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  1. PepPep

    Duke Johnson Contract

    Not to mention that Mac may very well have found a gem in Cannon and/or Flowers. Just goes to show that even though there are superstar RBs coming out of the draft every year (Elliott, McCaffrey, Barkley, etc.) there are also plenty of solid RB talent that gets drafted late and/or signed as UDFAs. McGuire was a 6th round pick. Powelll was a 4th rounder and Crowell was an UDFA.
  2. PepPep

    Can we talk Flowers?

  3. PepPep

    Wait. Leggett is good?

    where u hear dis?
  4. "Don't draft workout warriors or guys based on their "measurables". Draft on actual play and production." - Eh, it's a little bit of both, plus luck. There are PLENTY of players that were super productive in college and simply could not compete at the elite NFL level. "Don't draft players from Penn State" unless you are joking, this is possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Can't wait for Barkley to be a bust! LMFAO. T. Hali was a real letdown. Cameron Wake? Etc. Etc.
  5. It's a BIT complicated. But only b/c there are numerous factors that need to play themselves out before a starter is named. Right now it's McCown coming in as last year's starter with open competition for someone to take that position away from him. Factors: - Injuries: Which QBs will be fully healthy to start week one. McCown is a tough guy but he is also 38. If he gets hurt it changes the whole QB competition and depth chart. If Darnold gets banged up AT ALL during pre-season or camp, the Jets will be wary to start him right away, even if they think he is ready and will be healthy. Will Teddy be able to play, at all? We still don't really know. And what if Teddy get hurt again, Darnold looks like he is struggling to pick things up and Hack looks miles ahead of where he was last year. It could very well be McCown, Hack and Darnold at 3rd string with Teddy cut. - Competition/play: Assuming ALL are healthy, a lot will determine how these guys look in pre-season and camp. If Teddy doesn't look as sharp as he used to (even if he is 100% healthy) the Jets may straight up cut him. This leaves room on the roster for Hack. McCown is a proven vet so it's unlikely he will be cut or he has an oddly poor showing in camp, but if Darnold is outplaying him and looks like he is ready to take over immediately, the Jets could very well roll with the rookie and have McCown as a capable, reliable back-up. If Darnold looks lost and Teddy is not what he used to be, we could very well see Hack emerge. Has he improved vastly this past offseason...unlikely, but possible- he could be the backup. Point being, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, there WILL be competition that will determine who stays, who goes, and who is where on the depth chart. - Potential for a trade: If Teddy looks sharp and is 100% healthy while the rest of the QB crew are healthy and look good in camp as well, Teddy could very well be traded. Why not? There could very well be a WIN NOW team that needs a solid backup in case their starter gets hurt. What if Hack looks miles ahead of where he was last year...call me crazy but there may be interest in him. Personally, I agree with most others that barring any serious injury, Hack will be the odd man out and be cut or placed on PS while McCown starts, Darnold is backup and Teddy is insurance or trade bait throughout the season.
  6. Well, you shouldn't be 'over it'. Rather, you should understand what a MASSIVE problem it is.
  7. PepPep

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Ok. So you are suggesting they carry 2 QBs instead of 3. That's a fair enough argument. I was assuming they keep 3. In which case, holding on to Hack is not a terrible idea. Let's say you try out that 2 iron you never use and it does wonders to your game. Aren't you glad you held on to it? lol 😁
  8. PepPep

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    What if Hack clearly improved from last year? As a cheap, young, 3rd string QB...why not? He probably won't even see the field being buried on the depth chart.
  9. I don't know WHY the Pats cut him. But I DO know the Pats cut guys for good reason and just before their production drops off. This is a young, developmental prospect, so it's clearly not b/c they think his production will drop off. So there has to be a very good reason they would do this. Blood clots in his lungs seems to be the obvious one. But either way, I would probably steer clear of him.
  10. PepPep

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Highest possible draft pick please.
  11. PepPep

    Henry Anderson

    I think the reason is that he could actually start opposite Leo at DE (barring injury). To get a solid starter for a 7th round pick is pretty good. Especially after losing Mo and Richardson. I think that is why there is some excitement surrounding this move. I actually don't think expectations are that high. We pretty much know what this guy brings. As long as he is healthy and can be a solid starter, Jet fans will be happy. Personally, I am more excited about Shepherd. I think he can be a very good starter and can bring some pass rush help to Leo from the interior.
  12. PepPep

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

    Bates is the right guy for the job. When you have a guy like Bates as O-coordinator and QB coach in one, Bowles being the head coach simply doesn't matter as much. I.E. Bates does not have to be the head coach for Darnold to develop into a Pro Bowl QB. Bowles is a defensive guy and has failed miserably (IMO) to maintain a high level of defensive play with the talent he had. He is also a terrible in game coach and as everyone has attested- bad at in game adjustments. These two things could very well hurt the Jets in the win column but shouldn't really change how Darnold develops. JMHO.
  13. Nonetheless, I would say the best situation for Darnold or ANY rookie QB would be on the best team, particularly one with a HOF aging QB about to retire, which is the Steelers.
  14. Good one. I mean you are hilarious. Really funny stuff. Multiple surgeries is an off the filed concern.
  15. This is exactly why TO ME the turnovers are not a RED FLAG and why I said Darnold had ZERO red flags.