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  1. Except for the poster above asking me what I engineer. Otherwise youre right, but in this case you're not. I get it, morning after miserable f*** syndrome. I get it
  2. WTF does linkedIn have to do anything I wrote. Proving my point. Typical ignorance. High post count doesn't give you a brain or intelligence.
  3. Im a Tech Director at video game company. In this industry for the last 18 years. Been a jet fan since I was 12, so about 34 years. Played College bball, football as well as coached wr's for a couple years at the same college.
  4. is coming on here and reading all the posts from complete idiots. Ya Darnold had a bad game. We all saw it. Its disappointing that all the "hot" routes seemed to be 10+ yards down the field. I think the adjustments from both the coaching staff and Darnold were the biggest issues. Darnold is still a young guy, but he wasn't given a lot of support to succeed, from either OL, coaching or simple modifications to the gameplan according to what was being presented. Unless that involved allowing overload blitzes to come free and not have receivers adjust to shorter "hot" routes (which I didn't see). I would be more concerned it Darnold had all day to throw and performed the same. And all the bills fans proclaiming Josh Allen is > Darnold. Please stop. You're embarrassing yourselves. Josh Allen "might" turn into a good QB. But as of this moment, he is a good playmaker, is a good runner, is extremely erratic accuracy wise, is having trouble moving onto 2nd/3rd reads consistently. He is what he is. To say as a pure QB he is better than Darnold, please just stop. I get it you guys love your team, its a great defense, good OL, and I think really good coaching that is putting Allen in a good position to succeed. Say that and leave it at that. Anything else and you're just not understanding football at all and look like complete idiots. And I get it, most jet fans on here are the same and it entices you to be similar. I get it. Bottom line, until we start seeing Darnold being put in better positions to succeed, he won't start to gain traction and could still be somewhat up and down. Unless he completely takes it upon himself and starts to manipulate all the adjustments for the OL/WR on his own (which Im not sure he hasn't been doing anyway). But for those of you that say he's not a FQB or that he stinks or blah blah blah, you are idiots. A lot of good, logical posters on here, and I enjoy reading their dialog. The mouth breathers need to go away though,.

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