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  1. This pro days numbers are all over the place I wont put much stock into this 40 times people are breaking records left and right
  2. Jalean Phillips, Azeez Ojulari, Jaycee Horn or trade up for a WR-Pitts. I don't understand the love for Vera-Tucker, tape doesn't show a first rounder IMO, maybe is the USC effect.
  3. Is there a world where we trade down to 8 and Fields falls to us?
  5. I was wondering if the Jets would be bold enough to trade up to get Kyle Pitts after they select ZW at 2.
  6. Just base yourself to what SF had to do to get to the 3rd spot in the draft.
  7. Without a QB you're nothing, this is not the NBA where a good team can get a superstar on free agency and then become a championship team, superstars qb don't hit free agency. You can have a boat load of picks, but you're going to have to trade they to go up in the draft and get a QB so this mat is kinda flawed.
  8. sh*t just got real, Garoppolo to NE next.
  9. Rondale Moore is 5'7
  10. Blows my mind, that anyone has the balls to say that "Mahomes was no better than Sam Darnold", people are stupid af.
  11. So im moving a future star LT to RT for a 31 year old bust
  12. You know who has good mechanics? Sam Darnold, he just puts a clinic on tape
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