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  1. - If you bring Perriman back as anything more it is a mistake, IMO. #4 WR sounds about right for a guy that can't stay on the field consistently. Deep threat and not much more. Agree - If Darnold finds his confidence/balls yes we could win a few games. (its the JETS way to win meaningless games and ruin draft position, while also potentially giving CJ pause on firing Gase) goods stuff @KRL
  2. Come on all JETS fans knew we would Fuçk up getting the first overall pick.
  3. The JETS will find a way to win 2 games and cost themselves the chance to pick 1 overall. Hell with out luck we’re going to somehow get the 3rd overall pick. nothing should surprise JETS fans. All the BS we witness this sh*t is happening.
  4. Yes. And move him back to Center and see if he works out. No loss really.
  5. Most of us on this board were ahead of this easily foreseen disaster. Never wanted the waste of space, Gase.
  6. An underperforming WR. Yeah sounds about right. if Davis was worth anything the Titans would keep him. I wasn’t a fan of Davis when he was drafted and still am not. 5th overall pick, lol. Nah Joe D don’t waste the money you can draft the same or better WR in the 3rd-4th round
  7. I want zero wins to also ensure GASE is fired. The thought of giving CJ any minute reason to keep gase has never left my mind. Could literally see him thinking, well sh!t we just beat a top tier NFC team... maybe, just maybe Gase is Brilliant and I should trust Manning and keep him-its not all his fault..... don't care about Jamal Adams and his feelings. that means nothing to me.
  8. part, ok. a small percentage. 8 or 9 draft picks in the next 2 drafts and a boatload of cap. he didn't carelessly spend and I have no issue with it. There are 2 decisions that I didn't like and 1 was Robby, but I was more upset with Mac for extending Q, when Robby earned that money. and 2 drafting Morgan in 4th round and not getting another WR. yeah what point man said.
  9. My answer for the first question is hybrid. its the first and 3rd option. This board is hilarious. "We need a GM that will build the team the right way" and already people want to can JD and blow it up. Keep JD let him have full control. Hire his coach and see what happens. We fire Mac and have a litany of issues and we hire a well respected guy in JD. His press conference is whatever. Nobody was/is going to publicly make a definitive statement on Darnold/Gase at this point in the season. Joe isn't going to throw anyone under the bus not even Gase. For now I still have faith in Joe Douglas because I believe his strategy for long term success is there. Sure there were some moves this offseason that didn't pan out. I don't think you kill the guy for it. As far as Gase, CJ created this monster with the "everyone is equal and reports to me, BS".
  10. Yes the cowboys only won 1 game before Dak got hurt but lost to the Rams in week 1 by a FG, then beat the Falcons 40-39, lost to the Seahawks 38-31, Lost to the Browns 49-38, and beat the Giants 37-34 (Dak injured this game) .. then having to play a combination of Dalton and some guy i have never heard of haven't' looked good on offense. That being said their Defense is atrocious worse in the league at points against and defense has been an issue for the cowboys. Different teams and different scenarios but Kellen Moore is calling plays and McCarthy has said he doesn't plan on taking over play calling. Up until the Dak injury I wouldn't say offense is an issue there. I would say that I wanted McCarthy over Gase. At the time and based on how McCarthy worked and developed Rogers, changing his throwing angles, footwork, getting him to throw with power and vastly improving his deep ball - it seemed like the obvious choice to benefit Sam if we weren't going to hire Kingsbury.
  11. You didn’t hear? Herndon for Hurd. Thought you would be excited 😆
  12. Stark

    The QB Thread

    this a mafia thread now? lol.. you guys are consistent.
  13. We are on the same page as far as the "time to cut bait" comment. no one said it wasn't. At some point when you draft a 20 year old kid to play QB you think your priority would be surround him with a group that can develop him. We never did... just hey man go win some games. Sam had, fire his rookie year. he was willing to play the position stand in the pocket, take hits and make throws.. but not investing in the line and wr's Sam is being David Carr'd he's gun shy and doesn't believe in what he see's. The bad coaching only makes it worse and it shows as nothing is done in this offense to try to make anything easier for him... once gase took over we have seen a different "neutered" Sam. That is on sam to an extent. The system isn't really set-up for any QB to succeed by play call alone. We all see it... 3rd and 9, run a 3 yard WR screen. plenty of things you see in games show that. Not arguing its time for us to move on if we are in that position, and it looks like we have a good chance - also if we take Lawrence or Fields and we make the same decisions (i don't think Joe D will) we will be right back in same place in 3-5 years. why is the supposed FQB not taking the next step show leadership and stop making the same fundamental mistakes we are seeing regularly from him. Not being able to read a defense , holding the ball too long or forcing throws into triple coverage , throwing off his back foot.
  14. eh... I was a huge fan of Mahomes. I said we should draft him at 6. The guy needed refining and some instruction to be a NFL QB, no? People were knocking him for leaving the pocket too early, having erratic feet, can he read a defense (air raid offense), plays too undisciplined. Im not saying Sam could have been Mahomes. I am saying we made every wrong move to ensure Sam didn't get the development he should.
  15. well maybe so, but the sale is on. Perriman offers nothing long term if you can get something for him now it would be dumb not too.
  16. true. the fact that we chose to Fire Bowles and not invest in Sam was the mistake, that was my point.
  17. That comment was made as when we were hiring 2 years ago and chose Gase. Not now. IMO no way you can trust keeping Sam. Kid is broken
  18. Perriman being interested for some teams? hell yeah JD, ship him out. no loss
  19. i said a legit HC, to start the entire post... Gase isn't a legit anything. I hated that we even were interviewing Gase, didn't want to hire him. guy was and still is trash
  20. agree and also add.... if we brought in a legit HC that would have installed a QB coach and OC that actually would have taught Sam how to play the QB position and work on his fundamentals/mechanics we could be in a much different spot. Sam is worse today than he was his rookie season. There is a reason I said during the hiring process to hire for Sam, even if it is a small detriment to the rest of the team. If Sam fails the team fails. and what do we do? we bring in the worst HC/OC/Qb and player developer statistically in the last half decade that has now managed to crush 2 franchises.
  21. Arthur Smith is pretty interesting but the fact that teams stack the box to stop the Beast, Derrick Henry makes a lot of his throws very easily defined. I am not taking anything away from Tannehill, he has done much better than I thought he would. When a team can contain Henry or TITANS get behind it is a different story. I don't know if Smith is a HC. We are looking for a HC not an OC. We are living through hell right now because a guy that had a few great seasons while carrying the title of Offensive Coordinator has killed 2 franchises. Smith has had 2 good offensive seasons. Maybe he would be a good HC, but there is a lot more that goes into a HC than just "well he did have 2 good seasons as an OC". Sure Tannehill looks much better with the TITANS but if you remove the main threat on that offense is it the same. TN spent 4 years building an offensive line. drafted Henry and it still took them 3 years to realize what the had in Henry. it was mid way through last season that the light bulb went on and they started to ride Henry to success.
  22. Gase - coaching where football is going. man I wonder if/how many times CJ replays that quote in his head and facepalms... moron.

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