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  1. Going into the season with Ryan Griffin as your starting TE is another of JD great features. Doesn't look like theres anyone good in free agency right now, Trey Burton maybe? Trade for O.J. Howard? David Njoku? Eric Ebron? Elevate Yeboah? All I know is that we need at least a threat over the middle.
  2. Looks like Elijah Moore isn't the second coming of Antonio Brown like the media told us all camp
  3. we can't play against cover 2 because theres literally two sacks of potato playing TE for us
  4. Zach Wilson has been sh*t today but this a very hard pass to make with the RT standing in front of the RB, at least looks like from this angle.
  5. another defensive end covering a tight end, this time going across the formation. What are they doing right now
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