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  1. Just bought a polo shirt.. hopefully you got credit. Thanks for everything you do Maxman.
  2. just like the one in my signature.. I think they could of snuck in the winglet under the wording.. just to give it a "logo" look instead of just "Jets" text. I love the colors and uniforms though they have grown on me.. helmet.. uniforms.. just more a of a traditional stripe would help as well.
  3. it's taken a while to get used to them but.. I like the current uniforms. Just wish we could of included the "winglet" design in the current uniform.
  4. love it... hopefully we blow out the patriots on national TV (MNF)
  5. I wonder if the league could play in front of empty stadiums.. ? Not ideal.. I know but.. yeah I'm worried this season is lost.. 😕
  6. it's cool you like the grey - but the Green/White jersey's are the way to go... just my .02 but hey you like the grey you rock it. 😷
  7. I wouldn't mind the trade .. more depth at the line. Just worried about the cap.
  8. The draft cannot come soon enough.. 😷
  9. wow that kind of contract will make Robbie Anderson and Jenkins cringe...
  10. to the original poster - hope you and the family gets through this easy. Scary stuff..
  11. Like others have said - he's not a .. starter or can be but he helped propel the Seahawks to the number 1 running team (according to wikipedia) and was used as a 6th OL player the majority of the time (even catching a touchdown) So this is a player you can plug in various places and make plays.. it's not bad.. lot of money but more must be done. Anyway I'm ok with it...just my .02.
  12. I think the guy that is signed under a future contract did pretty good last preseason... if it's the same guy. I'd like to see Edwards come back but I can see why in general GM's do not want to pay $$$ to a punter when the team has many other needs. Hope he comes back on a cheap contract.. we already went through that FG fiasco last year and now a punter? eh.. poor special teams coach 😕
  13. who wouldn't want to play with the best players? Anyway I get the original OP's point.. We're all Jets fans who hate the patriots so I respect that but .. one thing I really like about Robbie is his honesty in post game interviews. He doesn't just give the canned response he's supposed to give.. he's very honest. I remember he said "why wouldn't I test free agency?" He's matured big time since running from the police in Miami in a SUV. He wants to be a Jet, and he was very vocal about that near the trade deadline - but he would love to catch passes from a hall of famer too. Nothing wrong with that.
  14. I hope they keep the helmet logo the way it is but.. it's not looking too good. Almost looks like the Lakers in a NFL uniform.

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