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  1. Imagine going into the draft with 9 picks, getting Ekwonu and Deebo on day one. Then trading Becton for a day 2 pick and Mims for a day 3 pick, which would allow them to start day 2 still with 9 picks.
  2. Also mentioned on the Pro Football Network Draft Insiders show. Said it was 70:30 likely to happen.
  3. Has the traits of a Kyle Shanahan type of receiver from a short area quickness measurables stand point. 6.81 3-cone and 4.10 shuttle are within the range of the typical WR in the system. Elijah Moore: 6.67 3-cone, 4 shuttle and Berrios: 6.72 3-cone, 4.18 shuttle. Devin Fuller, Deebo, Richie James, all have similar 3-cone (around 7) and shuttle times (around 4.1). Plays similar to Hunter Renfrow and can be a contributor on special teams.
  4. Seems like a perfect Shanahan late round type of prospect. built like Elijah Mitchell but plays like Raheem Mostert.
  5. Agreed. The 'red flags' are over blown when it comes down to the draft as everyone gets nit-picky about every prospect. Its possible that there are other 'red flags' that are just not available to the public but these issues seem to just be minor concerns.
  6. 4 OL Ickey Ekwonu 10 WR Drake London 35 EDGE Nik Bonitto 38 LB Quay Walker 69 C Cameron Jurgens 111 CB Zyon McCollum 117 FS J.T. Woods 146 WR Bo Melton 163 RB Isaih Pacheco
  7. Has just a few that were on-field issues: 2019: Suspended during the 1st half of the Georgia Tech game for violating team rules. Eventually ejected from game. 2019: Suspended for the 1st half of the LSU game, for fighting with a defender in the Georgia Tech game. "Unfortunately, [Pickens] got an undisciplined penalty and when you make undisciplined decisions, regardless of what's done first, you pay a penalty for that," Smart said. "He won't be able to play the first half of next week and when you make emotional decisions, that's what happens. We're going to help George. We're going to help him grow up. We're going to help him make better decisions so he can help our team, but that's unfortunate." Smart called Pickens' actions both "selfish" and "undisciplined." "I mean, don't be stupid," Smart said. "It's just silly, it's selfish, it's undisciplined. It's, 'Why?' You ask yourself why. Why would I give up an opportunity over what we have next week? Over what? I always ask guys, 'Was it worth it?' That's what I always say. 'Was it worth it?' It's not worth it to me when you hurt the team. "But you live and you grow up and you love them. And look, I love George Pickens. He went to the hospital with us on Friday and did an unbelievable job. He had as much charisma and as much care for those kids as anybody we had there. George is a great kid. He's a freshman." 2020: Flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for squirting water on the Tennessee QB when he ran out-of-bounds on the Georgia sideline Georgia wideout George Pickens squirted water at Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano after the Vol signal-caller ran and fell out of bounds on the Bulldog sideline Saturday. Pickens received a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and Tennessee later took a 21-17 lead on that drive off a 27-yard touchdown pass. After the game, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart expressed his displeasure with Pickens' actions. "When somebody comes out of bounds and you squirt water at them, what are we? Are we seven and eight years old?" Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart said, per ESPN's Harry Lyles Jr. "I mean come on, let's play football. Let's don't be silly." ---- "George is a talented player. In terms of leadership, it starts from within; it starts with him. He's got to do a great job of making sure he's handling all the things that he's got to do both on and off the field,” Smart said. “George is growing up, as all players do, and we need him to grow up faster. We need him to lead more. He's certainly a talented player, but sometimes that can be a disease at Georgia that affects you. You have to be careful of that, because what makes George great: his love for the game. And you just cannot let that be a weakness; you've got to use it as a strength." ---- “It’s just one of continued growth and maturity, and he has embraced it,” Hankton said of Pickens’ mental development. “When you look at our entire team and you talk about altruism, I think there’s this aura of selflessness and a positive vibe. It has really continued to grow; it really shines brighter. For (Pickens), he’s embraced that, so I’m looking forward to how he continues to move forward.” ---- There are also Georgia fans that called him out his freshman year for only playing hard when it was a pass play and putting little to no effort when it was a run play or the ball was not coming his way. There may be other issues that are not known to the public, but you can see that he has been growing up and maturing. It is really up to the NFL team that drafts him to have the environment for him to thrive. He has the talent of a 1st rounder, but the 'red flags' and injury has pushed him down to borderline 1st or early 2nd round. Wouldn't say these concerns remove him from the draft board, but the coaching staff needs to be up to the challenge to help him continue to grow and mature.
  8. Another interesting tidbit from this podcast was the discussion of the number of 1st round graded players. Daniel has 16, Bucky has 18 and Brett Veach (KC's GM) has 16-18 1st round graded players. And the follow up to that discussion was that Daniel had a hard time filling out his top 150. Once he got to 130, he believes there is a huge drop off. He has 2 punters and 1 kicker in his top 150 which is not typical, there just isn't the prospects after around the 4th round. They talk about either trading up with later picks (5-7) to get into the 4th or just trading 5-7 round picks for a pick next year.
  9. Not sure these are legit sources and it's lying season.
  10. The talent is there but from what I've read and heard on podcasts is that the character concerns are what is moving him down. He needs to find the right team and there are questions about his maturity. From a fan post on a Georgia forum from 2020: "He does NOT BLOCK this year. Watch him. He takes all plays off that do not directly involve him. Very selfish! I say bench him or use him as a decoy. He needs to grow up." The thing is, he can be a very effective blocker when he wants to be.
  11. Now go sign Arden Key and Rasheem Green.
  12. If you believe Connor Hughes, more likely an emphasis on the D-line early in the draft.
  13. Arden Key (EDGE), Young, cheap, rotational player on the rise with experience in the defensive scheme. Rasheem Green (DT) and Jacob Martin (LB) Young, cheap, starters with experience in the defensive scheme.
  14. Doesn't fit the scheme. Jay Gruden had built a lot of his offense around Shenault. Direct quote from Gruden :"He’s getting all those reps, the reverses and all that stuff. Some other guys we can get out in space and do somethings, but Laviska’s a different cat and calls for a different type of play. Once he went out, it shortened up our playbook, but we had plenty of other stuff to get to. We were fine.”
  15. If they do decide to sign another CB to play the nickel. K'Waun Williams was rumored to be a target.
  16. Keep signing those 49ers and Seahawks players. Next they should target Arden Key or Rasheem Green.
  17. Pre-combine Daniel Jeremiah had moved him to 10 and said he heard teams had him in their top 5. But he was hesitant to move him any higher because of the lack of production. Since the combine though, his stance has shifted a little and thinks teams have him in the top 5 strictly due to his athletic upside and versatility. He is not just a pass rusher which allows teams to be more creative with his usage and could still have a role if the pass rushing skills don't lead to production. He is less of a boom or bust player that is typical of strictly pass rushing prospects due to his playability.
  18. There have been a lot of discussions on this forum about the way the Jets / Douglas should approach free agency. The approaches range from filling depth in free agency and building to the draft to going after high cost premium difference making players. I came across a PFF article that presents a statistical analysis of finding value in free agency. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-historical-success-free-agency-nfl-team-2022 TL;DR version: "This goes to show that the winners of next week’s free agency frenzy will probably not be the teams that made the splash signings but rather those who find valuable contributors for little or medium money."
  19. A #1 WR is different from WR1. A WR# is used to order wide receivers. So WR1 on a team is the most productive wide receiver on that team. A WR1 in the league is the highest producing wide receiver in the league. During draft season, WR# is used to order or rank the wide receiver prospects. This is different from a number one wide receiver (#1 WR). A number one wide receiver is not based on production but rather the traits and abilities of the wide receiver. Its a wide receiver that has the ability to beat any type of defense / defensive player. They can beat smaller, quicker defensive players with physicality or long speed. They can beat physical, bigger defenders with quickness or route running. They are smart enough to read and exploit coverages. They are players that cannot be simply shut down by eliminating one aspect of their game. On the flip side, some wide receivers have limitation that force them into roles as just a deep threat, or must play in the slot because they have a harder time releasing at the line against bigger corners. Other wide receivers may not have the speed to be a deep threat, and can work underneath. A number one wide receiver is a complete wide receiver. It's why during draft season or free agency they can label players as number one wide receivers even though they don't know what team they will go to. They are talking about the traits of the player that make them number one wide receivers. They don't know if they will be the highest producing wide receiver on their new team, but they do have the talent to be productive through their varied skillset.
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