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  1. I just finished watching the replay and I thought Kalil did ok. I also though Falk did pretty good.. in the BROWNS game but not in THIS game he was not throwing the ball that well. The play calling was not great - should of bombed a few towards Anderson's way to stretch the D...but it's not all on the coach either. Just lack of talent right now. If any team in the NFL was playing their 3rd QB, starting TE and WR out as well as the 1st rounder being out.. I doubt anyone would win on the road against the Patriots. Hopefully they put up more of a fight and lineup on MNF in October.
  2. I'm glad the front office sent Trumaine a message.. play better or rot on the bench.
  3. GM's phone is going to be active tomorrow. I think osweiler's agent gets the phone call tomorrow with Falk starting against the Patriots 😕 ugh..the thought..
  4. like someone else said.. Not even upset at Bell and Falk. They're fighting.
  5. sad stuff.. just zero time to throw the ball and WR's can't shake loose... looking ugly.
  6. I'm going to be watching this thread carefully (thanks for sharing your experiences) ... I'm trying to go to my first NFL game soon and this whole NFL ticket adventure is making it sound like I better show up hours early. 😕
  7. It's the kicker.. and part Gase.. I don't understand why you're doing a hurry up offence up 16-10 at the start of the 4th quarter. I love Gase but the team was misfiring at times.. RUN THE CLOCK.. take your time.. take your shots.. they went 3 and out and hardly burned any time off the clock. And the Kicker? I guess my defense of the guy was.. he had little or no practice with his teammates and one of the snaps was pretty blah BUT to miss an extra point??? Yeah.... he's on a short leash or gone but who to bring in? I liked his kick offs but wow.. honestly he should be writing a book right there with Antonio Brown on how to get kicked off a team as fast as possible... Anyway on to MNF.. Heck.. why not bring in Carli? Amazing they didn't do a kicking competition at the start of camp..yet had two punters going at it. AND WHY NOT PAY MYERS?
  8. So did anyone use the bar code scan on the Jets app on their android and got in without problems? Having thousands of people at the gates trying to bring up their bar code on their phones all at the same time could be a challenge on the cell phone towers (least I'd think so..that's some serious Wifi/cell network usage going on!) .. I'd be a little worried about that.. can you imagine an internet outage or power outage with thousands standing by the gate?
  9. I noticed that.. they must of changed them because they were not the same color a few weeks ago. Still they look worn down for some reason.
  10. you probably already found it but Safety Santos Ramirez was let go
  11. GM is busy working the phones... I like it.

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