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  1. seems weird they didn't wait until the season ended.. and unprofessional.
  2. I agree.. the classic stripes over the wedge on the shirt and pants should happen. (would still love to see the 80's logo come back though.. )
  3. I'm loving the win streak..the positive team vibes and I have not watched one second of Bengals football this year.. but for some reason I think Dalton starting fresh with time off scares me a bit. Hope I'm wrong..
  4. There's a few teams I bet who would easily let him try.. Bengals might. I'm also wondering what his contract status is. He's done a great job.
  5. nice work Skeptable thank you
  6. He's on a rookie contract and has potential to improve and get better. I don't think he'll get traded but I'm sure the Jets got some phone calls about him before the deadline.
  7. I just watched the replay (was at work) and.. I'm not suicidal or worked up at much as others I guess. I saw some really bad O-line play... Linebacker corp. is gone super deep to the bench and players are playing out of position. CJ Mosely only played healthy back in game one. I think we have 20+ people on the injury report full of starters gone. It was a competitive game until Sam chucked the ball at the endzone interception and Sam watching the ball bounce out of the endzone was just awful. I think we've thrown 9 interceptions in 3 games? Coach deserves flak for sure but I don't see him getting fired Monday. You got to give people a chance to build something and win. I think we're already in preseason mode for next season.
  8. I watched KO in a youtube interview months ago and he seems like a good guy - I can't see him losing half a million dollars a week and going through surgery without their approval unless he REALLY needed the surgery (which it sounds like he does) I don't think we are getting the full story but sounds like the Jets tried to trade him while KO wanted the surgery and it's been a total commutation breakdown and both sides are upset at each other. Can't blame KO for being upset and done with the place *shrugs*
  9. I just finished watching the replay and I thought Kalil did ok. I also though Falk did pretty good.. in the BROWNS game but not in THIS game he was not throwing the ball that well. The play calling was not great - should of bombed a few towards Anderson's way to stretch the D...but it's not all on the coach either. Just lack of talent right now. If any team in the NFL was playing their 3rd QB, starting TE and WR out as well as the 1st rounder being out.. I doubt anyone would win on the road against the Patriots. Hopefully they put up more of a fight and lineup on MNF in October.
  10. I'm glad the front office sent Trumaine a message.. play better or rot on the bench.
  11. GM's phone is going to be active tomorrow. I think osweiler's agent gets the phone call tomorrow with Falk starting against the Patriots 😕 ugh..the thought..
  12. like someone else said.. Not even upset at Bell and Falk. They're fighting.

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