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  1. Can't go past his first read they said
  2. To me one of the best parts about the draft is the storys. Was doing some research on Kwity Paye and found this video. Freak Athlete, great character looks like a JD type of guy. If he's there at 23 will be though to pass on him.
  3. What is the injury with him? He's my type of WR, would really like to see him with us.
  4. 1- Justin Fields 23 - Jaelan Phillips 34 - Creed Humphrey
  5. Damn I would hate that, don't even think he's worth a first rounder let alone trade up for him. If a trade is made i hope is for Slater or one of the top WRs
  6. If he thinks that he will get this type of pocket in the NFL he can stay home and play Madden.
  7. FO's never learn do they? It's just terrible for black QBs doing the draft process, they're put in such a microscope, its crazy how no one talks about Zach Wilson underthrowing most of his deep balls and Trevor Lawrence throwing 10 screens per game yet JF throws 2 picks in one game and he doesn't know how to read defenses.
  8. Just nitpicking at this point but is strange why he's always handing of to the opposite side that the rb is going
  9. Zach Wilson is not Patrick Mahomes, this isn't 2019 LSU but that defence had 3 future NFL all-pros.
  10. Complete different body types, Kyler is all muscle not so sure about Darnold
  11. If i was making the pick it would be Justin Fields, but i'll root for him, even changed my profile picture. Hope he's the next Aaron Rodgers like everybody is saying, oh and that he can last a 17 game season.
  12. Is the chargers that are going up, probably for one of the top tackles
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