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  1. As you seem to be a Alabama fan you should be the first to know that Neal isn't worth the 4th
  2. Those "experts" don't really watch tape do they? I will encourage you to go on youtube and watch some of Hamilton's games, and spoiler alert he's not who you think he is
  3. The real question is who the f is darryl stingley
  4. Wtf kind of comparassion is this? JFM is getting payed 15m/year and by the time Danielle Hunter got his second contract he already had multiple 10+ sack seasons
  5. Jd hired a defensive coach that just finished ranked 32 in the league, with a roster that he built.
  6. One guy drafted Jabari Zuniga and Denzel Mims the other drafted Danielle Hunter and Justin Jefferson, we can go a long way with this
  7. Bring zimmer as the DC and fire that Ulbrich guy!!
  8. a chip, a guard and a tackle and the guy still gets to the qb LOL
  9. every time ty johnson is involved in a play that is what happens
  10. I just noticed that Cj mosley is the team mvp, that should tell the direction this franchise is going
  11. Ty johnson is a practice squad out of the league type of player gtfo here
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