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  1. I agree with the bold. I disagree with the first statement. LOL Gase coaching up Darnold, well I guess since you put the word "try" in there it is acceptable. But this coach is laughable, and shows he is incompetent is not good at his job. But since we are the JETS lets just keep on with this for another year, not be sure on Darnold at contract time and still be a bottom tier team.
  2. Ravens 37 Jets 17 Jets score 10 points at end of game once Lamar is benched for rest. I so want to say 24 - 23 JETS game winning TD drive by Darnold, but I don't think Gase can exploit the Ravens weakness on D.
  3. I posted somewhere in the draft forum we should just draft OL and WR all draft. lol.. I agree.
  4. Lamb / Higgins Jennings I would be so happy if somehow we got 2 of these guys.
  5. Mike Glennon.... uh no sir. Guy looked absolutely lost and Luke Falkesque. try to develop Mike White and if you need to sign a back up then sign someone who shows some type of ability the last time they were on the field. and i didn't read the entire thing, but i didn't see Fire Gase and Loggains so this can't be serious.
  6. Could you imagine....... jerry would have to retire for his health. If that happened.
  7. Stuck with him long enough to ruin or be unsure of Darnold going into his critical contract extension. Then still being unsure and being forced to either draft another QB or extend Darnold and hope he turns into what he looked like at t end of last season with Bates calling plays.
  8. i am not sure about the roster either. I haven't looked at an updated version lately. Surely there is someone. Is he practice squad eligible

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