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  1. It's preseason game two and the Jets starting defense looks awful once again. Mo asked for all that money when management should have pushed to resign Snacks to man the middle. Mo saw more double teams and was a non factor in the short time he played. I told everyone on Twitter and every others means hat Mo would not be as dominant without Snacks. Time will tell if I'm right?
  2. My prayers were not answered!!! Fitz got his 12 mil. On the other hand Fitz does have better weapons this year. Will he be any better I doubt it very much. Even though Forte and some of the rookie WR's could help balloon Fitz numbers a tiny bit. Is it enough to get us in the play offs? I think if we get in and our defense plays ball out we can over achieve. Go Jets!!!
  3. Geno may be a lifetime back up at best. Training camp reps do not make you a starter in the NFL. Every year fans talk up the Geno coaster. Geno is the best camp QB, blah blah blah! Please wake the **** up!!!
  4. If you want to blame the WR as a reason go ahead. I plain and simply see Geno playing himself out of the roster. His decision making and football IQ are very below average. His attitude gets to me also as he has refused to talk to reporters. Petty is clearly out playing Geno and I knew this would happen. Every year they have crowned Geno the training camp prodigy. I told everyone when the bullets fly Geno will be Geno, 1 pick no TD's. I hope everyone finally put Geno and his bid for starting QB to rest. Go Jets!!!
  5. You are showing really bad decisions and throws? Are you for Hackenburg or not? I am confused. I want to give Mc the benefit of the doubt but they have to work him much more not put him in storage for 2 years?
  6. They just guaranteed 12 million in year one. 12 mil a year would be the dumbest thing management can do. He is not a post season QB, he will not get us into the post season!!!
  7. I totally disagree with that idea. Sanchez had an above average run game and a solid defense. He gave the opponents as many points and we scored and there is no way he could play mistake free football. His football IQ is really low just like Geno. On the other hand Fitz had a solid offensive run game and receivers. The defense could stop any one in the secondary. The pass defense was horrible with Cro getting beat every game he played in and Revis showing his age and that he's not worth his salary. I think Fitz and Geno are about the same passing the ball but Fitz has a much higher football I
  8. I have seen time and time again WR's making good catches and run after the catch for all top QB's. So???
  9. I can not understand fans that still talk about Mark Sanchez like we made a mistake from moving on at the position. I remember friends telling me to watch Mark make a comeback and beat the Jets when the Pats picked him up. All I heard was, if anyone can turn his career around is Billacheat. Well they dumped him before pre-season. Now in Denver those of you that think he is going to do anything positive forget about it! End of story. So now I want to address Fitz who in my opinion can not be any better than in 2015. We have the same receiving core and if anything we only upgraded at HB wi
  10. I think and think and I just don't understand? What do fans think we can do with a player that is worried about his salary over his team. Have you guys looked at our cap space. Have you noticed that Pats players supposedly are taking less money to help their team. I don't buy that pay cut by all the players in New England but I will leave that to the league to investigate. The fact is we do not have the money to even entertain giving Fitz his desired salary. We still have the rookies to sign and there are holes we need to try to address with free agents still available. I am being completely h
  11. Jets management really need to hit this pick. No QB, RB, DE, OT or CB please. What we need is a strong outside linebacker that has rush skills and cover skills. If we don't get a chance with Leonard Floyd 6-6, 244 lbs . Then we need to wait for the later rounds to select a speedy OLB the likes of Shaq Lawson, 6-2, 269 lbs. If anyone has scouting on any other good cover OLB's post them. Go Jets!!!
  12. It is opinion that just about any QB that is not turn over prone like Ge-no can help us win. I actually believe B Hoyer would be an equal replacement and quite possibly an upgrade over Fitz. Considering Fitz is looking for lottery type salary I think we could easily move on and pick up Hoyer. He has a better upside because he was productive with the Texans and their weak offense. Hoyer is 3 yrs. younger and I think he is more athletic than Fitzpatrick. Yet the most appealing part of this deal has to be the contract money Hoyer would receive over what Fitz is demanding.
  13. Ge-no is a sure no for us. I am not saying Ge-no is never going to be any good for the NFL but I can say I have not seen any real improvement. He is just not smart enough to deal with the speed of the game and think fast enough to consistently make good decisions.
  14. There is no alternate world where Geno is successful as much as all you Jets fans say. He is just not average and will be just like Sanchez for his entire NFL career whether you accept it or not. You guys probably think Sanchez is going to do something in Denver? I assure you Sanchez is not even a game manager so stop dreaming. I guess a few more years of reality will dig into that stubbornness. Geno does not have leadership skills regardless of what you think. No other QB in the history of the NFL has gotten his jaw broken by his own player. You can blame Ike for that all you want. Ge-no did
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