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  1. A few more edge rushers from that list: EDGE JAYSON OWEH, PENN STATE We saw Oweh serve as a backup in 2019, but it was quite apparent that his athleticism was ridiculous enough to expose any middling tackle. He’s cracked Feldman’s list in each of the past two years, and his burst, in particular, is truly the best of any pass-rusher in college football. According to Feldman, Oweh has been clocked at a 40-time of 4.33 seconds. Humans his size (6-foot-5, 247 pounds) aren’t supposed to move like that. Oweh rushed the passer 207 times in 2019, recorded 31 pressures, forced two fumble
  2. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Senior-Bowl-MVP-position-2021-NFL-Draft-Mac-Jones-Ian-Book-Kellen-Mond-Kadarius-Toney-Cam-Sample-160231783/#160231783_4 Handing out the Senior Bowl's MVPs by position By BRAD CRAWFORD With the NFL's unusual pre-draft lead-in this spring altered by the pandemic, the Reese's Senior Bowl offered up a large sample size of talent this week, including several potential first-rounders later this year. Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond, after struggling at times during the week against his peers, saved his best for Saturday's game a
  3. I was just looking at the Jets website at the coaching staff and counted 20 coaches (typically around 24 coaches on a full staff) and other than Whitecotton and Ollie, there is a lack of defensive positional coaches. Mostly just defensive assistants. Manuel and Oden fill out the secondary coaches but they still have no linebacker coaches.
  4. Quinnen Williams is well on his way of being a great player in the league. As he develops, he will garner more attention, which frees up the other players. The thing that stands out about Aaron Danold is that he faces double teams 70% of the time and still manages that 24% pressure. It would be outstanding if Williams were to have a Calais Campbell or Fletcher Cox type of career.
  5. Interesting. During the week, there was concerns that he was a little undersized coming in a little under 6'4" and under 250. He needs to add weight, get stronger and work on his blocking. Otherwise he is going to be strictly a split out tight end, or just a big wide receiver. Nothing wrong with that, just harder to find a role in the offense without versatility.
  6. Panthers could throw in Donte Jackson, Jeremy Chinn or Brian Burns to sweeten the trade. All on rookie deals, good players for Houston to build around.
  7. The Texans would need to give the draft players contracts too. Trading a player that was drafted last year or the year before on a rookie contract would provide the Texans with a proven player at a cheaper price than that of a draft pick taken in the same round. You get one or two years less of the contract. But they are cheaper than current picks considering their cap hit is minus any signing bonus which would of already been paid out by the drafting team and does not carry over to the new team's cap charge in a trade. Trading for players from the later rounds is actually a better value t
  8. What can bring some other teams into the trade conversation is including talented players on cheap deals. Similar to the WFT trade scenario with Chase Young, others teams have players that can be offered to even out the trade. For example, Denver could offer Tim Patrick (RFA), Noah Fant (rookie contract), Dre'Mont Jones (rookie contract), or Josey Jewell (rookie contract). I am not saying Denver would trade any of these players but they could be added in a trade package along with picks if the Broncos wanted to be in on the conversation. I used Denver as an example because I don't
  9. RapSheet credits Shannon Sharpe for "mentioning the plans for Deshaun" In which Sharpe stated:
  10. If you go back and look at the game logs from last year the Chiefs game was one of two games in which he scored "garbage time" touchdowns (2 TDs). The Packers game (1 TD) was the other. He scored 3 TDs in garbage time over the entire season. He also tallied approximately an extra 350 yards passing during garbage time. If you remove the 350 yards, that would drop him down to 5th. But if you applied the same rules for the other top 4 QBs ahead of him, Watson would end up 2nd behind Mahomes. What is even more interesting is his 1st half vs 2nd half stats: 1st half: 194/285 68.1%
  11. It'll be interesting to see who the Dolphins hire as their OC. They are reportedly hiring Ken Dorsey. If Watson had to pick between Mike LaFleur, the staff he put together (Rob Calabrese, Gregg Knapp, etc) along with the Shanahan offense vs Ken Dorsey and the Panthers/Bills offense, it may play into his decision. Not sure if he has let the Texans know which teams he would waive the no-trade clause for or if he makes that decision after a trade is in place.
  12. The Jets could trade the #2 pick to a team that selects Fields. So if the Texans want Fields, they may want to secure the #2 from the Jets rather than wait to see what happens at #3.
  13. A few guys that I have been following and have showed well at the Senior Bowl so far: Larry Rountree III - RB- Missouri Ben Mason - FB- Michigan Hunter Long - TE - Boston College He was someone I thought would be there in the 3rd or 4th but may be moving into the late 2nd round conversation. Chris Evans - RB - Michigan Promising talent but limited usage in college. Great hands and route running for a RB. Was suspended for 1 year. Could be a 6th round target. Demetric Felton - WR/RB - UCLA Could play both WR and RB, similar to how
  14. Like I said in the post, "The KC way of building a team is not a pattern to follow but does provide evidence that there is multiple ways to build a team that can win a championship and remain competitive." The point was not to disregard the players on the Chiefs and their impact. But many believe that there is only one way to build a team for success. It may be to draft offensive line early in the draft (Chiefs lack high draft picks on their offensive line; Fisher being the only 1st rounder). Others believe its investing early picks in pass catchers (Chiefs have not done that either).
  15. Another interesting tidbit from the final four teams: they all featured defensive coordinators that were at one time head coaches. Leslie Frazier, Mike Pettine, Steve Spagnolo, Todd Bowles. At one time these coaches were considered top coordinators, good enough to get a shot at being a head coach. Also looking at recent super bowl match ups: 2019 Chiefs (Spagnolo) vs 49ers (Saleh) 2018 Patriots (None) vs Rams (Phillips) 2017 Eagles (Schwartz) vs Patriots (Patricia) 2016 Patriots (Patricia) vs Falcons (Richard Smith) 2015 Broncos (Phillips) vs Panthers (McDermott)
  16. Interesting take. I felt like yesterday's news pointed more to Deshaun's unhappiness with the organization's off-field issues and Watson is saying its just too little too late. "What changed?" It may be that either someone is in his ear or he came to the realization that he was given the new contract with the intent of distracting him from these 'other issues'. Watson was given a large contract so he over-looks the disfunction in the organization and a promise for things to change. Since their season ended, the Caserio hiring was sort of the start of it, if I recall correctly.
  17. Agreed. If you look at KC, they have built their team in a different way than most. O-line: Eric Fisher is their only 1st round lineman. Retier(7th), Kilgore(5th), Wisnieski(2nd), Allegretti(7th), Rankin(3rd), Remmers(UDFA), Wylie(UDFA), Durant(UDFA). RB: Drafted a RB in the 1st round. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, 2020, 1st round pick WR/TE: Didn't spend high end draft capital on pass catchers and spent money in free agency. Hill(5th), Robinson(4th), Hardman(2nd), Kemp(UDFA), Pringle (UDFA), Kelce(3rd), Seals-Jones(UDFA), Keizer(UDFA). Signed Watkins to a 3 year $48M. A new
  18. If you listen to Daniel Jeremiah, him and Joe Douglas come from the same scouting school of thought, he talks about a large portion of character information coming from interviewing family, friends, coaches, classmates, teachers, community leaders, etc. Not sure if there are any restrictions on those, but good scouting departments are able to get a better understanding of a player's character and motivators through these interviews. Jeremiah has also noted that not all scouting departments do this and that the Ravens were one of the few that did. Hopefully, Douglas has implemented this with
  19. Trey Hendrickson - NO - DE - 26 years old - 2020: 13.5 sacks, 12 TFL, 25 QB Hits, 15 starts - One year wonder so could be cheaper than the bigger name free agents. Estimated salary range: $9M - $10M Romeo Okwara - DET - DE - 25 years old - 2020: 10 sacks, 11 TFL, 18 QB Hits, 9 starts - had one other season (2108) with 7.5 sacks. Not a big name guy that may come cheaper than other free agents. Estimated salary range: $10M - $12M Kerry Hyder - SF - DE - 29 years old - 2020: 8.5 sacks, 10 TFL, 18 QB Hits - similar to Okwara, had a great season with only one previous great season in
  20. The passion and intensity. A few clips of him playing in college.
  21. This is a great hire. This guy is intense and brings a lot of energy. This guy is a University of Hawaii football legend. At UH football games you can still see fans sporting the #53 49ers Ulbrich jersey.
  22. When I first started reading this thread, I was onboard with the OP. But after reading a few articles on OTC, reading others’ comments and doing a little research, I am beginning to lean more towards Watson. By building a team, you provide a one or two year window to make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl. Recent examples are the Giants, Eagles and to some extent the pre-Lamar Jackson Ravens. These teams won a super bowl, then took several years to rebuild. When teams come together at the right time, it may lead to a deep playoff run and could result in a Super Bowl win. But the oppo
  23. Two guys to watch from that list: Hunter Long and Ben Mason. Key aspects that are essential in the WCO and more specifically with Shanahan's style of the WCO is discipline, versatility and the ability to block. Long may begin to rise up boards if he tests well at the combine but right now he is considered a possible day 2 pick/early day 3 pick. He should be the 4th or 5th tight end off the board from what is considered a deep tight end class. He would fit the offensive scheme well with his ability to line up everywhere and he is a good blocker. Ben Mason could go in the 5th round
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