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  1. He's been sh*t when he gets involved but thats not going to change until you have a good QB good Coach and a good GM, i guess we're just going to have to luck out. All this probably starts with the QB.
  2. Its a fair conversation, as much as Quinnen played well this season im not 100% sold on him. How much would he want, like 20m per year? Thats way to much for a DT not named Aaron Donald IMO... If you have a guy like Lamar, would be easier to get a good EDGE free agent to come, maybe JJ can develop into a double digit sack guy... Would like to see what a package around Quinnen would look like before having a more definitive opinion. So many questions...
  3. I don't get how Jets fans cry about Woody having a saying in football operations. He owns the team, he pays everybody. If you are the owner at a company and sh*t start to go bad you start to look down its pretty simple. He's not wrong for this one, MLF sucks and he should go, Saleh can have a saying but he isn't making the final call. If Saleh wants to step down is better for our future he's not a great coach, whether you realized this or not.
  4. I don't know... because if you're picking top 5 you're probably trying to draft your own QB. 6-15 range seems to be the best to try to pull a trade like that. Either way that conversation starts with at least 2-3 first rounders.
  5. Every time i've seen this guys play he was absolute trash
  6. You trade picks not players, the draft is a lottery, thats why first round picks are overrated
  7. Yes every team has 5 first rounders playing in the OL, cut the crap dude. If JD is a good GM or the OL guru he was sold to be he can find guys later. Having Lamar Jackson would bring FA's to play here. Want to find money to pay them? Its easy, you don't have a 17m/year LB in your roster. This salary cap is bullsh*t, how many years did the Jets have the most salary cap in the league and was absolute dog sh*t? Good teams make it work, if you want good players you have to pay.
  8. 1 - Rotation Player 2 - Star 3 - Still can't say 4 - Star 5 - Bust? Hard to tell he was always going to be a niche player at 5'7, for his draft position hard to say that he's a bust 6 - Average in his best day 7 - Floating in the bust terriotory, trade requested 8 - Echols? Really? 9 - Looked to a star in the making 10 - High end starter 11 - Injuried/Too early to tell You really took your time with this huh? Where did the 2020 class go? Most of the 2021 class in the list is not great tbh. History tell us that jets GMs don't know how to pick players, especially QB, if they did we're not here having this conversation. Lamar may cost a lot draft capital wise, but he's a polarizing player, and you already have a core of young guys to surround him. Having a good FA LT to play with him would no be that hard to get. I believe this team could go places with a new QB, WR2 and a healthy OL. Biggest piece of the puzzle is QB, the rest you can find later.
  9. Wait until all the Jets fans say no to a MVP QB and say that we should go after the Jordan Love's of the world
  10. The Brazilian Congress was taken by the people and the country is about to got to flames but hey the Skylar Thompson vs Joe Flacco game is on and we're tied late in the 4th
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