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  1. @football guy anything on how the Jets feel about Justin Fields?
  2. He's just really solid all around, though to find a real weakness in his game, would love to have him at RT. Sf has one of those ND lineman and he's pretty good.
  3. So guys hear me out right? San Franciso has a all pro tight end and a above average QB when healthy, didnt they just gave up 3 first rounders plus more to get a QB? Yet we have a ginger dissaster at qb and we a trading down for a tight end? Something is not right
  4. Joe Douglas hasnt prove nothing yet, i would really have serious concerns if he goes with darnold again
  5. You wont get a cleaner pocket than this
  6. Pushing the Haskins narrative on another black OSU qb...
  7. He ran out of the endzone once his opinion is not that valid
  8. Justin is suffering from the black QB syndrome where every analyst says he can't go past his 1st read.
  9. You don't see teams without a qb in contention for a championship
  10. Similar? Hell no. Look at Sam's mechanics they're all over the place, arm talent questionable, Sam was a turnover machine in college (and nfl). Zach is one of the best Qbs protecting the football in college, good mechanics and footwork, smooth thrower with a cannon.
  11. For what we have seen from JD, everything that the media said he has done the opposite, based on that and my bias opinion Fields will be the pick.
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