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  1. What ever happened to Douzable? Is he still on the Niners? I always thought the Jets should have held on to him.
  2. I think if the Jets trade down from 6 they would actually have the luxury of drafting Jackson. Personally I think he CAN develop into a franchise QB. My biggest concern with him is injury. But if the Jets end up with a mid 1st, 3 second round picks and two third round picks once they trade down, and they really liked Jackson, I have ZERO problem drafting him. They can still address O-line, Pass rusher, RB and CB in the first 3 rounds.
  3. If the Jets sign Cousins, they should trade down. If they trade down, I would give up that first rounder for Peters. He is a legit #1 CB, young, skilled as a man-press-cover CB and a playmaker- i.e. he gets INTs. Lets say the Bills traded up and we ended up with the 21st overall pick- I would give that up for Peters. And the Jets would have a plethora of draft picks left via their trade down. I would not trade the 6th overall pick for him. Even if we signed Cousins. I think the value is just not there. But he's certainly a fantastic CB.
  4. Actually, Kearse is a prime guy to cut of you desperately need cap space b/c he takes off 5mil with no dead money. But the Jets have plenty of cap space and plenty of moves they can make to free up more (despite taking on dead money). Wilk., Ijalana, Forte, Skrine, Devin Smith, and Carpenter should all be cap casualties. Wilk is an obvious one. Skrine had a solid season but still commits a ton of penalties and still has awful games. Just not worth the money. Jets need to resign Mo C., start Burris opposite him and put Roberts in the slot- and continue to draft CB talent (hopefully Clark and Jones will develop into something- I like their potential). Ijalana essentially was outplayed by Shell. He's a goner. Forte is simply too old and the Jets need to draft a RB to play alongside Powell and McGuire (I like J.Adams from ND and S.Michel from Georgia- I think both would complement Powell and McGuire well). Smith is a lost cause due to injuries. Carpenter had an off season but I really don't think he is that bad. He played much better in 2016. Having said that, the cap hit is just too much. $6.8mil. They should take the 2mil dead cap hit and upgrade via FA (the obvious guy is Norwell, but there are others that will be available). With the freed up money they can re-sign Mo. C, D.Davis and maybe make an offer to ASJ and K.Ealy...but most imprtantly go aggressively after K.Cousins. That will allow them to trade down from the 6th overall pick and infuse the team with a ton of talent- the aforementioned RB, an OT, Pass Rusher, WR, etc.
  5. Ok. So I think you meant Bradley Chubb? the DE. not Nick Chubb, the RB?
  6. Just a random note but I would much rather have Sony Michel than Chubb. Not sure if Michel is entering the draft. But I really like him, in some ways he is better than Barkley but def. a better prospect than Chubb. I also like Josh Adams out of ND. My biggest concern with drafting Barkley 6th overall is the fact that a trade down scenario could yield us Adams or Michel, guys that could be head in the 2nd round and IMO could end up being just as good as Barkley (even if not as versatile).
  7. Kiper's BIG Board

    I agree, but isn't he more of a zone scheme CB and would not really fit in our system- i.e. he's not a good man-press-cover CB? Just what I have heard...
  8. Kiper's BIG Board

    I'm not so sure. It all depends on how teams view him. He is ranked as the 5th best OT by CBS sports, with Brown, Miller, Williams, Okorafor. 2017 was a bad year for OTs so lets look at 2016- the 5th overall OT was not taken until the 2nd round, with Decker (4th OT off the board) going 16th overall to the Lions. 2015 was another bad year for OTs, so lets look at 2014- the 5th top OT was taken by the Dolphins 19th overall. Just saying. Obviously if teams view him as a top 3 OT he will be gone. But it doesn't appear like he is ranked that high.

    I honestly don't mind if the Jet did not pursue ANY of these FAs. I'd rather have Claiborne back on a short term deal than sign T.Johnson to a long term deal. I believe the Jets are in talks with Mo C. right now, so this will probably be the route they take. I fully expect Skrine to be cut, so it woudl not surprise me if they went after a CB in the draft.
  10. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Should be business as usual. Nobody cares why a player played hard for one coach and not the other. A player, especially one getting a massive paycheck, should play hard regardless of who the coach is. It's one thing to say he wasn't properly used. It's another to suggest that his lack of effort is somehow the coaches fault.
  11. Kiper's BIG Board

    Would really love the Jets to trade down and take McGlinchey somewhere in the early 20's. Just imagine taking a Blue Chip OT prospect like McGlinchey at say, 21 via a trade with the Bills...letting them take Allen or Mayfield or any of the QBs not named Rosen or Darnold and having AT LEAST three second round picks, two third round picks and the rest of the draft to add young talent. This is, in part, why I want the Jets to do all they an to bring Cousins in. Because with the QB position addressed, the Jets could trade down and surround Cousins with young talent immediately, including a top tier OT, a bell-cow RB and a talented Edge Rusher.
  12. Cousins is what? 29. That's not that old for a QB. A RB, sure. But not a QB.
  13. Potential Jets QB situation 2018

    I just know 2 things. One- it's very hard to find a 'Franchise QB'- FA, draft, trade, ANYWHERE. Let alone a guy who is still young, clearly can be a legit starter, has talent and will not require you to 'trade the farm' to get him or develop him. Two- you can add FAs and build through the draft simultaneously. The Eagles built through the draft but they also traded for Ajayi, signed A.Jeffrey, T.Smith, Long, Blount etc.
  14. Potential Jets QB situation 2018

    IMO You do what you can to sign Cousins. He is more than a capable QB. He is a legit starter and someone you can build your offense around. Anyone who says you can't win with Cousins just needs to look at this past SB and the Eagles winning with Foles. Cousins is easily just as good as Foles. Then you have addressed the QB position and you can use your draft capital to address various other holes on the team. It also gives you flexibility to trade down from #6 overall and add more draft picks.
  15. Potential Jets QB situation 2018

    Where did you hear the #2 pick is available? Why would the Giants pass on this golden opportunity to draft a replacement for Eli without giving up additional assets. IMO #1 and #2 picks are locks to be Darnold to the Browns and Rosen to the Giants. NO TRADES will happen in the top 2.