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  1. Amik Robertson was someone the Jets were showing some interest in. Troy Pride is another talented CB but could go 5th round. Keith Ismael is an interesting player, if Biadasz is not there when the Jets pick. Could take a flyer on Saadiq Charles or Prince Tega Wanogho as possible swing tackles. A lot of talent left.
  2. Hall, Robertson, Pride are still on the board if they dicide to go CB. A few good OL are available too.
  3. Is Bowden an outside receiver? Or does he replace Crowder?
  4. Hopefully a few of the QBs get taken early in the 2nd (Fromm, Eason, Hurts, Morgan). Though, if there is a run on WR, perhaps EDGE or CB could be the selection.
  5. Exactly. PFF: "The reason we’re still relatively low on Becton despite his absurd physical traits at 6-7, 369 pounds is that we haven’t seen them translate consistently to the football field yet. Louisville’s offense this past season was extremely run and play action heavy. Among PFF’s top five tackles, Becton’s 73 true pass sets were 40 fewer than anyone else. On the flip side, his 8 pressures allowed though on those true pass sets were the most. Having had to flip sides based on the strength of the formation as a freshman and sophomore didn’t help Becton’s development, but that’s still more projection than we’d like at the top of the draft." Becton just needs more experience in the passing game. But for now he can open up running lanes for Bell. This will make 2nd and 3rd downs more manageable and Darnold will get the ball out faster. Shorter distance to the sticks means Darnold can shorten his reads and release the ball quicker.
  6. According to certain draft profiles, there was a mention that its because he losses interest and doesn't stay engaged through out the play. He has admitted that it's one of the flaws that came up during the combine that teams had mentioned to him. “I have to prove to them that I love to finish,” Becton said. “The tape shows it, but I have to tell them I have the passion and love to finish. My 2018 film, it looked like I wasn’t passionate about football.” There were a lot of times when he ends the play still searching for someone to block or gives up midway through the play. During the draft call Douglas even mentions to Becton, "You're gonna come up here and impose your will, right?"
  7. Becton should start on the left. The Jets were very effective running to the left edge which he would be perfect for on outside zone runs. Let Fant move to the right where he can handle the better pass rushers with help from the tight end if needed. If you look at the guys they signed, the interior linemen are all better at pass blocking than they are at run blocking while both Fant and Becton excel at run blocking over pass blocking. Not saying that their weak blocking abilities are bad, just that they are significantly better at one than the other. Expect a lot of outside zone runs to the left side of the formation, again something that the Jets were great at last year. At 1:50 he defines what makes a great outside zone block which perfectly describes Becton's strength of "displacing" defenders.
  8. Damon Arnette at 19 Jordyn Brooks at 27
  9. Other than Thomas being the first tackle, the way the draft has gone so far, it's been predictable. You could also say that Thomas wasn't a surprise either with him being the early favorite pre-draft season. No trades, no surprises. I thought the media were supposedly way off with their mock drafts but they have been spot on so far.
  10. I was just going to write about the time in the pocket. What is interesting about the Jets offensive line is that they gave Darnold an average of 2.5 seconds (taken from sportsradar which tracks this data), while the league average is under that at 2.4 with some teams averaging 2.3. The difference of .1 seconds is the difference between a sack and a pressure. The line was actually above average in giving the QB time. Where they struggled was giving up sacks. Someone also mentioned that sacks have more to do with the QB than the OL and in this case may very well be true. Making adjustments at the line, or getting the ball out on time. This is where Darnold's "time to throw" stat comes in. According to NextGen stats, Darnold was tied for the 3rd slowest QB at getting the ball out of his hands at 2.92 seconds. He needs to make quicker decisions, trust his eyes and get the ball out quicker. Check out what the colts did in a 4 year span (Time to Throw from NextGen, O-line Rank for FootballOutsiders): Year Time to Throw O-line Rank 2019 2.93 7 2018 2.63 2 2017 2.89 32 2016 2.88 28 By getting the ball out a few split seconds faster can make the line much improved. They also drafted an all-pro guard that has helped keep this offensive line in the top 10 even though the time to throw moved back up above 2.8.
  11. Post your final draft boards. Here is mine. Wirfs Wills Thomas Lamb Jeudy Becton If all are gone by 11 (meaning defensive players or QBs have fallen), trade back (hopefully not too far). Ideal compensation would be at least a 2nd involved somehow. Jones Cleveland Jackson Ruggs If all the above are gone, try to trade back again (if the compensation is good) else just select one of the following: Ruiz Pittman Mims Reagor
  12. Becton is an interesting prospect. He is definitely a bigger tackle than we are used to seeing but he is what will be pretty common among future offensive linemen. https://www.businessinsider.com/nfl-offensive-lineman-are-big-2011-10#2000s-bryan-stork-c-new-england-patriots-9 Average lineman size by decade: 1920s: 6'0" 211 1930s/40s: 6'1" 220 1950s: 6'2" 234 1960s/70s: 6'3" 251 1980s/90s/00s: 6'4" 270-313 2015: 6'5" 312 Compare that to high school prospects coming into college: https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/CompositeRecruitRankings/?InstitutionGroup=highschool&Position=OT In the top ten, 2 are 6'5", 3 are 6'6", 3 6'7", 2 are 6'8". They will all put on weight throughout their college career but the offensive lineman in the NFL are going to get bigger and bigger. There was an article the other day talking about a high school junior who is 6'6" 330, runs a 4.92 40, and id 26 reps at bench. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2885702-the-mountain-is-coming-to-college-football. Becton is just one of the first. If he didn't have the size, would he still be considered a top tackle based on experience, skills, technical ability? I am not saying he doesn't but that is the question evaluators must ask themselves. Using Becton's size and athleticism as a justification for his potential is a challenge for evaluators. As more and more linemen enter the draft in the upcoming years with "rare" size and athleticism, it'll be harder to separate out the highly graded skilled linemen vs linemen that are highly graded due to their size and athleticism potential. Prospects in the NFL, not only linemen, are getting bigger, faster and stronger. Seems like every year some combine record gets broken. When looking at these prospects, evaluators need to be careful to understand how much emphasis they put in these prospects that may be "rare" today but common in tomorrow's NFL.
  13. From PFF: He only allowed two catches that went for more than 20 yards all last season.
  14. If used correctly, he could do many of the things Michael Thomas does in the Saints offense.
  15. Oops. That meant to say 15 to the Patriots after a trade with the Broncos. Belichick does something uncharacteristic and trades up for a QB. Wants to prove its him and not Brady that is the reason for the Patriots success. Then retires after two unsuccessful seasons with Love.
  16. If the QBs start to fall, my bold prediction would be Herbert to JAX after a trade back to 14. Tua to the Raiders at 12. Jordan Love to the Broncos at 15. Then the Dolphins sitting there at 18 scratching their heads.
  17. Jets: The Jets will not address the WR position until the second 3rd round pick. They will draft a defensive player (EDGE or CB) before the address the WR position. Draft: This draft will tie the record number of first round WRs (7).
  18. Looking for a late round developmental prospect: Trevis Gipson from Tulsa https://www.nfl.com/prospects/trevis-gipson?id=32194749-5056-4972-92bf-717d307ebaac
  19. The Jets have also shown some recent interest in James Smith-Williams https://www.nfl.com/prospects/james-smith-williams?id=3219534d-4984-1542-2bc0-161ee81572aa Good player but with a long history of injury. Probably a 3rd day or priority free agent type, but has the talent. Would be a Blessaun Austin type of situation. "to wear the team's No. 1 jersey in 2019 for this work ethic, character, leadership and accomplishments."
  20. TLDR; version: For the Jets, according to industry mock drafters: Hope that Wills falls, if not select Becton. If the top 3 tackles are off the board, select a wide receiver. Inspired by TheFantasyFootballer's comparison chart: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/2020-nfl-draft-expert-mock-draft-comparison-chart/ I added on three extra mock drafts as they have been pretty consistent in their mock draft accuracy according to the huddle report. https://www.thehuddlereport.com/mock.scores.shtml. Huddle Report ranking over the past 5 drafts: 1. Kevin Hanson, 2. Ben Standig, 3. Forrest Long, 5. Ryan McCrystal, 6. Evan Silva Tracked the 6 most talked about draft prospects for the Jets at 11. I kept Thomas even though surprisingly he is never selected in any of these mock drafts. Ruggs was left off because he was always available but never selected. Player Evan Silva Rotoworld (4/20) Peter Schrager NFL.com (4/15) Jenny Vrentas MMQB (4/14) Daniel Jeremiah NFL.com (4/7) Bucky Brooks NFL.com (4/14) Matt Miller Bleacher Report (4/20) Joel Klatt FOX Sports (4/11) Mel Kiper Jr. ESPN (4/14) Charlie Campbell Walter Football (4/20) Walter Cherepinsky Walter Football (4/19) Dane Brugler The Athletic (4/13) Kevin Hanson Sports Illustrated (4/17) Ben Standig Forrest Long
The Huddle Report
(4/16) Ryan McCrystal
(4/14) Wirfs 6 (LAC) 4 (NYG) 6 (NYG) 
Trade with Chargers 4 (NYG) 4 (NYG) 6 (LAC) 5 (MIA) 8 (ARI) 4 (NYG) 4 (NYG) 4 (NYG) 10 (CLE) 4 (NYG) 8 (ARI) 4 (NYG) Wills 4 (NYG) 10 (CLE) 8 (ARI) 8 (ARI) 8 (ARI) 4 (NYG) 10 (CLE) 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 8 (ARI) 18 (MIA) 4 (NYG) 11 (NYJ) Becton 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 9 (JAX) 10 (CLE) 8 (ARI) 8 (ARI) 10 (CLE) 14 (TAM) 18 (MIA) 10 (CLE) 11 (NYJ) 8 (ARI) 14 (TAM) 14 (TAM) Thomas 10 (CLE) 14 (TAM) 9 (TAM)
Trade with Jags 14 (TAM) 14 (TAM) 10 (CLE) 14 (TAM) 14 (TAM) 10 (CLE) 14 (TAM) 14 (TAM) 14 (TAM) 10 (CLE) 10 (CLE) 18 (MIA) Jeudy 12 (LV) 15 (DEN) 12 (LV) 12 (LV) 12 (LV) 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 9 (JAX) 13 (SF) 13 (SF) 15 (DEN) 13 (SF) 11 (NYJ) 12 (LV) 15 (DEN) Lamb 13 (SF) 12 (LV) 13 (SF) 11 (NYJ) 11 (NYJ) 12 (LV) 12 (LV) 13 (SF) 9 (JAX) "10 (PHI) 
Trade with Browns" 12 (LV) 12 (LV) 12 (LV) 11 (NYJ) 8 (ARI) Insight from mock drafts: Most feel Wirfs will be the first tackle off the board, with a few that believe Wills will be the first Wills expected to be the second tackle most of the time, with a few times its Becton Thomas is consistently the 3rd or 4th tackle At the very least, one of either Lamb or Jeudy will be available at 11, if not both From the mock drafters point of view for the Jets picks: If Wills is there, Jets selected him (only Standig disagrees - selects Jeudy over Wills) If Wills is gone, and Becton is available, the Jets select Becton (only Long disagrees - selects Lamb over Becton) If the top 3 tackles are gone, select either Jeudy or Lamb (only Long disagrees - selects Lamb over Becton) There have been reports as to how inaccurate the mock drafts have been this year, so this maybe totally off the mark come draft day.
  21. Hope Douglas also took a little bit of this from Newsome: "Newsome is responsible for the “Raven Way,” which is a brand of football that can only come from loving to play the game. While it is true that Newsome will take the best player available while ignoring needs at times, it always works out. He never chooses a player that would be a bad fit for the Raven way and you can bet the player selected loves playing football.You can also bet he has two elements that cannot be measured at the scouting combine or during a pro day workout. The one element Newsome is perhaps the best in the league at judging is a player’s heart and will. He also has a pretty good finger on a player’s work ethic as well." Love playing the game has rarely been a requirement for being selected by the Jets. Last time the Jets had this mentality Rex Ryan was leading them to two back-to-back AFC championship games.
  22. Using the Rich Hill model, which has taken into consideration recent trades, the compensation looks a little different. The Jets 11th pick would be 358 points according to the model: Team Round Overall Value Difference Compensation to get to 11 (value) Total comp value Jets give back Raiders 1 12 347 11 12 (347) 121 (22) 369 158(10) Broncos 1 15 315 43 15 (315) 77 (60) 375 120(22) Falcons 1 16 305 53 16 (305) 78 (59) 364 191(5) Eagles 1 21 261 97 21 (261) 53 (106) 367 158(10) Trading down doesn't look as good when using recent trade data. The Jimmy Johnson model may be a little outdated.
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