Hamilton
  2. nyjbuddy

    2019 Draft.

    This is from usatoday. Ignore which team is picking where. They have the Patriots at 32 and the rest of the AFC East picking 1, 2 and 3. This is highly unlikely. Anyway, posting for the list of prospects rather than what team would draft them. 1. New York Jets | Nick Bosa | EDGE | Ohio State After getting their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold, the Jets are freed up to take an elite pass rusher here. 2. Miami Dolphins | Ed Oliver | DL | Houston If Ryan Tannehill is still their man under center, Miami would be wise to use this pick on Oliver, who would be a fantastic replacement for Ndamukong Suh. 3. Buffalo Bills | Dexter Lawrence | DL | Clemson The Bills added some solid pieces to the defensive front this offseason, but none of them have Lawrence’s rare combination of size and athleticism. 4. Cleveland Browns | Rashan Gary | DL | Michigan Adding a versatile, athletic defender like Gary to a unit that already has Myles Garret would just be unfair. 5. Cincinnati Bengals | Greg Little | OT | Mississippi Billy Price should fortify the interior, but the Bengals have whiffed on tackles recently, which means it’s time to take another swing. 6. Chicago Bears | Jonah Williams | OT | Alabama Continuing the trend of giving Mitchell Trubisky every reason to succeed, Williams is a stud blocker who can plan either tackle spot at a high level. 7. Arizona Cardinals | Trey Adams | OT | Washington Can you tell this tackle class could be the best one we’ve seen in the last few years? If Adams can stay healthy, he could be protecting Josh Rosen’s blind side. 8. Washington Redskins | Will Grier | QB | West Virginia Alex Smith is a solid stop-gap option, but Washington will need a long-term solution at quarterback, and Grier could end up being next year’s best option. 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Clelin Ferrell | EDGE | Clemson The defensive rebuild continues in Tampa Bay, where they land an explosive rusher to develop behind Jason Pierre-Paul and Vinny Curry. 10. Detroit Lions | Christian Wilkins | DL | Clemson Matt Patricia continues to revamp the defensive front in Detroit, adding an explosive, versatile defender in Wilkins, who could have been a top-10 pick this year. 11. Tennessee Titans | A.J. Brown | WR | Mississippi After filling their biggest defensive needs in the 2018 draft, the Titans can afford to spend this pick on another dynamic weapon for Marcus Mariota. 12. Indianapolis Colts | Deandre Baker | CB | Georgia Unless Quincy Wilson make a huge jump in 2018, this could be a huge need for the Colts. Baker is a versatile playmaker with a nose for the ball. 13. New York Giants | Raekwon Davis | DL | Alabama If the G-Men are confident Davis Webb or Kyle Lauletta can be Eli Manning’s successor, they can afford to use this pick on the massive, athletic Davis. 14. Kansas City Chiefs | Greedy Williams | CB | LSU Kendall Fuller was a fantastic addition via trade, but he’s better in the slot. Williams would be the Chiefs’ Marcus Peters replacement on the outside. 15. Denver Broncos | Jarrett Stidham | QB | Auburn After passing on this year’s top quarterbacks in 2018, the Broncos might be wise to invest in one to develop behind Case Keenum. 16. Carolina Panthers | Mitch Hyatt | OT | Clemson Hyatt should be more refined after another year in school, giving the Panthers a younger option to replace either veteran tackle. 17. Baltimore Ravens | Josh Allen | LB | Kentucky A versatile linebacker who can make plays off the ball or on the edge, Allen’s decision to return to school could pay off in a big way. 18. Seattle Seahawks | Michael Jackson | CB | Miami (FL) A perfect fit for what the Seahawks want at the corner spot, Jackson’s size, athleticism and physicality could make him a top-20 pick. 19. Dallas Cowboys | Ahmmon Richards | WR | Miami (FL) Michael Gallup was a strong pick in this year’s third round, but Richards would be another great addition with impressive size and speed. 20. Oakland Raiders | Rodney Anderson | RB | Oklahoma Baker Mayfield stole the headlines in 2018, but Anderson was the unsung hero of the Sooners’ playoff run. He’d be a perfect replacement if Marshawn Lynch doesn’t return for 2019. 21. Green Bay Packers (from NO) | Austin Bryan | EDGE | Clemson The entire Clemson defensive line makes it into the first round, as Bryant gives the Packers a well-rounded prospect to develop on the edge. 22. Los Angeles Chargers | Drew Lock | QB | Missouri Lock may have been an early pick in 2018, but returning to school should improve his stock and leave him better prepared to make the jump to the pros. 23. Jacksonville Jaguars | Justin Herbert | QB | Oregon This year’s quarterback class has more questions than answers, but Herbert has the tools to be the best in class if he keeps developing at his current rate. 24. Atlanta Falcons | Caleb Wilson | TE | UCLA The Falcons have proven they’re willing to eschew bigger needs in the first round to give Matt Ryan as many weapons as possible. Wilson is an explosive downfield threat. 25. Houston Texans | Sam Beal | CB | Western Michigan After waiting until the third round to make a pick this year, Houston addresses their biggest need with a tall, athletic cover man. 26. San Francisco 49ers | Terrell Lewis | EDGE | Alabama The 49ers added some key pieces in this year’s draft, but they still need a playmaker at the LEO spot, and Lewis is a solid fit. 27. Pittsburgh Steelers | Christian Miller | LB | Alabama The Steelers still have a void in the middle of their defense, and Miller has the athleticism and physicality to fill it. 28. Green Bay Packers | Michael Deiter | OL | Wisconsin If Bryan Bulaga becomes a cap casualty, Deiter could be a viable replacement with the versatility to play either tackle spot, or even slide inside to guard. 29. Philadelphia Eagles | Bryce Love | RB | Stanford The defending Super Bowl champs have some powerful backs on the depth chart, but Love’s explosive, big-play ability would be the perfect complement. 30. Minnesota Vikings | Joe Jackson | EDGE | Miami (FL) Jackson is exactly the kind of big, athletic edge defender Mike Zimmer loves to develop, and a strong 2018 campaign could easily land him in the first round. 31. Los Angeles Rams | Montez Sweat | EDGE | Mississippi State This defensive line is loaded, but they could still use an athletic edge rusher to take advantage. Sweat is big, athletic, and loaded with upside. 32. New England Patriots | Shea Patterson | QB | Michigan If Patterson hits the ground running in Ann Arbor, he could be a worthy understudy for Tom Brady. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/04/30/2019-nfl-mock-draft-way-too-early-1st-round-projections/amp/
  3. nyjbuddy

    Jets UDFA Thread

    Good to see those two Auburn linemen as I believe Gus Malzan runs a zone blocking scheme at Auburn.
  4. nyjbuddy

    Jets UDFA Thread

    Did Hercules Mata'afa sign somewhere. Would be a nice pick up.
  5. nyjbuddy

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    Desmond Harrison?
  6. nyjbuddy

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    I don't think Darnold will start game 1. He has a few things to work on and could benefit from sitting for a bit. Secondly, the Jets are implementing a new offense which the offensive line will need to learn the zone blocking scheme. They also have a bunch of new faces (or players that didn't play much last season) on the offense: 1 maybe 2 new starters at WR, a new starting TE, 1 maybe 2 new starting offensive linemen, and at least 1 new RB in the rotation. There could possibly be 6 new starters. Not only are these guys learning a new offense, but getting accustomed to the Jets locker room and each other. There are going to be a lot of growing pains while getting these guys all working together. The last reason is the difficult start to the season. The Jets play 3 games in 10 days. All of these challenges would be difficult even for a veteran QB let alone a 21 year old rookie.
  7. Still hoping for Crosby or Richardson in the 4th.
  8. Tyrell Crosby would be a nice pick.
  9. nyjbuddy

    Start vs Sit and Develop

    The other thing that the Jets need to keep in mind is the youth they have at other positions (i.e. wide receiver / tight end) and the introduction of a new offense. Though Bates was around last year, the offense they bring in is going to be different than last year. They are going to be growing pains for everyone, including the offensive line, tight ends, running backs and even Bates himself. Darnold may prove to be ready early on, but it may also help if the other positional groups gain some experience in the offense before starting Darnold. Players "missing blocking assignments" or making the wrong adjustments are things they can figure out with McCown under center and in the film room with Darnold.
  10. nyjbuddy

    Name the surprise Riser and Surprise faller...

    Risers: Ragnow, Hernandez Fallers: Williams, Jones
  11. Ballage would be a nice pick but I think he could be had a little later.
  12. nyjbuddy

    Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    Darnold Mayfield Rosen Allen Rudolph
  13. nyjbuddy

    QB player comparisons

    Darnold - Rivers Mayfield - Brees / Garcia Rosen - Cutler Allen - Newton / McCown
  14. nyjbuddy

    Baker Mayfield/Steve Mariucci white board session.

    I really like Mayfield. The only thing that bothered me in this interview was his answer to the last question. He said his goal is to be rookie of the year. On the move the sticks podcast they mention this type of question is asked all the time and the answer is very telling. Certain guys answer with personal achievement accolades, similar to what Baker answered. But the answer that is more impressive is when the player wants to achieve team-oriented goals like being the best offense/defense or making the playoffs. Neither answer equates to winning a super bowl, but shows that the team's success is more important than their own. Other than that, not a bad interview.
  15. nyjbuddy

    Move the Sticks 360 : Baker Mayfield Podcast

    Liked the Westbrook story of Mayfield picking him up every morning at 5 so that he wouldn't be late for training.

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