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  1. Russell Wilson

    Wilson is not the MOST OVERRATED, the following start the list of most overrated.: Joe Flacco Eli Manning
  2. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    This is what I said last year when a lot of people were saying to just trade down. it takes 2 teams to pull a move up or down off, it is not as simple as just doing 1 or the other. But... when you are the team trying to move up you have to make a strong offer, if not the team you want to switch with will most likely just stay put.
  3. Jalen Collins CB - Waived

    Yeah, I'd do it too. Make it happen Mac.
  4. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Since you said the 50% figure I was curious to see what the current trend selection is. Gray names at the bottom are Qbs that I don't consider to be Franchise QB's at this point (playing time, lack thereof, or being on multiple teams etc...) The stretch that I left in was Trubisky, but the point of this chart is not a right/wrong discussion. Just showing the current teams QB, and where taken. 16 Qb's taken in Rd 1, 6 Qb's Rd 2 or later. Then you have the bottom 10 QB's of which the draft rds are close to split. 3 - 1st rd ------ 4 - 2nd rd ------ 1 - 3rd rd ------ 1 - 6th rd ------ 1 - Undrafted
  5. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Here is another video talking about his pocket control, where mayfield needs some work.
  6. Baker Mayfield

    Obviously I want us to take a QB. I have slightly favored Rosen all season. I may be wrong in that choice. Rosen Darnold Jackson (slightly ahead of)---->Mayfield
  7. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Really? way to cherry pick 4 guys. Also you are saying those guys like it was a no brainer pick at the time, do you think Mac would have taken any of them, we know he didn't value Dak as much as he should. Rodgers was the worst miss of the 4, but he didn't help himself as the stories say about him being arrogant and turning off some coaches. Brady was an anomaly, seriously, no one thought/projected him to be as good as he is. Favre was projected as a mid to late first round QB. Dak had the DUI which is the main reason he fell. Most begging for Lynch (maybe they were)... I remember a lot begging to trade up for Wentz. The point I was making is, waiting to hope someone falls is not the way to approach the QB position. There is a lot of luck involved with that position as it is, so waiting to see if hopefully a decent QB falls is not the smartest thing to do. When you scout the QB's and set your board you can't be scared to go get the top guy. That was my point. Sure everyone would love to get Rosen or Darnold at 12, but thats not happening. So to your original point of hoping a decent QB falls to you is asking for this team to take a QB just because we need one and the guy that falls may not be the best guy for this offense. This is how you end up with Josh Allen and 5 more years of crappy QB play, until the next QB is drafted.
  8. Baker Mayfield

    I heard this too. He also said that he thought Rosen was more polished now and that he felt Rosen would be a good pro. The NFL people all said that Darnold just had “it”.
  9. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Ask the Eagles how trading away a bunch of picks for Wentz worked out. Ask the Rams about Goff. hoping for a QB to fall is why we are in the position we are in. GO GET YOUR GUY. YOU SPEND A TON OF MONEY AND TIME SCOUTING THE PLAYERS..... DON'T HOPE THEY "FALL" TO YOU, TRADE UP AND GO GET THEM.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    Lol. All the people on this board saying “ I wanted Peterman” well.
  11. not the best oline in the league. lol. The titans OC is awful. Mariota may not be a top 5 QB but he is a top QB. Wo says we can't draft Jackson based on people that like Mariota... trolling hard here, huh
  12. I kind of feel like its not just Mac it is just the JETS way. Scared to make a real effort at drafting a top QB prospect.
  13. Seriously, I am with you... wtf... accuracy rarely/never improves from college to NFL. I said it from the beginning. Since I hate Allen as a Qb prospect, that is who we will draft. I hope this article really means, the JETS have done the most work on him, because they are being thorough and have done much more work on other QB's... Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield, Jackson.