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  1. One thing is for sure he doesnt make people around him better, he needs help for sure but the games he had against the worst teams in the NFL made me give up on him. If next year he can't make the jump to the next level he needs to be gone. Fkc It I would really consider Tua If i was JD.
  2. Bad mechanics, don't know how to handle pressure, misses wide open throws, over or under throws pretty much every deep ball, poor decison making every game.
  3. Lmao, you just contradicted yourself. So if we're not Sam Darnold's cheerleaders like you we're trolls? Pathetic.
  4. Real mature bro, calling out bans just because someone doesn't agree with you. Your frachise QB laid a egg against a 0-11 team but go ahead and give me another excuse.
  5. "Dude Darnold is only 22 and the patriots game never happened".Stop fooling yourselfs Deshaun Watson went to Foxborough as a rookie with a sh*t o line and proved he was a fqb, darnold is not and a Win against the hopeless dolphins bailed out by a PI call and a miss tackle is not changing that. And yea you can downvote idc, we'll be picking Fields or Lawrence after next year.
  6. be careful you can't criticize sam darnold around here, you'll get down voted to oblivion. We need to keep giving him excuses and more excuses I mean he's the second coming of Brett Favre.
  7. Sam Darnold was bad on that drive, miss tackle and a PI saved the Jets.

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