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  1. Agreed. One of the few reasonable posters on here. Macc isn't getting fired. However, the entire coaching staff is a dumpster fire. In many walks of life leadership (immediate) is responsible for growing personnel and putting them in positions to succeed. I have never seen that with this coaching staff, usually the exact opposite.
  2. The Engineer

    Muhammad Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    Comments like this make it very easy to call people nuts or fools around here. That could possibly be the dumbest comment I've read yet, and there have been plenty of bad ones. Congratulations, the free t-shirt is yours.
  3. The Engineer

    Browns willing to deal the #2 pick.

    First off that is a crappy package that CLE wouldn't go for. Chances are Mo + 20 + 3rd + 2nd next year would probably get it done. Second every time someone says MO isn't elite they deserved to be called a fool. So my friend you are a fool, and nuts at the same time.
  4. Im glad you chose to call me out in public, rather than private. Fact is half the people on here use way worse talk to each other than simply calling someone nuts! Everybody has a right to their opinion, as well as questioning those opinions. Fact that you choose to call me out and no one else speaks volumes for you, not me.
  5. Next time try watching the games instead of looking at the stat lines. And if you actually did watch the games go get your eyes checked out. If I were you I would take that free t-shirt and head on home.
  6. The Engineer

    Muhammad Wilkerson Windy City Bound?

    Except that he is Elite. MO is #96 just in case you've been watching a different number, cause if you actually were watching that number you would already know this.
  7. The Engineer

    Muhammad Wilkerson Windy City Bound?

    Are you nuts? Cutler? The goal is to use your chips to get better,. Not to trade your chips to get a pile of sh*t in return.
  8. The Engineer

    Cowboys trade?

    No it wouldn't. MO is a young and elite player, also a big position of need for DAL. Possibly a conditional next years 3/4. Is DF Buckner better than MO? Cause thats DAL's option. So from their perspective, you get MO, still keep a mid first, get a conditional next year on top of it. Sure you have to squeeze salaries around, but a team that wants to will.
  9. The Engineer

    Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    System and coaching was night and day, thats one big difference. Marshall allowed other receivers to be put in their proper position to succeed. With Marshall defenses played other guys differently, so that 1 addition alone changed the rest of the offense entirely. Roster was different, but there were a lot of other factors that changed the sophistication of the offense entirely.
  10. The Engineer

    Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Mostly the same? Funny I don't remember David Nelson, Clyde Gates and Greg Salas in the main rotation this past year.
  11. The Engineer

    Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Neither have I. Congrats, fitz had a 2-1 TD/INT ratio. Now what? Hopefully it starts to set in that we didn't make the playoffs with a really solid defense, really good supporting cast, good OC, good Coach. You don't realize that if he was more accurate, didn't kill drives, kept momentum going with his QB play, he would've been resigned already. Hows that TD/INT ratio working out now. Hang your argument on that all you want, but for many of us, that ratio doesn't dictate good QB play. I don't fall for stats alone, I watch and analyze as well. Its like the argument of Rex always having top 5 defenses. Ya great, although they were always good for 2-3 game changing meltdowns or penalties a game. But the stats tell the whole story don't they.
  12. The Engineer

    Shopping Mo ?

    Teams that want to fit a salary of MO's in can do it. Theres a lot of tricks and shuffling around to get a player to fit books wise. Baltimore is tight, but they do like to move, and they are looking for DL help. Basically if I have a choice between DF Buckner or MO Plus a 20 plus a conditional, would I try and figure out how to fit him in? Answer that question and there is your answer. Realistic or not.
  13. The Engineer

    Shopping Mo ?

    If I was a team with cap space and that could handle it, I would in a heartbeat trade for a MO caliber player while retaining a top 20 pick. Probably a conditional as well. Regardless if this is realistic or not, this is my interpretation of possibly using an asset that we rarely have, to try and land a "potential" franchise QB, who we haven't had in many many years. Obviously there are risks with QB's, very aware of that. I just know what it feels like watching Brady, Big Ben, Rogers, etc for years and trying to force the next guy (Geno or whomever) to possibly get to that level.
  14. The Engineer

    Shopping Mo ?

    Agreed, and its not close. Its obvious on the field. For those of us that don't think fitz = brady at least.
  15. The Engineer

    Shopping Mo ?

    Im not justifying anything in my head. MO is an asset, due to our current DL, he's an expendable asset. You utilize the assets you have in order to make your team better. In this case a draft pick would probably not make the team better. Using this asset trying to get a potential franchise QB is a risk, but of all the scenarios, its a risk a smart team should make.

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