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  1. so you were out a quick $5
  2. A (Jaxson) is doing well. he was able to stay with mom and I in hospital like normal. He's a smaller baby (born at 4lbs 12 oz) partly due to twins and he had a marginal cord insertion - but he's healthy and home with us. B (Lincoln) was bigger (born 6 lb 9 oz) is still in PICU he had his heart surgery last Thursday (all day event) he has been doing pretty well. there have been a few smaller things that have come up but he's progressing pretty well. About 2AM we got a call from his nurse that he had a spike in his heart rate and they did an echo and weren't too concerned but its stayed around all night and into the morning so they are going to do another echo and then are doing some labs... overall pretty good considering - just been really long days/nights - at this point i could use a solid 2 days of straight sleep. lol
  3. i wasn't able to read along last game and I am in the same boat... feel like i missed out truth .... cheers.
  4. VOTE DRP aka peg leg.... new guy
  5. I’m in. Baby had heart surgery yesterday. He is recovering so I should have time as long as nothing comes up.
  6. i am getting them too.. annoying Rock Bottom Golf ? if you haven't you should check it out.. their "like new" quality deals on golf balls aren't bad. 3 dozen titleist Pro V for around $35. there's not much there now since most golf courses have had limited play but most years you find that deal a lot.
  7. Eat all the dicks @Jetsfan80 lol
  8. Yes. My 2 yr old is that way. The 4 year old is a little better but the 2 yr old is on a constant adrenaline rush. I have no idea how we’re gonna be managing 2 more
  9. Thanks Crush. Holy Hell was my response too
  10. Are you playing solo? If not maybe you should bet some $ on the last few holes. Change your focus. also just reading you golf posts are pretty good. I felt like you were going to say you blew it up but I enjoy readin then. Especially since your last hole of the round sounds about like 2 or 3 holes a round for me. those “fat flub” shots ****1ng kill me. Always come at worst time.
  11. Yes. We will have 4 boys within 4 years 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Damn JiF. Lol. maybe you need to not look at the scorecard just let someone else keep it. Still I’d be happy with 81 - also I didn’t say anything about hitting the bowl Fam is good thanks. Still waiting on twins. T-minus 8 days.

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