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  1. drafting a run stufing DT with your 3rd pick, i see you're a big mac follower
  2. He's not that good, ramcyzk on the other way...
  3. All those all pros joe thomas earned did wonders for the browns
  4. I will write a article too... Brazilian fan reveals miserable experience watching the Jets. It will be my story from the day I started cheering for this team.
  5. not bad, but i would like to see a big time wr paired up with watson
  6. Lets run it back with 40 yo rivers beacuse im afraid to loose my job
  7. Why would you build around a qb that you won't pick up his 5th year option
  8. The thing to me is why would they commit so early to Sam? What has he done to deserve that? I'm sure by the time the Jets can interview and workout the draft prospects things will change...
  9. We already know who are the only two sources we can believe

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