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  1. He doesn't have good ball skills for a CB. He has much better ball skills with his back to the WR. At any rate. Not sure how he will work out at FS. To me, a bigger concern is lack of speed/acceleration nec. to cover ground and give help on streaking receivers.
  2. I'll be honest. Specials is important. But if we just had a guy who can catch the ball back there I would be totally fine with our return game. Especially if that meant we saved a roster spot. For example, if we put Moore or Carter back there and told him to just fair catch it cuz we didn't want him to get hurt, lose yards or fumble- great. That's how little the return game matters in the NFL these days, IMO. We got a solid kicker, solid punter, solid gunner. Yes, we will probably add a guy in FA or the draft who can handle return duties. But honestly. Who cares? Just put a guy back there who won't make mistakes.
  3. Your breakdown is pretty spot on. I think there are 4 clear holes. 4 positions where we don't have a plan for potential starters - QB, C, DT, and FS. QB- Very good chance we are getting Rodgers. C- Huge hole. But Jets might just draft one early. DT- Hole but not critical, IMO. A number of options to fill this role. FA, draft, maybe both. We don't need a premier or high level starter player here. Just a quality role player to play next to Q. FS- As so many have pointed out, Clark and Whitehead are both box safeties. Whitehead might get cut to clear cap. Or both might end up sticking. At any rate. A true ballhawk FS is needed. Good chance the Jets simply resign Joyner on the cheap and draft a FS, with Adams in the mix competing for a starting spot.
  4. If the Jets like JMS, they are targeting him for Rd. 2 or bottom of Rd. 1 in a trade down scenario. If we stand pat at 13, I would not be surprised to see a BAP selection. An Edge or OT. DT depth will almost certainly be signed in FA or late in the draft. No way JD takes a DT in Rd 1-3. Not with the current depth we have on our D-line, even with the departure of Rankins and Shep.
  5. Clapp and Pocic still available, amongst others (Hudson, etc.). If I am not mistaken. There were also rumblings that the Jets took a liking to JMS out of Minn who is considered a plug and play rookie prospect.
  6. A couple of things. 1. OBJ is washed up, injury prone and plain sucks at this point in his career. No thank you. 2. ARod said he had a wishlist. Not a list of demands. I doubt if JD doesn't bring everyone he wants on board he will refuse to play for the Jets. JD already signed his top request, Lazard.
  7. I'm not as high on him as say a guy like Jayden Reed out of Michigan State. I know Reed is expected to go a bit sooner than round 6-7 (probably Rd. 4-5). But he's a much better fit to immediately contribute to this offense as it currently stands and serve as a potential 'replacement' for Berrios. He is a terrific punt/kick returner. So you can plug him in on specials. He is versatile and can play outside or in the slot (better fit as a shifty slot receiver). Was productive in college. Tested well at the combine. Just a solid, safe pick and a guy who should contribute as good depth on a talented roster. And of course, he's used to wearing green and white.
  8. Since...forever. LOL. But seriously. It has to be 1969 right? Coming off an unexpected SB win, with Namath coming back, Snell and Maynard still on the team. Coach coming back, majority of defense coming back. Correct me if I am wrong, I was not alive at the time, but wouldn't THAT be the time when expectations for a SB be at their peak?? Curios to hear what people think. As far as in my lifetime, it would have to be 1998. Parcells, Vinny, Curtis, Keysh, Chrebet. Top 5 offense. Nasty Defense. That team went 12-4 and lost in the playoffs to the eventual SB Champion Denver Broncos. That was probably the best, most complete Jet team I have ever seen.
  9. If we don't get Rodgers (and we probably will), the likelihood of drafting a QB at 13 certainly goes up. But I doubt it. The top 4 QBs will almost certainly be off the board after which there is a significant drop off in talent. Maybe Bottom of Rd. 1 in a trade up scenario if they really like Hooker or Tanner McKee? I honestly can't imagine either of those guys going that high but those would be the next prospect in line. As far as FA vets- yes, it would seem we would be down to bottom of the barrel guys who would have to compete with Zach for a starting spot. Maybe that was 'Plan B' all along. Plan 'A' being Carr or Rodgers (swing big). Plan 'B' being go after a low-level vet who would allow Zach another opportunity to start. With potentially a promising rookie 3rd stringer. ] But lets not think about that. After all. We're getting Aaron Rodgers.
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