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  1. Im really hoping we adress DT in FA so we don't go for a DT early in the draft, don't know if I can go through another high pick invested in defensive tackles
  2. Not really a fan, seems to fit what JD likes in players.
  3. Durable AF, has experience in the system. A little older but can come in and help guys like AVT and Becton develop. Opens up the draft big time.
  4. What am i missing with this guy, he played with a top 5 all time qb where Adams was the only true option and wasn't even good enough to start a full season
  5. the jets do love their injury prone players
  6. I believe that the jets like him, don't know if he wants to come here
  7. Joe will never do this, but if he does its a very nice haul.
  8. How the f is this team so trash and only have 25mil to spend please explain JD fans
  9. Has worked so well for him
  10. Thats how you win games, paying up old FS's
  11. You know what seattle will do with the 9 pick. The best safety duo in the league
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