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  1. Me for once, didn't get caught in the hype and already knew we're going to get blown out today. This coaching staff is a absolute joke, but praise for MLF as he looks to be getting his sh*t together.
  2. Wasn't ruggs the guy who only played football because he had a friend who died in a car crash
  3. Funny thing the JD fans were the same ones banging to keep Sam Darnold
  4. i agree with you tho, elijah moore is sh*t
  5. pump the breaks, one of those games was against us and we're st8 up garbage
  6. The fact that Ryan Griffin got our qb killed and seconds later got a td off the board is a good sign of how good of a GM Joe Douglas is
  7. In the year that everyone had their 40 times inflated Jarmain Sherwood ran a 4.75 on his pro day. This front office thought that was a good idea to draft a "undrafted" slow box safety and put him to start a LB. How does those guys still have jobs is beyond me.
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