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  1. They took Tua and i cant remember who they took at 11 - but it was a defender
  2. So I didn't really see any OTs I liked (so unless they trade back for multiple picks or reach or trade up, it's a shrug your shoulders moment here) - I'd like to see them go after Bryan Bulaga - solid RT vet, 9.5-10.5 mill a year 3-4 year deal. Or Daryl Williams, another RT, younger and not as good but still better than what we have, probably costs us 7.5-8mill... i prefer Bulaga but as a Jets fan I can't be choosy. Would be happy with either. Guess I will continue the rest of the rounds ( I had left the fanspeak tab open) Round 4 (pick 14) - Decided to go CB, I really like this kid. He's excellent in man coverage (really good). BUT he's undersized... 5'11 180lbs (needs to add 15-20lbs. He's not really physical (which normally is a red flag for me), he will need to get caught up to speed on zone schemes... he's played 90% 1 on 1 man coverage in his college career. He covered each team's best WR game in and game out and for most part played very well. Undersized, plays to his size, not really a ball hawk (but he defends well, has all intangibles, makes good reads). Read more details on scouting report. Lavert Hill, CB, Michigan. Scouting Report: https://www.fanteractive.com/players/?scoutingReport/Lavert/Hill/Football/mrossi78/45824/CB Round 5 (pick 12) - Took a bruising RB - we dont really have a solid, bruising type RB to compliment Lev Bell and I would really like to see us grab one at some point but since this is my draft - im grabbing this guy. (Honestly, I can't see him dropping to round 5, but as of right now he's here) - different sites projecting diff things - legit all over place... from round 3 all the way to 5-7. He's 6'3, 223lbs, runs a 4.57. Patrick Taylor Jr, RB, Memphis. Scouting reports: https://www.draftblaster.com/2019-nfl-draft/patrick-taylor-jr-rb-memphis/ https://sportstalkline.com/nfl-draft-news/244674/patrick-taylor-jr-memphis-rb-2020-nfl-draft-profile.html/ Round 6 (pick 12) - another CB - we need em - our secondary was trash this seasoon and last. Going to my fav college team - Notre Dame Fightin Irish. Guy can play, watched him closely this year (Not a great year but not bad either if that makes sense. On a brighter note - he's been doing his thing at the senior bowl this week) Troy Pride Jr, CB, Notre Dame. Scouting Reports/Senior Bowl notes: - Two of the Notre Dame DBs have really shined as well. Corner Troy Pride has been really solid for the last two days. He had probably the best rep I have seen from a corner out here. wit amazing coverage on comeback route. Working against Michael Pittman, he essentially ran the route for him and got the pass breakup. - An uneven senior season has been followed by rock-solid performances in Senior Bowl practices. Pride “was making plenty of plays,” according to NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein. “In fact, it seemed like he was in on every play. He was up against a bunch of receivers with good size — USC’s Michael Pittman, Baylor’s Denzel Mims, Liberty’s Antonio Gandy-Golden — and I thought Pride did a really nice job, especially on Pittman.” Troy Pride Jr., CB, Notre Dame -good press coverage corner -good open field tackler -needs better balls skills -played on the outside -plays with some physicality SEEN THIS AFTER I PICKED, Sports Illustrated made same pick (their other picks suck but oh well lol) - na i like CeeDee Lamb, Gunna touch on this guy cuz he's not bad but Chuba Hubbard - I don't mind him as a player, but he's not physical, doesn't like to block and get physical... so while I "dont mind" him, I don't like him for the Jets. (RB from Oklahoma - but i prefer a more physical back to compliment bell) https://www.si.com/nfl/jets/news/sis-jets-mock-draft-1-0-all-seven-rounds MONEY MAKERS Notre Dame CB Troy Pride Jr. I’m not sure anyone has risen their draft stock more with their performance this week than the Notre Dame cornerback. In a fairly weak cornerback group here in Mobile, Pride has been the clear cream of the crop. He’s locked down Michael Pittman Jr., James Proche and Quartney Davis on highly impressive reps through the first couple days. His elite speed and smooth hips have him completely unafraid of getting beaten deep. With question marks about his press technique and ability to play the catch point heading into the week, Pride has been fantastic in both.
  3. Used Fanspeak premium - im a real draft head, got the annual subscription reupped every year... so i only traded when offered. I'm short on time (gotta go to work) - So I'll do 3 rounds. Round 1 (pick 18) - traded back from 11 with Mia for 2 1st rounders from this year 18 & 26th picks. Didn't want to reach for an OL and im not overly impressed with Tee Higgins who ended up going to buffalo at 22. So I went with a very high upside pass rusher. A glaring need we've had since the John Abraham/Shaun Ellis days. This guy projected to be a high end starter with a pro bowl ceiling Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State. Scouting reports: https://thescorecrow.com/2019/11/28/2020-nfl-draft-scouting-report-yetur-gross-matos-edge-penn-state/ https://nflmocks.com/2019/12/21/2020-nfl-draft-penn-state-yetur-gross-matos-scouting/ Round 1 (pick 26) - Now we address the OL that I loudly preach about constantly. I loved this guy last year but he decided to stay in school. Still love him. Immediately upgrades our rushing attack. He's good enough in pass protection... can't do it by himself though. Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin. Scouting reports: http://dynastydraftroom.com/scouting-report-tyler-biadaz/ https://nflmocks.com/2020/01/04/2020-nfl-draft-tyler-biadasz-scouting-report/ Round 2 (pick 16) - Another OL pick, went with a LG, no tackles worth reaching for, a lot of guys who need development. Jets and Jets fans want guys who can go now. This guy is solid, but he's 330lbs - he's good big right now, needs to watch his weight. John Simpson, G, Clemson. Scouting Reports: https://sportstalkline.com/nfl-draft-news/246266/john-simpson-clemson-og-2020-nfl-draft-profile.html/ Round 3 (pick 4) - finally went WR. We need playmakers and guys who can ball out. I don't think he will make it to round 3, especially after the senior bowl & Combine. But hey, he's here right now so lets have fun. Reunited with Darnold too +++ Michael Pittman Jr., WR, USC. Scouting reports: https://www.draftblaster.com/2020-nfl-draft/2020-nfl-draft/michael-pittman-jr-usc/ https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/michael-pittman-jr/QByEvli1ih (3 different takes here, make sure to read all 3, all touch on diff aspects and same ones - diff perspectives) Round 3 (pick 16) - Went OL again with a guard. Not most athletic guy but checks every other box and his Football IQ is very high. Shane Lemieux, G, Oregon. Scouting Reports: https://nflmocks.com/2020/01/14/2020-nfl-draft-shane-lemieux-scouting/
  4. I wasn't aware of this - He'd make a good veteran presence on a line we are sure to completely rebuild (as far as starters, MAYBE resign Beachum and start him at RT if we can get a good LT), Castonzo also gunna be 32 when season starts... so this news is kinda disturbing.
  5. Joe Thuney a lil bit cheaper than Brandon Scherff (Thuney - maybe 9-9.5 mill a year), Scherff? prob 11m+.
  6. For us? Easy Thomas Willis Wirfs Jeudy Lamb WRs are great, they’re useless without an OL Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. would be cool. Wild card round - 4 game slate... a lot of us will have same guys - but short slate for football will be interesting
  8. I been mocking and Willis has been dropping for whatever reason. I'm sure if he does drop, they will still **** it up
  9. listen, I want WRs too - but not in 1st or 2nd... Best OL available - we need it all (1st round), If we dont sign any OL in FA, then id say go back to back for OL unless a stud CB somehow drops to mid round 2 and maybe has off field baggage but originally was like top 10-15 projected. Anything else and I'm not gunna be happy. Not sexy picks - but long ignored positions and we will suck til we have a legit OL. WRs i do like that could go 3rd round or after from scounting reports I've been reading: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2020-nfl-draft-antonio-gandy-golden-scouting-report/ (6'4, 220lbs, small school WR) I do like Chase Claypool - I'm a big Notre Dame fan and this guy is a great big target. He's not a burner but he can go up and get the ball. Much more of a possession/red zone target. https://nflmocks.com/2019/12/29/2020-nfl-draft-chase-claypool-report/ https://www.draftblaster.com/2020-nfl-draft/2020-nfl-draft/michael-pittman-jr-usc/ (looks really good, will drop because of injury history, but worst a flyer mid rounds for sure)
  10. Will fire up lineup tonight Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. So happy i picked him up on fantasy lol. Herndon going down was a blessing in disguise. Because when he comes back next season (assuming he comes back 100% and stays outta trouble), we have a legit double TE threat. Just need an OL. Regardless of how we finish, we need to upgrade the OL.
  12. And Henry goes off like whoa Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. It figures that my best lineup is one I put in our league, keeping an eye on julis11, he has Henry... so now I bite my nails and wait... a win here makes up for my sh*t lineups in other contests (not sh*t, just outside cashing - still could cash, not holding breath) Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. Strong Safeties are box safeties. Most of the time they are utilized to stop the run and/or blitz.
  15. He's a Strong Safety. You are thinking of Free Safeties who drop back into coverage more often. That's why they don't have the same name at the position. I thought this was common knowledge. I guess some people never played a down of football in their life.
  16. He's one of, if not the best safety in the league. If he's not elite, who is?
  17. Espn had put out that he did have an insurance policy for loss of value. I dunno then. Was watching it last week on one of the sportscenter shows.
  18. He did have insurance. They already put out that because of that, there's no reason for him to go back to Bama.
  19. Depends if they are able to lock up any studs in FA. If they can get 1-2 stud OL in FA (better guards than tackles projected to be available)...Id say stay put and draft the cornerstone. If it's a complete whiff in FA. Then id say maybe trade back to middle first round and still get a solid OT/OG and have extra picks to spend elsewhere (CB/EDGE/WR).
  20. Need to AGGRESSIVELY attack the position in the offseason. Free agency they need to make 1-2 big splash moves for top OL talent. Spend the money on protecting who you believe is your franchise QB. If they can get them in FA, then they forced to used their first 2 picks (1st/2nd round) on OL. If they have a high enough pick, I'd highly consider trading back. OT out of Georgia - Andrew Thomas has to be on their radar. If they draft a defensive player in 1st round, I'll lose my mind.
  21. I didn't say it did, but it would allow us to see what we are really working with, and he could get into a rhythm... and we can see how good he is. Is he a Philip Rivers type or is he much better?
  22. Trent Brown, LT (Oakland Raiders) - had a great season with Patriots last year and is the best pass blocker (statistically speaking) this season. He's also only 26 years old. Ronnie Stanley, LT, (Baltimore Ravens) - he's been solid for Baltimore, ranked 4th in pass blockers this season, is 25, no injury history. LT is the most crucial position for us to upgrade right now and it's vital we get a stud here for protect Darnold's blind side

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