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  1. Bro you really are too much LOLOLOLOLOL Stay committed 2 Crushlove 4 lyfe
  2. I actually just read the game and clicked a gazillion upvotes in frustration elation ... WE want breakfast ... WE want food!
  3. Here's a story #5 This makes me think your with CTM ... CTM claims minor role, let's just move him up in towniness when he was at the bottom ... its not a valid reason to move him up in my opinioin ... But it doesn't matter what my reads are ... why would it matter when my vote was just 'lucky' as you call it, which I will not dispute and instead will concede... its still a vote, and i left it there despite having strong inclinations toward moving it when stark started becoming more desperate and argumentative ... he started tugging at people's heartstrings and i hate that part of the game, the touchy feely tactical sh*t ... i become that way myself, some seem to, IRregardless of alignment ... as JIF said its gamesmanship ... everyone seems more town when there's a little crazy going on ... IRREgardless, it's nearing the business end of the game where sh*t hits the fan ... Ill be following the strong dead flipped town's reads fwiw, just like i did in the previous game when stark flipped town, for better or worse ... in that game, i went with his DPR read in his DPR-APE spat and was wrong ... i think thast the bestt bet for poor players ... it happens ... which means if im not the lynch, then your most likely going to have my 'lucky' vote ... that is, if ur not dead then ... THE END. -PECKER
  4. Year is 1970, President is Richard Nixon. There, everybody happy. 😛

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