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  1. just saw this, I'm in if there's a second league 👊
  2. Happy Birthday, Non/Nun/Nyn!
  3. 4 previous JN reps according to their archives #12 Player: Integrity28 Username for this game: The John McClane Representing: JetNation. Started playing in: 2010. Qualifications: Integrity28 was recommended as the clear champion for JetNation by the previous representatives and other top players from Dragonmount, a site that shares much of its player base with JetNation. Also, Integrity28 apparently invented rule #14: GFY. Bio: "I suck at this game. I don't take notes, I don't remember anything, I use the thread as a stream of consciousness... Or do I?" #13 Player: Verbal32 Username for this game: Verbal32 Representing: JetNation Started playing in: 2007 Bio: Win spectacularly or die trying. 10) Leelou REPRESENTING: JetNation NATIONALITY: American STARTED PLAYING MAFIA (YEAR): 2007 HAVE PLAYED MAFIA ON THE FOLLOWING SITES: jetnation dragonmount BIO: I'm just winging this sh*t. 3) JF80 REPRESENTING: JetNation NATIONALITY: American STARTED PLAYING MAFIA (YEAR): 2010 HAVE PLAYED MAFIA ON THE FOLLOWING SITES: JetNation, Dragonmount BIO: GFY
  4. On Tennis Channel today, they showed live ATP tennis exhibitions in West Palm Beach without ball kids and line judges. Just a chair ump as for KBO, having cheerleaders/mascots without fans in attendance is really weird lol.
  5. TY for the tag Your resident fluffer and W(orst)SHE is out for a bit too. Have fun! Pecker will watch @Pac retain his GSHE title and destroy all of you jobbers.
  6. SMC's game is also the first *undisputed* town win this season!
  7. CTM/Gata had a nice run as #1! @Pac remembers this game:
  8. can't say i've seen an Ape Hess or JiF game recently
  9. Blade setup scared away Boozer for good, but otherwise the other 6 newbs who have played 2+ games haven't retired yet!
  10. Vig and Kavalry N1 shots were originally both going to be at AJ. Both switched near the end! GG all and thanks SMC for putting on a great show! Pac and SMC put a ton of effort into their marathon games.

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