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  1. Fu** that. Max asked someone to start it. If you think this loss is on anyone other than Z Wilson please go have your head examined
  2. Corey Davis. Corey Davis way under thrown Elijah Moore *corey Davis doing his thing that he did with Titans have a huge game the sh*t himself & the team in a critical situation.
  3. Yeah. jETS D has been okay. Our offends has sucked the largest D ever. And it’s all on Zach
  4. crazy how different could this game be if we actually get the “strip fumble” on Pats opening drive? Do f****ng jETS Somehow not reviewable and then we sh*t the bed
  5. for the first time in 3 years... young team, young coaches, first real game in system and yes, the loss sucks but doesn't really bother me keep improving week to week.. I didn't expect to go 3-1 first 4 games anyway.
  6. sure they are... but they don't sleep when you want them too... lol
  7. Man..... hope he's ready.Congrats Mike, now prepare for literally no sleep in about a month for the next........ Also, you need to negotiate a diaper bonus with Joe Douglas
  8. they will franchise tag him... these types of players don't get unrestricted free agency.
  9. This is correct... will go live on the first Sunday games... also if there is an issue it usually happens on the first day.
  10. Robby 189, 2TDs im not sure id say sam is going to go off, but I not expecting a W on Sun. I just want to see a team that looks semi-competent and nothing like the last 2 wasted years with Gase.
  11. go ahead... might find out that's all you need to help team win lol
  12. and I was trying to draw the NK saying I was going to shoot pac... kill pac... posting all those Notorious BIG lyrics about bombs and guns and still didn't work
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