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  1. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Ha! They will most likely go #1 and #2 overall. It's SOOOOO early. There's still a lot of college football, combine, Pro Days, and everything in between. The niners will trade out of their pick and get a boat load (hey, may even be from the Jets, although I doubt it). So yeah, Rosen and Darnold will still go 1 and 2 once all is said and done. Jackson and Allen will not be far behind. Depending on who picks where and what teams decide to move up, we could very well see 4 QBs go in the top 10. I think B.Mayfield slips. Whether that means someone gets a great QB in the bottom of the first or not I really don;t know. But I'm not sold on Mayfield being a star in the NFL.
  2. The Jets should do this on draft day

    1. J.Allen or L.Jackson assuming Rosen and Darnold are off the board. If all 4 are off the board I go Chubb, Key, or Landry...depending on who is on the board and how the Pass Rushers grade out come draft day. 2. Harrison or Brown or another top OT on the board. 2. Luke Falk I'd love the Jets to get Jackson and Falk. May sound counter-intuitive but this is exactly what the Redskins did when they traded up for RG3 and it worked out pretty well for them. I would be absolutely fine if the Jets used up their top 3 draft picks on 2 QBs and an OT. But I also realize that will NEVER happen.
  3. I believe the Jets will end up picking just out of the top 5. Probably somewhere around the 8th pick. I highly doubt Macc will be willing to trade the farm to move up from 8 to 3, 2 or 1. Most likely, the Jets will stand pat. If anything, they may trade down if they don;t think their top guys will be there at 8. Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Chubb and Barkley will probably be off the board. If the JEts stay pat at 8ish. Keep an eye on Lamar Jackson, yes, I think Macc will pull the trigger on Jackson despite criticisms that he is too small and not a traditional pocket QB. And Arden Key, the stellar LSU pass rusher. Harold Landry is another possibility. I would also include McGlinchey on that list but he could very well be off the board and Macc has shown he is not willing to take O-linemen early in the draft. Although, if you ask me, that's probably the safest pick at the most desperately needed (other than QB) position.
  4. He's not a pass rush specialist and his job isn't just getting sacks. He is supposed to set the edge, which he has done well ever since he was drafted. Don't be such a negative Nancy. Sack totals doesn't tell the full story. He is a solid young player that looks to be improving, has stayed healthy, contributed throughout his short career and was a late 3rd round selection. Typical negative Jet fan reaction to throw out a 'lack of sack production stat' to neg a young, promising player. I'm surprised you didn't fit in a note in there on how D.Lee is tiny.
  5. This may sound crazy but if the Jets get into the playoffs. Yes, he should be in the discussion.
  6. Nothing on the tiny backer?

    Well, I agree, but to be fair, Claiborne is playing very much like a 'true' #1 CB. If he bounces back from his foot injury and continues playing the way he has, he is a Pro Bowler. Like it or not McCown is playing like a legit NFL QB. I'm not saying he has a future with the Jets or he is a Pro Bowler this year or a top QB, I'm just saying he is playing like a legit starting QB in the NFL and helping this team score points and win games. Enunwa is hurt and could have very well proven to be a true #1 this season, maybe we will find out next year. RB and Pass Rusher, indeed we do not have those positions completely addressed. BUT, as was proven in last nights game, a good Pass Rush and Run Game can be generated by committee. Forte, Powell and McGuire all contributed to a dominating run game last night. And the LBs and linemen went nuts on the Bills, sacking the QB and stuffing the run. To the point that they were dancing around, brimming with confidence.
  7. Which begs the question, if you are in win now mode with a QB like Cam, why trade him at all?? Why not resign K.Benjamin? You HAVE to pay good players at some point. I never understand these kind of moves.
  8. I don't remember Burris getting torched regularly early on in the season. Yes, he needs help over the top against WRs with good straight line speed. Most CBs do. He is a physical CB with good size and excels in man-press coverage but lacks elite speed. There is nothing wrong with that. He should be playing across from Claiborne on the outside. Skrine looked solid early on in the slot but has recently been exposed. Roberts should slide in and play Nickel, IMO.
  9. Burris played well on the outside, both in camp, pre-season and last year when given the opportunity. I have no idea why Bowles keeps playing Skrine. The CB's should be Claiborne and Burris on the outside, and Roberts in the slot/Nickel (Roberts played Nickel early in his career-btw-he is familiar with that position).
  10. To be fair, they purged who they could and who made the most sense to purge. Cutting Forte made little financial sense. Powell is not THAT long in the tooth he still has a lot left in the tank. Kearse is 27. And the Jets have little to no commitment to McCown or Kerley, so I'm fine with them adding veterans at needed positions as long there is no long term commitment. The truth is, the Jets really DID do a massive veteran purge and although they added some veteran to the roster, they are still one of the youngest teams in the league.
  11. Williams Released

    Enough already, Marshall has has some drops but he is a WR and he can catch,.
  12. Maybe the Jets should trade J.Kearse for a 3rd round pick.
  13. Williams Released

    Williams has not looked good since his 6 INT season a few seasons ago. Had Clark not been recovering from injury, Williams would not have made the team- IMHO. I think the Jets finally saw enough vs. the Browns where Williams got torched on practically every play. If Burris and Roberts are healthy, the Jets have plenty of CBs that can play without needing Williams as depth- Claiborne, Burris, Skrine, Roberts, Jones. And they have 4 safeties. The defensive backfield is fine right now. I don't know why all the hate for Marshall. Makes more bad plays than good? The dude has yet to play in the regular season. Are we looking back at his rookie year and focusing on fumbles and a few drops??? B/C otherwise he looked like a diamond in the rough. A guy who makes plays, is shifty in the slot and goes hard after the ball. Way more upside than Williams.
  14. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    After the Browns the schedule does get tougher but the Jets can still beat teams like Miami, Buffalo, NO, Chargers, and Bucs. Even the Pats are not looking as invincible as they usually do and the Jets as division rivals tend to play them tough. I'm not predicting a bunch of wins and I'm not predicting a full on implosion. I'm just saying there's still a handful of games that the Jets have a great shot at winning. From the beginning of the season I have said that the Jets cna win, at best 8 games and at worst 4 games. I never predicted they would go winless or make the playoffs. So, to me, all of this tanking talk was funny, b/c the Jets were never really goig to get the #1 overall pick. As funny as it may sound, they are too good for that to happen.
  15. Heloooooo dum dums. We're tanking!!! Duh.