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  1. Matthew007b

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    if they sign him that's basically the end of Josh McCown right? Or this is a sign that.. that ship has sailed already...?
  2. Could happen.. the contrails thing has to be included somewhere on this but.. I wouldn't complain.
  3. Matthew007b

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    Not a horrible idea.. he did well in 16' and the Vikings want to resign him. Year Team Games Passing Rushing Sacked Fumbles GP GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Rate Att Yds Avg TD Sck SckY FUM Lost 2015 DEN 1 0 0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0.0 1 -1 -1.0 0 0 0 0 0 2016 DEN 14 14 289 486 59.5 3,401 7.0 18 10 84.6 28 57 2.0 0 31 187 4 2 2017 DEN 11 10 206 349 59.0 2,285 6.5 12 14 73.3 31 127 4.1 1 33 220 5 2 2018 MIN 0 0 DNP Career 26 24 495 835 59.3 5,686 6.8 30 24 79.9 60 183 3.0 1 64 407 9 4
  4. pretty impressive there's.. no.. leaks and we're only 2 weeks away. I would think this stuff would be tough to keep silent..
  5. Matthew007b

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    not a bad signing honestly... he's the #3 TE I'm guessing right?
  6. Not sure how accurate this is but here's a list of sorts..
  7. Thought this was interesting.. this is the final roster for the flight crew but the Jets color choices and logo might give a few clues to what's coming... I think these are practice uniforms but past crew uniform green and white.. new crew uniforms.. well.. you can see the colors. Last year.. This year..
  8. hope he enjoys the Buffalo weather.. 😮
  9. So it sounds like it's just like that image one the desk photo during that meeting photo.... same logo..different color of green or shade.. possible green helmet and some new uniform design with the "wedge" or wing or whatever you call it...
  10. Not mine but...something like this maybe?
  11. it's a good thing we let him walk for $$ - the Jets wanted him but he was asking for the moon and left.... I wouldn't mind him coming back on a cheap contract but I think the future is pretty good right now in the TE department aren't we? But yeah on a cheap contract I wouldn't mind him coming back.
  12. Totally agree.. I'm worried this franchise will fall back into the Jaguars or Buc's ways fashion wise if they don't keep it looking classic I was pushing for a uniform change for years but.. now I'm starting to worry about turning into a trendy uniform that will be updated every few years because of how it doesn't look right.
  13. Mmm.. I can't make it out clearly but I bet the logo on this piece of paper is going to be the color and logo on the helmet..which resembles our current logo with Jets font. Where this triangle stuff comes from I don't know.. I think it has black in it though underneath the leading edge of the 'wing'. Anyway.. one month to go. Possibly still white helmets with the logo filled with green... Can't wait!
  14. I sure HOPE the tag system doesn't go away. 😳 The NBA is run by the players versus the owners..they wake up one day and say "trade me I'm unhappy" and the owner/team franchise is forced to try and rescue some return investment before the player bolts for nothing. With a combination of a soft cap (another thing I'm grateful for the NFL has a hard cap thank god.. a franchise like the JAZZ here can't compete or come up with the money like the Lakers or Golden State because they don't have the TV market share. Teams don't share revenue like the NFL does they have separate TV deals and the sky is the limit with a soft cap nonsense). This is why I love the NFL vs. NBA.. it's a total joke.. the players literally run the league.. it happens in the NFL here and there but the TAG system is a way to keep players in the franchise but still allows the players to leave after a certain time. HUGE fan of it. Hope they keep it. The money the league makes comes back in quality product vs. the crap the NBA/MLB puts out.

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