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  1. I think whats worse is all the idiot jet fans. Made this forum unbearable at times. There a lot of smart guys on here I enjoy, good insights,. And then there are the idiots, the ones that after ANY QB completes a 5 yard curl route post threads like big_dirty_jake > Darnold. The end. The ones saying "trade Darnold now",. What? Without the top pick as insurance? Its interesting to see the logical fans trying to explain these things to brick wall fans. What is the point? Fans should be treated like players, say or do dumb sh*t and you're out. Cut., Done. Lets see what happens when another QB comes in and runs for his life for 2 years. Im high on Darnold, but I also know that he's been put in an impossible situation to succeed. Love the hot takes of "oh Darnold cant complete this or that". Its called 2+ years of running for your life with a garbage OL and schemes that dont take into account the limited time that OL actually gives Darnold to throw the ball. Ive seen it. Every painful play. To think he's not somewhat damaged at this point is unfair. Does that mean he cant turn it around,? I think he can. Ive seen a ton of glimpses, but whether he does or not will depend on a competent coaching staff that puts players in positions to succeed, and a GM that gets ones that actually can succeed. He simply hasn't had that (I like JD, but to have this OL this year is unacceptable after you knew what it was last year). Drafting another QB now will only repeat this cycle (which a lot of you get). There a lot wrong with this team, but theres even more wrong with a lot of this fan base. Fun Fact: Many of us that have been fans for a long time know theres no way in hell the jets get the top pick, thats just how it'll go. Only reasons I have for that is 30+ years of being a fan. You all can circle jerk over TL, but the fact is we wont be in position to get him (and he's the ONLY one I would consider dumping Darnold for). So all of this back and forth is so moot and funny.

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