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  1. i agree with you tho, elijah moore is sh*t
  2. pump the breaks, one of those games was against us and we're st8 up garbage
  3. The fact that Ryan Griffin got our qb killed and seconds later got a td off the board is a good sign of how good of a GM Joe Douglas is
  4. In the year that everyone had their 40 times inflated Jarmain Sherwood ran a 4.75 on his pro day. This front office thought that was a good idea to draft a "undrafted" slow box safety and put him to start a LB. How does those guys still have jobs is beyond me.
  5. You're starting a 5th round converted safety as your play caller on the defense, regime after regime this team is still clueless
  6. Yet those mfs always seem to get more money, watch out for Terron Armstead, we should break the bank for him.
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