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  1. what is wrong with this?: .16 yard per play in 2nd half clearly being coached where football is going, brilliant
  2. But wait.... wait.... we hired an offensive guru, brilliant offensive minded-quarterback whisperer.... why should we tell the JETS about this revelation??? oh yeah - gase, fu*k*ng gase.
  3. Players performances, past and present are already an indictment on Gase. Bell would just be the logical progression of players with/without Gase.
  4. I had an argument with a fan about this. I simply said you have to consider trading out of the #1 overall pick to get the huge amount of picks. After he was done calling me a moron and saying that Lawrence is to valuable, I simply asked him... if you were to substitute him for Sam right now how different is this team? Sure we get "next andrew luck, or peyton manning type" but we still need Oline, WRs, Pass rushers, corners and all of those positions its not just 1 player needed its multiple. You could literally have 4 of the top 32 picks at minimum and maybe 6-8 in top 50... that's not even counting the next draft pick accumulation and the insane amount of money in Free Agency. He looked at me and literally cocked his head and said, sh!t... you might have a point. I said yes, however it does depend on the HC, but you absolutely consider possibly getting 6- 8 top 50 players in this draft and possibly 4-7 in the next draft.
  5. His stats this year are similar to his 2017 season here once he established a raport with McCown. Once McCown got hurt the Bowles and Morton had no viable QB and the passing game we had went in the tank. Bottom Line Gase came in and Robby like every other player on our offense was/is held back. We can go down the list of players that are JETS and players before Gase was with the JETS, this is what he/his system is.
  6. First time that I can remember that I am apathetic. I hated the Gase hiring at the time and I tried to talk myself into it. Not only has Gase managed to get our players to be absent but now it’s extended into the fanbase. I always record and watch ever game. Even if I have to watch it after the actual game - even if I know we lost or got blown out.... which since the last 5-6 years it’s pretty much a guarantee. now I have the game on but half the time I don’t watch. Mostly just check in on score.
  7. Sam liked Gase before he was hired. You don’t let a player choose the coach. Just a recipe for disaster you need to have CJ get out of Joe Douglas’ way and have full control. That includes coaches without a committee approach.
  8. You forgot the 7th round 2026 conditional we had to send with that
  9. this... I said it at the time it happened. Mac and Co, or CJ or whomever was in on the decision really sh!t the bed there. "well, well, Robby had a run in with police, we need to see more from him to be able to give him a contract." Meanwhile Quincy plays 4 games a year and gets a deal while Robby working on a 1000 + season until McCown got hurt and we went with a "throw up the white flag / surrender" bullsh*t from Bowles and Co..
  10. Chris Johnson Hymie Whatchamacallit Gase ----- Douglas Williams Should be: Cj Hires Joe D and gets the F*cK out of his way.
  11. you need to relax. Too early to judge Joe D. He is acquiring picks. He is saddled with the 1 of, if not the worst HC the league has seen. Joe D is trying to be able to pick his HC and be done with Gase.

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