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  1. Pederson would be a great hire. One drawback for hiring him is his interest in continuing to coach football. In his book Fearless, written in 2017, he mentions that he could see himself coaching for another 8-10 years. He may have changed his mind since then but people that love football tend to stay in it as long as possible and won't usually put a time to it. Douglas has said before that he wants players who love football. The same would probably hold true for the next head coach.
  2. A trade back where the Jets pick up an extra early 2nd. 1st pick via the trade back - Tight End - Pitts 2nd pick (23rd) - Offensive Lineman - one of Cosmi/Leatherwood/Vera-Ticker/Davis 3rd pick (34th) - Wide Receiver - one of Bateman/Marshall/Toney/Olave 4th pick via the trade back (early 2nd round) - Running Back - Najee Harris
  3. This seems reasonable. If future picks are valued at one round lower per year, then this would be one 1st rounder, two 2nd rounders, two 3rd rounders and a 4th round pick. Similar to the Jets trade, in value with one 1st rounder and three 2nd round picks, from 6 to 3 in the 2018 draft and not knowing exactly what QBs would be there at 3. At least with this trade, teams have a better idea of who exactly will be there at 2. Also, this gives the Jets an extra 1st round pick next year to be able to move up the board if they decide to move on from Darnold. Though it doesn't look like many teams in the first 10 picks are only a QB away from competing.
  4. Wasn't it Matt LaFleur (Packer's HC) that was Saleh's best man, Mike's (49ers Passing Game Coordinator) brother? Either way, Saleh is close to the family so it would still make sense.
  5. I'm sure Pederson would love to be in NY to face all the Giants fans after the stunt he pulled in his last game.
  6. He could have Romeo Crennel as his DC to also act as a mentor. Bring in Anthony Weaver as the defensive line coach to be groomed to replace Crennel after a year or two. Weaver is often on the up and coming coaches to watch list and spent a year on Rex Ryan's 2012 Jets staff. Weaver took over the DC position when Crennel took over as HC so there is some respect there. On the offensive side it may be a little hard but perhaps Dan Campbell, who is interviewing with the Lions, may want a coordinator position to help him get a head coaching job in the future, if he doesn't get the Lions' head coaching job. Another guy from the Saints could be Lombardi, who may be ready to take on a coordinator role again after 5 years removed from his last stint. Perhaps he's learned a bit from Payton over the past 5 years. As for Lombardi, not sure if there is any hard feelings between him and Jim Bob Cooter as Cooter did replace him in Detroit, but retaining Cooter as the RB coach would add continuity and familiarity.
  7. Buffalo over Indianapolis Seattle over LA Washington over Tampa Bay Tennessee over Baltimore Bears over New Orleans Pittsburgh over Cleveland
  8. Now its clear why they brought in Frank Gore. Played with Alex Smith in SF, played with Tannehill in Miami, played with Allen in Buffalo. Gore is the true QB whisperer! With the Post-Gase effect and Frank Gore QB Whisperer, Darnold's career is going to take off.
  9. Agreed. If Douglas does, in fact, want to move on from Darnold, it also provides Douglas with insight into how the rest of the league may value Darnold. If every candidate comes in and says he is not "fixable", then maybe it the Jets may have a harder time getting what they want for him. But if the candidates say they can work with him, then there might be a market for Darnold. If Douglas wants to keep Darnold, it provides him with various different opinions on what Darnold's flaw maybe and how to fix them. He may do 10 head coaching interviews with 10 different answers as to how to fix Darnold but at least Douglas will have something to work with. As much as these interviews are for the position of head coach, there is information that comes out of these interviews that are valuable to the Jets organization beyond the interview for the position itself.
  10. Should Herndon have done this at this point knowing Crowder was running behind him? You see the linebacker move toward Herndon right as Darnold is taking off but then switches direction to follow Herndon. Seems like if Herndon stayed, it would have caused the linebacker covering him to hesitate just enough to spring Crowder open earlier. So instead of Darnold having to make the sideline throw, he could have thrown it a little earlier to a wide open Crowder, before the S and CB would have had time to adjust. He could have let that ball go at the numbers.
  11. Atlanta may be trying to move on from Ryan, if possible, and Jones. Their running game struggled toward the ending of the season and Gurley's time in Atlanta is probably up. They would have Ridley, Hurst and Gage to build around and possibly a rookie QB at 4. They are talking rebuild in Atlanta but with bad contracts (i.e. Fowler) and limited picks (comparative to the Jags and Jets).
  12. JT O'Sullivan does a good breakdown of the good and bad of each QB. Both are great prospects with different flaws. It will depend on offensive fit and coaching to see if those flaws can be corrected or minimized in the NFL.
  13. One thing to watch for is Sam's involvement with the interview process. He was involved with the interview process when Gase was hired and was touted the reason many coaches wanted to coach the Jets. If he is not involved, it may speak to the confidence the front office may have in him being a part of the future for the Jets. If he enters the interview process a little later, perhaps in the 2nd round of interviews, it may point to the coach's willingness to work with him rather than moving on. The current QB is not always involved in the coaching search but it will be interesting to see if Sam is included in anyway.
  14. If Sewell is the Miami pick, does he move over the right side since Tua is left handed? Do teams change their line to protect the QB's blindside or just keep the line the same regardless?
  15. If it is Daboll, Favre as the QB coach? Matt Patricia as his DC?
  16. What if Atlanta wins tomorrow resulting with the draft order, JAX, NYJ, MIA, CIN? Jacksonville then trades the #1 pick to Miami or Cincinnati, for them to select Sewell. Leaving the Jets to pick between Fields and Lawrence and no one to trade down with. Jacksonville ends up with the other QB and an extra pick or two. It's an unlikely scenario as Tampa Bay wants that 5th spot so they play the NFC East winner.
  17. Ex-head coaches OC Todd Haley DC Jim Schwartz - if he does not decide to retire Limited experience longshots OC Andrew Sowder DC Anthony Weaver - though his defense looked bad this year
  18. Another under the radar coach that has Douglas/Reid connections would be Duce Staley. Has no coordinator experience but is the assistant head coach and took over for Pederson for 1 game this year. Played and coached under Reid, survived both the Reid and Kelly regime changes, very well respected RB coach in the NFL. Douglas also has a lot of respect for Staley, calling him the best RB coach in the NFL.
  19. I saw a Cowboys' fan trade scenario in the live chat while watching the Cowboys v Cardinals and at the time I thought it was crazy but the more I think about it, it could make sense. The Cowboys are at the top of the NFC East with 2 wins. Every game that Dalton plays like he did during that game, the more likely they will need to pay Dak. According to the fan, Jerry Jones doesn't want to pay Dak what he is requesting. So the trade proposal was Dak and a mid round pick (don't remember what) for Sam Darnold and Quinnen Williams. Dak to the Jets: It's risky for the Jets but he is expected to make a full recovery. This was not a Bridgewater or A. Smith type injury and they turned out fine. The Jets would also need to have a long term deal in place. Perhaps a game-by-game incentive in the first year (perhaps $2M per game he plays), with a low base salary. Jones does not have to deal with signing Dak to a huge contract. Jets have the space and would be getting a proven franchise QB. Q to the Cowboys: They have been looking to solidify their defensive line. Darnold to the Cowboys: As many have said here, he could flourish in an offense with a good offensive line and surrounded by talented players at WR and RB. Cowboys could provide him all of that to succeed. He could lead them to the playoffs this year. With Dak out for the rest of the year, the Jets could still challenge for the number one pick, then trade it away for a haul. The early trade compensation for Lawrence was 3 first rounders and 3 second rounders. With the Seattle trade and giving up the 1st pick, the Jets would be looking at: 2 1st, 2 2nd, 2 3rd in 2021 3 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd in 2022 2 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd in 2023 Over the next 3 drafts they would be selecting 19 players in the first 100 picks of each draft (could be 20, considering the 2021 4th rounder could also be in the top 100). With Dak and Becton in place, the entire starting roster could be overhauled. Filling in depth and hoping they find some gems with rounds 4-7 and UDFA.
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