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  1. Sure will be interesting. But I think the depth chart is all but set in stone: CJ, Conk, Ruckert. The odds of the Jets keeping 4 TEs, even if one is more of a hybrid WR (Cager) or H-back (Wesco) are unlikely. Its MUCH more likely they keep 4 RBs with the 4th being Bawden and use him as more of a traditional FB. Remember, Ruckert was one of the best run blockers in college football, deeming Wesco's skillset unnecessary.
  2. Only the Bills have a decent shot to sweep any of the divisional series. Like many other divisions, teams will be beating up on each other in the AFC East. I think there is a good chance the Jets, Fins and Pats all split. I think the Pats will not be as good as they were last year. 10-7 was an outlier IMO and they A. lost more talent than they gained B. Mac Jones was exposed in the playoffs and C. they have a pretty tough schedule. Dolphins x2, Bills x2, Jets x2, Steelers, Packers, Lions, Ravens, Browns, Bears, Colts, Vikings, Cardinals, Bengals, Raiders. You never know with BB, nobody predicted 10 wins last year. But I'm looking at this schedule and I'm guessing what? 5 wins?
  3. Well, yes, there is always the potential for adding a veteran QB. I mentioned that. I just think a monster trade for a Matt Stafford type or a signing like the Bucs finagled with Tom Brady- the type of moves that loaded teams were able to make and actually win the SB are just not that common. To me, it seems much more common that you draft a Franchise QB and win with THAT guy after having built a team around him. I know the tide has turned with that strategy as of late. But its still the blueprint. Assuming that the Jets will be able to bring in a vet QB who can win it all for them (no matter how good the team is)- thats a tough one for me to buy. JMHO.
  4. I know it may be hard for a lot of people to accept but Mims has the ceiling of a #1 WR. If he reaches his potential (BIG IF), he will neutralize the bust factor of Becton. Ironically, its the much better looking 2021 draft where the whole class will nonetheless be determined by one player- Zach Wilson. Hate to say it, I'm really not one to judge a whole draft by one player (regardless of position)- BUT, if Zach busts odds are the Jets will have to re-start in a few years and the 2021 draft will be considered a failure because JD could not capitalize on his opportunity to draft a true Franchise QB. Sure, there's still the chance that Zach busts and the Jets trade for a QB or draft another while being competitive. But odds are they will need to go through another rebuild.
  5. Even The Onion is running out of ideas.
  6. I felt like a lot of the run defense issues were the fault of our safeties and our weak side LB (or lack there of). Davis (LB) was pretty bad, Sherwood was hurt and then relegated to specials as a rookie (same with Nas). Mosley and Quincy actually made plays in the run game last year. JMHO. The addition of Whitehead will be huge. As will Lawson coming back and the addition of JJ. I also think its important to remember that the defense plays as a UNIT. The safety play was bad and the CBs were really green, this led to, schematically, a focus on preventing the pass and allowing the run- TO A DEGREE. You know, safeties playing back, more cover 3, that kind of thing.
  7. Kwon Alexander is the only guy that comes to mind as an insurance policy. This team has young LBs and a slew of Safeties that the coaching staff has confidence in. Whether Jet fans do or not. I don't think JD/Saleh are looking for serious upgrades at those positions. I highly doubt JD will be looking to TRADE draft assets for a FS so he can sign him to a monster deal. Maybe that was the case with Marcus Williams early in FA but I just don't see it now. Depending on price Larry Ogunjobi is a low risk/high signing. He's also a great fit. Makes sense that JD is sniffing around. One position on the Offense that I think the Jets need to look into is backup C. McGovern was hurt last year and could not finish out the year. Right now we are looking at Feeney, Herbig or maybe Ross Pierschbacher as the backup. I don't have much faith in any of those guys as an anchor of our O-line if McGovern goes down again.
  8. I'm surprised Kellen Diesch went undrafted. Good pickup by the Fins. Yes, thats what I got out of this.
  9. Actually, I don't. There's tons of guys who get their foot in the door (sort of speak) in the NFL b/c of their size/athleticism/speed and go on to get cut. He needs to show he can run crisp routes, learn on the fly, and catch everything in sight. Like so many other UDFA, his chances of making the team are not great. Odds are he will not beat out Mims, Smith or a potential FA vet we don't even know of yet who JD might add as more guys become available. He's competing with bottom of the depth chart guys who are just as talented and know what NFL competition is like, what an NFL offseason is like, and in some cases- what the playbook is like, etc., etc. Noting against the guy and I would love for us to find a gem UDFA, but odds are stacked against him.
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