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  1. I think we need CJ and Herndon to come back. Still, chance will be slim at best.
  2. I think these guys are getting rotated to stay fresh. Especially with the way the Cowboys are running the ball right now G.Williams is smart to keep the line fresh when possible. I've seen fatukasi, Phillips, Willis, L.Williams, McLendon, all rotating. Although McLendon got hurt.
  3. Dallas will DEFINITELY come back. Their running game is ROLLING. The Jets will need to score multiple times to win this game. Let's see if Gase can put together a gameplan for the 4th quarter to generate some scoring drives and Darnold can execute to close this game out.
  4. Seriously. He just can't keep up with NFL receivers anymore.
  5. I don't get the CJ hate. I don't get how this ref. to Mo Wilk is still supposed to be at all comical or thought of as interesting. Like, what is this comment supposed to be? CJ plays like an absolute monster in game 1. Immediately proves to everyone that he is worth every penny. He gets hurt and the Jets lose, in part b/c losing him clearly hurt their defense. Now hes not back by the time you expected him to be back. He misses 4 games and he's Mo Wilkerson? Mailing it in after signing a big contract? I mean, look. It's a joke, I get it. But c'mon man. It's SO LAME. It's SO JETTY of you.
  6. I don't know how 'well' they draft. Its all relative. They draft for their system. A lot of the guys they have play well in their system and then go elsewhere and fall off a cliff. Winning recipes, of course, that's undeniable. And there's nothing wrong with drafting that way, but its not like they always have great talent- its really hasn't been about top talent on some of their SB winning teams. These guys look good b/c they are in a well coached system that works with a HOF QB who can operate it like a wiz and who has the whole organization focused on protecting him. Just look at how many moves they made when their O-linemen started going down with injuries. I think they made like 3 trades in camp and pre-season?? All on the o-line. And despite the fact that the Pats are undefeated, their offense did not look great with all of the injuries at WR recently. They were still able to score on the Giants but TB did not have a passing TD (2 QB sneak TDs) and against a better team I think they would have really struggled to win. Bottom line is injuries can sink you no matter what. Depth is important but its not a cure all b/c you'll never have guys that are as good as your starters and you just have to scheme your way around it. Its where great coaching and system structure comes into play. Pats have it and Jets don't
  7. I'm seeing Henderson, Osemele, Cannon and Mosley and the guys who will definitely not play. That tells me (at worst) the rest of the guys should be back by next week for the Pats game (barring new injuries- obviously). Osemele has not been a huge factor anyway and I don't mind keeping Lewis in there. Cannon has been a non-factor anyway. It sucks losing Henderson but with QW back the line still has depth. I liked what I saw from Willis as a backup and Phillips has played well at times. Mosley is the only guy that really needs to get back out there to help this team defensively. Otherwise, doesn't look that bad. Looks like guys will be coming back in the next couple of weeks. HOWEVER- the big blow is not having the guy we all expected to be back this week to give the offense a boost and that is CHRIS HERNDON. Who happens to be not on this list.
  8. I agree with this, but with the way the Jets have been constantly getting injured wouldn't surprise me if we saw more starters missing games down the line even as others come back in the fold. And the offensive line has yet to show me they can do any better with Darnold than they did with Foles so even some of those very winnable games might end up being tough. I voted 6-10, really just b/c of the brutal start. It's hard to bounce back from that. But again, it depends so much on whether the O-line can turn things around with Sam. If they can function and maybe even get in a rhythm with a more aware, more mobile QB who has better arm strength and play-making ability like Darnold. some of those Tier 3 and Tier 4 games become very much winnable. The sad thing is, even if things turn around and the team starts scoring and winning games, we are looking at 8-8 max IMO. I don't see playoffs anywhere on the horizon. I think for any hope of that they would need to beat Dallas AND Jax then miraculously run through the next 6 "weaker" teams on the schedule. I would then re-assess our chances lol. Because, like you said, I don't see the Jets beating the Ravens IN Baltimore in primetime on short rest and I the next game against the Bills will be another tough one. Beating the Cowboys and Jax and running through the weak schedule is their only chance.
  9. The fact is, the way the schedule played out, the first half of the season the Jets ended up with- for the most part- very tough games. And for the second half of the season they will end up with -for the most part- very easy games. If they were 100% healthy, or at least at QB, it's not crazy to think they could have won a few games in the first half of the season and pretty much ran the table the rest of the way, making a playoff push. And yes, this is WITH the current O-line, secondary and coach in place. My point is that despite some of the poor play calling and o-line play, injuries and the fact that the Jets have had to start the season playing good teams has had a lot to do with the fact that they are winless. This team has long way to go to be a contender. But certainly not as far as so many Jet fans think. I think we will see some major turnaround next year with JD at the helm but he will not be selling off talent, he will be a buyer, IMO and looking to sign and draft talent to make this team more competitive next year. I think we will be in a position next year where we will have high expectations for the 2020-21 season. IMO its pretty absurd that SO MANY people on this board want to trade away all players not named Darnold for draft picks and tank.
  10. Yup and nothing tells me he has been 'purposefully dogging it for 3 years'. You have to be a complete nut job to truly believe that. The dude did not miss a single game. Never been disliked in the locker room or accused by teammates for not putting in the work. Never.
  11. The problem with cutting Powell is if Bell goes down all of a sudden you need Powell b/c Cannon is worthless at RB and just having Montgomery is not enough. You cut the QB b/c Sam is coming back and you cut D.Brown b/c Herndon is coming back and both add to those respective positions.
  12. This is absurd. Based on what do you come to this conclusion?
  13. This is exactly correct. Sam makes this offense look a lot better despite the oline. You could argue him getting mono was a silver lining b/c it exposed how bad this o-line really is and how desperately we need turnover there. However, coaching also matters. And even this oline would be better with better, more creative playcalling.
  14. Exactly. In fact, considering how well that Buffalo D was playing, and the fact that Sam had mono, he played WELL. He threw a TD and did not throw an INT or have any tornovers. Pretty sure his percentage was high as well. need to check. We lost that game in large part b/c our kicker couldn't make any kicks. And I blame JD for that.
  15. I don't think anyone is really believes the Olines ISNT overdue for an overhaul or that Macc never drafted O-linemen early/never hit on hit O-line picks. The question is, is the current O-line talent AS bad as what we have been seeing on the field and I don't think it is. Including the depth, the talent on this o-line is not great by any means but not nearly as bad as what I have seen. A lot of this mess has to do with bad coaching, play calling, and QB play.

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