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  1. Is the chargers that are going up, probably for one of the top tackles
  2. At the end of the day I still believe that Zach will be the pick too
  3. With how the free agency went with the media missing at pretty much everyone the Jets went after, this gives me some pause about all the hype between the Jets and Wilson. Maybe I'm just a Fields homer, but I would like to know what is everybody is thinking.
  4. I mean i watched a lot of his games, he's lost on coverage probably worst than Darren Lee, doesn't have great instincts against the run. But yes, hes fast but how fast after another knee injury. On film he's Mack Wilson, the guy was taken on the 5th round, and thats the range I predict Moses is going.
  5. No not all of them, but thats kinda the point i'm trying to make... AVT isn't worth too...
  6. Teven Jenkins, Dillon Radunz, Liam Eichenberg, Spencer Brown, Creed Humphrey etc... I'll throw you a sleeper in there Kendrick Green from Illinois from a value stand point i like him way better than AVT on the first.
  7. I don't care about media hype, they are even saying that Kadarious Toney is going ahead of Devonta Smith. I don't see it on him, theres nothing on tape that pops out, his grades are not good, his physical profile is not great. As I said before he looks like the can be a average G in the league and nothing more, is that worth a first round pick? Theres at least 3 others G or T that I would take before him in that range.
  8. Damn you get agressive really quickly, don't need to stress my man. I've been studying a lot lately and haven't been able to keep up with this forum, something that caught my eye was your change of stance, that is leading to a lot of heated arguments of Fields Vs Zw between you and other posters. Im sure you have your reasons, but having ZW as QB1 in october? That seems a little far fetched to me, especially from a guy who was in the Sam corner until the trade went through. Even if that was your opinion you just didn't give me that impression, to me and im sure that from a lot
  9. Really? Maybe I'm dumb or something but the guy always talked about trading it down, trusting JD and the new system. I know that was what he was told the front office was leaning to do, but he seemed pretty aboard of that boat, and now that the tables have turned he is the guy banging on the table for ZW, just a little odd to me.
  10. For a guy who was so pro-Sam you changed drastically and in a hurry huh, I wonder why...
  11. Theres nothing on his tape that says first rounder besides playing for usc
  12. Marshall and him would be gold for me, also the jets have to gtfo with those slow ass DE's they have been doing this sh*t for at least a decade right now and it didn't work **** Ronnie perkins and everything he represents
  13. I know you do your work, what's your opinion o AVT, personally I just don't see it what others are seeing, to me he's going to be a below to average guard in the league and nothing more. I think EDGE would be the pick where you got the most value at 23, but who knows that late in the first is kinda of no mans land, would like to see a trade down.
  14. We have hs uniforms right now, hope that the NFL opens a expection for us not have to wait 2 more years.
  15. Looks like I will have to change my profile picture. Rooting for Zach, he can be special, hope we give him a good offensive line.
  16. Would like to see wich OL prospects they have met or have interest on. As for the WRs i love me some Marshall, he was the guy that got my attention on the lsu championship run I also love Rondale Moore. I like Waddle but at what price?
  17. What if the jets traded for the 32nd rated qb in the league
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