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  1. This. Next year will be fun to watch these teams also try to navigate the salary cap with the QB contracts. They will each need to shed a few of their top paid players to give these QBs their contracts. If these QBs get to the $40M+ range, the franchises will require a lot of good drafts and signing low end free agents to stay relevant.
  2. Not the transition tag, the non-exclusive tag which is the most common of the three tags (exclusive, non-exclusive, transition). This is the same strategy that most teams use to trade after tagging. The team that is tagging is hoping to get something better than a 3rd round comp but is also not expecting the 2 1st round picks that are required if a player is signed to an offer sheet that they don't match.
  3. If the Lions do tag Golladay with the non-exclusive tag, the Jets would have the opportunity to meet with him to negotiate a long-term contract. If they feel comfortable with him, rather than giving him an offer sheet, they could approach the Lions with a trade deal. At that point it would be up to the Lions to hold on to Golladay at the current tag (expected to be around 1 year/$14.2M) or trade him for whatever the Jets offer. Once the trade concludes, the Jets could then have Golladay sign the long-term deal. But I wouldn't think the Jets would attempt a trade without already having an a
  4. Douglas is running a tight ship and not letting any information out of the building. This guy is getting his info via the players and agents themselves. Most of the players this guy has been tweeting about with virtual meetings aren't the typical players going on the first day. These players are making sure their names get out there so that teams take notice and possibly other media outlets.
  5. Bridgewater would cost $17M plus $750k per game. So if he is rostered for 16 games, an extra $12M. He would cost the Jets $29M against the cap. Also, Jonnu Smith will likely get the franchise tag. ARob, Godwin, Golladay and Judon may also get tagged. Thuney too but thats a long shot. Linsley may get the tag if its not Aaron Jones, but after recent reports he'll probably be able to test free agency.
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