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  1. Yup. For 3 just had the wrong QB. Should have put that Haskins wouldn't be the 2nd QB taken. Before the draft, heard that the Giants were in love with a QB not named Haskins and figured they had no shot at Murray.
  2. Butler would be a good gunner on special teams. Big, fast and physical. Needs to work on his hands and route running in order to have a receiving impact but definitely has the potential to develop into a good wide receiver in a couple years.
  3. If they went defense with the 4th, Julian Love, Amani Oruwariye, Mack Wilson (NFL comp: CJ Mosley), Ben Burr-Kirven. And then in the 6th grab a WR like Stanley Morgan, Keelan Doss, Gary Jennings,
  4. He really did mature throughout his USC career. I remember when he requested his transfer and many fans/students felt he quit on the team. But he stuck it out, came back his senior year and showed a lot of growth and maturity. No doubt he has the talent to be a contributor on the offensive line. Hopefully he can lock down the right tackle and the Jets can draft a left tackle in the 1st round next year or see if he could move over.
  5. Check out the draft forum, there was pre-draft talk about him.
  6. Ferguson, Love, Layne, Oruwariye, Dean Deiter, McGovern, Jordan, Edoga, Knox, Warring, Butler, Boykins, Hall, Hurd, Sternberger, McLaurin, Cajuste A lot of good players left
  7. Other than the centers, the other interior guy I would target is Michael Deiter.
  8. Before the draft, there were rumors that the Jets had lined up a few trade back offers. Looking at the teams that were supposedly involved, I was wondering who they were targeting? Raiders: Most likely Quinnen Williams. I find it unlikely that they were planning on trading up to 3 for Clellin Ferrell. Bills: Players selected 3 through 9: Q, Ferrell, White, Jones, Allen, Hockenson. I would think they were not trading up in front of Oakland for Ferrell. I would guess that it was either for Q, Allen or they got lucky and it was for Oliver. Imagine if this trade had happened for Oliver, Broncos still selected Ferrell and the Giants ended up with Quinnen at 6 (instead of Lawerence), Jones at 17 and Baker at 30. Redskins: Players selected after 9: Bush, Jonah Williams, Gary, Wilkins, Lindstrom. This is probably the hardest to figure out because we can't rule out any of the players selected before 15. But with the Broncos/Steelers trade at 10 makes me wonder if the Redskins were really that high on Haskins. The Steelers gave up the 20, 52 and a future 2020 3rd. If the Redskins were so high on Haskins to trade up to 3 to get him, why wouldn't they have given up less to get him at 10? The Broncos, Bengals, and Dolphins, who all could use a QB to groom, selected before the 15th pick. Maybe they did, who knows.
  9. I would add the following for the 93rd pick: QB: Ryan Finley WR: Diontae Johnson, Miles Boykins, Jalen Hurd TE: Kahale Warring, Dawson Knox OT: Max Scharping, Chuma Edoga, Yodny Cajuste, Bobby Evans, Isaiah Prince C/OG: Beau Benzschawel EDGE: Ben Banogu S: Amani Hooker CB: Lonnie Johnson, Jamel Dean LB: Jahlani Tavai
  10. Before the draft, Vikings fans and mock drafts said that the Vikings would try to move Elfein to guard if they drafted a center. Most fans wanted him cut, mostly out of frustration, as he was so bad last year. If the Jets could get him for a 6th or 7th, could be good depth with the hope of turning his career around. A few of the podcasts I listen to said the Vikings were asking too much of him and he was losing confidence. Could be that he just needs a change of scenery, perhaps a different o-line coach with the understanding of his limitations.
  11. I really hope this is true and has a positive impact... especially on contract negotiations. I keep seeing how much Leo sucks on this site, while also expecting a large contract. Hopefully, they both have a good year and Leo takes a reasonable contract that is not detrimental to the team.
  12. Looking through who is left, I count about 50 players that were mentioned as possible 2nd rounders (a few 1st rounders too) at one time or another. Take out the QBs, DTs and there should be some good available players at 68 and hopefully at 93. I'm guessing the 2nd round has a run on CBs and WRs early. Hopefully a run on RBs and a few of the QBs will get taken leaving a few quality offensive lineman to fall into the 3rd.
  13. Could be switching to a 4-2-5 nickel base defense. This defense was trending in college and is starting to be heavily used in the NFL with so many teams passing vs running. Originally designed to stop the Air Coryell offense and used today to counter spread offenses. With Anderson and Leo as the ends, McLendon and Q inside, Williamson and Mosley as the linebackers. Adams and Poole in run-support, edge pressure and inside coverage. Tru and Roberts on the outsides with Maye as the single high safety.
  14. 4-2-5 nickel as the base package. Williamson and Mosley as the linebackers. Adams and Poole in run-support and edge pressure. Maye as the single high safety, Tru and Roberts on the outsides.
  15. Perhaps too bold: 1. DK Metcalf is not the first wide receiver taken 2. Devin Bush gets selected before Devin White 3. Drew Lock gets selected before Dwayne Haskins 4. Byron Murphy and Rock Ya-sin get taken before Greedy Williams
  16. Not so bold Jets prediction: With EDGE Nick Bosa and EDGE Josh Allen still on the board at 3, the Jets select DT Ed Oliver. 1. In the first round, there will be more tight ends drafted than running backs and wide receivers combined. 2. 6 QBs will be drafted in the first 40 picks in this "weak" QB class. 3. There will be 10 first round trades. 4. Oakland will end up with 2 top 10 picks. 5. New England will trade the 32nd pick and not make a selection in the 1st round. 6. The New York Giants do not take a QB at 6, but a defensive lineman. At 17 they take a wide receiver. Not so bold but... In an offensive driven NFL: Except for the tight end/safeties, there will be more defensive players taken compared to their positional counterparts in the first round. For example, more defensive lineman than offensive linemen, more linebackers than running backs, more cornerbacks than wide receivers. 
  17. Edoga was also behind Chad Wheelet at USC. After the Utah State incident, he did request a transfer which, obviously, never happened. He seems to have matured during his time at SC. Would be a good RT that may be able to transition to the left side.
  18. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/04/16/who-has-the-better-contract-russell-wilson-or-kirk-cousins/ Russell Wilson signed the richest contract in NFL history. But is it the best contract in NFL History? Maybe not. An argument could be made that the contract signed last year by Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is better than Wilson’s new deal. (Let me know when you stop laughing.) Wilson’s deal commits him to the Seahawks through 2023, at an average payout of $31.4 million per year. Of the $157 million payout, 68 percent is guaranteed for injury and 44.5 percent is fully guaranteed at signing. Cousins’ contract covers only three years, with an average of $28 million per year. The full amount — all $84 million — is fully guaranteed at signing. While Wilson is getting $3.1 million more per year, Cousins will hit the market again in 2021. Wilson won’t hit the market until 2024, at the earliest. And there’s an important difference regarding whether Cousins and/or Wilson will hit the open market. Wilson will be subject to the franchise or transition tag. Cousins has a no-transition tag in his contract, and the 44-percent rule (since he’s twice been tagged before) would make his franchise tender a whopping $44 million in 2021. Whether Cousins will get a market-value deal in 2021 will depend largely on whether and to what extent he plays well enough to merit one. But with the top of the quarterback market already spiking from $25 million per year to $35 million per year in less than 22 months, and with the salary cap poised to continue to spike with a new labor deal, new TV deals, and the growth of legalized gambling, Wilson may soon regret being committed through 2023. Cousins, on the other hand, may be very happy to be hitting the market at a time when agents and teams will know much more about where the cap is heading than they do now.
  19. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-mock-draft-russell-wilson-traded-to-giants-for-crazy-haul-seahawks-land-kyler-murray/ Another week, another mock. But this is no ordinary mock. Oh no. This is the last mock before my final mock (a.k.a. real mock, a.k.a. last gasp dart throw mock) which means it's my final chance to do something weird, so let's just go ahead and trade Russell Wilson. The Seahawks quarterback might want to get dealt, after all. At the very least, the Seahawks don't seem inclined to pay him the contract he wants by the April 15 (today) deadline he gave them. As such they have to at least consider trading him if the right offer comes along, and I think the Giants have the right offer. In my hypothetical situation below, New York gives up its two first-round picks this year (No. 6 and No. 17) as well as a second-round pick this year AND a second-round pick in 2020 in exchange for Wilson. That's four pretty darn good picks and about as close as the Seahawks will get to the hypothetical three first-round selections they want for Wilson. Now the good news for the Seahawks is they have a ton of picks. The bad news is they don't have a quarterback. Fortunately for them, the cards fall in such a manner that they end up being able to find one when the Cards go in a different direction at the top of the draft. With Kyler Murray falling out of the top spot, Seattle finds a willing and able trade partner to move up to No. 3 -- in exchange for No. 6 and a second-round pick -- to land the Oklahoma quarterback. If you hate the picks, let me know by yelling at me on Twitter @WillBrinson and make sure to subscribe to the Pick Six Podcast to get a daily NFL pod sent straight to your phone plus our weekly dose of NFL Draft action. 1 CARDINALS Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama There's been conflicting buzz about what the Cardinals want to do at the top of the draft: I like the idea of Arizona standing pat with what they have and improving their defense. It gives them a better chance to win this year. 2 49ERS Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State The 49ers don't mind that move either, as they land the edge rusher they covet in this draft. 3 SEAHAWKS Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma I think Seattle would prefer to get a cheaper option at quarterback (Josh Rosen?) but this is a pretty good replacement for Russell Wilson on a rookie contract. 4 RAIDERS Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky This was Mike Mayock's worst nightmare (and Derek Carr's), with Jon Gruden having to choose between Kyler Murray or a defensive player. Fortunately the Seahawks jumped in front of that bus and let the Raiders kickstart this draft with defense. BUCCANEERS Devin White, LB, LSU Nothing crazy here. Just a team with a need drafting a player who is worthy of a top-10 selection. 6 JETS Jawaan Taylor, OL, Florida The Jets would probably like to move down again, but I decided to let them stay and grab some protection for Sam Darnold. Adding the second rounder is huge for them.
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