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  1. The Colts have been working on rebuilding the O-line ever since they drafted luck in 2012. None of the O-linemen they drafted have stuck around until the 2016 draft. In 2016 they used a first rounder on Kelly-C, who is now their starter. They also took Clark- OT, who is still on the team but does not start. Last year they took Nelson- G, who was as solid of a prospect as you could find in the draft. They took B.Smith in Rd. 2 who starts as well. My point is, they have been rebuilding the O-line for a while and finally put together a group that can protect their QB. How many yards he threw for is not nec. a direct indicator of how good the o-line is. Lest we forget that Luck is just a really, really good QB when healthy. When you look at the Jets, they have not taken an O-lineman in the first 3 rounds since Winters in 2013! He is still their starter. I think both teams won in the trade. The Colts needed to desperately get O-line help for Luck and got Nelson/Smith to add to Clark and Kelly who they drafted in 2016. The Jets have been searching for a Franchise QB and finally lucked out by landing Sam. And they had to overpay, that's just how it is. In the end, it's much harder to find a Franchise QB so I don't mind missing out on other prospects by giving up the draft picks we had. And you have to get a bit lucky on top of that. We will see how Sam develops. BTW- The Colts would have probably taken Q.Nelson #3 overall anyway- trade or no trade.
  2. PepPep

    OL Free Agency Over the Draft

    I just posted about this but Paradis, Miller and Brown should be top targets for the Jets and I would love if they got all 3. Even if it means we cannot afford a top Pass Rush prospect or L.Bell. We can draft a pass rusher at #3 overall. LT- Brown (FA), LG- J.Miller (FA), C-Paradis (FA), RG- Winters, RT- Shell (cut Beachem to free up 8mil)
  3. I think and expect O-line to be a top priority for Macc. I would love to get Paradis and Brown. BOTH. Macc clearly does not like to draft O-linemen early so we should not expect him to roll the dice with Jonah Williams. Beachem is simply overpaid for how poorly he played ever since the Jets signed him, so I would not be surprised if he was cut to free up 8mil in cap space. John Miller the OG from the Bills is a FA and could be a nice fit at LG. I mean I would love it of the Jets straight up went after O-line to rebuild it completely in FA. LT-Brown, LG-Miller, C-Paradis With needs at CB, WR and RB as well as Pass Rusher, I would be fine bringing back Mo Claiborne, going after T.Coleman and bringing in a lower level WR like Jordan Mathews or T.Austin. Then gambling on a pass rusher in the draft. I am really just over the Jets not being able to fix this o-line. And if it takes 3 major FA pickups in a year when we have a ton of cap, then DO IT. And protect Sam.
  4. I think the value for Brown and OBJ are very different. Brown is considered by many to be much more of a locker room nuisance. He is also 30 vs OBJ who is 26. I think the Steelers will be WAY more willing to part with AB than the Giants with OBJ. So if the Jets want AB they could probably get him for not much more than their 3rd round pick. I mean, AB does not want to be in Pitt and pretty much has done everything apart from demanding a trade for them to jettison him. OBJ has been pretty quiet and has not talked much about wanting out of NY. The Giants have invested long term in him and I don;t see why they would want to get rid of him, especially if they are about to draft a QB. However, it WOULD be tempting for them to move up to 3 if they were interested in a QB and felt like someone else could trade up past them for the same guy. But they may want more than just the Jets #3 pick, they may want their 3rd as well. So, let's assume both were available via trade. Do you give up an early 3rd rounder for an aging diva WR who could very well be a locker room cancer (AB). Or do you move down to 6 AND give up an early 3rd for a 26yr old diva WR who most likely will NOT be a locker room cancer. Both have massive contracts and both will want the ball and both have some injury history and yet, both are superstars. Personally I'd go with OBJ. Just b/c he is younger and moving down to 6 will not hurt the Jets that much, they should still be able to get an impact player.
  5. PepPep

    No Football Pre-Combine Draft

    I think the assumption is that Bosa and Allen are off the board. Even if they were, right now I would take Q.Williams over Jonah. I'm just saying I've heard a lot about how freaking good Jonah is and that a lot of the criticisms are mostly by people that have not really watched him play and just pay attention to the measurables. You know, arms not long enough, feet not quick enough, boom- he's a guard not a LT. Frankly, my BIG BOARD is 1. Bosa 2. Q.Williams 3. G.Williams 4. J.Williams 5. Allen Bosa is head and shoulders #1. Immediate impact player. Q.Williams, G.Williams and J.Williams are all guys I view as dominant college players with a high floor and a high ceiling. It's hard to go wrong with any of the 3. Allen, to me, is a low floor-high ceiling prospects. And although he has been an impact player in college and a terrific pass rusher, I think he is much more of a boom or bust prospect. I probably would not take him if he was there at 3. Ii would have to make sense as far as FA and the roster, I would have to be blown away by the combine and everything else and I would still be nervous about the pick.
  6. I agree. Sorry! None of these picks make sense and there is no way I move down ALL THE WAY TO 10 for ONE 2nd rounder. There is no way that adds up in value. Also, Dillard 15th overall??? Wha? No way. So many better players will still be on the board- including OTs, Edge rushers, CBs, WRs etc.
  7. PepPep

    No Football Pre-Combine Draft

    This is true. I mean, totally different circumstances but yea, no reason to think Jonah can't raise his stock. Literally all he needs to do is convince people that he can play LT at the NFL level and right there, that shoots him up into the top 5. I hear that him not being able to play LT is nonsense. That the main reason he gets pegged as a RT or interior lineman is that his arms aren't long enough and his feet aren't quick enough. However, apparently he has some of the best hand placement of any college lineman and some of the best technique so it makes his lack of arm length and foot quickness completely a moot point. Also, people will point out that he is dominant as a LT in college- against some of the best pass rushers in college. People point out that he has one of the highest football IQs in college and seamlessly passes off defenders. People point out that he has a great anchor and even speedy edge rushers can't get around him simply b/c of his strength and hand placement (not quickness or arm length). So yeah, it's quite feasible that he boosts his stock and the Jets take him at 3 without it looking like much of a reach.
  8. PepPep

    No Football Pre-Combine Draft

    This is actually pretty crucial so I'd like to see the full list. Both who the Jets let walk and who the Jets cut. I think they will NEED to keep/resign more players than you have listed.
  9. If Bosa and Allen are off the board and the Jets are unable to trade down I go with the Williams's...in this order. 1. Q.Williams 2. G.Williams 3. J.Williams It depends on how FA shakes out. If the Jets get OT-Brown then J.Williams makes a lot less sense. If the Jets re-sign Mo, G.Williams makes a lot less sense. To me Q.Williams is the best on the board so he would be the pick. I don't see the Jets bringing in a top FA DT either. Although its super early QW is looking like the Jets pick (assuming they don't move down and Bosa/Allen go 1 and 2). So everyone screaming for O-line and WR help with the Jets first pick should get ready for disappointment. They should be used to it by now.
  10. I don't consider Oakland or TB as QB needy teams despite the rumors. Giants and Jags are drafting high enough at #6 and #7 that they can get the top 2 QB prospects, so it depends on whether or not they want the same guy. There has not been one QB to separate himself as the top prospect IMO- not yet at least. Cincy and Denver are probably the best options as trade partners. But it would take a lot for them to move up to 3- Cincy would probably have to give up AJ Green. Denver may have to give up V.Miller.
  11. That's a great point. But you also gotta think, if we sign multiple big name, big money FAs, it would be nice to have a plethora of future draft picks b/c you would have to assume there would be a lack of cap space in coming years. In reality I expect the Jets to go after multiple big name FA but only bring in a couple. I think they will go all in after one of the pass rushers and one of the O-linemen. Simple as that. So trading down will be preferable. And yet, somehow, I expect then to be unable to trade down and just go with Q.Williams, another D-lineman.
  12. I mean, it all depends on what you get back, right? Are players involved? The reality is that most teams in the bottom of the first round do not have the ammo to trade up all the way to 3 and really don't have to. I mean, in theory they could trade players to move up, but why? Most of those teams are playoff contenders with starting QBs they are comfortable with or at the very least are on the cusp. However, I would move down to 10 if Denver wanted to deal- even if strictly picks for picks. ATL at 14 would be a trade partner if they were willing to give up Julio Jones. Maybe they would want Q.Williams (G.Jarrett is a FA). But a jump up from the 20s to #3 overall is simply not very likely.
  13. Yea, I mean pretty much what everyone has said so far. A 2-3 year deal. If its a 3 year deal you want to make sure there is not a lot of dead cap in year 3, so, front loaded. When he is healthy and on his game he can be dominant. He pairs well with T.Johnson as a #2 and hopefully T.J. turns it around this year. The Jets don't have anyone in the pipeline to take the #2 CB spot right now anyway and I'd rather not invest in a 1st round CB this year. FA doesn't offer much either and the price will most likely be less favorable. So yes, he's a keeper.
  14. ODB #6 and a second rounder. Gimme.
  15. PepPep

    Updated Roster - February 4, 2019

    Maybe I'm not understanding it correctly (and it very well might be the case) but we clear 9.5mil by cutting him with dead cap of 1.5mil- clearing 8.5mil in aggregate. in 2020 he is a FA. Am i missing something? By cutting Long the Jets save 6.5mil with zero dead cap. Sure he may be able to move to LG and be productive. I'm fine with that. But I saw nothing this year (granted he was hurt) to show me he is any better than a starting OG we could get in FA for just a few more mil. C-Paradis, OG-Miller and OT-Brown are the main FA targets the Jets should be going at. I would happily get rid of Beachum and Long if I can get those guys instead.

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