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  1. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Are you working Friday, I think I remember you saying you were retiring on Monday? (scotch celebration)
  2. Can Jalin Marshall surprise?

    Can Jalin Marshall surprise? literally that is all he could do.
  3. Baker Mayfield and the AIQ test

    JiF with the slick, no look, between the legs pass...
  4. If so have him come down from the booth and coach the team. He will do better than Bowles.
  5. only we all know bowles is not starting a rookie QB and definitely not the first game. don't forget the part where bowles throws up the "white flag" with 5 min left in first half running out the clock and then going to a "Run the ball" until the game is over because we were just not playing well and he felt the game was out of reach.
  6. Chronology of Jets draft rumors

    I lean this way too... but I also prefer Rosen to Mayfield. I would take mayfield if Rosen is already selected.
  7. MFB 3 Sign-up thread

    surprised 80 isn't already in... i'm IN
  8. Just you man, that looks the same to me. The lighting hitting that shoulder may make it seem lighter but it looks about the same to me.
  9. Pats getting Josh Rosen means we are at best 2nd fiddle for a decade again.