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  1. clicking the magnifying glass in bottom left of any post within a thread works for ISOing, or at least that's how it used to work
  2. just saw this, I'm in if there's a second league
  3. #12 Player: Integrity28 Username for this game: The John McClane Representing: JetNation. Started playing in: 2010. Qualifications: Integrity28 was recommended as the clear champion for JetNation by the previous representatives and other top players from Dragonmount, a site that shares much of its player base with JetNation. Also, Integrity28 apparently invented rule #14: GFY. Bio: "I suck at this game. I don't take notes, I don't remember anything, I use the thread as a stream of consciousness... Or do I?" #13 Player: Verbal32 Username for this game: Verbal
  4. On Tennis Channel today, they showed live ATP tennis exhibitions in West Palm Beach without ball kids and line judges. Just a chair ump as for KBO, having cheerleaders/mascots without fans in attendance is really weird lol.
  5. SMC's game is also the first *undisputed* town win this season!
  6. CTM/Gata had a nice run as #1! @Pac remembers this game:
  7. can't say i've seen an Ape Hess or JiF game recently
  8. Blade setup scared away Boozer for good, but otherwise the other 6 newbs who have played 2+ games haven't retired yet!
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