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  1. Call me crazy but I think the fact that the Jets dropped in the draft may force Macc to take the top OT prospect (G.Little or T.Adams or J.Williams) rather than go defense because the top Pass Rushers will be off the board. Yes, I know we need a legit Pass Rusher. However, we DESPERATELY need a guy that can develop into a top tier NFL LT. And for that I think we need to go after one early. There's a bunch of good Pass Rush FA's that will be available anyway. You cannot say the same about O-linemen.
  2. PepPep

    Darnold observances.

    No, this is true. I mean, you can say that about ANY QB. However, if you have watched Jets games that Darnold started, you know full well this is true. Some of his INTs were just him airing it out with little to no chance (last minutes/seconds) of the Jets winning. Others were clearly not his fault OR balls that were batted up in the air/tipped, which you can argue ARE his fault but really not something you could hold against him. And of course, some were CLEARLY bad passes where he did not read the defense properly or did not see the defender. To me, Darnold still passes the eye test and I see a bright future if the Jets can surround him with more weapons and get him better protection.
  3. PepPep


    Really? You don't think they could beat Alabama???
  4. Did not look as bad, but it reminded me of the Willis McGahee injury from which he, surprisingly, came back from and had a long, successful career.
  5. PepPep

    I'm Puzzled

    Are you hearing yourself. Your reasoning for not giving two promising young RBs a shot on a rebuilding team is 1. Cannon is unproven and 2. What has McGuire ever done? That's literally your reason for trying to go out and get another RB. It would be pone thing if a true difference maker at RB was available. But he's not. The Jets can't even trade for L.Bell b/c hes not available due to his contract situation. McGuire looked good enough last year to keep around despite being injured. So he's done enough in his very young career. McGuire will come back and the Jets will have 3 RBs they like while Powell is out. When Powell comes back they will have a decision to make. There is no reason to give up assets for a 5th RB right now. You gotta give the young guys a chance to shine- Cannon and McGuire. McGuire can also be a return man. While A.Roberts is out.
  6. PepPep

    Brandon Marshall released

    During the summer they looked good and nobody was hurt. There was reason for optimism.
  7. Where are all the Jet fans on here that were yelling for Crowell to get cut after his TD celebration against the Browns? SMH.
  8. You may be right that he is not a speedster but he is a great matchup against bigger, stronger WRs and DEFINITELY better that Roberts. I know he hasn't played as well as he should have but the Jets still need him and I still have confidence he can bounce back and have another great season.
  9. All the game balls are well deserved. And you can put Leonard Williams on there too b/c he finally broke out of his mini slump and had a big day rushing the passer. But, to me, whether you want to give credit to the RBs, the O-line, the coaching or ALL of them, the RUN GAME changed everything. It changed the way Sam was able to operate the offense, it allowed the Jets to run clock when they needed to, it kept the turnovers to a minimum, it opened up the deep ball and allowed the Jets defense to rest.
  10. At least you manned up and admitted how off you were on your prediction. Kudos! we need more Jet fans like you on this board.
  11. I think LTs need to be be big, strong, athletic, with quick feet, long arms, great awareness and the ability to be very good pass as well as run blockers. If you look at that list of top O-lines, almost all of them have LT's from the top 3 rounds. Even the Panther, who have an undrafted player playing LT, originally drafted Moton in Rd. 2 to play LT but swapped him to RT either out of need or b/c Clark simply won the position battle. So while you can build an O-line without investing a lot of high draft picks, LT is a position where you have to invest a higher draft pick to get top talent. If my memory serves me right, I did not look this up, D'Brick was the last LT we drafted in the top 3 rounds. That was 12 years ago. I know we need a Pass Rusher. But if there is a top LT on the board when we pick in round one, I am ALL FOR taking him and passing on an edge rusher.
  12. PepPep

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    Looking at the numbers they are pretty comparable. Darnold played more games, which means had Mayfield played the same amount of games his numbers could be better or they could be worse, obviously. I think the Jets O-line has played a lot worse than the Browns O-line so far. Does that really matter, I dunno, it might. Darnold has more INTs but he also has more TDs and less fumbles. Darnold has more passing yards but he also has a lot more attempts. Bottom line, looking at these numbers it's too close to make any kind of legitimate comparisons right now. Both guys look really good for rookies, IMO. Both Darnold and Mayfield look like they are ready to start in the NFL. Who will end up being the better player? Who will end up having the better season? Time will tell. Baker Mayfield: 38-cmp 64-att 496-yrds 59.4-CMP% 7.75-AVG 2-TD 59-LNG 2-INT 3-FUM 81.3-RAT Sam Darnold: 73-cmp 127-att 868-yrds 57.5-CMP% 6.84-AVG 4-TD 44-LNG 5-INT 1-FUM 72.6- RAT
  13. Yeah, I agree 100%. But I don't know why the negative attitude. Considering the Jets don't actually have a stud Edge rusher...like, AT ALL, they have done a pretty good job of pressuring the QB so far this season. They actually have more sacks (as a team) than the Jags do. 8 vs. 7. So yeah, Offensively they need to play mistake free football, they need to control the clock, they need to cash in on opportunities and clean up the penalties. That's how the Jets will win games this season, that's the type of offense they have. Defensively they need to keep teams out of the endzone (bend don't break and minimize big plays) and make sure they don't let the Jags run amok with Fournette/Yeldon. I'm not too worried about Bortles throwing all over them or the Jets not being able to put pressure on him. Just minimize the big plays, clean up the penalties and stuff the run. This is a very winable game for the Jets. As was the Browns game. As was the Dolphins game. They lost both of those. So we shall see if the Jets can execute. And yeah, the Jags are dinged up. More so than the Jets. And yeah, the Jets have had adequate time to prepare. Hopefully Marcus Maye will play. I think they missed his playmaking ability out there next to Adams. Middleton has shown he is nowhere near the impact safety Maye is/can be. But the Jets are also on the road and the Jags are coming off an ugly loss. So this game is a bit of a toss up.
  14. JUST WAIT UNTIL Free Agency. The outlook on the Jets next few years will be so much better after this season is over. Where they stand in the draft, which players they should resign, how much actual cap they will have once said players are resigned, how good Darnold is at this point in his career, what defensive players step up and are prime to be impact players in the 2019-2020 season. Etc. Etc. Etc. As a kicker, they will not have to give up draft capital and will be able to secure him long term if they go after him in FA. JUST WAIT. The Jets are not playoff bound this year anyway.
  15. I agree with this. If the Jets had an impactful edge rusher Adams could be used in other ways. However, part of playing safety in todays NFL is being able to blitz....so, he IS playing safety. But I agree. Jets have definitely not found their pass rusher yet.

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