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  1. Trade Crowder for Lattimore? Crowder may not be in the long terms plans for the Jets, but gives the Saints a one year rental, at the very least. He could do well in that offense while Thomas is out. Also opens up more opportunities for the younger wide receivers. Lattimore has been talked about on here as a possible trade target back in January with mixed opinions. He may be on the decline but may just need a change of scenery. Lattimore is still young (25) and the Saints just reworked his contract, 1 year with voidable future years, but setup for long term (no specifics set yet). Both h
  2. I'm not sure Saleh is totally committed to the Seattle style of defense. The foundation of the defense may be what he ran in Seattle, but he has made changes and continues to make changes. Over the years in SF, his defense changed according to their personnel and what worked for them. This came from a write-up from pff in 2019: "One of the biggest changes has been going from running cover-3 almost on over half their snaps last year to only around a third this season." Here is an article that talks about the changes over three years in SF: https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/how-the-49ers-def
  3. This is a possibilty with the connection between Douglas and Foles. Possibly a 2022 7th round pick that escalates to a 6th if he plays more than a certain amount, which should be unlikely. I believe it would be a post-June 1 trade to benefit the Bears. $4M in 2021 and $8M in 2022. Only $1M of that 2022 is guarunteed, so they could cut him in 2022 but $8M for a veteran like him is reasonable especially with the starting QB on his rookie contract. Or they could wait until he is cut. Not sure how many teams need a veteran backup QB.
  4. Still a lot of talent out there. Good special teamers and depth.
  5. Hoping Ben Mason is there at 143 since Elerson Smith just got selected
  6. Jacob Harris WR/TE. Very raw, only 220 but athletic and very productive in limited time. Special teamer that may take a couple years to develop.
  7. RB Chris Evans RB Michael Carter FB Ben Mason OT Tommy Doyle OT Landon Young OT Dan Moore Jr. OG Sedarius Hutcherson OG Jared Hocker EDGE Quincy Roche EDGE Elerson Smith EDGE Janarius Robinson LB Jabril Cox LB Dylan Moses CB Marco Wilson
  8. Jarrett Patterson - RB - Buffalo
  9. Trade 34 to the Eagles for Ertz and the 37, then select OL Teven Jenkins, OL Jalen Mayfield, OL Creed Humphrey, RB Williams or WR Elijah Moore.
  10. I agree they probably didn't need to trade up so high. I think the 49ers traded up to 3 after they saw his pro day. Since January, Lance has been considered a top 10 pick and eventually rose to top 7 (https://www.nflmockdraftdatabase.com/players/2021/trey-lance). They probably could have traded up to around 7, as they would have needed to get in front of Carolina since the Darnold trade happened later. But with QBs getting pushed up toward draft time, getting into the top 5 was probably their best bet. With Garappolo though, there is just a limitation in his abilities similar to the l
  11. Not sure the 49ers' pick of Trey Lance was that bad. Sure they may not have needed to get to 3 but if that was their guy, they did what they needed to get him. Same thing the Jets did by trading up from 23 to 14, but the 49ers did it for a QB, in which the cost is understandable. Listening to several podcast this morning, some have noted that this could be similar to the Alex Smith/Pat Mahomes/KC situation with Garappolo playing out his contract until Lance is ready. If you look back at grades and reviews of the Mahomes pick back in 2017, there was some praise but a lot of similar criticis
  12. Or Douglas does what he did in the 2nd round last year. With Jenkins on the board, he trades down a couple spots and Jenkins is still available.
  13. #2 Zach Wilson #23 Jaelan Phillips #34 Teven Jenkins
  14. Alijah Vera-Tucker if available. If AVT not available: Jaelan Phillips or Jayson Oweh
  15. Who are your favorite draft prospects for 2021? RB Chris Evans FB Ben Mason WR Dwayne Eskridge WR Nico Collins WR Simi Fehoko WR Terrace Marshall TE Hunter Long TE Pat Freiermuth C Creed Humphrey OT Liam Eichenberg OT Tommy Doyle OT Landon Young OT Dan Moore Jr. OG Sedarius Hutcherson OG Jared Hocker EDGE Ronnie Perkins EDGE Quincy Roche EDGE Joe Tryon EDGE Elerson Smith EDGE Janarius Robinson EDGE Jaelan Phillips LB Baron Browning CB Jaycee Horn CB Paulson Adebo CB Marc
  16. I hope OL at 23 is the pick but would Douglas pass on a premium position pick at EDGE or CB if one of the top players dropped? That fifth year option is huge for those positions, more so than a guard or center. I could see them going EDGE at 23 and signing Sherman post-draft. Sherman may be a back-up plan if they don't draft a CB in the early rounds that they see as an immediate starter. Also, do rookie offensive players help the development of a rookie QB? The Jets seemed to have brought in skill position veterans (Davis, Cole, Coleman) that can help a rookie QB's development. Suppl
  17. This is a possibility. What if the exact opposite happens, where Darnold gets injured, highly likely given his past three seasons, and the draft pick plays lights out? Darnold walks away and gets no pick in return. Or what if Darnold can't beat out the draft pick? The return for Darnold now would garner another starting caliber prospect. Signing someone like Alex Smith, who has proven he can win, more so than Darnold, would be a more ideal backup if they are worried about winning this year. Smith also has more experience in the Shanahan offense and has shown to be a great locker room
  18. If the Jets cannot trade Darnold this year, the free agency market for him next may not garner anything close to a 3rd round compensatory pick. He would need to sign a $15M+ per year deal. As a comparison Mariota's 2 year deal $17M with the Raiders, would have resulted in a 6th round comp pick for the Titans. That could be the same type of contract Darnold would sign. If a team is willing to sign him to a $15M+ contract next offseason, what would teams be willing to give up for Darnold at $10M this year and $19M next (exercise 5th year option)? By trading for Darnold, the team that gets h
  19. Knowing he was building for the future, Douglas took more developmental prospects with more future upside, rather than immediate impact players. Players develop during practice more so than during games. Game experience is valueable and cannot be replaced but they spend way more time during practice developing these players. 4 - 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for almost 25 weeks of film study, walk-thrus, weight training, meetings and on field drills outweighs the approximate 30 minutes of playing time each game, 16 times a year. Getting on the field in year one is not as valueable as makin
  20. Anthony Schwartz Wide receiver Height: 6-0 / Weight: 186 Vertical: 32 Broad: 10-3 Bench: N/A 40-yard dash: 4.26 On expectations for Pro Day… "My expectations were just to run fast on my 40, do good on all my drills and then when it came to the position work, just being able to show good footwork, be fast in and out of my breaks, be clean in and out of my breaks. And I feel like I did all of what I listed. I feel like there's still room to improve, but I feel like today I showed I'm more than just that deep-threat guy. I can do everything a receiver is supposed to do."
  21. His bench number was 34. He needs to translate the athleticism into results but his stock will move a little higher after this performance.
  22. This is why the 1 year deals are great. If the Jets make a mistake, they can easily move on. Mistakes don't set the franchise back. If they hit on a free agent, they can try to re-sign them before they are free agents again.
  23. Perriman and Basham were also signed
  24. Juju is being touted as a versatile WR that can play on the outside. But we didn't see that last year (His 2018 year he also led the league in slot targets with 92). The original point was not to compare Juju and Crowder. The point was that adding Juju to the offense will add questions about the playing time as the offense the Jets were planning on implementing limits the usage of 3 WRs as compared to other NFL offenses. When the team is running 2 or less WRs more than 50% of the time, which 2 WRs of the 3/4 WRs will be on the field (Davis, Mims, Juju, Crowder, etc). If we compare
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