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  1. Guilhermezmc

    2019 Draft.

  2. Guilhermezmc

    USC Pro Day on now

    Allen over Rosen all day long
  3. Guilhermezmc

    My Own Josh Rosen Scouting Report

    Watch the game vs Arizona State 2017. Yes there are drops in this game, but his overall accuracy and ball placement was horrible.
  4. Guilhermezmc

    My Own Josh Rosen Scouting Report

    What about his inconsistent accuracy on short and long throws? People talk about Darnold making stupid decisions but I would say that Rosen has the same type of decison making. See this game vs A&M. He doesn't have a cannon, probably above average. I really think that you report on him is being heavely influenced by the media hype. Im not saying he's a bad prospect but we have to look at him and be able to see who he really is and not who the media been telling for the past 3 years.
  5. Guilhermezmc

    Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    Still not sold, this game vs A&M shows ALL the concerns I have about him. Right now for me os Allen, Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen. I'll be happy with any of them.
  6. Guilhermezmc

    Jets Sign Kicker Cairo Santos

    BRAZIIIILLLLLLL! He's a urban legend around here. We call him Cairão Zika das Bicudas, wich means something like Big Cairo Crazy Kicks.
  7. If Macc don't pick a QB round 1 he should be fired immediately.
  8. Guilhermezmc

    Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    Great RB class? Lets sign a 3 year deal for a Cleveland cast off. Im done with macc.
  9. Guilhermezmc

    The harsh reality!

    Get me Aaron Colvin, Tyrann as a consolation prize
  10. Guilhermezmc

    The harsh reality!

    Don't tell me Chicago has a better roster than us
  11. Guilhermezmc


    I gave up after Chicago got Robinson. Mac is clueless.