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  1. Why in the world would you off Devin Funchess? Cobb I could see if we didn't have Crowder
  2. Creed Humphrey is going back to OU... but otherwise ok.
  3. I agree. I keep saying wee need to come away with a: Lamb Higgins Jefferson Plus a AGG / Jennings / Mimms... The way this mock went I couldn't get one of those top 3, IMO. The second rd pick is where I was hoping to get one of them and no luck.
  4. I would probably draft 2 guys this year at WR, its a pretty good pool of WR's IMO. I know position allocation dollars is a bigger topic, but in a passing league if you are going to have 2 position groups that you maybe put more budgeted in for it should be Oline and WR. Sam is going to show whether or not he's going to get his $.
  5. I say cut Q deal with the cap ramifications and sign Robby. People may forget but Robby had around 900 yards& 7 TD's by week 12 in 2017. McCown got hurt and Bowles and offense were never able to pass the ball. So what could be our number 2 WR is capable of a 1100 yd season with 9 TD's.... um.. yeah I'd pay you 10-12 maybe even closer to 13 for that.
  6. That was the toughest pick to make based on the board. It may be my lack of knowledge for the group of players that were available there, and I wish I screen captured the group of players around that point to see what selections some others would have taken there. I took a risky pick there and I knew it. I figured I would get slammed for that. Also, in hindsight the way RBs fell later in that draft I could have reached for a different player and still gotten a decent RB later.
  7. Robby is not a #1 he is a UDFA who is a #2. The biggest mistake last season Mac gave Q a contract that he has never earned. That should have gone to Robby, who would have probably signed that faster than any other contract has been signed. Then this year we wouldn't be in this position where a productive WR with upside is going to probably be leaving because of $. Sam's WR for next season: very underwhelming group. Even if you add a Amari Cooper or AJ Green, you're a Jamison Crowder ankle injury away from being in a tough spot. Wide Receiver (4) 82 - Jamison Crowder 5'9" 177 Duke (WR) 10 - Braxton Berrios 5'9" 190 Miami (FL) (WR/KR) 17 - Vyncint Smith 6'3" 202 Limestone (WR) 15 - Josh Bellamy 6'0" 208 Louisville (WR) Cant' really count on Q, unknown neck issues, and he's always getting injured. 81 - Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 Nebraska (WR) (if healthy)
  8. can't argue this order. If you need a guy from here on out it would be hard to not chose Wilson over Rodgers. other thought is how frustrated I still am that we didn't draft Mahomes or Watson..... oh and Tannehill, lol... yeah big NO, ill pass
  9. I am just running the picks as is. I am not projecting trading away anyone or adding picks.. This is from https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine The 3rd selection was tough...
  10. I was doing a 7rd mock for fun yesterday and 2 times that scenario played out... 1 time I took Chaisson and the other I took Lamb, just to see what that looked like. All the Oline went early and Wirfs went pick 10 so i was forced. But today when i did one, Wirfs made it to 11 https://thedraftnetwork.com/mock-draft-machine here's the one from today.... this site is a little inconsistent with where players are going from day to day, but for fun...
  11. There were plenty of people posting on this board that Lamar would be the more "electric" Qb of the group because of his play style. The concerns were longevity and how would Jackson develop and could he hold up playing that style. Most don't, we will see. Who cares what Larry David has to say anyway
  12. Jim Schwartz is going to interview in Cleveland..... I still don't know that I believe McDaniels is ever leaving NE. I think he is just waiting to take over whenever Belichick leaves
  13. slams draft notes... corrected that part....
  14. The franchise was sold for $1 million to a five-man syndicate headed by Sonny Werblin of the Gotham Football Club, Inc., in February 1963 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_Jets
  15. This has been a thing for a while. historical part of the franchise (not Sanchize).
  16. True. Missed 6 games in 2016 and the last 7 of 2018. injuries happen. he played all in 2017 From a talent standpoint yes best WR on that list and if Joe D is draft strategy leans him to a decision like this I wouldn't hate it. Of the receivers on your list I am not paying any of the others if it came to it I'd take AJ green and his game over Cooper or the others. If we don't address WR in FA I won't be upset either, but then I am assuming we are going to draft 2 at different points in draft.
  17. He wouldn't be my top FA choice. I am not so concerned with the 2019 season and him taking the time, he knew the Bengals were going nowhere . I'd rather sign an edge... but if you're going to get a WR I'd chance it with Green.
  18. I know Green has had some injury issues and is a little older, but if Joe D has an idea to take WR's later and stock pile the line and address CB i wouldn't hate Green. Edge Ngakoue would be nice... heck even Fowler depending on draft strategy.
  19. I agree. I don't expect 40 yards a game. I am just saying I think there were plays left on the field that he would have normally made. His rushing yards this year were less than half of last season. Just my opinion that he can be more mobile and use it.
  20. I think Sam does have some run ability. I wouldn't be surprised if he was told to not run with the whole mono, spleen thing. There were plenty of plays where Sam had a chunk of open yards available to run and he would keep moving toward the sideline to throw a tougher pass. I hope I am right and that next season he is more aggressive and willing to make some of those plays. If not then I am wrong on "do not run/take extra hits" mandate.
  21. My opinion. Q for the 3rd overall pick underperformed. He did have some injuries to deal with, but still was underwhelming at best. I still don't know why we didn't draft Josh Allen... That being said, I think with another off season and training, Q building some NFL strength will help him. Joe D really shouldn't do much to the Defense. The obvious is CB and a pass rusher, which I expect 1 to be acquired in FA. If Greg Williams can do what he did this year with scrubs and guys off of the "trash heaps" I cannot wait to see what it looks like with a healthy (for more than 2 quarters) CJ Moseley and Avery Williamson. Taking into account all the players that got in game experience our depth on or defensive front should be solid.

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