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  1. PepPep

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Same. It's gonna be Allen unless the Jets get a massive haul. Washington is just crazy enough to do it. Would involve the 15th pick, their second rounder and next year's first rounder AT LEAST, but probably more. I could see Dillard being there at 15. Wouldn't mind that. Maybe Burns falls to 15. Murphy is another possibility. And of course, if the Jets like him enough, Bradbury. Not a good spot to take a WR, IMO.
  2. PepPep

    Final Mock Draft

    I f Murray was there and they liked him a lot (like so many other QB needy teams) I think it's VERY feasible.
  3. PepPep

    Final Mock Draft

    I pretty much agree. I like Amani but would rather go after a C who can pretty step right in and start over Harrison and that would have to be a guy like Jenkins, who I like a lot. He should be there early in the 3rd. Don't nec. see the need to go after Hurd late in the third. If the Jets want a CB take C first, then a CB later in the 3rd, should still be solid developmental prospects there. CB is actually a pretty crowded position right now for the Jets. Tru, Roberts, Poole, Nickerson, Jones, Robinson. I like all of these guys and the younger ones showed a lot of promise when they got the opportunity to play. If we draft a CB we will have to cut one loose to PS...I doubt the Jets carry more that 6 CBs into the season. If they were to go CB, I really like Sean Bunting out of Central Michigan late in the 3rd instead of Hurd. His game tape is impressive. Lanky, man press corner who shadows really well and has elite speed and great ball skills.
  4. PepPep

    PFF Top 5 Tackles 2019 Draft By Pass Blocking Efficiency

    I have not heard much from the Jets other than that they would like to move down. I've heard rumors very early on that they like Allen. I've heard recent rumors that they like Oliver. I've heard rumors that they would target Dillard or Johan if a trade down were to happen. But those are just rumors. Macc is pretty tight-lipped and rarely shows his hand. Haven;t heard anything about them adamant about drafting a C or being in 'love' with Taylor. If they were THAT in love with Taylor, they should just draft him #3 overall b/c he is a LT (critical position) and he is expected to go in the top 10...often mocked at 6 to Giants or 7 to Jags. I don't believe any of the rumors. I think the Jets will draft Allen unless they get a haul to trade down. Everything else is just noise. He fills a major need, has zero red flags, is a hometown kid, good character, no injury concerns, proven player putting up major numbers in a tough conference, has a low floor and high ceiling (I think at worst he will be a solid versatile starter), did well in the combine, fits the system. I mean, he is kind of a no-brainer, which is why I am NOT surprised that we have heard so little from the Jets about how much they like him. They are keeping a tight lid on it.
  5. PepPep

    PFF Top 5 Tackles 2019 Draft By Pass Blocking Efficiency

    I think you can find a good RT and C prospect in the 3rd round with our two picks. If we need to move up from the bottom of the third to the middle by giving up a 5th next year or bench player, so be it. But if the Jets can get Jenkins-C and Sharping-OT in the third, without having to trade down and sacrificing a guy like Bosa or Allen with the #3 pick, I would be very happy with how they addressed the O-line this year. I would also be fine with them trading down and taking Jonah or Dillard, but only if they get a haul for the #3 pick. Meaning, multiple first round picks AND MORE (either this year via the Giants or this year and next with another team). If Murray falls to #3 I think its possible, but if he goes #1 I think its unlikely and I think it makes even more sense for the Jets to stick b/c odds are the pass rusher they want will be there.
  6. B/C the Jets finally got a legitimate blue chip QB prospect and he wants to make sure to surround him with weapons and protect him with veteran players that can step in and start immediately.
  7. Again, I said "Yes, he seems to be injury prone, even going back to college" A So I am not acting like the guy doesn't get hurt. My point was simply that he has been in the league 2 years. Played 6 games last year after battling injuries and then suffering a season ending injury. It's not like he never plays cuz hes always hurt. He's only been in the league 2 years and was hurt most of last year.
  8. To be fair he didn't miss a single game his rookie year and played nearly half the season last year (6 games) despite battling through injuries. Yes, he seems to be injury prone, even going back to college. This notion that he is never on the field is just not accurate. He missed some games battling through injuries early on last season and then had a season ending injury that shut him down the rest of the games. Ended up missing 10 of the 16 games last year, which is a lot. But that's it. Again, played all 16 games as a rookie. He's been in the league 2 years.
  9. I don;t know why people refer to 'all these holes'. What holes? No, I get it. The Jets need to upgrade at a number of positions to be contenders. But to think that they can do that by adding a second round pick while moving down in the draft is not realistic. Yes, they need an OT b/c Beachem probably wont be here next year BUT, there is no OT in this whole draft that could step in and the win the job over Beachem. There just isn't. Is there a WR that can step in and take over Enunwa's or Robbies job? Nope. I don't see anyone like that. A slot WR that can come in and take Crowder's job? Nope. A RB that can take Bells job? Or even McGuires? Sure, one of the top 2 C prospects could probably take Harrison's job. But does that mean we NEED to trade down to FILL THAT HOLE? I'm not sure there is a CB that can come in and beat out Roberts for his job. Or Poole for the Nickel spot. Or Tru for the #1 CB spot. Sure, the Jets need to continue adding young talent and depth a number of positions (like most teams). But this notion that they have holes all over the roster is simply untrue. They addressed a lot of holes in FA by bringing back their own guys and bringing in new players. I don't know how someone can assume that these completely unproven rookie prospects are better than what the Jets were able to get in FA or what they already have on the team. So, to me, the one position where a player can come in and take over the starting job is Pass Rusher. Allen or Bosa can come right in and start as an edge rusher over Copeland or Lee (who if not traded may be pushed out as a situational player or OLB in a 3-4 across from Jenkins). So, to me, you stick at #3 and take Bosa or Allen. I have confidence in both guys to be legit Pro Bowl caliber players. Bosa being the better pure pass rusher, Allen being the better versatile Pass Rusher. Bosa having the injury history that scares me a bit. I'm hoping Bosa IS a 49er and Allen, the local NJ kid is drafted by the Jets. He has a great work ethic, he has zero injury red flags, zero off field red flags, he played all 4 years in college, he put up big numbers, his measurables are great, his combine numbers are great, he fits as a prototypical 3-4 OLB, there is ZERO reason not to draft him at 3.
  10. He traded for a former Pro Bowl OG, he resigned and added a bunch of depth at O-line, he signed T.Mongomery as a versatile RB who can catch and return. He signed an explosive slot receiver in Crowder. He signed possibly one of the top offensive FAs available and top RBs in the league (Bell). Macc added proven veterans to the offense, investing most of the cap space he had available to fill in holes, give Darnold weapons, upgrade the O-line and add depth. Guys that will start or contribute immediately. The offseason is not over. There is still plenty of time for trades and FA additions as well as the draft. To suggest that if Macc drafts a defensive player #3 overall he is ignoring the defense this offseason is asinine.
  11. PepPep

    My First and Last Mock

    Great draft. The Jets would have to get lucky for all of these guys to be available where you took them. Literally every pick has a good chance to go considerably earlier. However, this is not a crazy.
  12. PepPep

    Bosa scares me

    Whut. I thought you were about to say he is going to be constantly sidelined due to injuries. Adams may be a loudmouth but his teammates love him, he plays with heart and like his hair is on fire and he is one of the best players on the Jets and looking more and more like he will be one of the best safeties the Jets have ever had. So if you are telling me we are going to be getting a Pass Rusher in Bosa that is the equivalent of Jamal Adams (loudmouth and all), sign me the F up.
  13. PepPep

    PFF Big Board

    I disagree about Williams. I think he has the size, footwork and hand skills to play OT in the NFL. Just because his arms aren't as long as most prototypical NFL OTs means very little to me. Oliver, White and Sweat probably should be on there. But tough to argue against the top 5, IMO.
  14. No way. You are pretty much guaranteeing a trade down or a trade up into round 2 and there is no way I would guarantee that. I guarantee the Jets draft a Pass Rusher in round 1 or 2. Allen, Bosa, Burns, Sweat, Polite. One of these guys is gonna be a Jet. And here is my thinking. We stick at 3- its Allen or Bosa. We move down, we probably get a 2nd rounder. We take Burns or Sweat in Rd. 1. An O-lineman in Rd.2. If we take an O-lineman in Rd. 1. We take Polite in Rd. 2. If its none of the guys I specified, I still think we take a Pass Rusher once we move down. And again, if we stay put I would be VERY surprised if its wasn't Allen or Bosa.

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