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  1. He pushed off the DB if you want to nickpick, thats a catch he has to make
  2. With the Saints already locking up Lattimore and Ramczyk already that leaves Terron Armstead to be the odd man out, if he makes to FA and Joe Douglas don't give him the whole bank i will lose my sh*t. Great player and leader. Armstead at LT, AVT at LG, Tyler Linderbaum at C, Darian Kinnard at RG and Mekhi Becton at RT is a offensive line with some juice.
  3. Any plan that envolves GVR starting for you is going to fail, is that simple.
  4. So by this standards Mekhi Becton giving up 2-3 sacks per practice should've got him on the bench, right?
  5. How has tyler been playing this year? I watched some of his tape last year and really liked, i would like for him to beef up a little more, but everything else looks good to me.
  6. Nah bro, he had 3 years to fix this oline and it was the main reason he was hired, yesterday his oline was ranked 32nd in the league. His fixes have been a retired 35 year old center, Dan Feeney, a Seattle backup, GVR, and overpaying for a mediocre center whos better suited playing guard. Edit: I forgot about the WRs that we had none, and his fix was to let our only decent WR go because he wanted to save money to overpay for other people trash and backups
  7. I 100% agree with you, so far the only thing Joe Douglas has done right is get value on his trades. It will look worse when 5 of his first 9 draft picks won't make the team next year. I don't get his logic in free agency, not going all in for the top guys but overpaying for other teams backups. The thing that pisses me off is that he is like we're not going to pay Robby Anderson 8m a year but we're going in free agency and giving George "who the f is this guy" Fant 10m a year. We're not paying Marcus Maye or Jamal Adams to draft a nobody from California (in that case traded Leo
  8. They're not even in the same stratosphere as prospects anyone with two eyes could saw that
  9. the offensive line should've been rated lower IMO
  10. Its absurd that jeff smith is playing over him what was the snap count for smith and what did he produce. Mekhi becton was torched all training camp and didnt get benched yet Mims is the 5th receiver on the team, at least strange.
  11. Mcgovern was the 3rd option after he strike out on every good free agent that year. Moses is not that good, he's ok at best. He was cut and signed a 3m deal with a 2-14 team, that shows you what the league thinks of him. Being the 11 or 14th pick in the draft doesn't make you good, im not a AVT believer was fuming after we traded up for him, but i will not give up on him. Becton has to get his sh*t straight, too much talk hype him up got him slopy with his technique. Stop arguing over pennies and get this oline fixed up, stop with the DAN FEENEYS of the world.
  12. Writing up like that makes it worst ngl. JD free agents suck, we had no RT on the roster he passed up on Conklin (who went to the browns and got 1st team allpro) to sign a seattle backup for 12m a year. His clock is ticking
  13. He's used to have Nick Bosa, Deforest Buckner, Dee Ford. Its a whole new game only rushing Quinnen Williams
  14. The problem here is not loose, is the fact that JD has been in command for 3 years and his offensive line still looks like sh*t
  15. biggest take away is that mekhi becton looks like he doesn't even want to be out there, 0 effort, missing easy punches. George fant can't block to save his life
  16. Jeff smith is the best route runner i've seen. That excuse is not enough sorry, watch some of his tape, Mims runs a very good go route and can make contested catches. Jeff smith on the other hand?
  17. We're getting torched by NE next week if this OL doesn't get his sh*t together
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