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  1. wow...after watching that I would of drafted him too.
  2. that's one big guy.. https://twitter.com/nyjets/status/1522607628110729216
  3. I miss the 80's and 90's logo as well... hope they bring it back with the current uniforms.
  4. I was rooting for Cager when he was here.... maybe he can connect the dots with Zack and build chemistry.
  5. So frustrating.. this morning I was thinking about how well Flacco played, how last year he played better than Sam Darnold and with the performance against the Dolphins he had a quarterback rating of 120.00 when they blitzed! He was doing really well! If this team was in a must-win-now situation they'd probably start Flacco since he's the best right NOW stat wise of all the quarterbacks. But Flacco made the choice easy for the coaches, fact he forced it.. he can't even be at the game or even in the facility - he's got to stay home. I think there's also a rule calling up QB Johnson from the practice squad multiple times and they won't be able to do that again unless they sign him for the rest of the season to the active squad which eats up a roster spot. I'm sure our GM isn't in love with Flacco's decicion right now. All over a shot.. couldn't do it.. it's his choice and I respect it... don't AGREE WITH IT.... but man the team traded for you! You played well last week! Rant over sorry I'm a fan of Flacco but this shot stuff.. he'd be backing up Wilson if it wasn't for this.
  6. Flacco if you happen to read this... Just get the stupid shot.
  7. I thought Joe Flacco honestly did a good job.. I'm watching the replay and I'm at halftime right now and he really did pretty well stat wise. Zack needs some playing time and will probably start next week but I expect some worse times coming soon.
  8. I'm actually good with this.. yes he could of been had for $$$ instead of the pick but... he played better than Sam and look at Sam now? Panthers are trying to get rid of him and his contract. Hope he starts against the Bengals.
  9. I'm fine with what he said... he backs his QB and doesn't care what they write about it.
  10. still need to keep cap space for a vet CB/QB ect too.. but good news at least coming out of OTA's at least.
  11. I guess I'm old fashioned but I miss the simple Home/Away jerseys... I just hope the NFL doesn't turn into the NBA where there are "city" "night" "retro" "classic" "neon" "ect ect versions of the uniforms... I mean this is what the local NBA team is doing in my neck of the woods... it's a joke.
  12. if he stays healthy... D-line is looking strong.
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