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  1. Ficken ceased to be providing competition for Naggar so JD immediately signed competition. Its been Naggars job to lose for a while but you always have to have a second kicker pushing you.
  2. This is typical, especially with a rookie QB. Defense almost always looks better in camp than the offense as it tales longer for the O-line to gel, the QB to get in sync with his receivers and in this case, the rookie QB to acclimate himself to the playbook in real time- i.e. against opposition in pads. Unless Zach struggles throughout camp and then starts to looks like trash in preseason, I have zero concerns. This is pretty common for a rookie QB.
  3. Can't he be both? lol I mean, the truth is we don't really know the type of player Hall is yet. He played what? 8 NFL games? Correct me if I am wrong. So we're talking about a 5th round rookie coming off injury who played in 8 NFL games on a terrible team. He looked solid, he looked promising. But its not nearly enough to really know whether he is a legit NFL starter, a potential star, a bust, a JAG, a useful backup, better as a safety, better in a different system, etc., etc. Personally I think he can develop into a solid starter who can play on the outside in the Saleh zone
  4. I'm hoping he turns things around. He's just too physically gifted to not be a great weapon on the outside. In order for him to get cut he would have to get beat out by Vyncent Smith, Jeff Smith or Cager. Anything can happen but I highly doubt those guys beat him out. Even Berrios, while being able to add productivity as a returner has a tougher hill to climb to make the roster just because he has at least 2 slot receivers ahead of him (Crowder and Moore and even Cole to an extent). I know people already have Berrios penciled in as making the roster but I actually think Mims still has a
  5. Isn't he recovering from surgery? What do you want from him? Is he supposed to heal like Wolverine? Or get out there on the field with a bum foot?
  6. The only thing I see happening is JD trading a late draft pick for a vet QB or trading someone from the crowded D-line depth chart for a late draft pick.
  7. What I want to see depends on how things play out. If the offense ends up 20th overall but Zach looks great and the rookies look solid but some injuries and growing pains skew the overall offensive stats to not look great while the defense absolutely dominates I'm fine with that. If the Defense is ranked bottom 5 but its mainly because of our atrocious CB play an some unfortunate injuries upfront while the Offense is dominant, I'm ok with that as well. In general, obviously you want the offense to do well because, well, Zach Wilson. I don't think anybody wants to be middle of the
  8. Technically yes. But having the first pick you would assume you have a major upper hand, you would assume you get better players or if averaged out over the course of the season you win more often. I just don't find that to be the case. Of course having the last pick doesn't help, but everyone knows the key to most fantasy leagues is paying close attention to player stats and hitting on your waiver wire claims.
  9. I don't know who you should pick but I do know that in my experience the one who gets the #1 pick rarely wins. I suggest trading down if that is an option in your league.
  10. I agree. The biggest mystery is Hall as a #1 or #2 in this system, Guidry or Carter II in the slot and to a lesser degree Bless. You could say the same about the weak side linebacker position where we have Cashman penciled in but could very well see him supplanted by a rookie safety-hybrid. Herndon is not a mystery, he just needs to cut down on the drops and he will be an impact player. I have no doubt about it. One of the biggest issues last year wasn't HIS confidence it was Gase's/Darnold's confidence IN HIM. Seemed like he did not get targeted by Darnold nearly as much as he should ha
  11. The thing about Mims is that even without having the best execution- his size, speed and athleticism create miss-matches al over the field and I think Zach will look for them in games. Mims is also a solid blocker, which will keep him on the field. He needs to stay healthy.
  12. Still has to be the D-line. The Jets are still by far the deepest on the D-line and that group is the most proven. Like you said, could be the O-line or WRs but those guys have to go out there and show they can dominate before I say there are the better unit. Like you said, although I have high hopes for both- Mims and Moore are question marks. On the o-line, bringing in Moses was huge but our RG spot is a weakness, Tucker may end up being a star but right now he is an unproven rookie and McGovern is coming off a shaky, inconsistent season.
  13. Yes. Wilson, Tucker, Moore and Carter look to be anywhere from starters to high impact players right off the bat. Sherwood and Carter II look to be anywhere from contributors to starters depending on formation. Who knows how everyone will pan out and maybe we even get a gem from some of the guys taken in the back end of the draft, but, the answer is YES. When you end up with 4 starters and at least 2 immediate contributors out of 10 total draft picks I think you did pretty darn 'good' in the draft.
  14. I'm gonna guess Coleman. I know he wasn't a big signing and maybe expectations aren't that high but he could be one of the starters at the RB position, he's a vet and he has experience/success in the same or similar scheme. However, with the addition of Carter and Ty/Perine fighting for roster spots and carries, I don't see Coleman beating these younger guys out, especially if Perine proves he can be an acceptable pass blocker.
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