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  1. The Raiders play Seattle this year somewhere the prez is smiling
  2. Run heavy teams and the jets got smoked on the ground last year... Oh and their defenses are no joke too... Well if we want to be a good team we've to beat good teams so you're kinda right
  3. Kinda brutal first half not gonna lie, hopefully Saleh can turn this defense around
  4. Crazy thing that Lawson is on the field and Mekhi is in texas
  5. Some potential there, don't hate the pick, would prefer Zach Tom.
  6. New unis Something just feel off about this uniforms, can't put my finger on it Trader Joe can trade for anything...
  7. Maybe just maybe our time has come
  8. I need the ruckert reaction to being selected by the jets
  9. The same bills GM that drafted Epenesa who can't crack a starting lineup
  10. Wilson is not a yac guy at least he wasn't really used that way at OSU. Christian Watson brings size and is a YAC monster used in many ways like Elijah Moore was being used last year by Lafleur
  11. I would still bet on Pickens and Watson potential, gives us a chance to cut bait with Corey Davis after next year
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