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  1. As I see we're one Sam Darnold injury away from Trevor Lawrence
  2. Damn I hope he doesn't have a injury guarantee in that contract that Maccagnan gave him
  3. 1 year prove type of deal, ny is a big market if the plays well he'll get his 19M next year. Give GW him and Ryan and lets see what he can do.
  4. Watching his tape i liked his route running especially his releases, don't think he's great against off coverage he likes to bruise guys who try to press bom and trives most against Man coverage, he's the type of guy who makes the Impossible catch and drop a easy one right after, he doesn't give you yac don't know If that is because off the Baylor scheme but he sure have the speed to break a big one. Overall he still need to polish his route running against zone and off coverage and fix his drop problem with that i don't ser why he can't be a 1000 yrd reciever.
  5. Trent Williams was traded after injuries and cancer, we don't need that plane.
  6. I see good and bad things about both of them, but Sam still looks like the better qb big year coming for them. They seem to be great friends off the field and share the same qb coach.
  7. We have different views but i respect yours, as i said i would've looked into adding one more top OL before going defense especially a safety/hybrid.
  8. Hey Man im not trying to hate, i Just don't get the hype, is another Premium pick on a not Premium position.
  9. Im not saying he whiffed just because the Guy didn't even play a down in the nfl. I have different opinion on what a premium position is, safeties don't make the cut im Sorry. To me if he took the guy from Georgia later we would be better, thats Just my opinion. Spend Premium picks on Premium positions.

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