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  1. For now looks like he did a very good job, lets see if the team can perform before we give him a gold jacket
  2. RB in the 2nd doesn't feel like JD but at this point who knows anything
  3. All I wanted was that the jets were like the Chargers
  4. No pass rusher since 2005 and we go CB, I like Sauce but KT was there to be taken.
  5. You have to wonder how many busts has the jets drafted from that same room
  6. You're not wrong, im kinda over those 1st round picks. All i care about is Pierre Strong Jr. in the 4th if the football gods can help us.
  7. To me he's the most polished edge in the class, hard to believe hes falling to 4. Sauce over Ekwonu all day.
  8. What a wild ride this draft week has been. Buckle up and pray that Walker goes 1
  9. Christian Watson makes to much sense, speedster who has was used in a lot a ways at NDSU, still a scary prospect. Im not a big fan of Burks but his SEC is not something easy to do.
  10. Call me crazy but I don't want to trade for him. I like DK much better but looks like that ship has sailed long ago. Keep your picks, draft a wr and move on.
  11. I'm a pretty simple guy. 1st round - Sauce and JJ; 2nd round - Linderbaum and Christian; Watson 3rd round - Zach Tom; 4th round - Pierre Strong Jr and Jelani Woods; 5th round - Bo Melton and Darrian Beavers
  12. Off topic, thoughts on Pierre Strong Jr.?
  13. Warner, Kuechly and Smith are all bigger and stronger than Dean this comparison is kinda weak to me. All of those you mentioned win in the run game beacause of their play rec and pure strength. I like Dean but his transition to NFL is not going to be that easy.
  14. 5'11 with really short arms
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