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  1. I would love to do the “Archer” game. I won’t really be around much until after the draft. So if that will work I will put something together for whatever game follows the draft.
  2. ok other than your cut ups. without those there are not posts.
  3. most intelligent post in thread.... not being facetious
  4. you @GATA get a co mod... lol.. VC assistance...
  5. YES.... Greeny is the largest b!tch JETS fan. I wish he'd just STFU. As a JETS fan sure, you can be negative or pessimistic. But, this wimpy @ss take it too far and in the public viewing forum, just straight up shameful and annoying. Also, the day that he put on a Patriots Jersey when Bob Kraft was on ESPN really made me lose the small speckle of JETS fan sympathy for him. A real JETS fan would have declined and not give in to wear it.
  6. Doesn't Teddy have like $20 million cap hit this year ? lol no way
  7. feeling that way, which means Douglas is going to do the unexpected Trade back to 4 with Panthers and select either Fields or Wilson (whomever 49ers don't) right? lol.. also now that Sam is getting closer to you maybe you can get in touch with him teach him how to surf so he can finally become the guy we all hoped he would before hanging him out to dry with nothing to work with and no real plan for developing him. no... this will just accelerate the fighting/arguing over who to take a 2 and why so and so is a moron because x, y, z..... I've seen it at thousand times.
  8. answer carefully what kind of tequila? This is very important to how I am going to judge you in the future.
  9. Why can't I select the second and 3rd option??? lol
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