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  1. Agreed.. he got beat a few times and complained about the officiating one game but honestly I thought Claiborne played better than Trumaine at times. I'm for bringing him back unless he's asking for the moon.
  2. saw this pop up ...not sure if it's been posted but a screen shot from Madden 20.
  3. always thought these two a few years ago were pretty cute.. I think Nancy represented us in the pro bowl a few years ago. Looking forward to see what they do with the cheerleader uniforms.
  4. loving the green uniforms.. I wish the Jets would release a uniform schedule. I know they're doing a white out game and a "stealth" game I'm assuming will be black.. but I'd like to visit a Jets home game with the green uniforms... grr... anyway great photos. Uniforms look great. 😎
  5. I'll accept a lower salary and do the job myself..could of had me at $1 million a year instead.. (jk being serious.. sounds like a great move - good Jets day today!)
  6. would be amazing if Gase pulls this off days before the new GM was hired... I don't see it but the Jets do have cap space (probably for L. Williams future contract..)
  7. this is sort of off topic on topic on uniforms but... Has the uniform schedule been released? I'm kind of curious when they're going to use the black jersey's (not a fan but wondering... during the Raiders game? Black and white with green?)
  8. I like Robbie's honesty instead of the usual PR answers...... also I appreciated the "go jets" at the end of Bell's podium time. Guy seems to really be happy to be on the Jets. Loving it 😎
  9. Steve seems like a good guy... they all do - anyway thanks for sharing that video
  10. Gase is not wasting time as the owner is looking or already signed the next GM... 😢
  11. Is this a contract year for our punter? I don't understand the signing.. Sent from my G8142 using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. I can't see them doing that.. they couldn't... I mean.. the backlash from the media and.. well who knows but I don't see that. Sounds like the new GM is already filling out the paperwork to join very soon so Gase's GM run might be coming to and end soon.
  13. Wow.. Looow trade value.. Sent from my G8142 using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. Wow... [emoji50] The relationship must of been toxic. Now the coach has to deal with trades and contracts on top of coaching..? Sent from my G8142 using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. I think the Jets traded away their 7th for that trade..

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