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  1. Yeah don’t know about bench but you can’t try to make him the #1. Dude just doesn’t have it. It’s been his M.O. he’s a solid 2-3 but still not great. id like to see Mims in that spot. Crowder in slot and Davis opposite as the 2nd or 3rd read with Moore working in with Cole as 4th WR. also it would be great if Zach could complete passes to wide open players within 5-8 yards.
  2. lol... nice so cut the robe length in half and then cut the pants off to make shorts. I really don't understand wtf these guys are thinking. gotta get the media attention I guess. and that bag looks like something out of an 80's women's catalog.
  3. alright..... think we can get a decent PPV draw with the right promoters?
  4. what in the actual f¨uck is that.... lol.
  5. also no mention of the "witch" or "witchcraft" predictions... lol
  6. JD should try to get him extended sooner rather than later. If Saleh agrees, I guess would be the one thing to consider other than $$$ Our D missing... Carl Lawson, Jarad Davis, Marcus Maye and Lamarcus Joyner is playing pretty well and they are pretty young. Could be something special if we were at 100%.
  7. Trade him if they can get decent value... let the young guys play around the real QB of the defense, Mosley.
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