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  1. A lot will change from now until the drafts but if the Jets secure the number one pick and select Lawrence then packaging Darnold and the Seattle pick to move up in the first wouldn't be a bad idea. Perhaps Seattle loses a few games down the stretch and they end up picking in the mid twenties rather than the 30s. Perhaps Chase shows up at the combine unprepared or with him sitting out the season may drop his stock a little. There could be a scenario where he ends up dropping into the mid to late teens with OTs, CBs, EDGE, and QBs getting pushed up. Jerry Jeudy this time last year was mocked as a top 5 selection and fell to 15. If the Jets select Lawrence, pairing him with Chase, by giving up the Seattle pick and Darnold, would be intriguing.
  2. Logs onto NFLshop.com to buy a custom jersey. Team: New York Jets Number: 16 Name: Lawrence
  3. If the Jets are gonna take a chance on an ex-college head coach that retired due to health conditions caused by stress, another option to Urban Meyer would be Chris Petersen. A well-respected winning college coach at multiple schools. 147-38 record with 6 BCS/CFP appearances Took Boise State to a BCS bowl game in his first year and beat an Oklahoma team that featured a young Sam Bradford, Demarco Murray, Malcolm Kelly, Jermaine Gresham, Gerald McCoy, Curtis Lofton, etc. The Boise State team had Ian Johnson, Titus Young and Kyle Wilson. A coach that can compete with far less talent and resources. Even after leaving Boise State, they have been a contender, leaving behind a winning culture and national relevance. Peterson took over UW in 2014 and elevated them from mediocre at best (7-9 each of the previous 3 seasons) and by 2016 led them to their first double digit win season since 2000. In 2016, led UW to the College Football Playoffs. Wouldn't require full control, so Joe Douglas would still be in place Not getting paid $7.5M, so he may be a cheaper option Same age as Urban Meyer Here is the kicker: Perhaps he can convince Kellen Moore to move over from Dallas to be his offensive coordinator. Moore owes his career to Petersen. Since taking over the offense under Garrett last year, the Cowboys went from 22nd in points and yards to 1st in yards and 6th in points. So far this year they are 1st in yards and 3rd in points. A significant portion of that is Dak but he was there the previous 2 years and the offense struggled. Perhaps Moore can be groomed under Petersen to eventually take over as the next young offensive play caller turned head coach. An alternative OC would be Dirk Koetter who spent time as the OC at Oregon when Petersen was the WR coach. He'll be gone from Atlanta at the end of the year.
  4. Trading Bell to the Titans would be interesting. Bell could spell Henry and they could continue to run the ball more often. A trade for someone like Corey Davis would be interesting. They don't tend to utilize more than a TE and WR (they have A.J. Brown) in the passing game. Also, Bell could line up outside just as well as Davis has done. Would be a one year tryout for Davis. Also, lightens the salary cap impact when they trade a player rather than a pick. A 1st round WR that has not played up to their draft like Davis sounds similar to the WRs they signed this off season, also is currently hurt so could join the rest of the WRs.
  5. I wrote this in another thread but I'll also write it here: HC: David Shaw, Stanford Coach. Spent time with Douglas in Baltimore and a disciple of Jim Harbaugh. Proven to be a great college head coach and well-respected. Has recently said that he does not want to leave Stanford but for the right price and perhaps the connection with Douglas may sway him. He makes $4.6 million at Stanford but a contract similar to Matt Rhule, $8.5 million a year, could be enticing. OC: Pep Hamilton. Another Jim Harbaugh disciple that coached with Harbaugh most recently at Michigan until being hired as the head coach and general manager of the DC Defenders. Currently working as the QB coach for the Chargers helping to develop Justin Herbert. QB Coach: Andrew Luck. QB under both Shaw (Stanford) and Hamilton (Stanford, Colts), could help Darnold develop as a QB. DC: Rex Ryan. Bringing back Ryan to only focus on the defense. Douglas, Shaw and Ryan spent a few years together in Baltimore. Ryan would bring an energy to the locker room. LB: Jeffrey Fitzgerald. Coached under Ryan with the Ravens. Spent time most recently (2016) as the Colts linebackers coach and was going to be Pep Hamilton's Defensive Coordinator with the DC Defenders. DB/S: Ed Reed. Former Jets Safety. Spent a few years coaching up in Buffalo and currently serves as Chief of Staff at the University of Miami.
  6. Looking at defensive coaches Shaw has worked with that could be possible defensive coordinators: Lance Anderson (current Stanford DC) and also from the Harbaugh tree (San Diego, Stanford) Other assistants from Shaw's time with the Ravens: Mike Pettine - probably won't leave GB with the way things are going there Mike Smith - could make a comeback after being out a couple years Dennis Thurman - been away from the NFL for a while but was recently coaching as Memphis Express (AAF) DC in 2019 Mike Singletary - Been coaching recently Memphis Express HC (2-6), Trinity Christian Academy HC (1-21, 2 seasons)... so maybe not Rex Ryan - for those that want Rex back, this could be one way where he could focus strictly on the defensive side of the ball. Shaw is the type of person that could deal with Rex's personality Except for Thurman, all of the coaches during Shaw's Ravens years have NFL head coaching experience which could help Shaw in some capacity. Ryan (8 years), Smith (7 years), Pettine (2 years), Singletary (2 years)
  7. If the Jets decide that Darnold is still the future, then an interesting choice would be... David Shaw As a head coach, has helped to develop many NFL players: Defense: Harrison Phillips, Justin Reid, Solomon Thomas, Blake Martinez, Henry Anderson, Trent Murphy, Richard Sherman, Offense: Andrew Luck, David DeCastro, Zach Ertz, Andrus Peat, Joshua Garnett, Christian McCaffrey, Austin Hooper, Doug Baldwin 86-34 as head coach of Stanford 3 time pac-12 championship 5 time pac-12 north division champion 5-3 in bowl games Shaw comes from the Jim Harbaugh tree. Discipline and hard work. Shaw is a very well respected college coach with ties to the NFL Why would he leave? Had a rough 2019 (4-8), only losing season 48 years of age. Still young enough make the jump to the NFL and go back to college if it doesn’t work out Connection: Worked with Joe Douglas in Baltimore 2002-2005. Hopefully there is a deeper connection than just being at Ravens at the same time. Offensive Coordinator: Former Jets assistant Pep Hamilton Worked as Shaw’s OC at Stanford Known for developing QBs Spent 1 year as Chad Pennington’s QB coach (2004) Spent 3 years as the Colts OC (2013-2015) Andrew Luck had his best NFL season with Hamilton as his OC, throwing for 4700+ yards and 40 TDs QB coach: Andrew Luck A dedicated, young QB coach to help Darnold develop Hasn’t been away from the game for too long which gives insight into some of the more recent things defenses are doing Luck has spent time at the Manning Passing Academy as a counselor helping other QBs Wanted to be a teacher after football so perhaps being a QB coach may be of interest Luck played for Shaw at Stanford Also, as previously mentioned, played for Hamilton at Stanford and the Colts Shaw would change the culture at the Jets in a similar way to Jim Harbaugh if he were the coach. Hamilton and Luck give Darnold the right support in order for him to develop and reach his potential.
  8. So the Jets offense has improved since last year? It's a good sign.
  9. Along side those 3 and outs, the Bills also started 3 of their 6 1st quarter drives near mid field. A short field, limited rest and short on time for adjustments early in the season can cause defenses to give up points quick.
  10. Dirk Koetter. Would be fun to watch nearly 40 passes a game. Heard that he interviewed for a head coaching job for college and when asked about his offensive philosophy he said to pass on 1st, pass on 2nd On third down if it is short yardage, run the ball, if not pass again.
  11. Another part of it that is being overlooked is that he played scared. For a guy that is touted as being even-keeled and nothing seems to rattle him, he seems to play well when there is no pressure on him. Once the season is out of reach or they fall behind in games is when he excels. Perhaps the reason for missing all those passes was that he was nervous and scared. He has got to be able to build his confidence early in the game.
  12. Chifs have released WR Gehrig Dieter. Was having a good camp before losing out to special teams ace Marcus Kemp.
  13. Would he be another slot though? Couple of players that seem like possibilities if they are cut are John Ross (speed, still young, injury prone and former first rounder) and Kenny Stills (played for Gase in Miami, got some speed on the outside).
  14. This is an interesting proposal depending on the draft compensation. Bell has 3 years at 44 million left on his contract. Kamara looking for 16 million a year so a 3 year 48 million wouldn't be a whole lot more. Bell is 28, Kamara is 25. Still don't believe in spending big on a RB but its an interesting idea. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/alvin-kamara-landing-spots-after-saints-trade-report-emerges-patriots-among-two-leading-contenders/ New York Jets How about a Kamara for Le'Veon Bell swap? The Saints and Jets could entertain the possibility as a way to rid each other of their running back problems. Bell and Jets head coach Adam Gase have had their disagreements and the Jets would certainly like to rid themselves of Bell's massive contract. The Saints, should they choose not to sign Kamara to an extension, could ship him off to New York and get a playmaker in Bell, whose receiving ability would fit nicely as a check down option for Brees. Despite Bell's subpar 2019 season, he still has a few good years left in him. Put Bell behind a good offensive line and he'll revert back to his days with the Steelers. The Saints will reap the rewards of Bell and still be Super Bowl contenders while the Jets will get a younger back in Kamara that's a stronger fit in a Gase offense. Kamara will also receive plenty of target volume given the Jets' depth at receiver. The Saints may actually get a draft pick back for taking on Bell's contract. Just a thought.
  15. Ravens' run/pass ratio was 57.5/42.5. Next closest was the 49ers at 51/49.
  16. Is there an opportunity to sign Clowney AND trade a 2nd for Ngakoue? They can still clear cap space by cutting Avery Williamson and/or Brian Winters.
  17. It is rumored that the 2021 cap will drastically increase. Some are estimating a jump from $200M to $240M. Not coming from an NFL source but would be interesting if this happens.
  18. He reminds me of Frank Gore. A guy that can consistently get 4 yards a carry and help out in the passing game. Good balance, good vision but lacks the break away burst to frequently run away from defenders. Gore played one year under Gase in Miami in 2018. At 35, he led the Miami RB group with the most carries and yards, ahead of a younger and very explosive Kenyan Drake.
  19. He was also dealing with a thumb and knee injury the last 4 weeks which probably affected his play a bit. The knee injury was downplayed but was enough for him to show up on the weekly injury report. Random other injury he had was a toenail removal where he was limited in practice.
  20. Matt Ryan had a good rookie year but really broke out in year 3/4 and saw steady improvements until his 5th year Eli had a breakout year his 2nd year only to regress and breakout again 4 years later in his 6th year Flacco got better every year with his best year coming 9 years into the league. Alex Smith has had a rough career but has been steady throughout his career when give the opportunity. You could say his breakout season was his first in Kansas City 10 years into his career. Andrew Dalton was a third year breakout. Ryan Fitzpatricks breakout wasn't until he was 28, when he finally got a chance to play. Ben Roethlisberger broke out in his 3rd year and again in his 6th. River's was a 5th year but 3rd as a full time starter. Foles' breakout was at 29 unless you think his 2014 year was his breakout year. Cousins breakout year was his first year of starting at the age of 27. Goff's 3rd year was his breakout year after playing 22 games his first 2 years (Sam has played 26). Russell Wilson statistically broke out his 4th year when the Seahawks began to rely on him as more of a passing QB rather than their running game. QBs develop in different ways and at different rates. Hopefully this offseason provides the players around Darnold to see him take that next step. Seems like starting QB don't always take the same path to success. Look at Rodger and Mahomes or McCown and Fitzpatrick.
  21. Mims reminds me of Demaryius Thomas. Limited routes, great hands, runs away from defenders after the catch, can go up and get it if they need to.
  22. Ashtyn Davis has a good interview on the Move the Sticks podcast. It was around the time of the Senior Bowl and he talks about his work ethic. I am so happy the Jets landed this guy as I didn't think they would draft a safety this early with Adams and Maye in the mix. When I first heard this interview back in January, I just remember thinking this guy is smart, athletic, has a great work ethic and pays attention to the details. The video for the interview just came out on nfl.com: http://www.nfl.com/videos/move-the-sticks/0ap3000001108521/Move-the-Sticks-Ashtyn-Davis-talks-about-his-journey
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