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  1. Thought Gregg Williams liked him.. Rich Cimini had him making it too.. it's going to be a crazy 24 hours.
  2. thanks for posting that greekjet - I saw him post that this morning.. of course.. espninsider *pffft* 🙄
  3. Thanks for posting this sarge4tide - Going to be some tough cuts. Like someone said.. this isn't a good team but there are some tough choices.
  4. wow... what in the world did he do?? Doubt one of the reporters will touch this subject during the coach's next press conference but geez.
  5. If I had a face for video... 🙄 but I don't... good luck on the talent search!
  6. I think most people were expecting this cut... months ago. The timing is awful... hope he lands on his feet somewhere (back here maybe.. doubt it..) I don't think any major moves are coming. Making space for a much lower cap next year to be a buyer instead of a seller. This season is looking rough 😕
  7. I liked Bowles.. I think coaches can only do so much with the cards they're dealt. General manager didn't really help him and neither did the New York media.
  8. My only Jets game last October visiting NYC... glad I bought a Bell jersey.. I just had a bad vibe about the cockiness Jamal Adams brought..
  9. I haven't seen any evidence so.. I doubt it - unless some audio or tape came out this isn't much... *shrugs*
  10. wonder if Dan Snyder made a deal to help pay a local indian tribe scholarships to put kids through college in return for permission to use their name.....and now it'll be the "washington Nanticoke's" with the current logo intact.
  11. Well said - so glad the NFL is not going down this path. Stick to football and tradition and I'm good.
  12. I'm just glad the NFL isn't going full bonkers crazy with personalized names on the jerseys and political slogans on the court like the NBA is planning on 😕
  13. class act off the field and on... can't hate him at all. Adams could learn a lot from him (I think anyway..)
  14. but the 80's look better... 🙄 (Iget it ... you're associating losing with the uniforms.. but then again.. the uniforms we just left.. record wise were pretty bad..) I wish we could of kept the 80's logo and done some form of retro future look - even a deep green pattern on the helmet to give it a 3-d look I DUNNO... but back on topic.. YES I hope to see both the 68's and 80's ...all come back least 2 games a season.. I mean why not? I bet the fans will love it.
  15. to the original poster - well done 😊! You're very lucky

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