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  1. Yes NE has won a lot, but Brady has what 2 seasons left, tops, assuming he doesn't get injured at any point in a season. Gronk has retirement being mentioned, whether it is legit or not. NE is at the end of their run. If I were Cousins, NE would not factor into me NOT signing with the JETS, unless they are offering me a better contract. Cousins favorite team should be JAX and MIN, anything can happen with FA.
  2. Final pre-FA mock

    i like most of this. The Tavon Austin thing is my only major dislike. Other than that i could live with it.
  3. Then that means that darnold or rosen have a better chance to make it to 6
  4. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    I have no idea how this works.... I will give it a shot though.
  5. Agree with @Tinstar on this. It would be unexpected and will work in the teams favor down the road. I know its not exactly the same as far as the $$$$, but no one in Green Bay thought Rodgers would make it to their pick and they took Rodgers because he was the best player. Different spots in the draft for sure. But If Rosen is there at , hell even Darnold, and you just signed Cousins IMO you take them. Trade one of your QB's later for a bunch of picks in the future. QB is the most important position and there are plenty of QB starved teams. I would be so pissed if we blow $30 mil on Cousins only for Rosen or Darnold to be available at 6.

    Stay away Mac, the muscle hampster is bust, boom, bust bust...
  7. First round QBs since 2005

    There are no problems with my scenario, I didn't really give one. It is pretty obvious if Rosen or Darnold is the target you will have to grow a pair and trade up (Mac not you). Yes, free agency happens first, so obviously that would impact the draft. BUT - If you were going to ask me I would sign 3-4 positions of need with the (projected) 30 mil for cousins and target the young QB. It would seem this route would have much better long term success and sustainability rather than giving COUSINS, who If the price was correct and Washington hadn't blown up his $$$, so much money. Cousins to me is more of a system QB not a QB that is on the elite level to carry a team week in and out. 30 mil is just too much for him IMO.
  8. First round QBs since 2005

    I agree.. WE have been waiting for a QB for too long.
  9. Don't know about All-Pro status for these guys yet, but Allen is the "crapshoot" of this draft. He is projected too high based on scouts loving his arm and mobility and using the Wentz comps... wentz coaches, system, similar size... what they don't have him common.... Wentz was good, the only questions were competition and his injury. Allen has question marks about his accuracy which is not good. I don't need to go into the whole Allen has the lowest floor stuff here.
  10. If we get Cousins I think a trade down would be good. It would depend on the offer fro me. Also it would depend on who was there as you mentioned above. What would you do if we signed cousins and either Rosen or Darnold were there at 6, I know its unlikely but since we are talking hypotheticals..... I think I suck it up and make the pick for Rosen or Darnold and figure it out later.
  11. First round QBs since 2005

    You just saved me a lot of typing here. I was going to say essentially the same thing..other than the historical ending. but it is a bit surprising. I still say draft Rosen or Darnold...
  12. Where else can we upgrade?

    @Jetster, man I admire your sticking up for what you want. But to say @Lupz27is in a huge minority, IMO, is just wrong. The problem is not Cousins alone, it is the stupid amount of money you will have to fork over for 5-7 years. This team needs a lot of players at key positions. I like Cousins' at a reasonable $$$, I know QB money is ridiculous, so if you said $18-$24 mil instead of $30 or more I think more people would be more excited at the thought of signing Cousins. We need to draft a young QB, and start the full rebuild process. Darnold, Rosen ... get one of them and sign 3-4 players for what you would pay Cousins. I can see both sides of wanting to sign Cousins and to the Drafting "your guy at QB". But I have a hard time paying Cousins that much money and that is basically the issue.
  13. I wanted to draft him so..... if the Chiefs are going to trade him it would just depend on cost for me.
  14. Bowles should have been fired. his boy Rogers should have already been fired. Bowles getting involved with offense in anyway, shape, or form can't be good. Hell he can't even make our defense look good, and that was supposed to be his specialty. Still on the Fire Bowles bandwagon
  15. I am good with these except Bridgewater. I just can't get on board with signing him.