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  1. We should run a 2 minute offense all game
  2. I’m looking for flags every positive yardage play
  3. McGuire. Total JAG. Sit him down Bowles
  4. I said this a few weeks ago. Why are we not stealing some of those plays for him?
  5. You’re hired. Bowles and Rogers suck.
  6. It’s the Bowles completely coverage guarantee
  7. Our overrated defensive guru is actually an average at best DC and a lousy HC.
  8. Why the baker hate? No one would look good with this line and the way the plays are called. Seriously though this is Bowles what; 4th OC am we run the same plays. I think Bowles seriously handcuffing play calling
  9. Our offense under Bowles has looked the same with 4 OC’s. Ridiculous
  10. McGuire. Uh. Dude get out on your screen a bit faster there. Smh
  11. Haha. I saw that too on pregame. Yeah that’s pretty funny. Job well done whoever did that.

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