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  1. wayyyy too early to gauge when guys will go. I guess, being that it's a bye week ill do one and edit this post later but it's too far out to realistically gauge how it goes beyond the top 10... will list scouting reports too. set up our picks as far as vegas odds for us and seattle (3 & 14) and I didn't make any trades... Took FS (extremely versatile), C, and OLB edge rusher but also can fall back into coverage https://www.profootballnetwork.com/kyle-hamilton-notre-dame-s-nfl-draft-scouting-report-2022/ https://www.profootballnetwork.com/tyler-linderbaum-iowa-oc-nfl-draft-scouting-r
  2. Got in at .04, .05 (had 3000 shares by then), then another 375 shares when it was at 0.29... just holding it - see what it is in a year or 2... then see what's up. I also have a couple shares of ETH
  3. Nah in mocks i did on thedraftnetwork, PFF and fanspeak - he was going late - 6th/7th
  4. TE Kenny Yeboah, Ole Miss CB/S Trill Williams, Syracuse (biggest surprise for me that he didn't get drafted) C Drake Jackson, Kentucky CB Shakur Brown, Michigan State
  5. C Drake Jackson, Kentucky - grab him in 6th maybe? short arms, but he's fast, smart, good hand placement, solid initial punch. worth a flyer in 6th imo. has 4 years of experience in sec
  6. If you want to protect your QB, it would behoove you to pick guys that fit your scheme or else get guys who can't move and your RB sucks and/or QB gets destroyed. I agree with not going for a small guy like that. As an ILB I wouldn't care those measurable or even the tweener SS/LB 225-230lbs... as long as they have the speed that goes with the tweener size
  7. Moore gives us a HR threat but not exactly sure why they grabbed a WR after keeping Crowder, drafting MIms last year, signing Davis & Cole (Cole being depth piece), and we still have Berrios who's a good WR3/4... We have a gaping hole at RB and CB. And of course broncos trade up the very next pick to grab Javonte Williams. I'm not mad at the pick because he was a projected 1st rounder, and it gives Wilson a true burner across the middle. He gets comparison to Steve Smith Sr. It's a bold comparison, we will see if it translates.
  8. I like in this order for round 2, don't want the edge rusher: RB Javonte Williams, North Carolina (5'9, 212lbs) - He's my RB1 in this draft, reminds me of a bigger, more violent version of Aaron Jones. Just plays mean and he can move too. 4.55/4.58 40, not burner speed, but for a guy his size - like getting hit with a freight train. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/javonte-williams-nfl-draft-profile-fantasy-football-fits-scouting-report-pro-day-stats-40-yard-dash-mor LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame (6'1 1/2, 221lbs) - I have a bias towards ND players, but
  9. 1. Obvious QB pick 2. Most promising Edge rusher in draft - pair him with Lawson 3. Plug and play RG Wyatt Davis, big time Mauler that is agile and good in space - fits our scheme that requires athleticism, speed and agility on the line. 4. made a trade with the 3rd rounder 2nd pick - didn't trade back too far, and was able to get a 2023 2nd... they wouldn't give me a 2022 3rd so I tried to a 2023 2nd with it and no other picks... it worked. Drafted RB who fits our new scheme, fast stop-go RB who can make sharp cuts, great pass catcher, 6.6 yds a rush. 5. RT Spence Brow
  10. I got in trouble on facebook for commenting on this because somehow it falls under the no politics rule. I will say this and keep it short. It all comes at a VERY suspect time. People forget the type of power really rich sports team owners possess and how far their reach is.
  11. Don't think they need a WR now. Should def be looking for multiple corners and IOL. Now you ask me about a TE? I think he grabs one somewhere in the first 3 rounds (by our 1st 3rd rounder)
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