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  1. Don't think his play call was bad in the 2 half, int by Sam and that play to crowder both killed good looking drives.
  2. Can the injury gods help us and clear herndon for the NE game.
  3. None of our LB managed to cover Zeke out of the back field, we'll need help against James white.
  4. Gtfo. Jamal did nothing but good since he arrived here, is not his fault that he was picked where he was, If he was a completely bust then you would have a point. The Guy is a all-pro wheter you like him or not. Btw thank him later for this W he made the play to end the game.
  5. He was lined up as a 4-3 DE a lot, kinda strange but he had a hell of a game, got Zack Martin Lost on a couple of plays. That stop on Dak was huge too.
  6. Something tells me that the defense will be the problem this game, hope im wrong.
  7. We have The 32nd offense in the league, im down to anything
  8. The Murphys law is strong with this team
  9. I know its early but I was bored at work and came up with a plan to start what it seems like the 198 attempt in a rebuild for this franchise. To me is clear and obvious that the season was over after the Buffalo game, Sam's mono just came to make sure that all off my hopes were shattered after 2 weeks into the season, so with that being said let's go to the rebuild. The Rebuild: So the rebuild starts in 2019 as I hope that JD can work out a miracle and get some one to bite on Leonard Williams and pay a 3rd rounder to get him. Even though I think that Robby Anderson can be traded easier than Leo, I don't think it would be a good ideia to take away a possible weapon for when Sam returns. The Jets should not trade for anyone they need all the picks they can get. Coaching: Adam Gase has to go, I get that he is on his 3rd string quarterback but he hasn't showed anything that make me think that he's the guy that will help Sam get to the next level. Im looking at two guys right now, Lincoln Riley and Jim Harbaugh, I think that Harbaugh would be a easier guy to get, JD has connections with his brother and Jim is not doing that great in Michigan. Trades: - Leonard Williams - 3rd Rounder - Maybe a team like KC could jump on this after loosing Chris Jones, like I said, right now it looks like a miracle that we can get a 3rd for him. Notable Cuts: - Trumaine Johnson - 12M cap hit and 3M in savings - No brainer here, he will probably never play in the NFL again. - Kelichi Osemele - 11,4M in savings - Looks like he lost a step or two, not even close to be worth this kind of money. - Brian Winters - 7,5M in savings - This guy is awful, I get sick just thinking that him and Kalil are starting for us right now. - Darryl Roberts - 6M in savings - Being torched every week is not ideal for someone that don't have any guarentees on his contract. - Quincy Enunwa - 5,4M cap hit and 2,4M in savings - I went back and forth with this one, I like Quincy but the guy just can't stay on the field, the thing with him is that I think that his contract becomes full guaranteed because of his injury but I'm not sure, if thats the case theres no point in cutting him. This should get the Jets around 85M in cap space going in the 2020 free agency. Free Agency: Resign - - Brian Poole, CB - 3 year, 5,5M yr - One of the bright spots of the team this season, should be a no brainer. - Alex Lewis, G - 2 year, 3M yr - We'll have to see how he plays the rest of the season but I liked what he has shown. - Robby Anderson, WR - 3 year, 8-10M yr - Robby is a though decision, but I think he can be a quality number 2 reciever, and as I said we need weapons to help Sam's development. - Jordan Jenkins - 3 year, 4M yr - Good against the run and have showed glimpses of a pass rush. Sign - Brandon Scherff, G - 5 year, 14-15M yr - If he's available he should be the top target this off season. Jack Conklin, RT - 4 year, 9-10M yr - Above average tackle but young has some pretty good seasons under his belt. Shaquil Barrett, OLB - 4 year, 12-15Myr - I was torn between Shaq barrett or Yannick Ngakoue, even if he's a one year wonder I do think that we need to try and get edge help, its been too long. Yes I know, its a lot of money being throw around, but at the current state of this roster if the Jets even want to compete for any kind of wins next year they will need to be big spenders again this time spending money on premium positions. The Draft: 1st Round Pick - Jerry Jeudy, WR - Alabama - The next great bama reciever is here, if you ever watched a bama game this guy just pops off your screen, great route runner and after the catch he's a treat to take to the house every time, has a mean juke move and great hands. 2nd Round Pick - Alex Leatherwood, T - Alabama - Strong, fast, and this season is proving that he has all the traits to succeed at the NFL level. 3rd Round Pick - Brycen Hopkins, TE - Purdue - Good blocker, great speed and route running. Good piece to complement Chris Herndon. 3rd Round Pick - Kristian Fulton, CB - LSU - He's a interesting case, he has the size speed and technique to play on the outside but lack ball skills, has one int in 4 years at LSU. 4th Round Pick - Lloyd Cushenberry III, C - LSU - Great athlete, strong, very pyschical need to clean up a little bit his technique but overall a good prospect. 4th Round Pick - Ben Bredeson, G - Michigan - I know the jets don't have 2 4th round picks yet but in this case I would like to see a trade up to get this guy, a good guard out of Michigan that could even start day one. Depth Chart: So after all the moves the Jets are in position to really evaluate Sam Darnold and compete at least for a WC spot. Offense - QB - Sam Darnold RB - Leveon Bell WR 1 - Jerry Jeudy WR 2 - Robby Anderson WR 3 - Jamison Crowder TE - Chris Herndon LT - Alex Leatherwood LG - Alex Lewis / Ben Bredeson C - Llyod Cushenberry III RG - Brandon Scherff RT - Jack Conklin Defense - DE - Quinnen Williams DE - Henry Anderson DT - Steve Mclendon OLB - Shaquil Barrett ILB - CJ Mosley ILB - Avery Williamson OLB - Jordan Jenkins CB 1 - Kristian Fulton CB 2 - Nate Hariston SLTCB - Brian Poole SS - Jamal Adams FS - Marcus Maye

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