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  1. Bad take. IN THIS GAME- YES. However, for the most part, the defense has been pretty solid. Especially the young secondary. They have been doing their part while the offense has been stinking it up. I think we're seeing how important Mosley is to this front 7. Especially against the run. With him out, the Pats are running right up the gut.
  2. Eh, the Jets can beat NE. Yes, they lost to the Falcons and the thinking was they were primed for a win. But nobody really thought they would beat Tenn. either. If the defense plays well and keeps them in this game, the Jets will have a chance. And there's no reason to think they won't do just that. This is one of those games where I wouldn't put money on either team because it really feels like a toss up. By the way, if there is an edge it might even go to the Jets if only because of the long list of injuries the Pats are dealing with right now.
  3. Here's my prediction: Zach has a solid game like he did against the Titans. He makes some mistakes but for the most part he plays well and hits some big plays. The DEFENSE turns it up and wins a close one for us. P.S. Free Mims.
  4. Completely agree. I'd add that this will also expand the passing game to the RBs because of all the attention it will bring to the middle of the field and the receivers, occupying the safety and allowing a guy like Carter to catch the ball out of the backfield against a LB one on one. Complete mismatch.
  5. I would imagine any trade happens just before the deadline, once he's healthy, the traffic incident business is sorted (to a degree), and teams are in more desperation mode.
  6. To me, this is the type of game where the Falcons defense comes out with a great game plan, executes it and ends up playing really well. The question will be can the Jets keep the Falcons offense at bay enough to pull out a close win. To be honest I'm mostly concerned with Pitts and Hurst, the two TEs who Ryan loves to target. Especially in the red zone and when things break down. Again, this will be a game where, if the Jets defense plays well and Zach limits turnovers. The Jets should be able to squeak out a Win.
  7. I agree that he wont get a ton of targets. Wouldn't make sense, frankly. Davis and Kroft will get the bulk of the targets and I think Carter has a chance to make some noise after a rough outing. Because the Jets will def try to establish the run to protect Zach. However, if Mims makes any impact at all, I would be very surprised to see Saleh make him inactive for the next game. A few catches is all he has to do depending on how he looks out there and how big those plays are.
  8. I badly want to predict the Jets will win and Wilson will have a big game. But this looks like a blowout to me. I mean this looks like one of those games that could easily get away from the Jets. Denver has a good, young team with a consistent veteran leader at QB. Maybe Zach pulls a rabbit out of a hat or our defense puts on an absolute show, but I don't see it. Broncos: 31 Jets: 17
  9. I agree. I will say though that Tannenhill, Ryan, Allen, Tua and Brady...on their respective teams, can give the Jets absolute fits all day.
  10. Sooooo.... Most DOMINANT Defensive Player in College Football || Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux Highlights ᴴᴰ - YouTube
  11. Glad to see. These are probably the 3 guys I wanted to see come back the most. Would like to see Hamilcar on PS too.
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