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  1. Clowney's mindset and a 1 year deal is dangerous for non-competing teams but could make sense if the Seahawks think they can win it all next year. If they win it all, he does well, contributes to them winning, then it was worth it. If they don't win, there are two ways it could go which would end up being bad for the Seahawks. If he plays well, gets double digit sacks, helps them win games, it'll be hard for them to re-sign him again for less than the $20 million. If he plays poorly, they just wasted all of that money and playing experience for another player to develop.
  2. According to the initial report, it says could be 20 years. He probably won't get that long, but he may be past his prime by then.
  3. Do Beachum and/or Peters fit into the scheme that Gase wants to run?
  4. As much as everyone wants the Kittle, Kelce, Ertz type of player, a player that can single-handedly change games through receiving and blocking, I think the Jets are pretty set at tight end as a group. The Jets have a 'tight end by committee' but not necessarily just one guy that can do it all. Herndon may be the closest thing but last year was a lost year for him. Griffin showed some promise but he has limitations and doesn't fall into that elite category. They also just draft Wesco last year and will have to see how he pans out. With that said, I could see the Jets taking a guy like Kmet if he were to fall into the 3rd. Or take a flyer on a guy like Albert Okwuegbunam just because of his speed. Last, they could take the wide receiver Chase Claypool and convert him to a hybrid tight end. Claypool has been working his way up mock drafts into the first round.
  5. I hope the Jets don't waste a pick on a kicker. The majority of kickers in the league were UDFA and some of the better ones were UDFA: Tucker, Lambo, Vinatieri, Lutz, Bailey, McManus, Prater, Slye, Gould. Jets have had some good fortunes with their 6th and 7th round picks as of late: Blessuan Austin, Fatukasi, McGuire, Enunwa, Cannon (still a wait and see but at least he still on the team). That's not bad considering how bad their drafts were in the past.
  6. Agreed. Some combination of 2 WR and 2 OL with the first 4 picks would be awesome. Jets have 3 UDFA, a 4th rounder, a 5th rounder and a 6th rounder in the CB stable, yet three of them are suitable starters. Doesn't take early round CBs to perform well in Gregg Williams' defense.
  7. The Josh Andrews signing is interesting. With Jonotthan Harrison already on the roster last year, they signed Kalil to take his place. Was worth a shot to sign the veteran but it makes you wonder if perhaps they just don't like Harrison and Andrews is his replacement. Harrison definitely showed he can play but for some reason they keep finding ways for him to not get the shot at starting.
  8. Agree. If Wills is there you take him, likewise with Wirfs, though less likely he will fall that far. Agree with not trading for Williams. Trading for Williams and handing him a massive contract may lead to them not being able to sign some of their own in the future. Just curious, where does the idea that Josh Jones has the athleticism the Jets are looking for? He tested as slightly above average at the combine.
  9. That's the feeling I am getting too, which is also why I did this analysis. I wanted to see if there were attributes of linemen that fall through the cracks. Trying to identify the Bushrod, Peters, Armstead, Penn type players that were not drafted in the 1st round. Either a trade back while still grabbing a player like Jones, Cleveland, Jackson may still yield a solid tackle while also taking lottery tickets like Peart and Taylor (like you mentioned) that maybe those mid-round gems. Just my opinion, but it's harder to change size (mainly weight) and speed on a player than it is to teach proper technique. It's just a huge time investment to teach skill, but lack of athleticism is not easy to overcome. Some players may never learn technique, skill or have the football IQ to properly play the game, but that seems more coachable than telling someone to grow their arms longer or shave two-tenths of a second off their 40 time.
  10. Question about Trent Williams. Suppose they trade for Williams and re-sign him for $20M a year. Won't that cripple them next year from signing some players on one year deals that perform well creating more holes in the team?
  11. Trade back but not necessarily for Josh Jones. So I selected to stick with Fant at LT.
  12. Didn't they just extend Humphries for $15M a year? Perhaps looking for a right tackle?
  13. Kyle Long is an interesting case. He made the pro bowl as a tackle in 2015. The two previous years, he made the pro bowl as a guard. Therefore, I had him listed as a tackle that made the list. https://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/nfl/produck-bears-tackle-kyle-long-named-3rd-straight-pro-bowl As for the size/speed ratio, I agree it is something to look into. It may include guys like Becton, but there is just not enough data to what that size/speed ratio may be. As the players get bigger and faster, a better picture of what that ratio looks like may present itself. With the game changing so rapidly all the time, these trends are not always easy to identify. I will try to add arm length to the chart and see if there are any trends there. The tracking of the 2 attributes came from the article, which I believe identifies Tom Cable as the origination of the threshold numbers. I had also heard it anecdotally on podcasts like 'Move the Sticks' (ex-scouts), 'Trench Warfare' (analyst) and 'Ross Tucker Football Podcast' (former player). These podcasts had mentioned the 40 times as a very high corelation to success in the NFL alongside the broad jump. Side note: Move the Sticks, with Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah is a good podcast with a look into the way the Seahawks and Ravens evaluate players. When Jeremiah talks about the Raven's organization, it also provides insight into Joe Douglas' past and mindset. They talk about the Ozzie Newsome way of doing things and sometimes disclose strategies that may be adopted into the Jets organization. Its a very good podcast and even better as a Jets fan.
  14. Not gonna count out any of the draft prospects based on the above data. I was simply looking to better understand the traits of a pro bowl tackle. Not to say that any of this year's prospects won't become a pro bowler simply because they didn't run a sub-5 40 and didn't jump further than 109 inches. But I do believe as time goes on, patterns emerge to help identify the traits of successful NFL players. In this case, there is a pattern among left tackle pro bowlers of the last 10 years. In the next ten years this will change and we may see guys like Becton become the norm. As for Josh Jones, I believe he is the safe pick when it comes to the 2nd tier of linemen. Austin Jackson and Ezra Cleveland have shown less on tape but have the physical traits to match the elite athletes at the NFL level. Both ranked in the top 5 in SPARQ scores. To use a baseball analogy, with Jones your hitting a double. With Jackson and Cleveland your swinging for the fences. They are true boom or bust prospects. It all depends on how the first round plays out. Lets say the Jets decide to go with a receiver in the 1st and tackle in the 2nd. If they select Ceedee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy (the supposed safer picks), they could try to take a gamble on someone like Cleveland or Jackson in the 2nd. If they decide to gamble in the first and select a receiver like Henry Ruggs (doesn't have the production like the other two), I could see them coming back in the 2nd (perhaps having to trading up) for Jones.
  15. He is a little shorter than the ideal size. He needs to work on his pass pro, especially against speed rushers. But he does an adequate job getting to the second level and sealing off blocks. He would be a late round / UDFA project, practice squad type of player.
  16. Jets let their number 2 wide receiver walk for the Buccaneers' number 3 wide receiver that played behind two pro-bowlers. Robby played in 91% of snaps while Perriman played in 56%. Robby had more yardage and a history of staying healthy and producing. In 2019, 5 TDs, 48.7 yards per game, 54.2% catch rate. Perriman, a former 1st round pick, showed toward the ending of last season, when given the opportunity, he can step up and play. In 2019 6 TDs, 46.1 yards per game, 52.2% catch rate. No. Player Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G Ctch% Y/Tgt Touch Y/Tch YScm RRTD Fmb 82 Jamison Crowder 122 78 833 10.7 6 41 4.9 52.1 63.9% 6.8 79 10.6 837 6 0 11 Robby Anderson 96 52 779 15 5 92 3.3 48.7 54.2% 8.1 53 14.8 783 5 1 26 Le'Veon Bell 78 66 461 7 1 23 4.4 30.7 84.6% 5.9 311 4 1250 4 1 18 Demaryius Thomas 58 36 433 12 1 47 3.3 39.4 62.1% 7.5 36 12 433 1 0 84 Ryan Griffin 41 34 320 9.4 5 45 2.6 24.6 82.9% 7.8 34 9.4 320 5 0 17 Vyncint Smith 31 17 225 13.2 0 37 1.3 17.3 54.8% 7.3 20 13.9 277 1 1 88 Ty Montgomery 17 13 90 6.9 0 21 0.8 5.6 76.5% 5.3 45 4.3 193 0 0 10 Braxton Berrios 13 6 115 19.2 0 69 0.4 7.2 46.2% 8.8 6 19.2 115 0 1 29 Bilal Powell 12 7 33 4.7 0 9 0.5 2.5 58.3% 2.8 66 4 262 0 0 No. Player Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G Ctch% Y/Tgt Touch Y/Tch YScm RRTD Fmb 12 Chris Godwin* 121 86 1333 15.5 9 71 6.1 95.2 71.1% 11 87 15.4 1341 9 0 13 Mike Evans* 118 67 1157 17.3 8 67 5.2 89 56.8% 9.8 67 17.3 1157 8 0 19 Breshad Perriman 69 36 645 17.9 6 44 2.6 46.1 52.2% 9.3 38 17.4 661 6 0 84 Cameron Brate 55 36 311 8.6 4 37 2.3 19.4 65.5% 5.7 36 8.6 311 4 0 80 O.J. Howard 53 34 459 13.5 1 33 2.4 32.8 64.2% 8.7 34 13.5 459 1 1 44 Dare Ogunbowale 46 35 286 8.2 0 21 2.2 17.9 76.1% 6.2 46 6.6 303 2 2 27 Ronald Jones 40 31 309 10 0 41 1.9 19.3 77.5% 7.7 203 5.1 1033 6 3 10 Scott Miller 26 13 200 15.4 1 48 1.3 20 50.0% 7.7 15 14.4 216 1 0 17 Justin Watson 26 15 159 10.6 2 17 0.9 9.9 57.7% 6.1 15 10.6 159 2 0 25 Peyton Barber 24 16 115 7.2 1 16 1 7.2 66.7% 4.8 170 3.4 585 7
  17. Agreed the production is not there and it may never be. Never meant to disrespect Robby but the Jets may have a contributing player already on their roster that sounds like the type of player you want on your team. This is from an interview with Demaryius Thomas talking about Vyncint Smith and their time together in Houston: "He wants to know the how and the why," Thomas said. "That’s super beneficial. When you have someone like him that wants to work? Those are the guys who end up being the greats. They’re the ones who are in this league 10-plus years. We never had a problem with Vyncint. He was reliable, dependable and accountable. I praise him so much because he was always on time. He did everything right. We never had to ask him to do anything. He would work in with the No. 1 offense or scout team. He jumped in and did it the same way. He reminds me of myself. I would do those things." "I couldn’t tell (Gase) enough about him," Thomas said. "I told him how he’s the guy who, when you tell him something, he listens. He then instantly takes it to the field. He has raw talent. He can run, catch, run with the ball in his hands. But he listens. He listens and applies. That’s hard for young guys to do. But with Vyncint, you tell him, he’ll practice it a couple of times, then he does it. I’d been around him most of last year. So I knew how hard he works. I told (Gase) how, when we were in Houston, he ran the most routes out of anyone. Sometimes (Hopkins) would be out, or Fuller. Vyncint would fill in wherever they needed him. He ran everything. Never complained. He just did his job. Kept his head down."
  18. They also have a very similar player to Robby in Vyncint Smith. Similar measurables, similar catch rate, just needs to get on field a bit more. Smith was really good at getting 1st downs and running the ball. He is a wide receiver going into his 3rd year and could have a boost in production if given the opportunity. He could be a good 5th target for Darnold with deep threat abilities. He did average 15.5 yards per catch in college and showed the ability to get that into the 17/18 range at times. In the last 6 games he had at least 1 catch and in the last 3 games had 3 catches in each game. He got the start in the last 2 games. Smith and Robby both had 9 catches in the last 3 games with Smith out gaining Anderson by 8 yards. By no means has he shown that he can replace Anderson's production but he has shown growth throughout the year and will be entering his third year where receivers tend to breakout. A late round candidate is Quez Watkins. Got the speed, size and production at Southern Miss
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