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  1. The real question is why the **** do we need to Mims to play slot receiver if we have berrios crowder and elijah moore? Get the guy on the outside and give him some jump balls that he can make some plays on
  2. He's a gamer, put him on those go routes and watch him burn pretty much every db in this league.
  3. The one most at fault in this is this joke of a GM.
  4. Not really what a saw, Fant mostly lost his one on ones, and lost bad. Mekhi too. The inside was just a mess all over the place
  5. Dude when you say it out loud like that makes me even pissed off, JD sucks until proven otherwise.
  6. 1# It was a winnable game, didn't wanna say i execpted the Jets to win because they have been so bad for so many years but it was a winnable game for sure. We're starting two day 3 coverted safetys at linebacker its not going to go well. 2# Offensive line, again and again we roll out there with mfers who can't pickup simple stunts. While I didn't expected us to be the #1 offensive line in the NFL to come out and get demolished like that is infuriating. 3# The suggestion is really simple JD has to take his head of his ass and go look for good Offensive lineman. He has to stop being a
  7. The fact that we lost conklin to the browns and gave george fant 10m a year is mindbogglin
  8. Thats crazy because there was a 1st all pro center in free agency and JD didn't even offer him
  9. The fact that derek carr tried a hardcount on the 1yrd line tells you something
  10. You don't need to trust me go look the stats for yourself. Yes their rookie QB is the real deal he did all that with one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Pressured in 28.5% of his snaps, 72 hits, 90 hurries. I mean why would you let go of 4 starters right?
  11. The chargers were ranked bottom five in pretty much every offensive line category last year. To put into context they gave up 196 pressures which ranked 2 worse last year, the Jets for how bad they were gave up almost 40 pressures less than that. From their 5 starters last year Sam Tevi (LT), Forrest Lamp (LG), Dan Feeney (C), Trai Turner (RG) and Bryan Bulaga (RT) the only one who remains is Bryan Bulaga. Dan Feeney had a PFF grade of 48.2 that year to solve that they went all out and got the best ranked center in the NFL in Corey Linsley while the Jets went for their sh*tty e
  12. 1 year for the Chargers. Does it piss you off? It should.
  13. He pushed off the DB if you want to nickpick, thats a catch he has to make
  14. With the Saints already locking up Lattimore and Ramczyk already that leaves Terron Armstead to be the odd man out, if he makes to FA and Joe Douglas don't give him the whole bank i will lose my sh*t. Great player and leader. Armstead at LT, AVT at LG, Tyler Linderbaum at C, Darian Kinnard at RG and Mekhi Becton at RT is a offensive line with some juice.
  15. Any plan that envolves GVR starting for you is going to fail, is that simple.
  16. So by this standards Mekhi Becton giving up 2-3 sacks per practice should've got him on the bench, right?
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