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  1. Zach survive on that 1st throw and Crowder doesn't drop many great catch!!
  2. Take the under in the snap counts of 4,5 and you'll make bank
  3. my patience with JD is as long as CMG took to get beat in this play
  4. All gas no discipline. JD and Saleh really putting work here. 3 weeks into the season and the lockeroom is already lost.
  5. If you factor that all of those routes are 2 yards behind the line of gain does not look so great right?
  6. Get the ball away faster he says, the audacity huh
  7. Being ranked the one of the worst RGs in the league is far away for being competent, maybe he should play faster and don't get blown off the ball every other play. In only 3 games this year you can make a compilation on plays that your "competent" RG is getting demolished, maybe watch some film and get your standards up my guy. As a veteran and one that is playing like hot garbage he should know better than put your young QB in this position.
  8. As of right now we hold the rights for Kayvon Thibodeaux
  9. 7 years into the league and this joke of a player can't pick up a simple stunt also being ranked the worst RG in the league but wants to throw the rookie qb under de bus. Cut this trash and fire the guy that hired him
  10. With all due respect go watch the game again you're clueless
  11. Elijah moore has a concussion maybe next week mims gets 2 snaps again
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