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  1. still need to keep cap space for a vet CB/QB ect too.. but good news at least coming out of OTA's at least.
  2. I guess I'm old fashioned but I miss the simple Home/Away jerseys... I just hope the NFL doesn't turn into the NBA where there are "city" "night" "retro" "classic" "neon" "ect ect versions of the uniforms... I mean this is what the local NBA team is doing in my neck of the woods... it's a joke.
  3. if he stays healthy... D-line is looking strong.
  4. Doubt this will happen but I'd like to see Alex Smith be the backup to.. whoever is starting.
  5. To the original poster.. thanks for sharing that. Lot of things in that video were not on the coach/play call... like he said it was all Sam for the most part and it wasn't played well. Even though that was just one game and I remember the run support was really poor.. Sam did not play well.
  6. From a fellow Utahn... BYU played trash teams.. to be honest I haven't watched one BYU game because I can't stand BYU around here.. but Sam Darnold would of looked amazing and would be the #1 pick with the schedule they played. Is he good? Can a coach bring the most out of him? I don't know but...they played complete garbage teams. So that is a major red flag... hopefully the scouts and GM can figure this out.
  7. first draft pick... get that first draft pick...
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