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  1. Was one of my favorite college players. Was a hold on over from the Von Appen era, but excelled under Jones/McMackin. Played with a lot of great talent duing his time at UH. Always kept an eye on his coaching career and he has done everywhere he has been. He is a really intense guy, similar to Saleh. Side note: he is really into MMA and trains in MMA.
  2. Would absolutely love this hire.
  3. It may actually make it cheaper. Watson could veto any trade strictly because of who is trading for him. He could tell managment he will only approve of trades from 2 teams, removing other teams that may have raised the price too high. It would become a 2 team bidding war rather than a 5 or 6 team bidding war.
  4. Pitts has shown that he is an excellent receiving TE that needs work on his blocking. He is still a better blocker than some of the higher rated tight ends. The player that would be intriguing for the new Jets offense is Hunter Long out of Boston College. If Herndon can hold on to the ball, he can be the receiving TE. Long brings good size, blocking and great hands. He still needs work with his route running and needs to build strength to be a great blocking TE. He is a versatile, traditional style TE that fits the WCO better than a pure receiving TE. He can probably be had in the 3rd
  5. I guess there is no interest in Brad Idzik, Seattle's Assistant Wide Receivers coach. Imagine the outrage with Jets fans.
  6. Maybe he keeps Frank Bush around. Bush was the DC in Houston when Saleh was there. Another up and coming assistant coach with Saleh connections is Marquand Manuel, former Falcons DC and currently the DB coach with the Eagles. He may be looking for a new job soon. Saleh and Manuel spent time together on the Seahawk's staff. Aaron Glenn would be a good option. Came in to interview for the HC job. Kris Richard would be a good option too but he has also been out for a couple years. Spent a few years with Saleh in Seattle. Wade Phillips recently un-retired. Could mentor
  7. Jason Verett, Kerry Hyder, Juice Ahkello as depth Azeez Al-Shaair
  8. Would absolutely love DeMeco Ryans as DC.
  9. Is there a possibility that it could be David Shaw? Luke Fickell was another college candidate linked to the Eagles.
  10. Another thing to think about is if Bienemy were to leave, it would allow Reid to promote Kafka to the coordinator position. This would limit teams from possibly poaching him, unless it was for a head coaching position. With Kafka currently as the QB coach, teams are able to interview and offer him an OC position, and Reid could not block it.
  11. If they switched to a 4-3, Romeo Okwara would be another non-49er to target.
  12. Saleh's pick for DC has not been talked about much compared to his possible OC candidates. But I suspect he may bring in someone he is familiar with and knows his defensive mindset. DeMeco Ryans, the 49ers linebacker coach and candidate to replace Saleh as DC in San Francisco, is one that would make sense. Dre Greenlaw talking about Ryans: “It’s a blessing and a curse. He knows everything that’s going on the field, like the back of his hand,” Greenlaw said. “He and Saleh are the leaders of the defense. By having played in that defense before, he knows what to expect and he does a
  13. If Robert Saleh is hired as the Jets head coach, which 49ers free agents should the Jets target, if any? CB Jason Verrett - Coming off a great season but also turns 30 by the start of next season DE Kerry Hyder - Another player coming off a great season (8.5 sacks, 49 tackles, 10 TFL, 1 fumble recovery). Hyder will be turning 30 before next season. FB Kyle Juszczyk - Probably won't hit the free agent market but if the Jets plan on running the Shanahan offense, FB is an important position. Coming off of his 5th straight pro bowl, also turning 30. Younger 49er free agents
  14. Yup. Matt LaFleur, the Green Bay Packers head coach, was Saleh's best man. Matt is Mike's brother and Saleh is close with the entire family.
  15. Interestingly, that is how Nick Wagoner, ESPN NFL 49ers reporter, describes Saleh's biggest strength: "Leader of men. Saleh's players love him for his detailed approach, but it's his willingness to gather feedback and evolve based on what he sees that has left multiple 49ers defenders calling him the most intelligent coach they have ever had." It is not that he is a defensive guru coming in to implement his defense but that he is open to hearing possible solutions and finding the best one. A great trait to have as a "CEO-type" head coach.
  16. Didn't Gus Bradley already sign to be the DC with the Raiders?
  17. Alternatives to Thuney and Robinson if they can't sign both or either of them: Kenny Golladay or Corey Davis at WR Brandon Scherff at Guard
  18. Andy Reid also never held the coordinator title before becoming a head coach. He turned out to be a good coach.
  19. Pederson would be a great hire. One drawback for hiring him is his interest in continuing to coach football. In his book Fearless, written in 2017, he mentions that he could see himself coaching for another 8-10 years. He may have changed his mind since then but people that love football tend to stay in it as long as possible and won't usually put a time to it. Douglas has said before that he wants players who love football. The same would probably hold true for the next head coach.
  20. A trade back where the Jets pick up an extra early 2nd. 1st pick via the trade back - Tight End - Pitts 2nd pick (23rd) - Offensive Lineman - one of Cosmi/Leatherwood/Vera-Ticker/Davis 3rd pick (34th) - Wide Receiver - one of Bateman/Marshall/Toney/Olave 4th pick via the trade back (early 2nd round) - Running Back - Najee Harris
  21. This seems reasonable. If future picks are valued at one round lower per year, then this would be one 1st rounder, two 2nd rounders, two 3rd rounders and a 4th round pick. Similar to the Jets trade, in value with one 1st rounder and three 2nd round picks, from 6 to 3 in the 2018 draft and not knowing exactly what QBs would be there at 3. At least with this trade, teams have a better idea of who exactly will be there at 2. Also, this gives the Jets an extra 1st round pick next year to be able to move up the board if they decide to move on from Darnold. Though it doesn't look like many
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