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  1. You keep McGuire over Cannon if there is a 4th and Powell ends up making it.
  2. Yup. I've mentioned this in multiple Macc bashing threads. If this team wins 10 games and makes the playoffs you have to give Macc a lot of the credit. Yes, OBVIOUSLY credit would go to the coaching staff, players, ownership and even the new GM. However, Macc should get a significant amount of the credit b/c he is still responsible for putting the majority of this roster together, including the critical pieces such as the QB, RB, and top WR, D-lineman, LB, O-lineman, and player in the secondary on the team.
  3. So my understanding is that if he ends up on the roster as a RB (regardless of how he sees himself) he will have to change his number. This is likely to happen. I don't see him making this team as a WR but I can see him making it as a RB. NOT THAT IT REALLY MATTERS!
  4. Everything I have read suggests he wants a new contract. Not sure what the medical stuff is about but the Jets do have one of the best medical staffs in the NFL from what I have heard. If the Jets intend on trading for him, they should be ready to pony up. Maybe Beachum can be involved in the trade. He would be a big upgrade. I would not give up a first round pick however. He's 30 and has been beat up the past few years, missing a significant amount of time due to misc. injuries (no wonder he is angry with the medical staff...although it may not be their fault).
  5. Despite losing a Pro Bowl Returner in Roberts, the Jets have done a good job keeping/bringing in guys who will compete for return duties. RB: Cannon- showed return abilities in college but has had issue with fumbling the ball in the NFL. If he can hold on to it, he has the speed, quickness and vision to contribute in the return game. RB: Ty Mon.- Veteran who has done everything from playing in the slot to returning punts and kicks. Swiss army knife player who will probably make the team as a backup RB who can catch and as a returner. WR: T.White- blazing speed. This guy has a lot of experience as a returner in college and the NFL. WR: G.Dortch- Small shifty receiver with good hands and plenty of experience returning punts in college. WR: D.Thompson- journeyman with plenty of NFL experience returning kicks. I would imagine they give Valentine a shot at returning kicks as well. That's 6 back-end roster players that will try to make an impression as returners. I think someone will stick and solidify that role.
  6. I was looking at some of the UDFAs and back-end roster depth on the Jets. There's going to be a lot of guys fighting for roster spots because the depth is thin at multiple positions. I will be honest, some of these guys I never really heard of before, others I have only recently read up on. However, I do have some dark horses and some guys I think have a distinct edge to make the roster. Wondering if anybody out there has seen any of these guys play and has any idea of what the likelihood of them making the roster is. Here is a list of guys that will be battling for roster spots or will be on the bubble once cuts hit (IMHO). QB: T.Siemian, L.Falk, D.Webb (if the Jets carry 3, Falk is odd man out) RB: Ty Mont, V.Holmes, D.Henderson, T.Cannon (if the Jets carry 3 I think Ty Montgomery makes it) WR: T.White, D.Thompson, J.Smith, Peake, JJ Jones, Q.Henderson, G.Dortch, J.Bellamy (One of the most interesting group when looking at the back-end depth. There's a mix of veterans brought in by Gase, UDFA's with some legitimate skill sets and guys who have made it through onto the Jets team last year. Assuming Enunwa, Anderson, Crowder and Burnett are locks, that leaves 2 spots if the Jets carry 6 WRs. To me, Henderson, JJ Jones, and Peake are highly unlikely to make the roster. They have had opportunities already and have not shown enough with the newly added competition. White, Bellamy and Thompson were brought in as FAs while Gase was coach. I think each one of them has a solid chance to earn a spot. Then there are Smith and Dortch who were brought in as UDFAs. Dortch has a legit shot to make the roster while Smith- who is a converted QB and pretty raw is a shoe-in for the PS.) TE: Tomlinson, Sterling, D.Brown (another intriguing position but for all the wrong reasons. None of these 3 guys inspire confidence but if the Jets carry 3 TEs, one of them should get a roster spot. Tomlinson is a blocking TE who did not block very well last year and will most likely be replaced by Wesco. You can probably cross him out right away. Brown has not shown much as a receiver, despite clearly being a good athlete. I think if this group remains as is, it will be Sterling who gets the 3rd TE spot. He has some catching ability and has shown he can make plays down the field once in a while. O-Line: J.Toth-C, E.Smith-OT, J.Morgan-OG, W.Miller-OT, Toa Loben.-C, T.Jones-OT/OG, C.Anderson-OT (a lot of unknown guys on this list. Really shows how devoid of depth the Jets O-line is right now. However, these aren't all bad players, and I'm not including guys like B.Braden-OG, B.Qvale-OT/OG and T.Compton-OG, who I simply assume will make the roster. I think W.Miller, Toa L. and T.Jones, will make PS- the three UDFAs picked up by the Jets. The rest I really am not sure what to make of. Would like to see more of Toth at C, maybe he can make it as a backup to Harrison.) D-line: M.Stout-DT/NT, N.Shepherd-DT, T.Sanders-DT/NT, Kyle Philllips- DE/Edge, B.Kaufusi-DT, Fred Jones-DT, Fatukasi-DT, T.Basham-DE, J.Alexandre-DE (with so much back-end depth and Anderson, Polite, Leo, McLendon and QW already locking down roster spots, its really hard to predict who will be able to earn the final roster spots. Last year the Jets carried 6 D-linemen into the final 53. I think this year they will carry at least 7. Shepherd and Fatukasi stick out as hold-overs from last year who should be able to make a push and probably have an edge. However, Phillips, Basham and Alexandre are guys who have some ability to get after the QB, so I wonder if that gives them an edge.) LBs: A.Wint, J.Mosley, F.Luvu, H.Langi, N.Hewitt, Burgess, J.Allison, Cashman (This is an exciting group to pay attention to. The Jets carried 6 LBs into the season last year, this year they may carry 7. With Mosley, Williamson, Copeland and Jenkins locks to make the roster, that leaves 2-3 open spots. Wint, Luvu and Hewitt flashed last year so they may have an edge but this is a new coaching staff so they will have to fight just as hard as the others for a roster spot. I think Cashman will have an edge just b/c he was a 5th round draft pick. I really like Allison from what I have seen of him on tape, so I would personally give him an edge as well. So between those 5 guys we should see some really hard fought battles. The rest, to me, are unlikely to make it. CBs: Maulet, K.Brown, Bless Austin, T.Campbell, J.Clark (This is probably the easiest position to predict. Assuming Tru, Roberts, Poole, D.Jones and Nickerson are locks and the Jets carry 6 CBs, that only leaves one spot available for the taking. Austin will probably be placed on NFI as he continues recovering from his injury. Brown is an UDFA who I see more of a PS candidate than anything. Between Maulet, Campbell and Clark, I think the Jets are still most intrigued by the upside Clark can offer now that he is healthy. S: J.Battle, S.Ramirez, D.Middleton, B.Bryant, R.Miles (I put all the backups on this list because I believe the depth at FS and SS will be completely up for grabs. This may be where we see a changing of the guard. Middleton and Miles have been solid backups the past couple of years. Last year the Jets brought in a young safety in Bryant who impressed with his athleticism. This year the Jets bring in two more in Battle and Ramirez (as UDFAs). Both guys play like their hair is on fire and exemplify great leadership on the football field. Ramirez in particular has the speed, athleticism and skill set to earn a backup role in the NFL. The Jets carried 5 safeties last year. This year it may be 4. However, I would not be surprised if both Miles and Middleton did not make the cut in lieu of younger guys coming in.
  7. I agree. I think 1- The coaching staff actually may like who they have at C (Harrison) and did not fee like they needed to reach for one in the draft or sign one for big $$$ in Free Agency. 2- The coaching staff likes who they have at CB. I mean, Tru was kinda stuck there already because of his contract. But they re-signed Roberts and to a hefty contract. Why is it so unfathomable that he could actually start as the #2 CB and be good? Why is it so crazy that the coaching staff liked him enough to place that kind of confidence in him. He has always been solid when on the Jets and was never really given starting gig as the #2. Then they signed Pool to play the slot- an immediate improvement over Skrine if you ask me. They have young talent in the back-end with Nickerson and D.Jones. I mean, that's 5 CBs right there who I can't imagine the Jets will cut or release (barring devastating injury or really really poor play). So if they carry 6 into the season, I don't really see the Jets giving up assets (via trade) to upgrade at the CB position THIS season. Next year, of course. But right now I think the Jets are set at CB (maybe the back-end will change after roster cuts).
  8. "Someone I trust told me the word is..." I read that as 'my buddy heard a rumor'. Until its a done deal, its not a done deal.
  9. Keep your good players. We all know you cannot rely on Free Agency to get the players you want and you cannot rely on the draft. This notion that Leo can be replaced with a 3rd or 2nd round draft pick or that we can sign someone much cheaper than what his contract will cost as a replacement is preposterous. I don't care if he gets 10 sacks or zero sacks this year. At the very least he's a good player and at best he can be dominant (not his ceiling- but in actual games he has already shown he can be dominant). I personally like Leo (as a player) a lot and I think he is one of a handful of guys on this team you should hold on to. He is certainly less 'expendable' than any other player on the D-line (apart from QW). That includes H.Anderson- IMO (despite his breakout year). Remember- Leo has NEVER missed a game, has always been a positive locker room influence, has never been suspended for anything or had any off-field issues, and he is still only 24 years old.
  10. I don't get the sack stat as being the end all representation of how good or impactful a player is. That's just not how it works. Leo is not as Edge rusher or Pass Rush specialist. Jordan Jenkins had more sacks than Leo last year, does that make him anywhere near the player Leo is? If we are talking about money, well, money doesn't win, players win. I don;t get this assumption that just because you have en extra 14mil you can sign the type of player that Leo is...or that it will PREVENT you from figuring out a way to clear cap to sign a guy you really want. It's kind of inconsequential. This notion that we have too many first round picks or too much money tied up in one position is silly to me. As long as we are strong at that position, and its an important position, does it really matter? The Jets inability to improve the O-line was not nec. b/c they couldn't AFFORD to. I guess I just don't get this urgency to target Leo of all players- a very good, clearly talented, YOUNG player who has stayed healthy and made an impact- as someone we need to jettison for financial reasons??? Or to get a 2nd or 3rd rounder??? How about we clear cap in other ways when the time comes??? All this talk of trading Leo RIGHT NOW is asnine, IMHO. Do not get rid of one of your best players, period.
  11. I think a lot of people, and not you personally, but a lot of fans think one or more of the following. 1. Stats tell the whole story. A guys is not producing as many tackles or sacks or whatever and that represents his impact on the field. A guys stats go down from one year to another and that represents his impact on the field or his abilities. 2. Leo is replaceable. You can easily find a player like Leo in Free Agency or the draft. 3. The D-line is stacked and the Jets don't need Leo. 4. Leo is too expensive to keep long term. 5. Leo has not lived up to where he was drafted so he was a bad draft pick from the beginning. To me, there may be SOME truth to these things, but the reality is that players like Leo do not come around that often. He's not a JAG that you can sign on the cheap or pick up in the 3rd round and say to yourself, well, I can probably get the same impact from this guy as I can from Leo. Leo IS an impact player, regardless of how many sacks he gets. All you have to do is watch him play. For the past 4 years that he has been a Jet it looked like he was the only one causing havoc on the opposing O-line. You can't just assume you can draft a guy like that. Certainly not in the 2nd or 3rd round. He has been in the league for 4 seasons, stayed healthy ALL OF THEM. And he' 24 years old. 24! A guy like this will cost MORE if you pursue him in FA than if you extend him. He is 100% worth keeping. QW can become a star and Henry Anderson is a good player but right now neither are as good as Leo or as reliable. It really amazes me how a lot of Jet fans are looking at Leo as someone (either b/c of his salary or inability to put up sacks) who is holding this team back. He is one of our best players and Gase would be a complete idiot if he traded him for a 3rd or 2nd round pick. I would even argue that trading him for a starting C would be moronic. Regardless of the need, unless said C was a young, dominant player, I would not give up Leo. Again, Leo is 24 years old and has yet to miss a game in his career.
  12. Leo still looks like a man among boys in that D-line group, just by looking from afar. Physically intimidating. However, QW is not out there is he? Is that b/c he has yet to sign? Can anyone confirm?
  13. He's not getting paid $17 mil to attend voluntary workouts. C'mon man. He doesn't need to fight for a starting spot. And he probably doesn't want to get injured. Everybody says he's made of glass, right? I'm just saying, fans make way too much of players skipping voluntary workouts.
  14. Wow, might be the first time we agree on something. Now, if the Jets win 10-12 games this year and make the playoffs, does Macc get any credit? 😂
  15. Well, first of all, welcome to NY. LOL. But also, I tend to believe when there's smoke there's fire. I would not be at all surprised if GAse is standing up there straight up lying through his teeth about the draft (how he didn't feel alienated), Bell's contract (how he doesn't think Bell is overpaid), the new GM (how he doesn't have to have a previous relationship with the new GM- that may be true, but I'm sure he's pushing for one who he knows personally), the Macc firing (how he didn't have an issue with communicating with Macc)...etc. He is clearly stonewalling the media. And look, that's fine. It's probably for the best. He just wants to move on without more stories coming out about him. However, this notion that he is being honest and 'setting things straight' and everything that was reported is untrue is very much far fetched to me. He's pretty much up there saying 'everything is fine, nothing to see here' and when asked about this report and that report- 'nope that's all fake news'.
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