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  1. Why is Robby Anderson questionable?

    Hmmmm. Do I start him or sit him? I only have Kupp as a fill in so I may have to roll the dice with Anderson if he is cleared to play.
  2. Morton & Bates

    I'm not sure that Macc 'ignored' the O-line. You can argue he did not use a 1st round pick on a blue chip OT/O-lineman. But that's his philosophy-looking for O-line gems late. And with so much other talent available in the first round, it's hard to argue against. He nabbed 2 stud safeties that look like they will change the secondary for years to come. Should he have looked for Safety help later in the draft and addressed O-line early? Sure, you can argue that. But Macc went after O-line FAs the past two offseasons. So how can you say he 'ignored' the position. You can;t always get the guy you want, even if you throw a ton of money at him. And you will have egg on your face anyway if you over-pay or over-commit to a player who ends up getting hurt or having a down year anyway. He signed Clady and Clady played well until he got hurt. He signed Beachem and Winters and both seem to be average at best this year. Losing Mangold was tough, but can you really blame Macc for cutting the old man loose? Shell was a good find but he's not a very good run blocker. Macc has not been successful as revamping/rebuilding the o-line. But to suggest that he has been 'ignoring' it is very much inaccurate.
  3. I agree. This team is capable of winning the final 3 out of 4 games and miraculously making the playoffs. McCown is not only the best QB on the roster but is having a career year (I think?)...anyway, he's having a good year, lets just put it that way. The Jets defense is good enough. If their O-line holds up and offense makes some plays, there is no reason to think they can't win some games down the stretch. It's too late to hope for a top pick anyway. It makes no sense to tank at this point in the season- not that NFL teams ever actually consider 'tanking'.
  4. The Jets need the following and in the following order. 1. QB 2. O-Line (OT, C specifically) 3. Pass Rusher Yes, they could use help at RB, CB and even WR depending on how Enunwa comes back after injury. But without a QB or O-line to protect him. Without a consistent pass rush, the Jets will never take the next step to being a playoff contender. If Cousins re-signs with Wash, the Jets need to do whatever they can to move up for a top QB they like in the draft- whoever that may be. And they need to continue drafting/signing O-line and Pass Rusher until they find guys that can be building blocks at those positions.
  5. LMFAO. I never said it WASN'T a cheap shot, quite the contrary. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve a penalty. That is clear and undisputed. My point is that I've seen worse, the hit was not that hard and looks a lot worse in slow-mo. Gronk deserves to be punished, but IMO the reaction to this has more to do with people hating the pats, hating Gronk b/c he has been torching the Jets for years and b/c of his 'party boy' attitude/lifestyle. All of a sudden he is a roid head and dirty player when there is little to no evidence of that in his career. He is NOT a repeat offender and does not tale cheap shots. I just felt like he made a mistake, obviously overreacted and let his emotions get the best of him and everybody on the Jets forum went after him like rabid dogs. It's a bit ridiculous when this type of s**t happens in the NFL all the time. Nobody seems to be talking about the Vontaze Burfict hit on A.Brown. A repeat offender and flat out dirty player goes after the star WR on Pitt with a brutal high speed late hit to the head. But since Gronk is a Pat this forum got lit up. Again, thanks for allowing me to LMFAO at the outcry.
  6. LMFAO at this thread. I hate the Pats. But mostly because they are so f-ing good and in our division. Not because they are 'cheaters' or play dirty. Was this a cheap shot? Of course it was. But I have seen worse and I have seen it happen numerous occasions, just this season. If White did not get a concussion this would be a nothingburger, Gronk would get a 1 game suspension and everyone would move on. Standard issue. Like it or not Gronk is one of the best TE's, well, possibly ever. And he is not a dirty player. And he is probably a nice guy if you sat down and had a beer with him. Everybody reaches a boiling point sometimes and does something they regret.
  7. TRADE. THE. FARM. If the Chiefs can move up for Mahomes all the way from 27 to 10, we can certainly do the same with the extra 2nd rounder we have from the Richardson trade and next year's first. Mo Wilk will probably be in the discussion as well. Who know how the draft will play out. It's way too early. But depending on who they target as 'their' guy, even if the Jets are picking just inside the 20, they can move up to get him.
  8. Huge swing in draft order

    Fair enough. But did you watch the game? The defense stood its ground. They did their job. McCown fumbled the ball for a defensive TD. Then the Jets allowed a punt return for a TD. The defense had nothing to do with this loss. They gave up 2 offensive TDs in the game.
  9. The Jets should do this on draft day

    The dude checks off a lot of Franchise QB boxes, he wins, and carries his team. I don't know how you DON'T get seduced by a QB like that. And like I said, this is assuming Rosen and Darnold are off the board. Odd are Jackson will be off the board as well.
  10. To me, it's always the guys that did not seem to put in the effort that piss me off. I voted for Gholston. But if you had him on the list, I would vote for Coples, who had all the talent in the world and just seemed not to want it bad enough, not to put in the effort.
  11. The Jets should do this on draft day

    I mean, that's one way to look at it. It's also very possible the Jets DON'T re-sign McCown and Hack shows that he has, once again, improved and can vie for the starting gig. Then you have 4 QBs going at it, with two rookies in the mix and Petty being odd man out that gets cut. Just saying. I don;t believe Macc ever wanted to bring in high priced vets as 'bridge' QBs. IMO, that's all Bowles and the coaching staff. I also end my post by saying 'But I also realize that will NEVER happen.' LOL
  12. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Ha! They will most likely go #1 and #2 overall. It's SOOOOO early. There's still a lot of college football, combine, Pro Days, and everything in between. The niners will trade out of their pick and get a boat load (hey, may even be from the Jets, although I doubt it). So yeah, Rosen and Darnold will still go 1 and 2 once all is said and done. Jackson and Allen will not be far behind. Depending on who picks where and what teams decide to move up, we could very well see 4 QBs go in the top 10. I think B.Mayfield slips. Whether that means someone gets a great QB in the bottom of the first or not I really don;t know. But I'm not sold on Mayfield being a star in the NFL.
  13. The Jets should do this on draft day

    1. J.Allen or L.Jackson assuming Rosen and Darnold are off the board. If all 4 are off the board I go Chubb, Key, or Landry...depending on who is on the board and how the Pass Rushers grade out come draft day. 2. Harrison or Brown or another top OT on the board. 2. Luke Falk I'd love the Jets to get Jackson and Falk. May sound counter-intuitive but this is exactly what the Redskins did when they traded up for RG3 and it worked out pretty well for them. I would be absolutely fine if the Jets used up their top 3 draft picks on 2 QBs and an OT. But I also realize that will NEVER happen.
  14. I believe the Jets will end up picking just out of the top 5. Probably somewhere around the 8th pick. I highly doubt Macc will be willing to trade the farm to move up from 8 to 3, 2 or 1. Most likely, the Jets will stand pat. If anything, they may trade down if they don;t think their top guys will be there at 8. Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Chubb and Barkley will probably be off the board. If the JEts stay pat at 8ish. Keep an eye on Lamar Jackson, yes, I think Macc will pull the trigger on Jackson despite criticisms that he is too small and not a traditional pocket QB. And Arden Key, the stellar LSU pass rusher. Harold Landry is another possibility. I would also include McGlinchey on that list but he could very well be off the board and Macc has shown he is not willing to take O-linemen early in the draft. Although, if you ask me, that's probably the safest pick at the most desperately needed (other than QB) position.