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  1. VOTE HAL not voting calling out players as not town... gross
  2. I’m sure. Also why it was 3rd option, have to give up a lot and then the contract
  3. Rodgers Carr Lamar sell farm... I guess don't care if any of the above don't work out just not Tannehill
  4. more funny/ridiculous considering we still have people yet to cast even 1 vote like this guy UNVOTE VOTE SMASH
  5. 22 player game and hess is self voting...wtf
  6. so you're suggesting this is a game of multiply Sk's... interesting. if this is a post restriction ha. CTM is Ape's dad. well did you offer to blow anyone?
  7. @jgb @Jetsfan80 hahaha... I legit just heard the babysitter for my 2 year old twins ask if they finished their raisins... I have to go put a stop to this .
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