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  1. If the Lions do tag Golladay with the non-exclusive tag, the Jets would have the opportunity to meet with him to negotiate a long-term contract. If they feel comfortable with him, rather than giving him an offer sheet, they could approach the Lions with a trade deal. At that point it would be up to the Lions to hold on to Golladay at the current tag (expected to be around 1 year/$14.2M) or trade him for whatever the Jets offer. Once the trade concludes, the Jets could then have Golladay sign the long-term deal. But I wouldn't think the Jets would attempt a trade without already having an agreed upon deal with Golladay. As a side note: I do not believe Golladay is worth the $14M/year or giving up a high draft pick.
  2. Douglas is running a tight ship and not letting any information out of the building. This guy is getting his info via the players and agents themselves. Most of the players this guy has been tweeting about with virtual meetings aren't the typical players going on the first day. These players are making sure their names get out there so that teams take notice and possibly other media outlets.
  3. Bridgewater would cost $17M plus $750k per game. So if he is rostered for 16 games, an extra $12M. He would cost the Jets $29M against the cap. Also, Jonnu Smith will likely get the franchise tag. ARob, Godwin, Golladay and Judon may also get tagged. Thuney too but thats a long shot. Linsley may get the tag if its not Aaron Jones, but after recent reports he'll probably be able to test free agency.
  4. Heard on a podcast that he could be used in a similar role to Curtis Samuel.
  5. I am not too sure about the Darnold evaluation but the Becton evaluation had more to do with his size, if I recall correctly. On his podcast, he kept referring to the size of Becton being something that can hide some of the faults of a player. Just due to his size, he could get by in the NFL. With his length, it forces speed rushers to change their angle to get around him. With his mass, it would make power rushers think twice about just bull rushing. You could see it at times throughout the season where Becton did not have the proper balance or leverage but was still able to force the defender to change what they intended to do by just getting in their way. This gave Becton a higher floor and more leeway to build up the skills of playing LT in the NFL.
  6. Toney is an interesting prospect. From a talent perspective he looks like a 1st rounder in the mold of a Brandin Cooks but the one concern that I see on every evaluation of him is his character. Apparently pulled over for a seat belt violation with a loaded air rifle in his car, pictures of him with the AR-15 running around campus, and he had a few instances at the Senior Bowl where he got chewed out by the coaches. If teams can sort through those concern, he shows those were one off instances and not who he is, he should be a 1st rounder. If those concerns are real, he may drop from boards but his talent is special.
  7. I agree with this. I think the way that DJ ranks he puts more emphasis on the floor rather than the ceiling of a player. He even alludes to it in his evaluation of Sewell: "Overall, Sewell isn't the most polished blocker in this class, but he does offer the most upside." On his podcast he uses a baseball analogy to describe how he believes team should approach the 1st round. He has often said that in the first round the key is to hit doubles, home runs are great but you can build a team off of consistently hitting doubles. He prefers safer players over the boom or bust type of player.
  8. This is probably the lesson learned for Shanahan as to not putting all their eggs in one basket. Last year they played 4 different RBs with significant playing time due to injury but also because they rode the hot hand for many of their games as well as exploited match ups based on skillset. Wilson was their leading rusher but was seldom a starter. Wilson was also their worst receiving back. McKinnon was their pass catching back but wasn't used so often in the running game. Mostert was a stud when he played but was limited due to injury. The 49ers did face a lot of injuries last year but they also used their RBs to the best of their abilities and did not force players into roles they were not fit for. I could see the Jets implementing something similar for next year. See what they have in Perine, Johnson and Adams as they all bring different skills to the table. Add in a cheap veteran that is familiar with the system as a mentor (Coleman, McKinnon) and could start the season while the others get up to speed.. Jamaal Williams might be a little too expensive. Then grab a mid/late round or UDFA similar to McHasty, Wilson or Mostert to try to find a gem.
  9. A third of the league has reached out. Could be good for the Jets 2022 1st round pick they got from Seattle, if he is traded.
  10. In 2018, he was close while putting up over 1400 yards and 7 TDs. The problem with Juju is that he plays almost strictly in the slot. He played 82% in the slot last year. Compare that to Jets' current "slot receiver", Crowder who played 68%.
  11. Texas QB Sam Ehlinger is predicted to go as a later day 3 draft pick. He is a two-time captain, was a finalist for the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award for his leadership qualities, shows a lot of energy and competitiveness, especially when running the ball. Though he won't put up athletic performance numbers like Taysom Hill, could he fill a similar role for an NFL team? Not fulfilling a role as the back up or even temporary starter the way the Hill was used this past year but used as a gadget type player that can line up as a WR/RB or short yardage QB. Ehlinger has had 33 rushing TDs in 46 games during his college career. Perhaps with the Jets' 7th round pick or if they pick up another 6th or 7th via a trade down. https://longhornswire.usatoday.com/2021/02/11/2021-nfl-draft-profile-texas-quarterback-sam-ehlinger/ Strong runner and accurate underneath are ideal for a short yardage QB. Leadership and will to win are great attributes to have in the locker room. "Takes too many hits as a runner. When running upfield (not on QB power), instead of sliding, he’ll try and for extra yards by taking on contact." <- this becomes a positive when being used in the Taysom Hill role.
  12. 2017: Watson, Trubisky, Mahomes 2018: Baker, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, Jackson 2019: Murray, Jones, Haskins 2020: Burrow, Tagovailoa, Herbert, Love
  13. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/alim-mcneill/P8aBf5hctd https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/darius-stills/Vx5iGE6uEF Jaret Patterson may be one that rises up draft boards. From Dynasty Draft Room: “He’s a good athlete and will make some good cuts along with some nice spin moves and will even jump over guys from time to time. He has solid vision and does well in a zone run scheme. He has enough speed and shiftiness to make him dangerous in the open field. I like his patience behind the line of scrimmage to set up open holes for himself.” He burst onto the scene after a 301 yard, 4 TD performance followed up by a 409 yard, 8 TD performance the next week. Did not have a virtual meeting but had a "great connection".
  14. I am coming around on Fields and prefer him to Wilson. As of right now, I agree its trade for Watson, or trade down from two. If those first two don't happen then take Fields.
  15. Horn would be a perfect fit for the Jets defense. He can play both zone and man coverage which fits into Oden and Saleh's defensive scheme.
  16. QB: Justin Fields is definitely a talented player that has a very promising future in the NFL but he doesn't fit the WCO scheme that the new Jets coaching staff want to implement. If they decide to change that, though doubtful considering the coaching staff they brought in, then maybe Fields is the choice. The WCO is known as the nickel and dime offense which uses short high percentage passes to control the ball. Not saying Fields cannot do that, in fact he has shown the ability to get the ball out quickly and accurately on short to intermediate passes, but his deep ball ability is not a big plus for the offensive scheme. As much as fans want to deny it, the coaching staff was brought into help Darnold or a similar type of player. That may all get thrown out if Watson becomes available or Fields wows them before the draft. Darnold has shown many similarities to Jimmy G, both positive and negative. The upside to the offense with Darnold is Jimmy G's 2019 season which wasn't drastically better statistically than Darnold's 2019 season (if he could have stayed healthy for all 16 games). Darnold 2019 (projection through 16 games): 3721 yards, 24 passing TDs, 2 Rushing TDs, 16 Int Garoppolo 2019: 3978 yards, 27 passing TDs, 1 rushing TD, 13 INT An extra 250 yards, 2 TDs and cutting down the interceptions shouldn't be too hard with an improved offensive line and better supporting players. Justin Fields is a very talented player and this is not a knock on him or a case for keeping Darnold, but Fields doesn't seem like a fit for the WCO. WCO QBs rank average or below average in completed air yards per completion which indicates the scheme is built to throw shorter passes as compared to other systems like Houston or Atlanta. FB: A very big part of the offensive scheme. A good blocking fullback turns 2-3 yard runs into 4-5 yard runs. Kyle "Juice" Juszczyk would be a great fit, but also a player like Ben Mason from Michigan late in the draft is someone the Jets should target. RB: Both Carter and Gainwell look like good fits for the scheme. Both have shown the explosiveness to get up field but also can contribute in the passing game. The concern with most rookie running backs is the ability to block which is something both players need to work on. With the success the offensive scheme has had with running backs, the Jets may be able to wait until the 3rd day or even UDFA to find an RB to run with Ty Johnson and La'Mical Perine. Jah-Maine Martin, Jaret Patterson, WR: Curtis Samuel is a good, versatile wide receiver. Can line up on the outside, in the slot, and in the backfield. He is also an above average YAC receiver which is a desire of the system. Screens and short passes with 2 yards of the line of scrimmage needs player that turn those passes into 4-7 yard gains. Finding receivers that can consistently have positive "YAC above expectation" is what makes the offense work. Also have players with good route running and the quicks on intermediate routes is key. Long stride, big bodied, go up and get it WRs are not a big part of the offense. Luckily, this draft has a lot of YAC wide receivers, some can be found in the mid and late rounds. Cade Johnson, Tutu Atwell, Amari Rodgers (Tee Martin's kid), Shi Smith, Elijah Moore, Amon-Ra St Brown, Whop Philyor, Jaelon Darden, Marquez Stevenson and the list goes on. Demetric Felton is also someone to watch as he transitions from an RB to WR, with the potential to be taken on the 2nd day. TE: Jonnu Smith, Gerald Everett, and Trey Burton are all excellent choices, as is Pat Freiermuth in the draft. Freiermuth has much to improve with his blocking but it is not a liability nor will it keep him from the field. A few players to look at in the mid rounds is Hunter Long and Tre' McKitty. Great blocking with some receiving skills. There is a lot of good mid round talent this year that will fit with the WCO scheme. "Jack of all trades, master of none" type players that fall into the 2nd/3rd day and can develop into high performing assets in this offense.
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