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  1. Heard on a podcast that he could be used in a similar role to Curtis Samuel.
  2. I am not too sure about the Darnold evaluation but the Becton evaluation had more to do with his size, if I recall correctly. On his podcast, he kept referring to the size of Becton being something that can hide some of the faults of a player. Just due to his size, he could get by in the NFL. With his length, it forces speed rushers to change their angle to get around him. With his mass, it would make power rushers think twice about just bull rushing. You could see it at times throughout the season where Becton did not have the proper balance or leverage but was still able to force the def
  3. Toney is an interesting prospect. From a talent perspective he looks like a 1st rounder in the mold of a Brandin Cooks but the one concern that I see on every evaluation of him is his character. Apparently pulled over for a seat belt violation with a loaded air rifle in his car, pictures of him with the AR-15 running around campus, and he had a few instances at the Senior Bowl where he got chewed out by the coaches. If teams can sort through those concern, he shows those were one off instances and not who he is, he should be a 1st rounder. If those concerns are real, he may drop from board
  4. I agree with this. I think the way that DJ ranks he puts more emphasis on the floor rather than the ceiling of a player. He even alludes to it in his evaluation of Sewell: "Overall, Sewell isn't the most polished blocker in this class, but he does offer the most upside." On his podcast he uses a baseball analogy to describe how he believes team should approach the 1st round. He has often said that in the first round the key is to hit doubles, home runs are great but you can build a team off of consistently hitting doubles. He prefers safer players over the boom or bust type of player.
  5. This is probably the lesson learned for Shanahan as to not putting all their eggs in one basket. Last year they played 4 different RBs with significant playing time due to injury but also because they rode the hot hand for many of their games as well as exploited match ups based on skillset. Wilson was their leading rusher but was seldom a starter. Wilson was also their worst receiving back. McKinnon was their pass catching back but wasn't used so often in the running game. Mostert was a stud when he played but was limited due to injury. The 49ers did face a lot of injuries last year but
  6. A third of the league has reached out. Could be good for the Jets 2022 1st round pick they got from Seattle, if he is traded.
  7. In 2018, he was close while putting up over 1400 yards and 7 TDs. The problem with Juju is that he plays almost strictly in the slot. He played 82% in the slot last year. Compare that to Jets' current "slot receiver", Crowder who played 68%.
  8. Texas QB Sam Ehlinger is predicted to go as a later day 3 draft pick. He is a two-time captain, was a finalist for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award for his leadership qualities, shows a lot of energy and competitiveness, especially when running the ball. Though he won't put up athletic performance numbers like Taysom Hill, could he fill a similar role for an NFL team? Not fulfilling a role as the back up or even temporary starter the way the Hill was used this past year but used as a gadget type player that can line up as a WR/RB or short yardage QB. Ehlinger has had 33 ru
  9. 2017: Watson, Trubisky, Mahomes 2018: Baker, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson 2019: Murray, Jones, Haskins 2020: Burrow, Tagovailoa, Herbert, Love
  10. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/alim-mcneill/P8aBf5hctd https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/darius-stills/Vx5iGE6uEF Jaret Patterson may be one that rises up draft boards. From Dynasty Draft Room: “He’s a good athlete and will make some good cuts along with some nice spin moves and will even jump over guys from time to time. He has solid vision and does well in a zone run scheme. He has enough speed and shiftiness to make him dangerous in the open field. I like his patience behind the line of scrimmage to set up open holes for himself.” He burst onto the scene
  11. Was thinking this too.
  12. I am coming around on Fields and prefer him to Wilson. As of right now, I agree its trade for Watson, or trade down from two. If those first two don't happen then take Fields.
  13. Horn would be a perfect fit for the Jets defense. He can play both zone and man coverage which fits into Oden and Saleh's defensive scheme.
  14. QB: Justin Fields is definitely a talented player that has a very promising future in the NFL but he doesn't fit the WCO scheme that the new Jets coaching staff want to implement. If they decide to change that, though doubtful considering the coaching staff they brought in, then maybe Fields is the choice. The WCO is known as the nickel and dime offense which uses short high percentage passes to control the ball. Not saying Fields cannot do that, in fact he has shown the ability to get the ball out quickly and accurately on short to intermediate passes, but his deep ball ability is not a bi
  15. The average number of FA signings during the offseason is around 11 per team, which includes resigning their own players that are free agents. I could see Douglas going a little under that number this year to put more money in quality players. So maybe 8 or 9.
  16. The key in the WCO is versatility and Samuel is a very versatile player. He can stretch the field and can be a YAC receiver. He can lineup inside, outside and in the backfield. Though I don't think lining up in the backfield as a wide receiver should be a requirement. They definitely could use a high targeted / high volume wide receiver and Mims could fulfill that role if he continues to develop. Mims compares favorably to Godwin and could have a similar career progression. I expect him to line up a little more in the slot next year to create mismatches and further develop his route
  17. https://www.ninersnation.com/2017/4/10/15238248/robert-saleh-49ers-defense-leo-role-aaron-lynch This was from 2017, but it has information straight from Saleh as to the type of player he is looking for at the LEO position and the players that have been in that system as examples. If you look at the players he mentions they are in that 6'2" - 6'3" and 250-260 range of player that plays with “[h]is hair is on fire, [and] just get after the quarterback.” Haley is the only one that is outside that size range. Entire article: The San Francisco 49ers are making a switch from a 3-
  18. He is one of my favorite edge players in this draft. Could gain a few pounds but fits the LEO mold that Saleh looks for.
  19. How about a more balanced roster construction model than the one that the Colts have put together? If we were to look back in Jets history, the roster construction from the mid-2000s which led to the back-to-back AFC championship games is a good example. That model was built around a core of young players at each position group, which was setup to play 8 - 10 years together. In the secondary they had Rhodes and Revis. At linebacker they had Vilma and added Harris. On the defensive line, they had Ellis who was a little older by then, and Robertson. They tried to solve that issue in 2007 b
  20. Unrealistic 13 player draft but liked most of it. Ended up getting the Eagle's 1st in 2022, 1st in 2023, and the Lion's 3rd in 2022. Also, could possibly trade Darnold for a 2021 or 2022 pick. QB: Wilson RB: Harris WR: Marshall, Felton (though listed as a HB) TE: Long OL: Vera-Tucker, Humphrey EDGE: Perkins, Toney CB: Surtain, Adebo LB: Moses, Britt
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