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  1. Do whatever you need to. If you get enough people and I sit out that's fine. I don't mind either way.
  2. IN I will be out of town at an island cottage July 3-8 and there is basically no cell phone coverage there. If the game actually happens you may leave me out because I won't be able to participate those days. Your judgment call @Spoot-Face
  3. I voted "kind of optimistic" because of the way Sam closed out last year. The fact is that Gase is unproven. The team that we have now is much improved on paper. If it comes together, Sam progresses, Bell is himself, Greg Williams has the D rolling then what is not to be optimistic about.
  4. he's creating questions from the media other then... So what are your plans as JETS GM, What do you think of Sam, What are your expectations....
  5. 😉 already said I’d play. Look forward to it. Hopefully this game is reminiscent of our first season.
  6. Top Golf is nothing like real golf.... you can miss the target you're aiming for and still score points... its like a combination of Bowling/skeeball I am a guy that likes real golf and the difference between the 2 is big, biggest difference is you can be a NOVICE or just suck at golf and still have fun, whereas on a real course you would be miserable hitting slices and hooks.
  7. I voted Darnold because he is the most important piece on the team. Sounds like he's off a bit. Hopefully we get some good reports... NO MORE INT's....
  8. If I sign up to play I will play until I am either voted out or the game ends. I won't leave the game hanging, unless there is an unforeseen emergency.
  9. 1. Chug full beer right before 1st and 2nd Half kick-offs (as kick off team is coming onto field) 2. Wear some JETS gear even if only a hat or drinking from a large JETS beer mug Pretty much it. Lol those on the regular during football season. I grill a lot so I’ll always eating or having a lot of food on game days and working on my 3 and 1 year old boys JETS chants. 3. Oh who can forget regularly cursing out Bowles for sh*tty timeouts and horrible lack of balls play calling.
  10. I would play.... love some of Teh Mafia. I think people at JN are just over it.
  11. He was in the QB's room creating the offense that the Packers will run this year.
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