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  1. I believe Fitzpatrick is a starter in this league, maybe not in the top half of the league, but still useful as a starter. With that being said I do not understand the argument that Fitzpatrick is a back-up talent QB and the Jets should pay him back-up QB money. I don't disagree with differing talent evaluation, as everyone has their own opinion, but I don't see who the starter would be if the Jets are just trying to sign Fitzpatrick as a back-up QB. Secondly, what is preventing Fitzpatrick from signing and then just playing in the backup role and collecting a pay check? He is near
  2. And as soon as I posted this: Which make the idea obsolete
  3. Does this mean that Jets are no longer (or were never) interested in Kaepernick? Or maybe Jets/Broncos are making moves so that the price for the Kaepernick trade goes down? If teams in the Kaepernick pursuit find viable options, maybe the price for the 49ers comes down to a 3rd or 4th. Let's say the Jets sign RG3 and drop from the pursuit of Kaepernick. That only leaves Cleveland (with the 2nd pick) and the Broncos which just signed Sanchez. The trade market for Kaepernick dries up and Broncos could pursue with a lower draft pick. Likewise, if the Broncos believe they
  4. Agreed Fitzpatrick should not be the "standard" for comparison. I just keep seeing that Fitzpatrick should come back to the Jets and that he may be the "best" option for the Jets as of right now. So making the comparison that there could be a similar option (statistically) that is younger but is more injury prone and more expensive was the intent. I just wanted to see what other people's view of Bradford would be in this context. If you could somehow restructure Bradford's contract to be not as expensive and hedge against injury, is a younger Fitzpatrick (statistically) an option?
  5. Yup, the injury history and salary are definite issues. In the original post I had proposed a trade with Wilkerson and the 20th for Bradford and the 8th. Again I could be really far off on the trade value for both sides. But it would allow the Jets to move up from the 8th, rather than the 20th, to get a QB. Thoughts?
  6. No problem, was just dumping what was on my mind anyway. Sorry for the long post probably could have asked the question without the details.
  7. What if he were to restructure his contract (not sure why he would or could)? But lets say he lowered his contract to something along the lines of $12-14 mil a year with incentives that take him to $18 million. Incentives based on availability and performance i.e. him being healthy and making the playoffs. Or is it that he is not worth any price at all?
  8. There was an article that came out a couple days ago after the Bradford deal was made and it said that the Eagles made some wiggle room in the contract where Bradford could be traded within a week of free agency and they would be off the hook cap-wise. (Something about when his bonus would be paid.) If you look at Bradford's career stats, they are very similar to Fitzpatrick. (Taken from pro-football-reference.com) Bradford: 60.1 comp%, 234.8 Y/G, 3.4 TD%, 2.3 Int%, 6.5 Y/A, 81 Quarterback rating Bradford's 2 best seasons: 2012: 59.5 comp%, 231.4 Y/G,
  9. Exactly. This is the reason why who ever trades for him shouldn't restructure. The contract is year-to-year which means he can be cut at anytime with limited impact. It's a one year, $13 million prove it deal with a possible 4 more years at an average of $18 million a year. If he sucks, cut him after this year. If he is a solid QB, you would have him at $18 million a year which would make him approximately the 15th highest paid QB. By the end of 4 years with the cap increasing, he might be in the range of 20th highest paid QB. To me thats good value... if you think Kaepernick is a possi
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