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  1. I know that creating threads is not a bannable offense, but at this point...
  2. Jelani woods or likely in the third.
  3. Still trying to understand how can you draft a edge at 4 who can't rush the passer
  4. Remember this guy? He's him but faster
  5. Penning was exposed at the senior bowl, the nfl isnt eastern washigton state, drafting him in the first round would be a mountain joe douglas shouldn't try to die in
  6. Sauce and JJ would make me very happy, theres big BUT tho. We'll have to trade for a WR, unless JD are expecting a guy like Traylon Burks to fall to the second round, wich I think he will.
  7. Its April 2022 and people still call Mekhi "Bechton"
  8. The people who want the jets to draft Travon Walker will be the same that will trade him for a 4th after he averages 3,5 sacks per year
  9. At this point **** mekhi becton
  10. Is not he can get sacks anyway
  11. Not gonna lie people this draft class is sh*t, that would've been a master class trade by JD
  12. the fact that tyreek hill would unlock teams stacking the box with 10 players would be a plus for us
  13. Christian Watson and Tyler Linderbaum. Tyler will probably be there, those t-rex arms will drag him at least to the second round. Oh and im taking Watson even if we draft a WR at 10 or 4.
  14. 1st Sack - Stunt 2nd Sack - Bad Snap 3rd Sack - Rushing from the DT spot (won't really translate at his size) 4th Sack - Cleanup Sack (QB went towards him) 5th Sack - Same as 4th The rest of the clips shows what he's good at, he's a run stopper. Travon Walker is what he is, a more athletic Jordan Jenkins.
  15. You watched Walker with your eyes closed?
  16. Drafting a defensive end who can't rush the passer in the top 5, bold move.
  17. I don't believe that he will be there at 4. Thats why im taking JJ
  18. This is the Edge we need to draft. And please stop with the Travon Walker nonsense. You can't even compare what these two put in the tape!
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