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    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    Stop it already.
  2. Dude, what if he has 10 sacks this season. It's not that crazy to think he can do that. He had 7 in 2016. 10 is not a ridiculous amount. But its certainly not peanuts. Then what???! Just saying. He's already been able to stay healthy, is a positive influence in the locker room, is as solid as it gets against the run, requires double teams and creates havoc in the backfield. I would definitely invest big money in a player that does EVERYTHING except produce sacks in the top 5. At 10 a season he would probably be somewhere closer to top 15.
  3. So, YES, I assumed McGuire starts off on IR. I only put Flowers on there as an offensive weapon. But yes, it may very well be Thomas who makes the cut purely as a blocker with Flower's on PS. However, Flowers could very well be claimed and not make it to PS. I really like his abilities offensively. I dunno. Maybe you are right. Yes, Pierre-Louis might make it. I was really unsure of the last two spots at LB. Mauldin could shine in pre-season and claim a spot as well. I think he will be cut though. Just too many lost opportunities and too many injuries. IMO. RE: Safety. That's the question, right? Do they keep 5 safeties or 7 CBs? Not sure. Somehow I think the coaching staff sees more in Burris than the fans. I think if it were up to the fans both Skrine and Burris would be goners. Thanks for the input!
  4. As we start the pre-season there will be some interesting decisions to make at SOME positions when it comes to depth. BUT I think barring injuries the 53 man roster is shaping up to look like this.... Let me know your thoughts... OFFENSE: 25 players QB is easy peasy: Darnold, Teddy, McCown (3) The WRs are pretty much set. I doubt it will be anything other than: Anderson, Enunwa, Kearse, Pryor, Hansen and Stewart (6). I mean, the WR position pretty much looks set to me. TE, I personally feel like Leggett gets another chance and Sterling gets cut. Simply b/c Leggett is younger, with more upside, and due to injury has really yet to show what he can do on the field. And let's be honest, Sterling really hasn't shown THAT much promise. So I think TE is set with Herndon, Tomlinson, Leggett (3) RB is pretty much set- since Rawls was such a disappointment and McGuire got injured and will be out 6 weeks: Powell, Crowell, Cannon...and I think Flowers will make the team (at least to start the season) as a FB. (4) O-line: This is a bit tougher once we get to depth but the starters are set: Beachem, Carpenter, Long, Winters, Shell...that's 5. Last year they kept 9 on the 53 man roster. I think Ijalana and Qvale are no brainers to make the team. That's 7. I think they will keep ONE backup center. Most likely Harrison. That's 8. I think they have given Braden a real close look and he may stick as a backup guard. (That's 9). Would not be surprised if they decided to go with 10 O-linemen. But for now, let's stick with 9- Beachem, Carpenter, Long, Winters, Shell, Ijalana, Qvale, Harrison, Braden. Maybe Garcia makes it as a 10th? DEFENSE: 25 players D-line: Again, this is looking pretty cut and dry to me. Last year they kept 6 so lets go with that: L.Williams, N.Shepherd, McLendon are locks. I think Anderson makes it as well. To me, Fatukasi and Pennel are the last 2 to make it. Simon and M.Thomas are on the outside looking in. We will see what happens in pre-season and if any injuries occur. (6) LB's: THIS is the most interesting group when it comes to cuts. The starters are set: Lee, Williamson, Jenkins, Martin. Assuming they keep 8 like last year that leaves Mauldin, Bass, Donahue, Minter, Pierre-Louis, Copeland, Hewitt, Wint and Luvu to fight for backup roles and roster spots. That's nine guys fighting for 4 spots! Bass is certainly gonna make it, IMO. I think Minter makes is as a veteran ILB. The last two spots are really up for grabs. You would think Mauldin and Donahue are prime to take those two spots but Mauldin has not impressed and is often injured. Donahue has some off field concerns and hasn't been that impressive either. Meanwhile, guys like Luvu and Wint have show great energy and flashes. PERSONALLY I'm going to go with Luvu and Donahue as the last two. But, who knows, they may carry 9 LBs. RECAP: Lee, Williamson, Jenkins, Martin with Bass, Donahue, Minter, and Luvu serving as backups. Mauldin gets cut! IMHO. (8) Safety: Pretty cut and dry.: Adams, Maye, Middleton, Brooks. (4) CB: Another position with depth with some tough decisions. I think they carry 7 this time around. Mo, Tru, Nickerson, Skrine, Roberts, Burris, D.Jones. I doubt they cut Skrine. (7) SPECIAL TEAMS: 3 players K: Santos P: Edwards LS: Hennessey *I think Cannon will be primary return man. Along with A. Stewart. **The Jets may decide NOT to carry 7 CBs. In which case we may see one of the LBs, Safeties or O-linemen make the team instead.
  5. Just stop it already. LOL. Penn is 35 and on the PUP list. He's absolutely not worth a roster spot. The Raiders want him to take a pay cut and are apparently ready to start rookie C.Miller at LT over him. Beachem is younger and better. Shell has looked solid at RT. The Jets need help on the O-line. But they need upgrades. Penn IS NOT an upgrade. Right now, if the guys the Jets have stay healthy and get just a bit better as a unit, that's all you can ask for. Beachem, Carpenter, Long, Winters, and Shell are the starting five. That's it. Next year maybe the Jets will move on from one or two of those guys and instead bring in someone in FA and/or the draft. But right now that is the unit and I think they will be fine. No need to sign or trade for injured, old, castoffs from other teams.
  6. Right, but the point of this particular statement he made is that there were a number of veterans that did not show effort. So you're not questioning his work ethic and you believe he needs to be a better leader, yet you're questioning him calling out former teammates for NOT having good work ethic? I thought that's what leaders did- call out poor attitude, work ethic and lack of effort? He didn't specify anyone in particular, and it seems like there is no problems in the locker room right now, so I would guess others have the same feelings and the person in question probably IS Wilkerson- who is gone now. So sure, declaring you will be a Pro Bowler and this and that and the other gets annoying and can cause locker room issues. But there ARE no locker room issues right now. And Adams has only been in the league ONE season, so we can't even know whether he will live up to his bluster or fall short. SO what's the problem? And why all the concern over this particular statement, which is what this thread is about.
  7. I agree. As a rookie especially, you need to have some respect for the veterans around you and be careful about what you say. That's just how it goes. HOWEVER, regardless of how well he played or what numbers he put up, Adams is talking about EFFORT here. He is simply saying theeffort was not there and the energy was not there. And he's probably right.
  8. PepPep

    End of preseason trades!

    This. Is. The. Best.
  9. From what I have heard the MOST praise has been put on ROSEN and DARNOLD. There has been some noise about L.Jackson but mostly because of the potential of him playing at the same time as RGIII and/or Flacco. Also, the potential of him playing other positions (WR). Not so much for what he has done on the field as a QB. Allen has gotten the most criticism. But I think everybody expected him to have a bigger learning curve than most of the other 1st round QBs. Mayfield has flown under the radar. He's gotten praise but it doesn't seem like the Browns are entertaining the notion of starting him over T.Taylor.
  10. I agree with this 100%. There is nothing WRONG with Garcia. He was a very good QB and played in the league for a very long time. Washn't he a QB coach as well? But there is no way Mayfield should be compared to an elite athlete like Russel Wilson or a precision gunslinger like Drew Brees.
  11. My concern with Mayfield remains the same as it has been during the draft process. 1. Size. Yes, I know there have been numerous successful QBs that are not 'tall'. But I honestly believe, despite his escapability and speed, Mayfield will be overwhelmed by the size of defenders in the NFL. He will have difficulty seeing and delivering the ball accurately over the line and stepping into the pocket. He will be constantly on the run and in trouble. He is an accurate QB when he has protection or a clear lane to throw in, but NFL defenses will adjust and make him uncomfortable on every pass play. 2. System and supporting cast. I think Mayfield will have a significant learning curve when it comes to transferring his sklls from the system he was so successful in at OU to the system in the NFL. Haley will clearly help, but he will still have to adjust, more so than other rookie QBs like Darnold and Rosen. OU also had a dominant O-line and great weapons (including a dangerous running game). Granted, the Browns have improved significantly on paper, they DO have talent. But IMHO Mayfiled will be overwhelmed b/c guy will no longer be open on a regular basis and the O-line will no longer be able to give him ample protection. I love Mayfiled as a player, I think he will struggle adjusting to the NFL, I'm glad we got Darnold.
  12. Honestly, I picked Flacco. Why? Because he won a F-ing superbowl and that's all that matters to me. Obviously Brees, Brady and Big Ben are in a league of their own and HOFers. But any QB that will bring the Jets a SB trophy I will consider a success. I'd rather have Darnold be a Flacco type who won us a SB than a Rivers, Stafford or Romo type who were great QBs in their own right but never won the big game. HOWEVER, if Darnold does end up being a great QB but NOT winning a SB I will STILL think that he was a successful draft pick!! Because you need a good TEAM to win a SB, not just a good QB. There has NEVER been a bad team with a great QB that has won a SB. There HAVE been great teams with an average QB that have won the SB. That's how it works...the better TEAM wins.
  13. PepPep

    Khalil Mack

    True. But I think the situation with the Redskins was a bit of an outlier. Cousins is a QB and clearly critical to the team. They were also paying him an huge amount considering they were tagging him. Most GMs would not go that route. Even with a QB. Many thought the Redskins were crazy for doing what they did with Cousins. But yea, I agree, Raiders can always tag him.
  14. PepPep

    Khalil Mack

    Well, apparently all signs are pointing to him walking next season as a FA if they can't get a trade. The longer they draw this out, the less value they will be able to get for him. Teams these days are very stingy with their first round picks these days. Draft picks in general hold great value. Washington let Cousins walk, Arizona let C.Campbell walk. Just saying, it's not unheard of. And I think if this starts to drag into the season it only become more and more likely that the Raiders will end up taking less compensation or just letting him walk.
  15. PepPep

    Khalil Mack

    Just sign him as a FA next year. DO NOT TRADE AWAY OUR FIRST ROUND PICK AND MORE on top of shelling out a ton of dough for Mack's extension. It makes no sense to me.