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  1. Why anyone wants Ridley is puzzling. Is he coming back this year? Was this. 1 time thing? Could he not handle losing? no way I trade 10 for Ridley and package. i also wouldn’t trust Ridley to be the main WR. Sorry but no corey Davis for Ridley and the. We still try to get a #1 in FA or Draft fine but that’s about the only way
  2. I won’t be calling for his head as long as he drafts Burks or London and a TE or 2
  3. Sadly because of the Davis contract we are like 12th in spending at the WR spot, or something like that. That’s why I think JD will try to be “cute” and sign another guy that’s not a top tier WR. you all laugh but that’s part of the reason I’d try to trade Davis and If Adams is a possibility sign him to open cap. Then sign a guy like Gage who can do the Davis role for half the $ Hopefully Moore and Zach develop a strong bond this off-season and Moore turns out to be what we all hope.
  4. It should be done. If he hits FA JD better have a top dollar offer ready. After 2022 the Corey Davis deal will open up some cap, and Moseley. Take on the cap hit this year get Our QB, a second year potential FQB the best WR arguably in the league and oh yeah plays in a similar system. No brainer.
  5. like when we got Percy Harvin, game plan his first game was just throw to Harvin... dumb Didn't like the Davis signing from day 1... will be happy when his $14 mil is off the books and we move on. Davis's MO is what it has been in the league and too many people overvalued him because he became the 3rd and 4th option in TN behind Henry and the run game. Henry, AJ Brown, Jonnu Smith, Davis... $14mil is too much for a number 3 wr that doesn't fight for contested balls and has a history of dropping the "clutch time" passes. Sure he will do something really good to
  6. Id take either of these right now
  7. Only problem is we are paying Corey Davis way too much money IMO. JD would need to find a trade partner and fill his role with a Gage or JuJu someone not making $15 mil- I hated the Davis signing when it happened and I hate it even more now think Adams is really gonna be $25 if he gets away from GB …. we are on same page. If you can get him. You get him and deal with cap after. I just can’t see us having $50 mil + In spending on WR group.
  8. I may be the only person that wants no part of Jameson Williams and especially in first 2 rounds. make that pick Burks or London and it’s ok with me
  9. Yes I understand he will be 30. He seems to look like he’s got a few good years left and I don’t think he falls off on his 30th bday. there isn’t really a close 2nd to him that we think would be available. we still need to draft a guy and Adams can help bring along Moore and the other rookie, whom ever that might be. Burks, London or Wilson
  10. Yup. While Zach is on a rookie deal absolutely. No half measures or “penny pinching” this time.
  11. Happy Birthday @Paradis was going to put together the "all Paradis" team, but don't have the time so here's the start
  12. the way we get injured.... im not sure..lol 211,212,213 and the last pick were acquired for small move downs in rd 4.... wasn't my intention to have all those picks .
  13. was hoping to get London or Burks with some moving back. I don't think that will be too realistic come draft day but for now... @AFJF coincidentally worked out this way with the Oline ha
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