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  1. If you think theres a kyler murray in this draft you should come out of your cave
  2. This offensive line doensn't block for wilson 3 guys to block one in that redzone trip and still got the sack, playaction zach is sacked before even turning, say what you want about his struggles but this offensive line is dog water
  3. He's not that raw, i like what i have seen so far
  4. Is Hutchinson a Edge worth taking top 5? Is he athletic enough to translate to the NFL?
  5. Me for once, didn't get caught in the hype and already knew we're going to get blown out today. This coaching staff is a absolute joke, but praise for MLF as he looks to be getting his sh*t together.
  6. Wasn't ruggs the guy who only played football because he had a friend who died in a car crash
  7. Funny thing the JD fans were the same ones banging to keep Sam Darnold
  8. i agree with you tho, elijah moore is sh*t
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