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  1. This is the Edge we need to draft. And please stop with the Travon Walker nonsense. You can't even compare what these two put in the tape!
  2. Travon walker is Jordan Jenkins with a better 40 time, change my mind.
  3. Its ugly he doesn't have a clue on what he's doing when rushing the passer. I wouldn't touch him until the 3rd round, the only thing he has going for him is his RAS and the big media riding his dick for reasons that are hard to understand.
  4. Trade up? Did you watch any of his games? Jesus christ
  5. And thats how you end up with the dion jordans vernon gholstons of the world
  6. Leonard williams got a lot of pressures and was good against the run, would you pick leonard williams again?
  7. The guy the Giants drafted last year Azeez Ojulari is 20x better than Walker and he went in the second round, the media is crazy sometimes
  8. Should I be impressed? I encourage you to watch that game again, and any other. You don't have to go far, just watch his "highlight tape" all of his sacks were free runs at the qb, cleaning up other people "sack" or stunts.
  9. Walker tape doesn't lie, he can't rush the passer. Its ugly.
  10. Such a Jets thing draft another safety top 5 and a pass rusher who can't rush the passer
  11. What are we supposed to do? Clap and cheer for this sh*tshow that's been going on for the past 10 years?
  12. I agree with you in this point, but im also with JD in this one theres no one really worth break the bank for in this FA, Cooper was the only one that i would've taken a shot
  13. not even mentioning his sidelines shenanigans
  14. I guess JD didn't like derek barnett that much
  15. Slept thinking of Danielle Hunter woke up to Jacob Martin
  16. For how much a team may like Ruckert potential and believe that he was misused at ohio state and don't believe theres a world that he goes in the second round. This draft is wide open for the Jets, you talked a lot about Walker, a combo of Trayvon + WR + Linderbaum + TE in the 3 first rounds would put us in a very good spot moving foward.
  17. I was always a big fan of Hunter, he has been plagued with injuries, with that being said i would still give up a 5th or 4th for him, with that cap hit and the injuries is hard going any higher than a 4th.
  18. Does that mean no McBride early and Ruckert later @Paradis
  19. Talk about a profile, he's a project but a very good one.
  20. 6 in 2021 that is something else
  21. He probably has more penalties than sacks in his career
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