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  1. There’s been some bad ones but this is up there for sure
  2. This is great stuff. I mean, this is essentially what Matt Jones does,. Backs get most of the targets, quick short throws. Nothing super fancy. The one pass he did try down the field was wide open and he overthrew him by 20 yards (would've been called back anyway). Im happy for the win (which I think had more to do with scheme, groupings, what Joe willie said), but the threads of him being the next Brady or he's a QB1 after checking down or quick throwing most of the game are laughable at best. These threads will age very well I have a feeling
  3. Just ******* dumb. 2 games in. Ya he stunk. But 2 games in this is the reaction? Go away. If he does turn it around guys posting sh*t like this should be banned on principle
  4. I actually used to enjoy this board, sadly its just not that enjoyable anymore. Used to be lots of good info, some smart people with good opinions (and yes some with bad). You have single handedly ruined it for me. Immature isn't even the right word. The rah rah cheerleader act for TL, then not even wanting ZW, now flipping a complete 180 and being an annoying fan boy. Everyone has their opinions, but yours are delivered in such a terrible way it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. "this kid, that kid". The story posts with videos and pictures. Its almost like you have no self confidence and n
  5. How bout, fu*k no. So someone wants to do their DD on a situation and thats considered soft? So you get a job offer from a company that might not have had the best reputation in recent years, but they have new management and seem like they're trying to go in the right direction but still have that previous reputation over their heads. Asking around about some concerns you have is considered soft? NO, thats actually considered being smart and doing your own DD on the situation to try and put yourself in a position to succeed and not fail. People are throwing around dumb fu*king takes left and r
  6. What you wrote is garbage. I dont want to read it. This is brutal. 3 more weeks of reading dumb sh*t like this. Just post the di*k pics already, just finish it.
  7. Closer to reality? Really? You are literally neck and neck with the worst posters on this board. Completely idiotic. And that is definitely very close to reality
  8. So lets see... People here want to trade down for a TE (some for a T), while keeping the disaster at QB that we've seen for the last 3 years because... He "might" turn it around? The TE is highly rated? Because we can get more picks? People magically think there is some sweetheart hush hush backdoor deal on the table that we would just give up someone with serious potential for what reason? Because that makes sense in what world? A QB is there that analysts love, scouts love, is a stud in my opinion, has serious potential (far more than the garbage ive seen for the last 3 years from SD) from a
  9. Agreed. If JD thinks like that (which I doubt he does), then he should consider a career change. I just dont see JD saying "we're not getting enough for sam, so lets pass on a guy who we think is good or can be better due to that". If thats how he views them
  10. The Wilson hate is comical at this point. I love him personally, but to each his own. I think its funny that you focus on his 2019 tape, as if his 2020 tape doesn't exist. He learned, he healed, he grew smarter, he got better. People beat the competition thing to death, dont care, I see throws and processing of information that will translate. Not sure why thats so hard to understand. Oh yeah, and the shoulder thing., like everyone that gets drafted with a healthy background NEVER gets injured. Got it. This post had really good info. And by really good info I mean 0 good info and comple
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