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  1. Doug Middleton can't catch, glad we drafted two safeties.
  2. Well from what i saw on twitter Hackenberg is having a rough 1st day.
  3. God spare me of watching Josh McCown starting.
  4. Sorry man, didn't mean to offend anybody, it was the first time I watch any of his highlights or tape. Hopefully he can develop into a good press corner and help us win some games.
  5. He looked very slow on those tapes, hope he's not.
  6. Yes, he played worse than I expected, but, I still have fate in him. He has to play more violently.
  7. I still believe in this guy, I would love him to become our Ryan Shazier.
  8. Another slow edge rusher, the Jets love slow edge rushers
  9. Well, I thought he could learn somenthing from his "mentor" Chad Johnson, he clearly did.
  10. I would love to see a black alternate, but not a complete uniform revamp. I saw one edit that had Sheldon wearing all black unis with the white helmet, that looks dope as hell in my opinion.
  11. He played very well in the 1st season with us, Pryor is much worse than he.
  12. Don't like his tape, Godwin just looked like a much better prospect, I hope i'm wrong.
  13. Dalvin Cook was still on the board
  14. Take aways from this draft so far: Mccagnan and Bowles will both be fired by the end of the season The Jets are still clueless Now we know who Ardarius Stewart is Pryor and Richardson have 0 value
  15. Just a bad pick, Godwin is a much better prospect. Congrats Tampa.
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