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  1. oh my gosh .. I own a classic and I can't imagine having my car destroyed by rich football player drinking and driving.
  2. some of these players really give a black eye to the NFL.. what an idiot.
  3. Matthew007b

    Classic Clips

    Great video thanks for sharing that!
  4. Matthew007b

    So are the new uniforms happening?

    would love to see the 78'~97' logo come back in some fashion..it is interesting a few players are tweeting and talking about it so there might be some movement towards it.
  5. Matthew007b

    Petty Cut

    seemed like a really nice guy who played on a pretty bad team. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere.
  6. Matthew007b

    We sucked for sam

    I'm excited..and now I have to wait until the 3rd round :/
  7. Thanks for posting this Sarge... for those who have followed the roster for years.. is this normal to sign this many WR's? Seems like they're blowing money on players that won't even get past the practice squad (unless they're focusing on special teams..)
  8. Thanks for the work you do Sarge4Tide
  9. Matthew007b

    New Unis?

    honestly I'm cool with our uniforms as is.. it's just the Jets logo I struggle with. Any form of uniform WITH the old logo coming back I'm for.
  10. Matthew007b

    New Unis?

    lol.. I know.. it's not the BEST Idea but with some different shades of green I kind of like it.. anyway I still miss the 80's~90's logo (as you can see) but I do like our current jersey's as well.
  11. Matthew007b

    New Unis?

    Didn't see this one shared.. if it has I apologize..
  12. I thought it was a pretty good day.. near 70 here and the Jets signed a bunch of good players.. thanks mods/owner of the site for what you do!
  13. Matthew007b

    Darron Lee wants new uniforms

    yeah.. kelly green and maybe some motif pattern on the helmet like the Seahawks.. but would love to see kelly green and the 78~97 logo back
  14. Matthew007b

    Darron Lee wants new uniforms

    I'm all for bringing back the 80's 90's logo..and some form of a uniform change.. (more green) but I totally get why people want to keep the current uniforms.. they are clean and sharp.. but I sure miss the 80's~90's..
  15. that's a pretty high price he's asking.. but a good player.. :/