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  1. need some serious investment on the offensive line to support Le'Veon Bell.. and kicking Jeremy Bates to the curb.
  2. Matthew007b

    Dante Fowler

    wow.. rams are looking really good right now..
  3. Vikings are doing well (not running the ball as much..) but they're rated 10 on the ESPN power ranking.. Yeah it's a loss. I don't expect a win but hope for the best. If the Jets can run the ball to take pressure off and set up the pass there's a chance. Just no injuries to Sam Darnold please.
  4. Matthew007b

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    you know as time goes by.. I'm liking our uniforms more and more. And looking at the fans entries 😕 ugh.. the only logo I miss is this one.. the rest can stay the same or change to kelly green or bring in some chrome or whatever.. but I like our general clean design.
  5. Matthew007b

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Here's over 100 fan submissions to Uni Watch.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/65516705@N00/albums/72157674024485578/page1 Not sure if anyone posted about it but there's some good ideas in there (and off topic hope Kacy Rodgers is ok_
  6. Matthew007b

    Miami cuts Jordan Phillips

    he's worth a kick of the tires.. not much to lose. **edit** too bad..
  7. we're getting new uniforms in 25 weeks... and lots of people (not me but looking at the positives..) are getting some loving in this world..
  8. Matthew007b

    What the hell is going on with Mehta?

    Mehta needs to use better sources..
  9. I think we matchup stat wise closer than Vegas thinks. Gotta run the ball to take pressure off and heave a few long balls to keep the safety on their toes.. team doesn't need a pep talk for this one. 😕 **edit - read somewhere that blake bortles has never won a game against the Jets.. let's not make it a first one..
  10. good video.. thanks for posting that OP.
  11. Matthew007b

    Loss is on Mac

    battle was lost in the trenches.. lack of investment in both front lines is costing us (as well as bone head penalties..) Anyway that's just my opinion but still a fan..still support.. Jaguars next (ack!)
  12. Matthew007b

    NY Jets Inactives

    nagging foot injury - under his foot or something...
  13. Matthew007b

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    well... hope that's not the final design.. Anyway I like the mockup stark posted.. I just love the old logo (I know sue me)

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