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  1. If a NFL WR puts 2 hands on the ball it has to be a catch, stop blaming Zach for every drop
  2. guess we are going for two every time and fgs are off the board
  3. People blaming zach for a blatant drop is ridiculous
  4. How many drops by davis today
  5. stop listening to media hype kyle hamilton isn't even going top 20
  6. Its a growing theme that Hutchinson is going before Thibodeaux
  7. LaFleur called a good game too
  8. This doesn't get talked enough but Brandon Mann is absolute garbage
  9. LaFleur needs some praise after get his sh*t pushed in for the first 5 games of the season the guy really turned around
  10. If you think theres a kyler murray in this draft you should come out of your cave
  11. This offensive line doensn't block for wilson 3 guys to block one in that redzone trip and still got the sack, playaction zach is sacked before even turning, say what you want about his struggles but this offensive line is dog water
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