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  1. this is true... its been in 80's with only 50% humidity,.... in a couple weeks it will be 90's with 90+% humidity.
  2. the girl that caught that Wilson pass already more reliable than Corey Davis... @Drums lol.... you know I had to
  3. David Harris is first when I think of that number for us. Weird seeing a DE rocking 52. Should be a LB. can I say how much I dislike this, any number can be worn at any position… FFS.
  4. WR requirement: 5’11” and 190 or less. lol we are allergic to finding bigger WRs
  5. I need to watch that movie again been a while.
  6. Ha. Yeah. I just watched it too. LFG. This dude is unique and yes I’m hoping he goes off (on the field in a good way for us, not psycho). Let’s hope he and Jermaine are the Edge nightmares for other teams we’ve been waiting for It’s like a real life character from The Program. @Paradis lol
  7. we have moved in a more positive direction... I understand you don't want to get hurt again.... it sure would be an unexpected delight if Mims just adds on from his first season and we just end up saying season 2 was an anomaly
  8. Get back on board…. Come on big guy #unleashTheBeast. #FreeMims
  9. I buy it.. VOTE SHANE
  10. and he did not jump that high... lol... pushed yp by DB while jumping to increase height. 36" Vert at combine
  11. abso-f*xking-lutely.... I can get in my car now and head to Corey Davis' house and drive he and the fam out there.
  12. You know how quick Rogers is to get pissed at a WR for not being where there supposed to or DROPPING a ball they shouldn’t. Bad route running and seemingly underdeveloped at then position is real working against him. odds are more likely that Watson - Stephen Hill’s it that he does DaVante Adam’s it. also I was sooooo happy GB took him before we could even sweat it out.
  13. Revis and Sherm could probably close it down if they ever decided to join up and instruct. 2 different styles that know their stuff.
  14. I support this message. Cimini is trash. Oh @DoomProphet do one trashing Mike Greenberg the most annoying cry boy of the jets.
  15. Hopefully Zach has some games that give the team and fans this much fun watch
  16. come on JETS just bring him in for a try out. I mean for fC^J=ks sake we keep bringing back Jeff Smith lol.. have him meet with medical staff and see if you can get a role player at least.
  17. Yeah dunno just bring him in and give him a look all our WRs are 5’7” 5’11” Drummond too bring both to try
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