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  1. The number of throws and distribution will be very telling of LaFleur's style. Kyle Shanahan has often had a main target without spreading the ball around as much as other offenses do. The 49ers most successful recent season was also limiting the throws of the QB but with a high efficiency and great defensive play. In 2019, Garappolo was 29th in attempts and the 49ers offense ranked in the top 5. If this is where the offense is headed, there may not be a lot of throws being spread out among 7-8 targets.
  2. Juju's Next Gen stats: It really depends on the Juju the Jets would be getting. Last year he spent 82% of his snaps in the slot. This may be why his catch rate increased but his YAC and TAY decreased. The Steelers had Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool, both were more productive than Juju in lesser playing time. Juju played in 84% of snaps and accumulated 831 yards on 128 targets while Johnson (923 yards, 7 TDs) and Claypool (873 yards, 9 TDs) were in the 65% snap range with both putting up better numbers. The Steelers felt that both Johnson and Claypool were better on the outs
  3. This is the great appeal of going to a team in the New York market. This would be good for him. He has mentioned it on IG before that there is life beyond football. Football is not his only priority. Build up his following and play a little football.
  4. The 40 time difference (.07) is not considered significant for DE. The range for NFL prospects at the DE position is 4.41 to 5.27 with 4.74 being the average target. The long range running time difference is not a big factor in measuring explosiveness for EDGE rushers. My number for the shuttle was wrong. Should be 4.69 rather than 4.78. This difference is a little more significant than the 40 for an edge rusher. The NFL range is 4.00 to 4.96. With the target being 4.37 for DE. So both Lawson and Perkins are slower than the target but they are only separated by (.07). This is a lit
  5. He doesn't have elite athleticism but profiles similar to or as a poor man's Carl Lawson. Both were said to be explosive coming out of school with quick get-offs. 2nd round seems to be where most draft projections have him. Won't be a value in the 2nd but probably the right spot for his ceiling.
  6. Richard Sherman, K'Waun Williams or Mike Hilton, Keanu Neal, Curtis Samuel, K.J. Wright, C.J. Beathard
  7. Could be, but I figure it'll take them a 2-3 years to get the QB situation sorted out and moving in the right direction. By then Davis will be 28/29. Not sure the "future" of the Jets at that point would be 29 year old WR.
  8. It also supports the idea that Douglas wants to build through the draft. These players are not the Jets' future but will help build a winning culture and be placeholders until their replacements through the upcoming drafts can develop.
  9. Another locker room/unit leader. Seems to be a theme among the players that have been signed by the Jets. Building the culture. https://www.al.com/sports/2020/11/carl-lawson-has-turned-the-corner-for-bengals.html Carl Lawson has ‘turned the corner’ for Bengals An NFL player has registered at least five quarterback hits in 15 games this season. Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carl Lawson is the only player to do so twice. Lawson had five quarterback hits against the Cleveland Browns on Oct. 25, and he became one of the three players with six QB hits in a game in 2020 agai
  10. Also, good locker room guys that are respected for their hard work and leadership. This will help younger players. It is also the thing that is overlooked, as fans we don't see the impact but there are lasting effects for years.
  11. Sounds like a locker room leader. Douglas looking to build this locker room/culture with veteran leadership. https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/wr-corey-davis-grew-as-a-player-and-a-leader-for-the-titans-in-2018 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Corey Davis more than doubled his rookie total in receiving yards in 2018, during a season when all of his numbers jumped by a wide margin. The Titans receiver made game-winning catches, and also proved he could stay healthy for all 16 games. Another positive for Davis: Teammates and coaches say he developed into a quiet leader. "He is the
  12. Good signing to help change the culture. One year deal to start for a year while they groom a replacement via the draft / UDFA.
  13. The key to this offseason will be bringing in players to build the culture. Ex-Saleh players like Sherman and Williams will help in the locker room and guide the younger players. They could also go after Ricardo Allen or Keanu Neal, Ulbrich's former players, to help change the culture too. I think they'll go after free agent players that can lead and then draft the talent that will be groomed under a veteran led locker room.
  14. Not in disagreement with this when it pertains to the top ranked QBs but just curious. What if the Jets end up with Mac Jones as their top QB? Do they take him at 2?
  15. Apple podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/656-wrs-to-watch-in-draft-levi-onwuzurike-joins-fixing/id915544088?i=1000512603026 Spotify:
  16. Great assessment. The only clear upgrades for Crowder would be Juju and possibly Curtis Samuel. They all play in the slot (Juju more so than Crowder or Samuel) but of the free agents, those two are the only ones that look like upgrades. Fant should still be kept, even if they draft a tackle. He would serve as a good backup in case the starters get hurt. Would rather see Fant on the depth chart over Edoga or even a late round rookie. Unless they really need the cap space (which they shouldn't), Fant should stick around as at least a backup. The interior line will probably
  17. Perhaps Douglas can make a run at Andre Dillard who has had a rough time up in Philly. Former first round pick that got injured last year and there were talks of the Eagles trying to trade him last year. Sending the Eagles a 7th for Dillard who can sit behind Fant for a year and take over long term might be a good investment. He can join former Washington State teammate Frankie Luvu.
  18. Teddy might be too expensive. $17M base with 700k per game roster bonus in 2021. He could cost up to $28M as a backup if Darnold were to win the job. It would be a good trade if they felt Bridgewater could be the future but he is very limited and that would be a big investment.
  19. Simi Fehoko - Stanford - 6'4" 227 Late round pick, not flashy. Can go up and get it, screens, not afraid of crossing routes, a hard working physical WR that just plays his role. Would be a good special teams, developmental player in the 6th or 7th. Reminds me of Jake Kumerow. Favorite play starts at 2:35. The UCLA game he went 16 of 21, 230 yards with 3 TDs. Sounds like a QB stat like.
  20. In Summary: If Joe Douglas is to be taken at his word: The Jets believe Sam Darnold will be the QB next year but will listen to offers Want to sign Marcus Maye to a long term deal, recent tweets have no impact Build through the draft, supplement with free agents Not willing to trade a bunch of picks for one player (i.e. Weshaun Datson) Or it's lying season in the NFL: Sam Darnold is available for the right price Want to sign Marcus Maye but sent a message to his agent it's game on. "part of the business, part of negotiating" Message to f
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