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  1. Zach wilson had people open in his 3 first ints, this game is on Zach not LaFleur.
  2. The problem is that he can't play the slot
  3. If you ever watched tape like you say you did you would have seen that Rosseau tape was a abomination most of his sacks was free runs or stunts to the qb. With that being said, JD does sucks at drafting
  4. Not once, but we did it twice.
  5. It was like when the browns changed their uniforms, maybe our time will come when the next uniforms come aroud like they did
  6. What is this sh*t both 4th downs the play is to berrios, this team is clueless
  7. What gameplan accounts for your qb to throw 3 int in 7 passes, 2 ints in the row
  8. Wasn't mims the one who didnt know how to run routes? Davis straight up gave up on that route
  9. His hair is not going out of the helmet anymore, its even harder to find him on the field
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