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  1. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    I'm for dropping him..cutting.. more cap space. Plus I liked what Hansen and Peake (before he got injured..) were doing and the potential they both bring...also Quincy Enunwa is coming back online now. Both Robby and his agent were probably looking for a payday when the time came but he's not worth this. He's lucky he didn't kill anyone running from the police at that speed (and for WHAT? Why was he running? Moron.. )

    maybe Bates is the hire.. would keep the playbook the same if Josh and Hack come back.. (huge *if*) but that would make sense..

    wow.. they must have someone already signed or planned to sign because I thought Morton did a good job with the pieces he had. Watch, they'll hire some college coach...
  4. Morton's done a pretty good job with the gutted roster.. hate to lose him.
  5. Happy new year!

    Happy new year everyone!
  6. I thought the backup Sterling played really well in this game..promising. Petty's accuracy was rough.. but good at times..but still a back up.. (bring on Cousins/Alex Smith) hack should have seen SOME time in this game..I don't understand that, this team has been in preseason mode for weeks now. sad to see the season end.. Bring back the old logo and spend some of that cap money and let's get after it next year!
  7. Play Hack....

    Probably will and should start Petty to give him experience.. and I think we're all expecting Petty to struggle and if he does ; after half time I would seriously consider putting in Hack just to shake things up and show you're open to trying everything/anything. Nothing to lose.
  8. should just tell him to stay home..
  9. Bryce Petty really stinks

    I hope Hack gets the first start the last game of the season.
  10. he's done a good job with what he had.. I'm ok with him coming back. Lots of cap space for this team to get better.
  11. ^point taken.. I agree I wouldn't of given Mo that contract.. (should of franchise tag'd him) Mo is frustrating .. his agent is probably going bezerk right now with the amount of money he's losing on his next contract.
  12. I'm glad the coach/front office has the guts to do this to Mo. Guy can't even show up to a meeting on time... talk about destroying your value in a contract year. Even if we had a hall of fame coach and 10 straight wins I'd still want a coach with the guts to sit a player down. Nothing changes - and he's not going to be here next year. Good move by Bowles. Besides we're in preseason mode already for 2018.
  13. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    This will be a good 3 game audition for Petty.. good to see the comparison between Mccown. To answer the OP question I don't see the future with Petty but a good back up to have.
  14. the second we're eliminated from the playoffs.. I think it's pre-season mode and move on to 2018. Play Petty a game and then play Hack for 2 games.