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  1. I think the Jets 'Biggest Strength' is going to be the RUN GAME. Followed by the Pass Rush and Secondary, who will complement each other. Both units now have a ton of depth and finally proven vet talent (DJ and Whitehead for the secondary and Lawson at Edge). I agree that their biggest weakness will be the LB group.
  2. The Jets will have a perfectly good kicking battle. lol
  3. Wish guys like Lawson, Huff, JJ, QW, JFM even Martin were on the list b/c we desperately need Pass Rush. However, I love seeing Wilson and Sauce on there. And its nice to see Davis on there because of the uncertainty of the FS position and depth.
  4. In the 're-building process' yes, the offense is ahead of the D, I would argue. However, I think the Defense will be a better unit than the offense this year. Or at least SHOULD be. For a variety of reasons I don't feel like getting into right now. But lets just say- JMHO.
  5. The Jets had a terrible secondary statistically last year. Then they overhauled it by potentially upgrading at at least 4 of the 6 critical 'starting' positions (Outside CB- Reed, Sauce; SS-Whitehead, Hall-Dime). But that's the thing, its all about POTENTIAL with the Jets. IF Sauce proves to be the real deal and DJ proves to be as good as advertised and the second year guys (as they typically do) continue to develop, and guys like Pinnock and Hall find a productive role, the Jets could have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. They really have that kind of potential. This is not me drinking Kool-Aid. Its just what JD was able to build and kudos to him. I mean, look at some of the other teams on this list. I know the Bengals have great safeties but should THEY really be that high on this list? It's debatable. The Titans are similar to the Jets, lots of young talent that has to prove themselves before we can elevate them as one of the best secondaries. Another thing I will note is that the Jets added Pass Rushers (with Lawson coming back) that will help with the secondary play. Thats just how it works. One unit helps the other statistically.
  6. It doesn't really matter. Its all relative. He's a purely receiving TE who is a converted WR. He won't be blocking out there. I would imagine the Jets flex him out into the slot. He won't be playing as an inline TE. He's still, essentially a big WR. The Jets would need to balance their WR and TE depth, yes, so maybe he is officially labeled as a TE.
  7. Right. The scenario would be that Cager stays over Wesco and the Jets carry more WRs. And of course, Cager would have to absolutely explode onto the scene. He would beat out one of Mims OR Smith...I think that is somewhat realistic, and Wesco gets cut. You know what Wesco can do but you also know that Ruckert can block. Ruckert was one of if not THE best run blocking TE in the draft. You don't need to carry Wesco another year just in case Ruckert does not work out as a blocker. You KNOW he can block. And like I said in my original post, while Wesco is able to play the FB role. The Jets have a better, 'true' FB in Bawden. So they have a FB in Bawden, they have a blocking TE in Ruckert and they have two pass catching TEs. Wesco is IMO, obsolete. Now, do I think that means Cager WILL make the team. No, probably not. But I think it means he may just have a better chance than Wesco if he balls out.
  8. Honestly, in a weird way I would rather he does not make it...simply because that means 1. Mims has turned things around and earned a spot and/or 2. Cager has come out of nowhere to show he is a force as a WR (because no way he makes it as a TE with our current depth). I think both Cager and Mims have more upside and I would rather see them work out for this team than Smith. I also like the size they bring.
  9. Very surprised so many people voted for Wesco. While I understand the addition of 3 new TEs. With Ruckert's ability to block and Bawden being the only true FB on the roster, Wesco is kind of obsolete. At least Cager can prove himself to be a unique receiver with his size if the Jets decide to carry 6 and Smith or Mims does not look good as camp/preseason rolls along. Just my take.
  10. While I agree, to play devil's advocate I would say that you could argue that Jax is looking at Walker like a clean slate because he is a raw and freakish athlete. He can play DE, DT or even LB. Maybe they feel like exactly which position he played in college really doesn't matter that much. Sidenote: Despite his size, he played all over at Georgia. Including reps at LB or at the very least dropping back and playing in space.
  11. Suddenly everyones a frickin believer
  12. My only takeaway is that this guy sounds motivated and looks like he is in great shape.
  13. Honestly, he looks in great shape. And he looked in great shape in all those vids he posted of himself working out with Duke.
  14. Your opinion is valid but I think if you look around the NFL its going to be hard to find a GM who would cut bait on 1st round pick after two seasons. Especially when said 1st round pick flashed dominance as a rookie and missed his second season due to injury (all speculation aside). Its not like Becton is/was ever a 'BAD' football player. Whenever Becton was able to get on the field, he was very good. Starting NFL LT caliber good. Why in the world would a GM cut bait on a guy like that? Say what you will about some of the other players on the roster, but it seems silly to suggest JD is only keeping him around (and won't replace him with a vet starter) to save face. Odds are the Jets simply know more than the fans about his progress and are confident he will be good to go and caught up by seasons start and/or they have faith in the backups and FA options.
  15. "Tyreek Hill Needs To Stop ..." Ummm, no, he should continue. I'm loving this.
  16. The bottom line- and Becton detractors (as well as impatient jet fans and old-school rigid football fans will hate this)- is that we just need to wait and see until mandatory practice starts and, really, until any kind of meaningful games start. Because the Jets will not be cutting or trading Becton if he shows up out of shape or shows up and doesn't look great in practice. They will get no value in a trade and cutting him would make no financial sense (unless he is SO BAD he can't make the final roster cuts). They will give him every opportunity. And it only matters when the season starts and that is when we will truly see if he has come back from his injury, or not. If he cares about football, or not. If he is a player worth keeping around, or not. If he can outplay the bottom barrel depth to make the roster cuts, or not. But right now, its just the boredom of the offseason getting to fans (and media alike). We all need something to yell about. We all need something to speculate about. We all need a good story. So lets see what he weighs in at and go crazy on the forums once that number becomes public. LMFAO.
  17. This is my take as well. And so, the rookies (specifically Wilson and JJ) will have a considerable impact on this as well. If both hit the ground running and flash star potential while Davis and Lawson underwhelm, odds will be even higher that the Jets will want to move on from the vets and clear cap.
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