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  1. A few guys that I have been following and have showed well at the Senior Bowl so far: Larry Rountree III - RB- Missouri Ben Mason - FB- Michigan Hunter Long - TE - Boston College He was someone I thought would be there in the 3rd or 4th but may be moving into the late 2nd round conversation. Chris Evans - RB - Michigan Promising talent but limited usage in college. Great hands and route running for a RB. Was suspended for 1 year. Could be a 6th round target. Demetric Felton - WR/RB - UCLA Could play both WR and RB, similar to how the 49ers use Deebo Samuel. The clip below shows his route running ability. He has been making a few of these highlight clips so far at the Senior Bowl. Cade Johnson - WR - South Dakota State Even though the clip below shows an amazing one handed grab off of a deep throw, Johnson is a YAC guy. Last, a video put together by Rivals of the one-on-one WR vs DB portion of the day:
  2. Like I said in the post, "The KC way of building a team is not a pattern to follow but does provide evidence that there is multiple ways to build a team that can win a championship and remain competitive." The point was not to disregard the players on the Chiefs and their impact. But many believe that there is only one way to build a team for success. It may be to draft offensive line early in the draft (Chiefs lack high draft picks on their offensive line; Fisher being the only 1st rounder). Others believe its investing early picks in pass catchers (Chiefs have not done that either). Some want to stay away from 1st round RBs (Chiefs just selected CEH in the 1st round). Others want to stay away from spending on high priced free agents (Chiefs signed Sammy Watkins to a fairly high contract, averaging $16M a year making him a top 15 WR). These guidelines are backed by past experience and sound statistical analysis (bust rates of lineman vs other positions in the draft, cost of signing a pass catcher vs drafting one, career length and impact of running backs in todays NFL, etc) and they are all valid ways on constructing a successful team. But what the Chiefs roster construction provides an example of a team that is successful that did not follow these rules. In other words, there is no single silver bullet to building a successful NFL; there are many different ways to build a successful NFL team.
  3. Another interesting tidbit from the final four teams: they all featured defensive coordinators that were at one time head coaches. Leslie Frazier, Mike Pettine, Steve Spagnolo, Todd Bowles. At one time these coaches were considered top coordinators, good enough to get a shot at being a head coach. Also looking at recent super bowl match ups: 2019 Chiefs (Spagnolo) vs 49ers (Saleh) 2018 Patriots (None) vs Rams (Phillips) 2017 Eagles (Schwartz) vs Patriots (Patricia) 2016 Patriots (Patricia) vs Falcons (Richard Smith) 2015 Broncos (Phillips) vs Panthers (McDermott) 2014 Patriots (Patricia) vs Seahawks (Quinn) There is no validity behind this trend, especially with the small sample size, but in recent super bowls: previous head coach DC > future head coach DC > DC with no future as head coach. If you go back further I'm sure this trend quickly falls apart (2013 Seahawks(Quinn) vs Broncos(Del Rio)).
  4. Interesting take. I felt like yesterday's news pointed more to Deshaun's unhappiness with the organization's off-field issues and Watson is saying its just too little too late. "What changed?" It may be that either someone is in his ear or he came to the realization that he was given the new contract with the intent of distracting him from these 'other issues'. Watson was given a large contract so he over-looks the disfunction in the organization and a promise for things to change. Since their season ended, the Caserio hiring was sort of the start of it, if I recall correctly. His tweet "I was on 2 then I took it to 10" was supposedly in response to Caseiro's hiring. This was after reports that Omar Khan and Louis Riddick were the front-runners for the GM position. Also during that time was the search for a new head coach in which Eric Bieniemy was not currently a candidate. Since Watson's public outcry, there are reports saying the Texans added Eric Bieniemy, Leslie Frazier, and Jim Caldwell to their search. Last, the front-runners to where Watson prefers to go, though there is no confirmation on any of this being true, is the Miami Dolphins with head coach Brian Flores and the New York Jets with their new head coach Robert Saleh. These two destinations may be just being promoted by the media as they could provide the Texans with the most draft capital but the Sherman tweet may have added to validity to the speculation that Watson may be reaching out to other players on their situations. Both the media and Watson's camp are being careful with the way they handle this story as the NFL and minority hiring has been a very hot topic in recent times.
  5. Agreed. If you look at KC, they have built their team in a different way than most. O-line: Eric Fisher is their only 1st round lineman. Retier(7th), Kilgore(5th), Wisnieski(2nd), Allegretti(7th), Rankin(3rd), Remmers(UDFA), Wylie(UDFA), Durant(UDFA). RB: Drafted a RB in the 1st round. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, 2020, 1st round pick WR/TE: Didn't spend high end draft capital on pass catchers and spent money in free agency. Hill(5th), Robinson(4th), Hardman(2nd), Kemp(UDFA), Pringle (UDFA), Kelce(3rd), Seals-Jones(UDFA), Keizer(UDFA). Signed Watkins to a 3 year $48M. A new 1 year contract for 2020 worth up to $16M. The KC way of building a team is not a pattern to follow but does provide evidence that there is multiple ways to build a team that can win a championship and remain competitive. With Reid and Mahomes, many of these things go unnoticed. Having Hill and Kelce also doesn't hurt.
  6. If you listen to Daniel Jeremiah, him and Joe Douglas come from the same scouting school of thought, he talks about a large portion of character information coming from interviewing family, friends, coaches, classmates, teachers, community leaders, etc. Not sure if there are any restrictions on those, but good scouting departments are able to get a better understanding of a player's character and motivators through these interviews. Jeremiah has also noted that not all scouting departments do this and that the Ravens were one of the few that did. Hopefully, Douglas has implemented this with the Jets.
  7. Trey Hendrickson - NO - DE - 26 years old - 2020: 13.5 sacks, 12 TFL, 25 QB Hits, 15 starts - One year wonder so could be cheaper than the bigger name free agents. Estimated salary range: $9M - $10M Romeo Okwara - DET - DE - 25 years old - 2020: 10 sacks, 11 TFL, 18 QB Hits, 9 starts - had one other season (2108) with 7.5 sacks. Not a big name guy that may come cheaper than other free agents. Estimated salary range: $10M - $12M Kerry Hyder - SF - DE - 29 years old - 2020: 8.5 sacks, 10 TFL, 18 QB Hits - similar to Okwara, had a great season with only one previous great season in 2016 with 8 sacks. The advantage with him is his connection with Saleh. Estimated salary range: $11M. Carl Lawson - CIN - DE - 25 years old - 2020: 5.5 sacks, 4 TFL, 32 QB Hits - a more consistent player than the rest averaging 5 sacks a year but has not had a season to match his rookie season with 8.5 sacks. Estimated salary range: $9 - 10M.
  8. The passion and intensity. A few clips of him playing in college.
  9. This is a great hire. This guy is intense and brings a lot of energy. This guy is a University of Hawaii football legend. At UH football games you can still see fans sporting the #53 49ers Ulbrich jersey.
  10. When I first started reading this thread, I was onboard with the OP. But after reading a few articles on OTC, reading others’ comments and doing a little research, I am beginning to lean more towards Watson. By building a team, you provide a one or two year window to make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl. Recent examples are the Giants, Eagles and to some extent the pre-Lamar Jackson Ravens. These teams won a super bowl, then took several years to rebuild. When teams come together at the right time, it may lead to a deep playoff run and could result in a Super Bowl win. But the opportunity is short lived. Most teams after winning a super bowl struggle to maintain without a franchise QB. Players will retire, leave in free agency or have peaked in their career during the one magical season. Players with often look for a big pay day after winning the Super Bowl, breaking apart key elements of the team. On the flip side, franchise QBs provide an organization with more opportunities to compete for the championship. Franchise QBs get their teams to the playoffs where a team could get hot and make a deep playoff run. Brees was able to play in 10 post seasons in 20 years. Roethlisberger: 11 playoffs in 17 seasons, Rodgers 11 playoffs in 16 seasons, Wilson 8 playoffs in 9 seasons, Brady in 18 of 21 seasons. Franchise QBs are able to consistently get their team to the playoffs even when the players around them constantly change. Brady is a great example of this as we saw the Patriots with a former NFL MVP, end their playoff streak while Brady was able to make a deep playoff run with a completely different set of players. Franchise QBs elevate the players around them and cover up many of the holes on the roster. With the career length of QBs extending into their 40s while skill position players tend to drop off after 30, the investment into a franchise QB can provide teams nearly 15 years to be competitive. Several articles on OTC have also opened my eyes to the brevity of the NFL roster. NFL teams will have only about 50% of their roster under contract in 2 years. Nearly one-third of a roster is made of UDFA, another third is made up of players drafted between the 4th and 7th rounds while the last third comes from the 1st to 3rd rounds. The average NFL career length is between 2.5 to 3.5 years. These all led me to think that building an ideal roster without a franchise QB may only last 3 to 4 years.
  11. Two guys to watch from that list: Hunter Long and Ben Mason. Key aspects that are essential in the WCO and more specifically with Shanahan's style of the WCO is discipline, versatility and the ability to block. Long may begin to rise up boards if he tests well at the combine but right now he is considered a possible day 2 pick/early day 3 pick. He should be the 4th or 5th tight end off the board from what is considered a deep tight end class. He would fit the offensive scheme well with his ability to line up everywhere and he is a good blocker. Ben Mason could go in the 5th round or later. He is a good receiving fullback with a propensity for blocking. He opens up huge holes and has a nastiness to him that makes him an ideal lead blocker in the new Jets offense.
  12. Was one of my favorite college players. Was a hold on over from the Von Appen era, but excelled under Jones/McMackin. Played with a lot of great talent duing his time at UH. Always kept an eye on his coaching career and he has done everywhere he has been. He is a really intense guy, similar to Saleh. Side note: he is really into MMA and trains in MMA.
  13. It may actually make it cheaper. Watson could veto any trade strictly because of who is trading for him. He could tell managment he will only approve of trades from 2 teams, removing other teams that may have raised the price too high. It would become a 2 team bidding war rather than a 5 or 6 team bidding war.
  14. Pitts has shown that he is an excellent receiving TE that needs work on his blocking. He is still a better blocker than some of the higher rated tight ends. The player that would be intriguing for the new Jets offense is Hunter Long out of Boston College. If Herndon can hold on to the ball, he can be the receiving TE. Long brings good size, blocking and great hands. He still needs work with his route running and needs to build strength to be a great blocking TE. He is a versatile, traditional style TE that fits the WCO better than a pure receiving TE. He can probably be had in the 3rd round though could move up the boards if he tests well. He doesn't project to be George Kittle but he fits a similar draft profile, an above average ahtletic tight end with limited production and above average blocker. Similar to running backs, tight ends that can block can get on the field early and often, while they develop their receiving abilities.

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