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  1. If Wirfs is off the board, perhaps attempting to trade down and take Ezra Cleveland. Raw, athletic and needs a year to build strength. Would be good to develop behind Fant. Trading back is easier said than done but could happen for a top QB or if one of the defensive players slip down the draft.
  2. SPARQ: 117.9 z-score 1.3, NFL % 89.6 Those are high athletic scores.
  3. Fant is also a lot more athletic than Beachum. With the Jets rumored changing their line scheme to wider splits, maybe they found limitations with Beachum. Would like to see him re-signed but may not fit what they want to do moving forward.
  4. Could there be a Joe Douglas trend towards hyper-athletic offensive linemen? Fant had a pSPARQ score of 133.3 putting him into the 98.6% of NFL o-linemen. Andre Dillard, the Eagles first round pick from 2019, scored a 128.9 pSPARQ (96.9%). This coupled with the idea that Gase wants to go to a wide line splits which needs athletic linemen (atleast on the edges). Perhaps Ezra Cleveland is a trade back target if Tristan Wirfs is off the board. Both are 1st round talents (Ezra maybe late first/early second), but both had high pSPARQ. Wirfs: 135.6, Cleveland: 122.5
  5. Its approximately 3 years before an offensive lineman hits their stride. Some are able to contribute earlier but they are rare.
  6. Isn't Godwin their slot receiver? He is pretty good too. They just need a deep threat guy to replace Perriman. Perhaps Robby could go there if he does not re-sign with the Jets.
  7. They got a good receiving group and that is perhaps what Brady was looking for.
  8. The Seahawks were expecting a Tom Cable to work his magic on that line. He did play a bit at left tackle though.
  9. Played one year of tight-end at Western Kentucky. Was a former basketball player that made the switch for one year. Very raw when he came into the league.
  10. Perhaps the Van Noy interest is to get Jenkins to sign at a lower price. Also, Dorsett to get Robby to sign at a lower price too. Also, could be figuring out what the market would be for similar type of players.
  11. Yet, all those teams except chicago still have 4 picks between the 2nd and 4th rounds. Where the value picks are.
  12. For those that don't want OBJ, which would be worse Diggs to the Patriots or OBJ to the Jets?
  13. The Andrew Berry and Joe Douglas connection could come into play.
  14. Wonder how Gregg Williams is going to feel about this.
  15. Imagine if someone submits the wrong card on draft day and the Cardinals select Lamb. Future Hall of Famer Fitzgerald in the slot, a current top wide receiver in the league Hopkins on one side and one of the top wide receiver prospects, Lamb, on the other. Past, present and future all on the field at once.
  16. Jacksonville has tagged Yannick Ngakoue
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/jets-release-defensive-back-blake-205844767.html Clears $1.2M of cap space
  18. https://3sigmaathlete.com/sparq-rankings-2020/edge/
  19. “Take a look at Baltimore. It’s the same kind of guy,” Westhoff told CBS Sports Radio. “Taysom Hill does those same kind of things. I think he throws better.” There are a lot of people on this board that hold Westoff's opinions in high-regard.
  20. Good catch. Looks like he just wants more guaranteed money not neccesarily more money. "Why was I holding out? Like I said, a culmination of things. What I went through health-wise took me away from the game for a minute, anyway. When it pertains to that, just that and the contract status was a thing as well. You know, playing with no guaranteed money, I don't think any, any premier player would want to do that, especially not in the game we play today."
  21. $16 I could see, but we was getting $13 last year and would be getting this year $14.5, but decided to sit out because he wanted more. So $14 might be a little too low for him.
  22. Did a quick search for his demands. 2-year $36 million? Could work but they will probably not be very active throughout free agency. "Reportedly, Williams is looking for $18 million to $20 million annually. That's insane. We're talking about someone who missed 16 games over five seasons and has not played a full year since 2013. In nine seasons, Williams played 16 games only twice." https://thefandc.radio.com/redskins-need-to-trade-trent-williams
  23. Does anyone know what his new contract demands would be? He sat out the beginning of last year because he wanted to be paid as a top left tackle. Perhaps $16M a year? If that is the case does that limit the Jets going after the other top linemen in free agency?
  24. Her analysis says a LB that she also classifies as a safety and a DT should be selected before any QB. Interesting. 😉
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