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  1. Not enough. We still didn't throw the ball down the field, we still didn't move the pocket enough for Sam. We didn't run behind Becton (when he was still in the game). Just not enough. He's supposed to be this creative offensive genius.
  2. You gotta root for the Jets. I want to see this defense turn things around. I want to see Becton and Fant come back and the O-line start to gel. I want to see Sam angry and fired up after his 3 INT game vs the Colts. I want to see QW have another big game. And I still want Gase fired. The truth is winning this game won't determine who gets the #1 overall pick and it won't determine weather or not Gase gets fired.
  3. I just don't see the Jets beating anyone until Gase changes his play-calling and the Jets get healthy. Even the Broncos. This will probably be a close game but I still have them losing. Especially if Becton and Fant are out again. Especially with all the WRs out and the defense playing the way it has been playing. Jets- 17 Broncos- 24
  4. How about Jets end up winning the Thursday game because of all the players coming back from IR and the fact that the Broncos are a mess as well, and that buys Gase at least another few weeks...if not the rest of the season.
  5. I like Claypool and I think he will be a good player but his numbers are not THAT eye popping. He caught one bomb thrown perfectly to him from Big Ben and thats about it. You take that away and he has 4 catches, 43 yards, zero TDs. And look. you can't take anything away from him, but lets just chill with the impact that some of these guys are making. Ayuik hasn't been able to get in the endzone. Higgins hadn't done anything either until he scored a couple of TDs in todays game. I guess my point is that I can definitely see Mims with similar production if he was healthy the first two games.
  6. Mims got hurt. I don't know what the point of this thread is. until we see Mims get on the field, play some games and fail miserably, there is no point to these kinds of threads. Its not like Mims had a history of hamstring or lower body injuries. Ashtyn Davis did not have a history of injuries. Bryce Hall was coming off a bad injury but thats the only reason we got him in the 5th round. So JD got great value. Fans just need to be patient with him. Zuniga is the only guy that JD rolled the dice on, knowing that the guy has trouble staying on the field and took him anyway. By the way, none of these guys are out for the season (apart from Hall who is a ?). Pretty much all of these guys are expected to be back next week.
  7. Jets get #1 Overall pick: Lawrence- QB Jets get top 3 pick: Sewell- OT Jets get Top 5 pick: Rousseau- DE Jets get top 10 pick: Farley- CB Jets Fall out of the top 10 (highly unlikely): Bateman- WR Seahawks pick: O-lineman or WR.
  8. The way I see it. the only scenario where we DON'T take an O-lineman or WR with that Seattle pick is if we end up with a really high draft pick, miss out on the top QB, miss out on the top Edge rusher but Sewell somehow slides to us. I highly doubt that happens. Otherwise, its almost certain that the Jets take an Edge rusher or CB with THEIR first rounder and an O-lineman or WR with the Seattle pick. Of course, its so early, who knows.
  9. I agree with all the over/unders, I actually think Sam will have a pretty good game today but Jets still lose by 7-10 points.
  10. The problem is Gase. Every time the Jets have a game like this where, even though they are underdogs and they are hit by injuries and coming off a bad loss, they seem to be poised for a win- Gase puts together a moronic gameplan that completely negates all the positive energy the team comes out with and we don't end up scoring until the 3rd quarter when the game is pretty much over.
  11. I agree 100% but Gase is the problem here. Sam should have been given the reins and true control of the offense a long time ago. At least at the start of the season. The gameplan should be to run the ball behind Becton (and give Perine a chance b/c he's got some more quickness than Gore to get around the edge) and design roll outs for Sam to target Herndon, Griffin and Cager. Take advantage of Sam's ability to make plays on the move and the size the Jets have at receiver/TE. And yes, Sam should have the freedom to take over, change plays and throw the ball down the field if he sees a weakness in the D. In general, the Jets need to be creative on offense. But Gase's not gonna do that. He will put the chains on Darnold keeping him within his regimented set of play-calls and he will keep him in the pocket because thats the kind of QB he wants. He will run the ball with Gore because he 'trusts' him and do so down the middle, not behind Becton. He will continue with the dinky throws and screens to our receivers instead of targeting our TEs. I would not be surprised if Cager barely got involved and Hogan got most of the action. 1. I expect Sam to have a solid game and play hard and with a lot of grit. I think he's sick of losing and he hasn't given up like a lot of others think. 2. I expect the offense to still look like s**t b/c of the play-calling and inability to convert third downs and get the ball in the end zone. 3. I think the defense will bounce back and have a solid performance. Gregg Williams will turn a corner. I've changed my prediction. I originally had this a blowout but I think it will be closer. I think Jets keep it close early but can't score enough points to actually make it a game down the stretch. Colts- 27 Jets- 20
  12. Well coached teams can figure out a way to move the ball even when their WR core is decimated. The niners proved this against the Jets. Really any coach with any offensive sense would use Herndon and Griffin in 2 TE sets, put together plays that take advantage of Cager's size and Berrio's (or Montgomery's) quickness, move Darnold out of the pocket so he's not a sitting duck out there on passing plays, and yes, run the ball behind Becton- but don't just do it with Gore, involve Perine and Ballage. So far, Gase has shown he is incapable of doing this.
  13. Official Injury Report has Berrios as questionable and Fant, Wilson, Perriman, Davis, and Crowder out. So who we got at WR and who's going to start at RT? I assume we are going with Hogan and Malone. Anyone know if they brought up Montgomery or Cager? I assume Edoga is going to fill in at RT? Just trying to get some clarity on what we're trotting out there.

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