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  1. Jack to the jets? Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  2. Best player in the draft IMO Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  3. Elliot behind that o-line is gonna be scary Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  4. The vídeo where he is smoking weed in a mask Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  5. Tunsil is in free fall after that video Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  6. Good draft, i would like to see Su'a Cravens instead of Jordan Jenkins, great value on the Jason Spriggs and William Jackson picks. Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  7. Just do it Enviado de meu XT1563 usando Tapatalk
  8. Well, thats a strange draft, there is no way Le'raven Clark and Vernon Butler will be there on the 5th round.
  9. I liked how Decker developed over the years at Ohio State, I think he will be the pick
  10. Well let's see what happens now that brick is gone
  11. Yeah, beside the off the field stuff i just don't know if he has the size to compete in the NFL, but is a gamble worth taking.
  12. Its good, i would prefer to go OL in the 3rd but really like the Trae Elston pick.
  13. I respect all the points you made, but i don't agree with you in several of them especially the Nassib and on the TEs, i just don't see how i guy that is 6'7'' and 277lbs who still need to add some muscle to his frame can play OLB, Nassib will be another Quinton Coples, if not worse. Less athletic, can't play against the run and very very raw. TE is a much bigger need than WR imo. Like i said before, if you look at the past offenses run by Gailey you will se that he uses TEs a lot. Enunwa is not a TE, and the Jets are looking to get him more involved on the passing game as a WR (Less bloc
  14. Nassib? Another 4-3 defensive end thats just what we need, the jets have to go OLB and OL in the first 3 rounds imo. I don't see Sharpe as 3rd round prospect. Gailey like to use TEs he just don't had any last year, the Kellen Davis re-sign was a bad move imo, he can't block or be effective on the passing game so that leaves the Jets one Amaro injury away from having 0 production from the TE position once again. The FS pick is based on the reports that the Jets have scouted a big number of S this year, maybe they a trying to find the replacement for Gilchrist or maybe they are
  15. The Jets don't find a deal good enough and choose too keep Muhammad Wilkerson. 1st Round Pick (20) - Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State - 6'7'' 310lbs. New York would love to have one of the top edge rushers falling into their lap but that doesn't happen so they decide to go with the best OT available. Decker can start from day one at RT and maybe take over from Brick when is gone. Alternative Choices - Leornard Floyd, OLB/DE, Georgia - 6'6'' 244lbs. Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan St. - 6'6'' 308lbs. Noah Spence, OLB/DE, Eastern Kentucky - 6'2'' 251lbs.
  16. Only liked the 3rd and the 4th. That 1st and 2nd picks, god.
  17. Good? Really? This draft is horrible.
  18. Mo and our 3rd for any top 5 picking team 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I think that would be a great deal.
  19. I don't see a QB worth taking with those picks, maybe Cody Kessler in the 4th, and with Mo gone the organization can reach some kind of deal with Fitzpatrick and look to draft a QB in the next years draft. I thought about it a lot but in the end OL is a bigger need and Decker could come and start right away and be a starter for years to come. Unless Vernon Hargraeves is still on the board i think OL should be the pick.
  20. The Jets trade their star DL Muhammad Wilkerson to the Dallas Cowboys, probably not the deal Jets fans would have wanted. Jets get - Cowboys 2nd (34), Cowboys 3rd (67) and the Cowboys 4th (101). Cowboys get - Muhammad Wilkerson and the Jets 3th (83). 1st Round Pick (20) - Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State - 6'7'' 310lbs. The Jets find themselves in a bad spot when Leonard Floyd, Darron Lee and Jack Conklin are all of the board. They select Decker to fill their need to get younger at OL, Decker is a big T who can start from day one for the Jets, his size and motor a
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