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  1. QB Depth Chart Wilson White Morgan Practice Squad
  2. @The Crusher and I got your back JiF... crusher literally
  3. I haven’t heard much from his other workouts so I’d have to assume he’s not blown anyone away. Don’t hate looking at him why not maybe he can fill a role here.
  4. also I will play a game... VOTE APE - instinct... lol jokes, just jokes
  5. I mean the entire group of SAR-ites and DWC babies lost their sh*t... very funny for grown men to whine about that sh*t when it ended up being a whole 2 days... my god some b!tch @ss fans...
  6. OMG.... OMG... JD SUCKS THIS PLACE IS BURNING DOWN... LOL... not a big deal just a bunch of whiny fans
  7. for really this dude just tryna keep it a bean... lol wtf... trying to hard....
  8. as long as we win it sooner... you know while my liver can handle the celebration... lol
  9. if there is one more before the break I will find a way to play
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