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    United States Navy Veteran, currently work for DSNY, die hard sports/fantasy sports fan
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    Foodie, love fantasy sports, movies/music, working out
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    When they beat the pats at foxboro in the playoffs in january 2011
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    When they lost to the steelers in the AFC Championship back in 2011 (super rough)
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    Unfortunately no

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  1. They offered him 10mill a year. He goes and signs with carolina for 2 years 20mill (but from what I read it's more like 1yr/12mill) He got an 8mill signing bonus with carolina for 2020.
  2. Jets only seem to have a good run defense lol Only thing to look forward to right now smh
  3. He has time to throw, he is gun shy and his pocket awareness right now is trash. He had at least 4-5 seconds to throw (that's A LOT)
  4. they need to let the ball fly downfiled.... comeback routes, quick slants, TE out and up. this basic stuff
  5. Need to wake up in the 2nd half. This playcalling has been sh*t. 23 seconds left on clock and he gets cute with a dump screen... we aint the cowboys... took so much time off the clock... you find something in the endzone - to me... that playcall says he doesn't trust Darnold's decision making or accuracy
  6. A first from them is basically a 2nd rounder - **** that Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. f*ck why not lol - went from being my fav player to being another greedy diva. I can't win
  8. imo - he priced himself out because he doesn't wanna be a jet and doesn't wanna ruin his image more than he is already
  9. Heard he;s dealing with same neck injury as enunwa
  10. Not sure if anyone mentioned it - I heard that Powell was dealing with similar neck issues as Enunwa... alarming - could explain signing a bit more - insurance maybe?
  11. Jesus christ! Can the guy play an F&%#$#@ snap first before some of you start your crying?
  12. Can see us going Gandy-Golden WR, Bryce Hall Or Pride jr CB, Troy Dye OLB, RB maybe - kid from Florida best available he’s good. TE maybe? Either Bryant or Trautman? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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