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  1. Teven Jenkins. In fact I will go out on a limb and say that JD will trade up to make sure the Colts (who are really interested in him as well) don't take him at 20.
  2. How many CBs to you plan to carry on the roster? Bless, Hall, Hardee, Guidry, Lamar Jackson. Lets say those are our current CBs. So we sign several more and draft several more? What is that, 11 CB? Once the Jets draft ONE promising rookie and sign ONE decent vet they should be ok. Its not going to be the strongest position going forward, but they should be fine. The rest of the players will be training camp and PS fodder.
  3. Thats a perfect list. I would replace Azeez with Zaven Collins. I don't see the same type of upside with Azeez as with the rest of these guys. But Zaven Collins just has sky high potential and no injury concerns. He's a OLB but really an Edge player. He would serve as a strong side LB in the 4-3. Now, the Jets just got Davis who projects to play that position, however Colinns fits more naturally in that role, so they might just slide Davis to the weak side. Davis is plenty fast enough. That would also fill a position of need. Just like anyone of these guys, if he slips to 23, I seriously consi
  4. This mock is fine. Its definitely not that exciting and it doesn't seem to be very predictive, but I'm fine with it. I'd definitely feel better about our secondary.
  5. Rd. 1: My Pick: Z.Wilson, Jets Pick: Z.Wilson Rd. 1: My Pick: Teven Jenkins, Jets Pick: Teven Jenkins Rd. 2: My Pick: Terrace Marshall Jr., Jets Pick: Rondale Moore Rd. 3: My Pick: Jabril Cox, Jets Pick: Trill Williams Rd. 3: My Pick: Paulson Adebo, Jets Pick: Tommy Tremble Rd. 4: My Pick: Khalil Herbert, Jets Pick: Khalil Herbert Rd. 5: My Pick: Israel Mukuamu, Jets Pick: Jacoby Stevens Rd. 5: My Pick: Zach Davidson, Jets Pick: Darius Stills Rd. 6: My Pick: Josh Ball, Jets Pick: Larnel Coleman Rd. 6: My
  6. Moore is an explosive player and I would love the pick. However, I don't think the Jets would pass on Zaven Collins or Teven Jenkins in this scenario. I actually have them taking Moore in Rd. 2.
  7. A lot can happen. The whole point is getting players you really want. JD should move up if he sees someone he really wants 3 or 4 spots ahead and doesn't want to risk getting him snatched up. He was willing to do that last year with an OT and had a trade on the table. Luckily both Becton and Wirfs were there. The Jets have plenty of draft picks to allow for maneuvering this year. JD can move down from #34. He can move down from one of the third rounders. The Jets have all early picks, that gives them leverage. They have 2 6th round picks to move up a few spots if JD likes a player sliding down
  8. Based on who the Jets have met with or have been noted as being 'impressed with' at their Pro Days this very well might be what our draft looks like. Who knows! It may not look like this at all, I have no insider knowledge. But I'm just wondering how you would feel if this WAS how the draft turned out? Rd. 1- Zach Wilson, QB (clearly going to the Jets at #2) Rd. 1 (via Seattle)- Teven Jenkins, OT/G (rumors are Jets really like Jenkins. The fit is there, the need is there, they met with him virtually. He's rising quickly, this would be good value. This pick makes a ton of se
  9. I think its pretty simple. JD has a list of targets at 23. That list includes guys he is willing to move up for and guys he is not willing to move up for. Obviously, the COST of moving up matters as well. Four guys come to mind. Zaven Collins, Teven Jenkins, maybe Rondale Moore, maybe Najee Harris. I think the Jets really like all 4 prospects. I think JD is willing to trade up a few spots for Jenkins but thats about it. Its highly unlikely that Zaven Collins falls to 23. If he does, I think it will be hard for JD to pass on him. If Collins and Jenkins are gone and a trade up does not happen,
  10. I think one guy you seem to have forgotten is Zaven Collins. Collins most likely won't be there at 23 but if he falls to 23 he will be hard to pass on. He would step right in and start at OLB, a position we don't currently have definitively addressed. He can rush the passer, set the edge and play a little bit of zone coverage. His ceiling is sky-high. Otherwise, I pretty much agree. I'm not sure how high the Jets are on these guys but I would add Rondale Moore, Marshall Jr., N.Harris, T.Ettiene, and Jalen Mayfield somewhere on that list (yes I realize that you only have 10 guys).
  11. Jets seem to like Teven Jenkins. He'd be a great pick at 23. Pitt seems to like Teven Jenkins, they select 24th. Moving down with Jenkins on the board may not make sense as they will most likely miss out on him. I have a feeling JD will be willing to move up for 'his guy' at 23. If he is unable to or that prospect goes surprisingly early, lets say a guy like Zaven Collins who could go as high as the Cardinals at 16 (maybe higher), then a trade down makes a ton of sense.
  12. I have a slightly different view on a few of these.
  13. I don't think anyone should assume the Jets will be running the same exact system that the niners ran. Similar, sure. But not nec the same. Either way Moore won't be relegated to the slot and Marshall won;t be relegated to the outside. If JD feels stringly about either prospect he won't pass on him at 34. Personally, I think Moore seems to be the more likely pick. He has the features JD looks for- top tier explosiveness, speed and play-maker ability. He should be there at 34 (probably due to some injury history concerns). The Jets interviewed him. And Crowder is a FA next year.
  14. In JD we trust. Until we don't.
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