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  1. I agree. I guess I'm making the assumption that the Jets (unlike yourself) do have interest in one of these QBs (Fields/Wilson) as potential Franchise guys. At least to the extent that any rookie could be one- after all, its all a crap-shoot to an extent and you are rolling the dice regardless (that includes Lawrence).
  2. I agree. But I was also very impressed with the Bucs D. They are playing lights outs. It seems to me like year in year out (and this includes the Chiefs), teams that win SBs have their defenses step up when it matters. And guess who the QBs were in these games- HOF'ers: Rodgers, Brady and young stud Franchise QBs Mahomes, Allen. Jets need to get a stud Franchise QB- Watson. Or draft one at #2 and develop him Fields/Wilson. They need to sign Thuney to fortify that O-line, and they need a legit pass rusher- Rd. 2 (Basham Jr., Roche)/Seattle pick (Z.Collins, Ossai)/ or FA (Dupree, Barrett, Floyd, Okwara, etc.) Not saying all of these moves will work out but all these moves can happen and I think JD can make them happen.
  3. I mean, I guess I just disagree. I think having a high 2nd rounder and two thirds this year. Having a first, a second and two thirds next year and all of our picks in 2023 is plenty. Especially when you know you have a FQB in place. My whole point, and I mention this ad nauseum, is that the Jets can afford to trade for Watson because they have a lot of draft capitol and it won't completely strip them of resources for the next 2-3 years.
  4. Ok. I can buy into that. But what happen if Darnold looks better than this year but not great and the team looks better this year but not great- which is most likely what it will look like- and the Jets are 8-8 and selecting in the teens. Will they even have an opportunity to draft a Wilson, Fields or Lance type prospect? That's my whole point. You can punt until next year on a QB but you may not get a chance to draft one. Certainly not the type of opportunity you have now. Sure, stud QBs have gotten drafted late in Rd. 1 but how many times have the Jets been able to do that?
  5. Thats fine. Without getting into the whole 'is Darnold good enough to be a Franchise QB' question, you have to think about his contract. Are you picking up his option and hoping he bounces back? Are you going into this as his final year before he hits FA? And then what? If he shows promise you invest big money to keep him? So in your scenario you pretty much have to make it clear that the Jets believe Darnold is THE GUY. And I simply don't buy that. The Jets find themselves in a position with Darnold where they will need to make a decision of consequence without truly knowing if he can develop into a Franchise QB. They simply can't rely on Darnold being 'the guy' and yet a decision on his future will need to be made. To an extent, this is their own fault for flubbing his development. But maybe he is just a bust. Either way, you can't assume an opportunity to trade for a FQB (Watson) or draft a FQB (Wilson/Fields) will come around any time soon (next 5 years while Saleh and JD are still under contract). So you either believe Darnold is the answer, you trade for Watson or you take a QB at #2. Only if you def. believe Darnold is the guy can you trade down from #2. That's my biggest issue with this mock and any mock that has us passing on a QB and/or trading down from #2.
  6. Or if they really like Fields or Wilson and feel like they are at a point where they need to rebuild and move on from Watson's contract because they are in cap hell? And and extra couple of 1st rounders (or whatever they can get) would definitely help as well. I mean, fair value is relative. Sure, they will try to repair the relationship, I don't disagree. But sometimes its not so simple. Sometimes things snowball- on both sides. If the owner feels personally offended maybe he DOES become more inclined to trade Watson. If Watson starts looking at the Jets and seeing that Saleh has put together a great coaching staff and JD signs a couple of big name FAs before the draft to show that the Jets will compete sooner rather than later, Thuney, Robinson, who knows.
  7. Ok. I guess I'll address the elephant in the room. Who's playing QB?
  8. To me, you go after Watson because: 1. He is still young and in his prime. 2. The Jets have the draft capitol to get him without completely stripping their team of resources for the next 2-3 years. They could give up 3 first rounders and still have a high second and two 3rds this year, a 1st, 2nd and two 3rds next year, and all of their picks in 2023. And that does not include what they could get for Darnold or the improved draft pick they will get if the Giants resign Williams. 3. The Jets are not hamstrung with cap and can afford Watson. They can work other contracts around his as needed top fit the cap. 4. They would be getting, in theory, a bargain because Houston seems to be in a tough bargaining position. Sure, the Jets would have to give up a lot. But its a heck of a lot less than if Watson WASN'T forcing his way out. *Sidenote: I've heard a lot of people say- 'the Jets are not ONE player away from competing' as a reason to stay away from a Watson trade. But let's be honest. You bring in Watson, you give JD two move drafts/offseasons to rebuild this roster. Don't you think this team SHOULD be able to complete? JD is on board for 5 more years, Saleh is signed for 5 years, Watsons is an UDFA in 5 years, at which point he will be 31. That's it. This is the window. This is the time to turn this team around and compete. If you can't start to compete in the next two years and try to win in all in the next 5 then you have to start to rebuild again, probably with a new GM and a new coach and a new QB, etc.
  9. So whats your point lol? What's your argument? Obviously you don't HAVE to have an elite QB to win a SB. Everyone knows that. Trent Dilfer won one. But does it help. Yes. A LOT. Like, A LOT, A LOT. Because you have to get there first. You have to get through the regular season and the playoffs. It's critical to have an elite QB for those games. And if your argument is that paying an elite QB is somehow going to drain your resources so much that you won't be able to field a SB contenting team around him, well thats absurd. There are countless examples of elite QBs who had big contracts and made it to the big game or at least were on dominant teams that were good enough to compete for SBs year in year out. Pats, Saints, Hawks, Cowboys (90s), Bills (90s), Giants, I mean I can go on and on and on. It's a complete fallacy that you HAVE to win a SB with a QB under a rookie contract or you're in trouble b/c of his contract.
  10. I did a very simple mock with a Watson trade. It assumes we give up #2 and #23 this year as well as Seattles pick next year for Watson. I'm not getting into FA but I assume the Jets will bring back Maye, JFM, Hewitt, Poole, Elflein. I'm not including a Darnold trade but it's quite likely he gets moved before the draft. I just think we might end up with a 2022 pick instead of a 2021 pick. Also, if the Giants resign Williams the Jets will get a higher draft pick. I am not taking that into account. *Note: I think there is a good chance JD moves down from our #2 pick to add more picks. He did this last year. But I'm not including in draft trades for simplicity sake. Pick 34: Terrance Marshall Jr.- WR (LSU): I considered W.Davis-OG or C.Humphrey-C who were still on the board, most of the pass rushers I wanted were gone, but Marshall was too good to pass up. Pick 66: Carlos Basham Jr.- Edge (Wake Forest): Beastly powerful Edge Rusher who has enough burst and speed to fill that LEO role for Ulbrich. I was surprised that he was still available. Basham will most likely be gone in reality but in this simulation I had to take him. Pick 86: Kenneth Gainwell- RB (Memphis): Jets get their bell cow back. Gainwell has power, speed and pass catching ability. I think he will combine nicely with Perine and Ty as a three-headed monster. Pick 100: Rodarius Williams- CB (Oklahoma State): At this point I am taking a developmental CB. Jets need CB help but I think with Saleh coming in and implementing zone the scheme will make it easier on Hall and Austin on the outside. With Poole staying and nickel and maybe a vet like Sherman coming in the need at CB isn't as urgent. Williams is a super talented long, lanky CB but he'll need to learn Pick 132: Alaric Jackson- OT (Iowa): Jackson is an OT who could translate to OG in the NFL but I see him as probably a backup RT. He's more NFL ready than a guy like Cam Clarke. But you need these guys for depth along the O-line. Pick 140: Shaka Toney- Edge (Penn State): Toney will probably be gone by now as someone will roll the dice on his raw talent. He fits the weak side pass rusher mold for Salehs system but definitely needs development. Pick 164: Israel Mukuamu- CB: (South Carolina): Adding more CB talent. Mukuamu has good strength, plays well in zone, has experience playing safety, great tackler. He may end up transitioning to safety at the NFL level but at this point in the draft its great value. Pick 216: Riley Patterson- K (Memphis): With the final pick in the draft I take a kicker. just because, well, we need a kicker and I'm sick of signing guys who i have no confidence in. I don't know if Patterson is any good but he was the top ranked kicker in this mock so I took him. Essentially, I brought in two starter playmakers at WR and RB to surround Watson and a starting Edge rusher. Then depth at O-line, CB and what I would hope will be a starting Kicker.
  11. I think JD/Jets Brass actually really liked the upside of Clark. You make it sound like they just drafted him because he was friends with Becton, lol. Maybe he was 'over-drafted' but his tape shows him absolutely dominating in college, even though its conference USA. He is versatile, a great leader, he fits the mold of an NFL Guard who can move over to RT in a jiffy if needed. Even as backups, those guys are crucial. I think Gase stuck with the vets and the Jets had a plethora of interior linemen veterans so Clark was buried. Maybe under a different coach or under different circumstances he would have gotten a chance. I think Jets are high on Clark and he will have a shot to compete for a starting spot next year if he shows up to camp in shape and ready to compete. Right now nobody has a stranglehold on either G position. Elflein played well but he's a FA and struggled in pass protection.
  12. LOL I actually forgot about that. But beggars can't be choosers. When's the last time we saw top FA's streaming to the Jets? Maybe his injury is a GOOD THING! Haha. Maybe that will actually give the Jets a chance to get him. Sounds defeatist but if he comes back healthy and bounces back with a big season it could be a coup getting him.
  13. I think Bud Dupree could fit the Leo weak side edge rusher position very well. He has the power and strength/size to line up with his hand in the dirt and play stout against the run and he has the speed and athleticism to get after the QB. I mean, primarily you want him to be a speedy edge rusher but you'd LIKE him to be solid against the run as well. Dupree is almost identical in size to Bosa who played the LEO position for Saleh in San Fran. And as I mentioned, in the draft, Zaven Collins is the guy I would target- maybe with the Seattle pick. He has those same physical attributes and tools to be a nice fit, IMO.
  14. I agree. Unless its all smoke, if I'm JD I'm working the phones trying to get the best deal I can for Watson. I'm assuming Houston doesn't start talking unless the #2 pick is involved and I'm fine with that but then I'm using that as leverage to give up Seattles picks instead of ours if they want more draft capitol.
  15. Sure. That's why I have 2 of the 3 top selections being on the offensive side of the ball. However, if the Jets don't get an impact Pass Rusher in FA, they will need to use a high draft pick (Rd. 1 or Rd. 2) on one or gamble on a developmental player like Zuniga (he was a 3rd rounder last year). Just saying, good pas rushers go early in the draft and teams gobble them up quickly. I know the Jets need to address offense but they can't just punt on a Pass Rusher this year if they have an opportunity to draft a good one. Then again, if they end up signing Bud Dupree, maybe there's no urgency to draft one early.

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