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  1. Thanks a lot for your input! I really appreciate it.

    I put some more thought into it last night, and it's true, in the end I will probably not get anywhere just by looking at stats. Building a web service is overkill in my opinion, at least for now, but the idea behind it is probably the best: Asking the fans who their favorite players are.

    I wanted to automate as much as possible, but either way I slice it, I'm gonna need manual work afterwards anyway (see below). So what I'll be doing next is browsing the various message boards for threads that fit my needs, and if that doesn't help, I'm gonna start some polls.

    Then I'll feed the data gathered during that process into my extraction scripts to acquire all the statistical data I want to display in my game and handle all the borderline cases, stuff like Brett Favre being a Packer, not a Jet, even if some Jets fans would name Favre as their favorite QB (just as an example).

    Again, THANK YOU.

  2. Hey guys,

    I never registered eversince the migration from JI, but I've been a long-timer lurker over here. I have a very unsual request, and I thought you might help me out, as some of you seem to be football fans in general and not just Jets fans.

    Although it's the off-season, I don't want to steal any more of your time than absolutely necessary. So it's enough if you read the bolded part. If anyone of you could point me in the right direction, I'd be very thankful. My question is this: Do you know any resource on the internet where I can acquire...

    • the 50 most popular players for each NFL team of all time?
    • the 5 most popular coaches and coordinators for each NFL team of all time?

    I'm a software developer, and I'm working on an NFL-themed card-game application in my spare time. The game mechanics aren't at 100% yet, but soon it'll be time to populate the database to get a prototype going. Generating random names and data is not a problem, but it stinks, it takes away all the immersion and doesn't feel the way I want it to feel.

    Of course I could write a script to parse http://www.nfl.com, http://www.pro-football-reference.com, and similar other sites. But I don't see a solution for filtering "the most popular" coaches, coordinators and players based on the data these sites provide. I'm a one-man-show, and all my friends can do is play-testing, which is kind enough, but they know as much about the NFL as most of you probably know (or don't know) about European soccer, we're not Americans.

    If there's no site providing that data, can you think of a metric to achieve my goal? I thought about accumulating games started for each player and the teams they played for during their career, but that might be error-prone and in the end I'll probably have to do a lot of stuff manually, which is very time-consuming. I could do that for the coaches and coordinators, sure, but not for all the players.

    So, if anybody could give me a little hint... great, I'd really be very thankful.

    Have a good one!

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