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  1. WANTs @ 3 Ed Oliver - freak athlete Josh Allen Honestly this is kind of it 1 of these should be there. DO NOT WANT @ 3 Rashan Gary Johan Williams Jawaan Taylor DK METCALF * bonus* Unlikely these guys go at 3 but these are my nightmare scenarios Players I hope we can get maybe.... N'Keal Harry WR / Jalen Hurd WR Deebo Samuel WR Eric McCoy / Elgton Jenkins Josh Jacobs RB ( probably no shot ) / Darrell Henderson / Benny Snell Jr Cody Ford - Oline / Dalton RIsner
  2. Stark

    Draft Trade Rumors

    or huge for the 49ers.... this is the problem being 3rd pick with a team picking 2nd that has Jimmy G, they would probably be just as hopeful to get a haul of picks and move back as us. Hopefully the 49ers run a Bosa pick to the podium. scares the hell out of me to, biggest boom or bust potential in the draft.
  3. Stark

    Final Mock Draft

    I'd take this right now. nice job
  4. I have become a bit enamored with N'Keal Harry would like to get him as a true WR. Hurd would be good with me as a later selection/developmental playmaker. Fant is my TE, which I don't think we draft a TE high enough. The rest of the highlighted players are just guys I like and would be okay with selecting.
  5. Stark

    Colorado State WR Preston Williams

    Kid could have been pretty good if he could have kept his head on straight, well I guess if someone could have gotten it straight and kept it there.
  6. Stark

    Report: Texans to cut Demaryius Thomas today

    Draft Hurd I agree... Thomas tore his Achilles end of December, I am not a doctor, but I would think he won't be 100% until at least the 1 year mark and he was already slowing down. .
  7. Stark

    So what’s the unexpected

    JETS select Ed Oliver at 3 Daniel Jerimiah's latests mock.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001026563/article/daniel-jeremiah-2019-nfl-mock-draft-30-drew-lock-to-packers
  8. Stark

    Let's finish this Dline

    and If you can't, don't get cute and overdraft someone. .. .. take Allen or Bosa
  9. Stark

    Let's finish this Dline

    The D-Line was finished when Bowles got here. Wilkerson - Harrison - Richardson + added Leo lol
  10. Stark


    Congrats to you and your soon to be wife VOTE 80
  11. Stark


    I thought this was going to be the “80 finally got laid” thread with the, everyone needs to see this. Lol.
  12. Stark

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree on some of this. He is not worse than McGuire. McGuire is overhyped by JETS fans. We didn’t sign him to do anything but spell Bell and as insurance because all we have is JAGS behind Bell. McGuire is a very poor mans Powell. Cannon has speed but appears not much else (maybe Gase can get something similar to a Tarik Cohen/Darren Sproles out of him). Henderson might be a short yardage back. Ty Montgomery almost averaged 5 ypc in Green Bay and his production when he played as a receiver/pass catching back makes anyone on our team not named Bell look like a practice squad player. Is he a great back, no. But he’s able do run/catch/pass pro and has shown more ability than any non starter on our team. I would cut McGuire (unless you could miraculously trade him) draft Benny Snell Jr and go Bell Snell Jr Montgomery RB/KR Henderson / Cannon you have to remember once we draft Hurd we would then have multiple skill set players at WR and RB and Montgomery to me is insurance for Bell/KR for the departure of A Roberts on his 1 year deal.

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