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  1. Huh? I don't think anyone has given up on him. I think everyone is relying on him to at the very least solidify that #2 spot. I think Jet brass and coaching staff are expecting big things from Bless.
  2. I also like Sage Surratt. Everyone covets speed and thats not the first thing that pops out at you with him, but the dude is a beast. He's got great, hands, athleticism, production, makes contested catches and is a load to bring down. And this is a guy who probably won't go in Rd. 1 because people will be talking about how he's not fast enough. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/5-play-prospect--wake-forest-wr-sage-surratt
  3. I doubt specials makes or breaks Maulet. He adds solid depth to the secondary, proving he can be a key contributor when thrust into a starting role last year. Honestly, I think he's all but a lock to make the roster, its really his spot to lose- much like Poole, Bless, Hall, and even Desir.
  4. I'll take 12-4. Odds are they go 7-9, 8-8 or 9-7, all depending on whether or not they can sweep the Dolphins and Pats (I think they will split with the Bills). Below would be my 9-7 scenario. 1. Buff - W 2. SF - L 3. Colts - W 4. Denver - W 5. Cards - W 6. Chargers - L 7. Bills - L 8. KC - L 9. NE - W 10. Miami - W 11. Miami - W 12. Raiders - W 13. Seahawks - L 14. Rams - L 15. Browns - L 16. Pats - W
  5. These are great points. Pretty much agree with everything. Just the fact that Brown was a FA and they brought him back with Herndon, Griffin, and Wesco already under contract should tell you something. I'll also add that I think they actually like Adams, Moore and Dixon and those guys will get a legit shot to make the roster (if they carry 4 which I'm not sure they will). I kind of think despite Cannon being a good gunner he will lose the job. Ash Davis is also supposed to be a great gunner.
  6. I pretty much agree with everything. I will add ONE thing which really popped out to me and I'm not sure how it didn't make your list and that is how well Bilal Powel played in that game in a starting role. He all but dominated. As far as Hairston, I'm 50/50 on him. Even in this game, where he got an INT and a sack (a great game for him) he made some pretty bad mistakes, missing an easy tackle giving up a huge play and some big catches. If he doesn't step up or set himself apart in camp or preseason I'd be fine moving on from him.
  7. I agree, in aggregate. But not through his first 8 seasons (Wilson is going into his 9th). Rodgers sat for 3 years to start his career. So IF Russ keeps going (and like I said, he probably won't) he will surpass guys like Rodgers and eventually even Brees and Golden Boy. And yes, in theory Mahomes will surpass all of them too, but as silly as it is to prognosticate about Wilson, its completely ridiculous to prognosticate about Mahomes who's been in the league 3 seasons. At least Wilson has nearly a decade of NFL football under his belt, never missed a game, never threw under 3,000yrds, never threw under 20 TDs in a season.
  8. Tenn was doing it with a nasty O-line and run game a game manager at QB and a stout defense. I mean, they lost in the AFCCG, sure, but boy were they rolling before that and it was NOT a fluke. Meanwhile, Chiefs almost lost the SB to a run first, nasty defense, manager at QB team with a stud TE. You could argue if not for a blown PI and holding call the Chiefs SHOULD have lost. So spare me. There's a lot of different ways to get to the SB and once you're there, there's a lot of ways to win or lose it and the fact that JD made the selections he did at those spots is inconsequential right now and probably won't ever be.
  9. "The Jets are an afterthought in the AFC East right now" "The other three teams see us as mostly safe wins" I'm going literally by what you wrote. I don't know how that's not overlooking a team. And I don't know how you can look at the AFC East and think the Jets are a weaker team than the Dolphins. Nobody is talking about FEAR. Nobody FEARS anybody in the NFL because ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. We've seen it all. Professionals don't go in fearing their opponent, even if they know they are overmatched and they know what the outcome will most likely be. I get it, you care about what the Jets do not what teams think. But thats not the question. Thats not what this thread is about. There's no games happening right now. LOL
  10. I feel like Drew Brees could be elevated to top tier. Just depends how you value SBs and how much credit you give to TB and Joe Montana for all the SBs they won vs the coaching and system they were in. Also, I think Russ Wilson could be elevated to Tier 3 and probably will end up in tier 2. He probably has another 4-5 seasons of really good football left in him which will add to his overall stats and possibly give him another shot at a SB win. He's already on pace to match and overcome statistically what Brady and Brees did in their first 8 seasons (other than all the SBs Brady won). I'm talking about QBR, completion %, Yards, TDs, INTs. ALL are better than both Brady and Brees after their first 8 seasons. There's a small drop off in Wins for Russell at this point. But he leads statistically (8 years in) in the other categories, pretty considerably. The difference and what makes Brees and Brady so special is that they are freaks of nature and have played for a gazillion years at a high level (Brees 20 seasons, Brady in his 21st season). I don't think Wilson will be able to do that. This is in part why I think Brees should be elevated to the top tier.
  11. Dude, you are on a Jet fan forum with not much else going on talking about a very specific topic. So relax. Also, the other 3 teams DO NOT see the Jets as mostly 'safe wins'. Not anymore. Not now that Brady is gone and the Pats have Stidham as their QB, not while the Dolphins are in complete rebuild mode. Even the Bills, who are the best team on paper in the division aren't looking at the Jets and our defense as 2 gimme games but rather hard fought division clashes that they will have to fight tooth and nail for. In general, I don't think teams overlook their division rivals, even if they are clearly not 'as good'. It almost always comes back to bite them in the a**. But if you were to ask the Pats, Bills and Dolphins about whether they think the Jets got better and will pose tougher competition, if they were to answer honestly, it would have to be yes.
  12. Yup. Except without the pinpoint contact tracing, thorough testing and immediate policy implementation to curb the spread.
  13. Backup, depth chart OT/OG. He won't be ready to start. Especially not if Edoga and Fant show up looking like starting caliber OTs. I think if you move Clark to OG he will have a tough time taking the job from vet guys like Lewis, GVR, Winters, even Andrews. Maybe if Edoga struggles and Becton looks really iffy or gets hurt, then Clark will get a shot at RT but I don't see it. @TNJet 'Clark' does not have an E on the end of it.
  14. All I'm saying is that Desir, Hall (because he was a 5th rd. draft pick), Maulet, Poole, and Austin have a distinct advantage over Guidry. IMO, so much so that barring injury or one or more of these guys falling flat on their face, they are locks to make the roster. Guidry will have to go above and beyond to make the roster while the other 5 on that list just have to hold their own. In reality, Austin and Poole are most likely locks (Jets brass have seen enough from them that they won't cut them). Hall is a 5th round rookie so unless he looks really, really bad or is late to meeting a la Polite he is safe. Desir is the only vet added to the group by JD and unless he plays really poorly amidst a bunch of UDFAs, he should be safe. Maulet played well when he stepped in a starting role last year and was brought back by JD. His spot is his to lose. There may not be any Pro Bowler CBs on the team but the position is not as WIDE OPEN as it seems. If the Jets plan to carry 6 CBs, the UDFAs are going to have to fight for the last available spot or go above and beyond to carve out a spot for themselves. Not saying it can't happen, but it's definitely not as wide open as you are making it seem.
  15. Again, sure, if Guidry comes in and outplays one of those guys and proves he can play on the outside MAYBE. But the edge goes to the guys that have proved it in actual games, even if in limited duty. In Guidry, you are talking about an UDFA, someone the Jets didn't feel was worth using a draft pick on. But Austin started 7 games last year as the #1 and #2 CB and played really well until he got benched towards the end of the Pitt game for a missed assignment and missed the last game. Coming in as a rookie and playing the way he did I would imagine the Jets are really high on him and frankly would be stupid not to be. Unless he comes in and falls flat on his face he's not getting cut. Maulet was right there with him, playing in 12 games in various roles, stepping up as a starter down the stretch. Him and Poole were the two CBs they brought back, deservedly so. Desir was not signed by JD because he was 'available because he had a bad year'. That's absurd. There were plenty of CBs available and JD decided to sign Desir. Desir missed some games due to injury, playing in 12 but ended up with a career high in INTs and Pass Deflections. Not that either was excessively high but to say that (for him) it was a bad year is just not really accurate. I highly doubt Desir, the only veteran CB addition will be cut. Again, anything could happen. He could have a season ending injury and end up on PUP, he can come in and fall flat on his face. But I doubt it. I'm not confusing any of the players the Jets have with Revis and you can't assume injuries, for all we know Guidry will have a career ending injury slipping in the shower. I'm just looking at the roster in a realistic way and how these things typically go.

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