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  1. I can't believe that i'am going to watch Skylar Thompson vs Joe Flacco in a meaningless game with a healty Zach Wilson on the bench
  2. Theres isn't a world where saleh is fired tomorrow right?
  3. Hes probably right there with Dan Snyder
  4. They want jordan love for 2 seconds and elijah moore
  5. Jordan love had 3 tds 4 ints and a 55 completion %, hes a 3rd year QB playing against backups and 3rd stringers. Hard pass
  6. LOL Amazing player, we should up your trade idea for 2 firsts. I watched the garbage time Eagles vs Packers, not every pass from the preseason but watched a few. How about you? Are you stuck to his draft status or is it the media hype? His 55% comp against 3rd stringers and 3TD/4INT should really translate well to the QB play we're acostumed https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/jordan-love-player-stats?category=passing&seasonType=pre
  7. Been watching sh*tty qb play since I started to rooting for the Jets, kinda know when I see one
  8. Yes, the best plan possible is to give a 2 rounder and a WR to get Jordan Love.
  9. Stop looking for Matt and Mike play calling and look at the QB, he's terrible.
  10. Dude you're absolute delusional, if Jordan Love was any good the Packers would already moved on from Rodgers. Every time he had to play he looked like he didn't even belong, just like ZW.
  11. that 90% of those players are on practices squads or out of the league, am i supposed to be impressed?
  12. Sorry OP but i don't think you watched this guy play, he's absolute dog sh*t. Undraftable material
  13. If Zach Wilson can't start against Skylar Thompson in a meaningless game what is this guy doing in the NFL
  14. They should clean house, JD hasn't been good, this CS is terrible
  15. C- and C's don't get it done
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