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  1. I agree. I know a lot of Jet fans are talking about a complete rebuild but Jet brass will be looking at this as a 'competitive' rebuild. They will expect to be a much better team and compete for the playoffs next year. Top FA targets will be O-line, CB and Edge. Top draft targets will be O-line, CB and WR. It just depends on whos available and who they can get. Having said the obvious, I think they will let Jenkins walk and go after a more pure Pass Rusher in FA. Cutting Avery does not make much sense b/c of his salary and the dead $$ they will have to take on. Maybe a trade? But he has so little value coming off his injury you might as well keep him, resign one of Hewitt or Burgess and maintain that depth at ILB. Burgess is much more of a liability in coverage than Burgess but Burgess will be cheaper, so it all depends on how much the Jets want to spend, I assume as little as possible. I agree about Maye. Except I doubt they draft a Safety THIS year, they just have too many other needs. Maybe they will sign or draft one once he is actually let go via FA. Still unsure about what they plan to do with Adams. Maybe they WILL trade him. I'm personally not a fan of doing that. But I completely understand if they have already made up their minds about not resigning him, then why not get the most from a trade.
  2. I'm not talking about some kind of cheap deal. I'm talking about about 10mil a year. I'm talking about sitting down with him and hammering out a deal before he hits free agency at approximately what he wants to get paid rather than getting into a bidding war and overpaying. Of course he may just say he doesn't want to negotiate at all and see what he gets in FA. But who knows, he genuinely seemed like he wanted to stay on the Jets at the trade deadline. Maybe he likes NYC, who knows. I don't know if the Jets already tried to re-sign Robby, I don't know whats going through his head, maybe he plans to hit FA and go to the highest bidder no matter what. But sometimes players have a certain number in mind and if you hit it (or come close) they will sign. And no, I'm not expecting it to be a low number, I'm just thinking it will be better to take care of before FA.
  3. The Jets will not draft a safety, IMO. MAYBE if they trade Adams. I get that they may not plan to re-sign Maye but they have much bigger needs and can address Safety in FA. I don't see them drafting a safety...I mean, maybe in the 6th or 7th round. They can always draft a safety next year. They have bigger needs right now on O-line, CB, Edge, WR. As far as Roberts, you have to cut him. He clears 6mil. in cap space if I am not mistaken. If you plan is to bring in a capable starting CB in FA and draft a CB to develop, you need to cut Tru and Roberts who are both on the wrong side of 30 and way overpriced.
  4. Not a fan of Mac or the way he drafted but people make it seem like every single player her drafter was a terrible bust and that is simply not the case. Leo- maybe overdrafted but far from a bust Jordan Jenkins- far from a bust Jamal Adams- one of the top players at his position Maye- far from a bust Sam Darnold- far from a bust- possibly the Franchise QB Chris Herndon- far from a bust Fatukasi and Shepherd: turns out these guys needed some development but are coming into their own as solid contributors on the D-line. And I'm not including the guys he drafted last year, a few of which look quite promising. Cashman (despite the injury), Austin, Edoga, and QW all have flashed and look promising, some more than others. I get it, this includes 5 drafts with some high draft picks. Some of these were hard to F up. However, you can't nec. hold that against him. Give the guy a tiny bit of credit, even if its only for once in a blue moon getting it right.
  5. Re-sign Robby now. You get the best chance at getting a good deal for him before the offseason. He is a much needed weapon and we have all seen the numbers he can put up when Darnold has time to throw. We have seen that although he is not the most dynamic WR, he is far from one-dimensional. Re-sign him now and you can get him for just under 10mil a year and you won't have to drag things out and you won't have to get into a bidding war with another team. I don't care of he is a #1 or a #2. He is a great weapon and viable deep threat. Defenses have to respect his speed and demands attention pretty much at every level of the field. You add a WR (or two) in the draft and with Robby on board you are pretty much set at WR going into next season. Robby, 2 rookies, Crowder, Berrios/V.Smith/Depth vet/UDFA surprise signing. Its the best you can do without egregiously overspending or using your top draft pick on a WR when you desperately need a Blue Chip LT.
  6. He's certainly on my radaar, the dude can straight up ball. But again, I'm sticking to a Blue Chip LT prospect in Rd. 1 and hopefully a top CB prospect falls to us in Rd. 2. But if not, yes, AGG and a slew of other top WRs are in consideration once we address LT.
  7. First year on the job, not his full roster, continuity, owner wants to look like he is in charge, blah blah blah. After next year he will have no guarantees. If JD adequately turns around this O-line and brings in some more weapons for Darnold and this team keeps losing games they should win b/c of offensive futility, Gase will be on the hot seat immediately.
  8. This was not an accident b/c he rolled the dice on his injury history. In other words, this was a kid who was probably not going to get drafted and Macc saw his talent and did not want to risk him signing elsewhere or getting drafted so he rolled the dice. This time I think you gotta give credit where credit is due. High risk, high reward pick but late enough where you don't lose a much capital if it doesn't work out. Just a good selection if you ask me.
  9. I get that its bad but its NEVER worse than it is when you don't have a QB. And I'm not saying Darnold is there yet, but he sure as heck is the best young QB I've ever seen don the Jets uniform. Maybe aside from Pennington. JD has a lot of work to do but this defense is close. They need edge rush help and a starting CB on the outside to pair with Bless. With a CB in the draft to develop for the future who can serve as depth. They can get both starters in FA. I'm not saying they will get the top FA CB and the top FA Edge rusher. I'm just saying they need a couple of vet starters that can help and ASSUMING THEY ARE HEALTHY this defense will be very very good. Offensively there is a lot more work to be done. However, thats where you invest most of your FA and draft capital. 2 O-line starters (again, they don't have to be top FAs, would be nice to get Scherff but you gotta get 2 legit starters to protect Darnold) and 2 HIGH O-line draft picks (first 3 rounds). Hopefully we get a legit blue chip LT prospect fall to us in the first round- we should. Right there you are 1/2 way to an O-line rebuild. The rest of the way you add WRs in a VERY deep WR draft and fill in depth via FA. Yes, this is a 2-3 year 're-build' but assuming the Jets are healthy they can field a MUCH better team next year with the right FA and draft moves. They don;t even have to trade Adams or Bell like so many are calling for. Maybe I'm an optimist but this is how I'm looking at it. I truly believe you can turn things around in a flash in the NFL, injuries have a huge impact, and the offensive line is the most important part of a functioning offense other than QB.
  10. I like this mock but I think I would approach it differently. I am NOT confident coming out of it with Walker Little as my LT acquisition. I'm not sure he will transition to a LT at the NFL level and he is certainly not a guy I can rely on to plug and play at the OT position. I know you guys love Higgins and I would love to get a play-making WR right off the bat but I'm going OT with the Rd. 1 pick and taking a guy I am confident can step in start like Leatherwood or Wirfs or Wills or A.Jackson, a guy who projects to be a LT at the next level. In Rd. 2 I'd take Biadasz but its very unlikely he will be there. the Jets pick 9th in the second round and he is projected to go mid to late first round. I don't see him falling past the Niners in the first round. So, in Rd. 2 I'm going with a CB. The value will be there. I expect 3, MAYBE 4 CBs to go in rd. 1. If the Jets can get 1 of Terrell, CJ Henderson, Diggs, or Adebo I'm really high on all of those prospects as potential #1 CBs that can play on the outside. Now, in Rd. 3 you look at the WR position. Maybe you double dip. Big fan of Mims, Ayuk, Jefferson, Wallace, Tyler Johnson, Peoples-Jones, KJ Hill. The list goes on. THIS is the reason you wait until Rd. 3 to draft a WR. I get that you have to draft to the strength of the draft. But EARLY in Rd. 3 is not exactly letting all the good prospects go by. A lot of these guys will still be available and they are quality receiving prospects. You're not exactly rolling the dice. Take care of OT in Rd. 1, take the best available CB in Rd. 2 unless a guy like Biadasz or another top target falls, then use one or both of your Rd. 3 picks on WR.
  11. Having watched a lot of tape of Fournette and some of Dillon these two are not in the same category athletically. They just aren't. And I don't see AJ Dillon being 'faster than he looks', he certainly isn't nearly as fast as Fournette. He does not have breakaway speed, which is what so many NFL team covet, which is why he will fall to the later rounds. The Jets have too many other needs and not enough draft capital to use their lone 4th round pick on a RB, IMO. Especially if they plan to keep Bell. And if they DO draft someone, I want a guy who can catch out of the backfield and who has blazing speed to break it for a TD.
  12. Would need to knock out Lamar Jackson...so I say Blitz Bless!!!
  13. IF Lamar Jackson plays I think this might just be a blowout of colossal proportions. Ravens are a hot team. They will blitz the F out of Darnold. This will be another one of those games where the Jets simply cant do anything on offense b/c the O-line is completely overmatched. Meanwhile, the Ravens will pass on the Jets and run the ball on the Jets if not with Ingram then with Jackson. It will be a bloodbath. Jets will get a meaningless TD late in the game. Ravens- 33 Jets- 13 IF Lamar Jackson is out (he wont be) its a completely different game b/c Griffin is not nearly the same passing threat nor running threat and the Jets D has been stout recently. Still, odds are the Ravens defense dominates the line of scrimmage and Jets lose this one. Ravens- 23 Jets- 13

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