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  1. ha... Luke Falk does suck. The problem is Gase picked him and after seeing him play for a week and a half Gase took ZERO precautions in case Darnold didn't get cleared and had to trot Falk back out. Also, we couldn't even look like a professional offense. Gase is supposed to be a guru/QB whisperer and developer, it sure didn't appear that way. Gase wasn't able to manufacture an offense that looked like it belonged on a Jr College field and that is solely on Gase.
  2. can't claim until Tuesday I think. and NO ONE will claim him.
  3. I think so too. His and Sams style are similar.
  4. i went back and fourth on the redskins. Who knows what will happen with Callahan running that now. If Gruden hadn't gotten fired then I would have had a win.
  5. Wins against.... Dolphins twice, Giants, Bengals - maybe Steelers (depending on QB for them) and / or Bills. so yeah 4-6 - i would happily accept more wins .
  6. I really shouldn't have eaten all of those doughnuts, i mean the 17th was probably 1 too many..... oh, I wonder how much longer I will get to keep this cushy job doing nothing. I wonder when they are going to realize all i do is eat and get Gase water.... oh sh*t I hope that was just a fart
  7. Our Guru..... lol it is sh*t like this that makes it easy to lose hope for Gase. Offensive guru / QB whisperer... yet doesn't seem to want to make obvious changes to try and improve.
  8. sure anything is possible. Even as a depth signing though? I mean surely this guy would be our 6 or 7th best G/C maybe not. Im not going to lie I know Joe Douglas had a lot of fans but you can't tell me that Trevor Williams wasn't worth a claim. Maybe there is some truth to that, maybe not.
  9. JD and Gase apparently don't think our team is as lackluster as most of us. I would have already brought Wisniewski in once the eagles cut him. I would have put in a waiver claim for Trevor Williams too. I mean our entire roster can/could/should be improved by all possible means. lets ******* wake up and go guys
  10. and with him having to change directions frequently and turn 180 degrees and full sprint he could easily re-strain if its not close to 100% agree. I want him back but if he turns and runs defending a seem route and re-injures it that would be worse

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