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  1. 5 minutes ago, Lith said:

    I hope he is right.  I also hope he realizes that the proper tense of the word is "dominant."  I guess maybe he could dominate if he avoids going out of bounce.

    Not really what a saw,  Fant mostly lost his one on ones, and lost bad. Mekhi too. The inside was just a mess all over the place

  2. 10 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Seriously, he wasn't even starting for them either. I don't follow Seattle's OL that closely, but it seems he was a swing tackle / 6th lineman who got beat out for the RT job by Ifedi in a head to head competition in the summer of 2019. 

    So to recap:

    1. Ifedi beat out Fant for the starting tackle job.
    2. Ifedi, the starter, then only got a veteran minimum FA contract.
    3. Fant - Ifedi's backup - got a $9MM/year FA contract from the Jets.


    Dude when you say it out loud like that makes me even pissed off, JD sucks until proven otherwise.

  3. 10 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    ...gave Fant $9MM/yr and then gave Moses ~$4MM/year. Cost the same freaking thing. 

    Even in this worst-case, unplanned scenario with Becton suddenly injured, they could have used another backup LT temporarily (if they felt Conklin was purely suited for RT), or just as temporarily, shifted AVT to LT where he played last year. Or any other number of things, after inking Conklin, between 3/15/2021 and 8/31/2022.

    How about sign Conklin for RT, and re-sign Beachum to the same GVR/Moses-level contract he gave to Moses (which is what he settled for for Arizona), whether he also drafts Becton or not. Risks/asses covered; upside maintained; same pricetag. 

    But but but, Fant played TE for the seahawks too

  4. 1# It was a winnable game, didn't wanna say i execpted the Jets to win because they have been so bad for so many years but it was a winnable game for sure. We're starting two day 3 coverted safetys at linebacker its not going to go well.

    2# Offensive line, again and again we roll out there with mfers who can't pickup simple stunts. While I didn't expected us to be the #1 offensive line in the NFL to come out and get demolished like that is infuriating.

    3# The suggestion is really simple JD has to take his head of his ass and go look for good Offensive lineman. He has to stop being a cheap f and go after the big boys in free agency. Heck even via trade, Rodney Houston was available and he didn't even show interrest. It doesn't matter if you have 20 picks or 120m in cap if you don't know how to use them

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  5. 1 minute ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    Except the Browns were terrible when Conklin signed with them. They were coming off a 6-win season and the Jets coming off a 7-win season. They got him at a $3-4MM/year discount below what the Jets were supposedly going to ink him to. There's no evidence Douglas even made him an offer. 

    Orlando Brown? He'd have happily taken an extension from anyone willing to make him a starting LT. If the Jets made him a trade offer before KC was even in the picture, and offered him a $20MM+ contract and a starting LT job? There's no reason to believe he'd have turned it down. But the Chiefs offered nothing until the draft arrived. 

    Thuney? Yeah, sure. I'll buy that, after leaving New England, all other things being equal he wasn't signing with the Jets over the Chiefs (who already made him the highest paid guard).

    Except what's conveniently left out is that Thuney followed the money. It's not as though he took any kind of discounted contract to go to KC instead. He got the highest guard contract in history - by a $2MM/year margin - where the only one making more is Scherff because he was double-franchise tagged after his top-5 pick 5th yr option $.

    Truth is, unless the Jets made him an $18MM/yr offer, you'll never know whether or not he'd have still signed with KC. ($18MM might have been enough to overcome the attraction of playing with the Chiefs over the Jets, plus also overcoming the MO tax rate which is half what it is here in his bracket).

    The rest is just speculation based on... well it's based on nothing than purely subjective speculation. The last player who turned down the same or less money from another team was Kirk Cousins, who just didn't want to be in a northeast metropolis. 

    The fact that we lost conklin to the browns and gave george fant 10m a year is mindbogglin

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  6. 1 hour ago, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    A good offensive line starts with a quality center, which is something we haven't had since Mangold retired. As far back as I could remember, the Jets had a center who was a pro-bowler, or on the cusp of being a pro-bowler. Between Maccagnan and JD, we have had atrocious centers. The rest of the line needs to step up, but the failure to acquire a quality center has been an abject failure of JD. 

    If only there were a center available when James Morgan was selected. 

    I'm still on the JD train, but I'm staying close to the emergency exit. 

    Thats crazy because there was a 1st all pro center in free agency and JD didn't even offer him

  7. 6 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Have no clue which Chargers team youre looking at.  They were like 9th in yards last year.  Their QB set every rookie record.  4300 yards and 31 TDS?  They had K Allan and others at WR.

    They were a 7 win team with a rookie QB.  

    They had nowhere near the holes the Jets had to fix in one off season.  Fans actually believe you can flip an OL, WRs and whoever in one offseason.  Then after one game go off the deep end.

    You don't need to trust me go look the stats for yourself. 

    Yes their rookie QB is the real deal he did all that with one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

    Pressured in 28.5% of his snaps, 72 hits, 90 hurries.

    I mean why would you let go of 4 starters right?


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