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  1. MaineJet- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this bet. As a kicker, if you win, you can also give ME an avatar. Whatever you want. I'm throwing in my avatar as collateral. DO IT!!!!
  2. I kind of agree with you. It may seem crazy, but even with Geno at the hemlm, I think the Jets can win10, maybe even 11 games. Now, I put 8 games. But I'm just being very conservative. Your senario has the Jets winning pretty much ALL of the 'winnable' or 'easy' games, which doesnt always happen. I could easily see a Rams defense come in and play lights out and steal a game. But if we are going to be optimistic with the schedule, your scenario could very well work out. I would also add that even if you want to say that we lose to KC, the Jets coudl very well beat Pitt. I think thats the one 'tough' game that will be up for grabs. Pitts defense is still a mess, and if the Jets can get to Big Ben, they can pull out a win.
  3. I really wanted to go with 9 or 10. But I'm gonna go with 8. I really think if he gets the nod as starter, Geno is perfectly set up to succeed. I think he will play better than he ever has, which I guess is not saying much, but good enough to win games and be the starter all season. But b/c of the schedule and b/c it may take some time for Geno to develop chemistry with some of the new teammates (players he never actually led as a starting QB), I think he will end up winning 8 games as Jets starter and, alas, the Jets will miss the playoffs again and end up with selections somewhere in the middle of the draft (pick 14-18).
  4. I disagree. I think his coverage skills are underrated. He was solid covering last year when he had help, and his job rarely involves straight man coverage- he's usually the help guy. He's also able to break up passes by putting on timely hits cuz he's always around the ball. Saying that he 'can't tackle in space' is somewhat of a blanket statement. Of course he can tackle in space, he just has a tendency to go for the big hit, which sometimes works against him if he doesn't take the right angle. He's still young and that is something he can continue to improve on. The reason he is a rising star at his position is b/c he is a play-maker. He puts on big hits, is always around the ball, and makes plays on the field. I clearly remember him being one of the guys who knocked the snot out of McCown as he went scrambling for the endzone, causing him to fumble the ball, which Cro recovered. That's 6 points he saved right there. In the Giants game, he came in as a help defender and broke up a deep TD pass to ODB, which would have tied the game. Beckham almost had it, if not for Pryor coming in. Those are just a couple examples. And I'm sure you have examples where he missed his assignment or missed tackles. But the point is...Dude makes plays. He's not a cover safety. He looked 10x better at his natural position this past season and I expect him to only get better with the added youth/speed on defense and as he continues to learn the NFL.
  5. Sure they do. Leverage is leverage and a contract is a contract. I'm not sure what you mean by "ZERO leverage on the amount of years" he signs. What does the length of the contract have to do with the leverage? I mean, if the Jets don't like the deal, they wont offer it/accept it. Same with Fitz. BUT- if Fitz wants to be a starter, have the best chance to succeed, and make the most money, his only option (right now) is the Jets and Chan Gailey. No other team is lining up to offer him a starting role or starter money, and as far as FA goes, its very late in the game so I don't expect many suitors to pop out of nowhere, barring a major injury to a star QB. And there's very few teams out there, even if they wanted his services, where he can come in and have the same success he did with the Jets last year. Say what you will about Geno, Petty and Hack...but the Jets have a good team with 3 young QBs. They would love for Fitz to come back, but the Jets have all the leverage. And if they don't want to take a 12mil one year deal- which Fitz is all of a sudden offering (hmmmm, wonder why- maybe b/c he's running out of options?)-they won't. They will see what Geno can do. And the fans will just have to deal with that strategy. Personally, I'm fine with it. I want to see what Geno can do with a good team and good coaching around him.
  6. Sure. And yes, they need a more consistent, more productive pass rush from the outside. And I'm excited about some of the guys they brought in (youth) to potentially fix that. But, for example, the past 2-3 years they have been awful in that department, and yet they were able to field a top 5, top 10 defense. So even without the pass rush from the outside, those paper tigers are pretty legit. Especially against the run. But like I said, this year in particular (and who knows, we will see) the defense looks to be scary.
  7. Along with Richardson the Jets have: Veteran Depth. Mo coming back. L.Williams going into his second year. Young talent at the LB (Lee, Jenkins, Mauldin) position and an up-and-coming star safety in C.Pryor. The Jets defense will be SCARY this year.
  8. This is not a great compromise. The Jets don;t want to do this. I'm, not sure they can AFFORD to do this. Its a 12mil cap hit. It's not at all what Mac had in mind with the 3yr offer. This deal leans in Fitz's favor. He get 12mil this year. If he has another good year, he cashes in next year. If he has an off year, well, he can probably still get a backup job equaling to the same money (or more) he would have gotten in year 2-3 of his proposed 3yr contract with the Jets. If he has a good year, the Jets paid 12mil and will have to go through this again and probably pay more to keep him. If he has a bad year, they are rid of him in year 2 but they just paid 12mil for a bad QB. Its a compromise, just not one that really favors the Jets - WHO HAVE ALL THE LEVERAGE. Bad deal. The whole point of MAc's 3yr offer was so he could move around the money to escape cap hell. I would not do it. I want to see what Geno can do this season with a good team and a year to sit and learn the offense. In comparison, he is SO cheap, its worth the gamble.
  9. Fitz is not a Jet. Geno is. So is Petty. So is Hack. Currently that is the QB competition. Geno, having been here the longest, gets 1st team reps. Then Petty, the Hack. Let the competition begin. I'd be happy with whoever wins the competition- and we have a good team around the QB (on both sides of the ball) to set him up for success. If its Geno, I have more faith in him than in the rest. b/c he has gone through a lot. He got a chance to sit and learn the playbook all year. He ate some humble pie and hopefully matured after the IK incident and losing his job to a journeyman QB. He showed a lot of flashes of great play during his time here. Its the last year of his contract and this is a great opportunity for him- I think he will take hold of it and surprise a lot of people with his play.
  10. I don't think the focus here was on how much the overall defense would improve over last year. I think the point was more so RE: which team used the draft to potentially improve their defense the most. It really doesn't have much to do with the schedule, ranking or OFFSEASON improvement. I think the author looked specifically at the draft- what kind of value the teams got, where they drafted, who they drafted and how they were able to fill their defensive needs through the draft. You can argue that its inaccurate but I don't think its "Without a doubt one of the dumbest articles every written." But I WOULD say the only reason the Jets are on there is b/c they addressed a dire need on defense- speed at LB. They probably should not be #2 on the list though.
  11. This looks pretty accurate to me. I like it. Good job considering how early it is. Biggest questins will be... -Will Fitz come back? -Will D.Smith be placed on IR- opening up a spot for another WR? -Will Qvale win the job over Giacomini? -Will Hackett's run and kick style transfer to the NFL? Or, conversely, can he change his style and still be as effective? Otherwise, Edwards will win the job. Sarge4tide- I think Johnson will get the nod as well, primarily b/c Friend is a good candidate for the practice squad. I'm also secretly pulling for Reilly aver Catapano b/c of his special teams play versatility as a pass rusher and in general his great attitude and work ethic the past couple of years.
  12. Sooooo, I don't understand, had they drafted, what, an OT in the first round rather than Lee they would be set up to have a better record? Or what? Sure, an first round rookie COULD make an impact, but they also might NOT- thats why the draft is a crap-shoot. Everyone knows that. Especially if you REACH for a player trying to fill a position of need rather than go BPA. I don't think anybody is arguing with you that there's a high possibility the Jets will struggle this year due to the schedule. I'm just don't see how you can put all the blame on Mac, or the draft, or the way the Jets went about the offseason. You don't seem to be giving very many suggestions as to how they should have gone about things. Trade Wilk? Ok. I'm pretty sure they tried and didn't get an offer they were willing to accept. Also, Wilk would have to be willing to sign a deal. For all you know they might end up re-signing Wilk- you know, their best player on defense. So trading down would have solved their problems? What? c'mon man. Good value in the 3rd for a TE? Gimme a break dude. Stop acting like you know more than Mac about draft value and more than management and coaching staff about what the Jets need. You act like somehow you are RIGHT about the failures of Mac b/c you are predicting a losing record for the Jets. What a JOKE! Stop it already. Any football fan, and especially Jets fan can tell you the schedule is tough this year and no matter what- NO MATTER WHAT- the Jets could find themselves struggling more so than they did last year. Honestly, just relax and enjoy the ride. The Jets have a good team this year. They actually have very little holes on both sides of the ball if they can come together as a team, if they get a little bit of luck with the progression of their young players and if guys like Amaro, M.Williams, Clady and maybe even Geno step up, they could be very hard to beat. Wilk is still a Jet and their defense in general, with the infusion of youth and speed at LB should be SCARY. Their O-line (for all intensive purposes-assuming Clady is a viable replacement for D'Brick) is coming back intact. Lest we forget that it was a career year for Ivory, Fitz, and our WRs last season BEHIND that O-line and certainly not despite it. You can argue they were shaky at times but they also looked DOMINANT at times, especially early on in the season when Ivory was busting out for big chunks of yardage. Amaro coming back, a total rebuild of special teams, a more versatile more durable vet running back in Forte, should all help the offense. FRANKIE SAYS RELAX!
  14. I'm not sure what you were expecting. I'm not sure how you can assume a rookie, ANY rookie (including someone drafted 20th overall) can come in and make a major impact IMMEDIATELY. It's never guaranteed. Lee is no guaranteed to make an impact, and he will be playing on a talented defense with a very good D-line. You just don't know. So you can't assume had the Jets drafted an O-lineman or WR in the first round that said player would automatically make an impact. You draft for the FUTURE. By taking Hack in the 2nd that is exactly what the Jets did. So the Jets didn't draft an offensive player in the first round, so what, relax. They had a good draft and made solid selections that could very well develop into future starters and make the team better down the line. Mac didn't do enough in FA? Ok. Well what would you have done, enlighten us. Also, I'm not sure how you can automatically assume Shell will amount to nothing in the NFL. Why? Because he was a 5th round pick? Do I NEED to list all the NFL starting O-linemen drafted in the 5th round or below? How about the guy Mac tried to sign this offseason as a starting OT- Kevin Beachem- yeah, that guy. He was a 7th round pick. So enough already, you're being an unreasonable loudmouth. I'm not trying to insult you but you are ranting and there is very little grounds to or analysis of any of your claims. so far- you are still the weakest link, goodbye.
  15. Mainjet- wtf are you talking about? The Jets drafted a potential Franchise QB in the 2nd round. OFFENSE. And traded up for an OT who they believe can be a starting RT. If not this season, then next. I mean, they went BPA throughout the draft, tried to make some moves (trade up for a sliding Tunsil) and addressed a number of needs while doing so (QB, OLB, ILB, CB, OT, WR, P). I mean, literally, all of their selections were at positions of need and pretty much throughout they went BPA. Stop complaining. Everybody is owning you on this thread. And that's because you're wrong. Not on everything, but on most things. So just stop already. The simple fact that you are calling D.Lee a Safety pretending to be a linebacker completely nullifies any attempts you make for a reasonable argument. You seem to be incapable of fair analysis if you truly believe that is all Lee is. You ask to be treated with respect, yet you come out spewing trash. You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
  16. No, analytics is people watching games and recording specific stats, A LOT of stats. Then using those stats to analyze the performance of a player. And stats never tell the full story.
  17. Ummm, lets not forget that Skrine also added a dimension to the Jets blitz scheme we have not see for a while. He was able to put pressure on the QB as a Nickle blitzer and did so on a consistent basis. Lest we forget. Skrine was solid. Stop the nonsense. And spare me the analytics. I know what I saw. M.Williams was more than decent as a STARTING #2 CB the few times he got the chance. He was good. He deserves to start across from Revis. If Bowles wasn't such an old school coach he would have already named him as the #2 guy. But Williams will earn that spot in camp anyway- just watch. Skrine is more suited to play Nickel anyway- see above point about his ability to blitz. Pryor had a much improved year. He could very well have a breakout year this season. Our secondary is in good shape. Anything our depth can add (Milliner, McDougle, Burris and our safeties) will be the cherry on top. Our defense in general is looking to be SCARY if all the pieces start to come together. You look at it as a unit and its DANGEROUS. My biggest concern about the Jets is how the O-line will hold up and the QB play. Those two things will make or break the Jets season.
  18. Except he may be their best QB at the moment. I say that in all seriousness. I really have no faith in your guarantee that Fitz will re-sign and the Jets will welcome him with open arms. The longer he waits the less likely he will be a Jet. Especially if one of the current Jet QBs starts to set himself apart. People are really giving Geno no chance. I really don't understand it. He beat Fitz out for the starting spot last year. I mean, I know Fitz ended up playing great but if Geno shows plays well in camp, cutting him would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Fact is, the Jets currently have 3 QBs NOT 4. And if they bring someone else in (Fitz or other), they won't cut a QB until they HAVE to cut the roster down to 53. And that will not be for a while. Geno is primed for a final opportunity to prove himself. Whatever anyone has to say about how bad Geno is, there is absolutely no argument in my mind that the sample size we have to judge Geno's ability as a QB is a rookie year where he was asked to start even though he was obviously not ready and had ZERO weapons around him. And a sophomore year with a different coach (O-coordinator) and again no weapons. People really need to stop acting like Fitz is a Jet. He's not.There's QB drama with the Jets, of course, but there is currently no drama as far as whether or not they should carry 4QBs b/c they only have 3 QBs on the roster.
  19. You need to take a closer look at Lee. Maybin was a completely different player coming into the NFL. Jets will have a down year? Sure. Maybe they will, maybe they wont. Maybe they end up going 10-6 and still miss the playoffs (which would be a down year). Maybe they go 9-7 and MAKE the playoffs. You can predict all you want, we will only know once the season is done. But everything else, I mean LITERALLY everything else you have said is complete nonsense. Have I mentioned you are the weakest link, goodbye?
  20. I agree. But I will say you are underestimating Revis' impact last year. His massive contract aside. He still played like a legit #1 CB. 'barely adequate' is a completely unfair assessment. He had 4 fumbles recovered (career high) and 5 ints (1 shy of his career high). Yes, he lost a step. But without getting into the analytics, generally speaking when you watched him, he still held the opposing #1 WR in check. QBs were still wary of targeting him. He can still prevent the deep ball (even though he was beat a few times- which happens with every CB). I think people are still holding him to this standard of being the best CB EVER, and when he doesn't dominate like he did 3 -4 years ago, people say he is 'barely adequate'. That's a joke. He is still be of the best CBs in the league, I would say top 10. I would also say a lot of people are underestimating M.Williams and how good he can be. He really never had the opportunity of a starter and still made a huge imjpact last season. When he DID get a chance to start he held his own, I mean he really played well in man coverage as the #2 guy. Bowles is old school and he;s not just going to hand Williams the #2 spot now that Cro was let go. But I really believe Williams will earn that spot across from Revis once all is said and done and Revis, Williams and Skrine will solidify the 3 starting CB spot. Whatever progress we see from Milliner, McDougle and the rest of the depth will only add to the improvement of the secondary. Not to mention the continued improvement of Pryor and the addition of Lee will make to the secondary.
  21. Lee is the prototypical modern day 'Will' and fits perfectly in a Bowles' 3-4 hybrid defensive scheme. He has the speed to cover defenders in man. He has the awareness and sense for the ball to fall back in zone, he can run sideline to sideline, he has a knack for shooting the gap in blitz situations (run or pass). This is what you saw from him at OSU. This is how he was used. Yes, if he plays close to the line he will be eaten up. But he won't play close to the line. That's not where the Jets need him or will want to utilize him. He will play in space or have specific assignments. Harris, being the 'Mike' is responsible for playing close to the line and reading the run. He happens to be a great run-stuffing LB. In fact, Jenkins, Lee, Harris and Mauldin all have specific responsibilities and fit perfectly for their roles. Jenkins being the 'Jack' who is responsible for setting the edge. Mauldin as the 'Sam' will be used to get after the QB, Harris, the 'Mike' will diagnose the play and be responsible to plugging up the middle and Lee is the 'Will'. You do realize that a lot of the 3-4 formations will have 4 defenders at the line, right? You know, like a 4-3. You do realize the NFL is a 'sub-package' league where players are moved in and out for running, passing, blitzing packages. Darron Lee was drafted to be a playmaker. That is what he will be. Bowles knows exactly how he will use him. To suggest that you need to 'move Lee to safety' and/or change the defense to a '4-3' or he is a 'wasted pick' is just ludicrous. You sir are the weakest link. Goodbye.
  22. I agree about Shell, I doubt he ends up the starting RT this season. But I think Jenkins has a great shot to start. The position is vacated. He doesn't have much competition. Lee has some vets ahead of him, it will not be as easy for him. I think he will be eased into action and used primarily on passing downs at first. But he will definitely be used by Bowles. Peake and Burris will be buried on the depth chart. Peake probably has a better chance to contribute, especially if Smith goes on PUP or IR. Burris may benefit from McDougle and/or Milliner getting hurt again- but I hope that doesn't happen. And YEAH, we better get a starting punter between Hackett and Edwards! Two of the best punters in college, one of them should end up with the starting gig.
  23. "Marshall to me is fighting Archer, which should be interesting" Don't forget Ross, who is a WR and was signed as a Kick/Punt returner. But yes, I agree. I think you also have to consider K.Thompkins. The Jets liked him enough to re-sign him. And he has more experience than any of these rookies...so you gotta think he at least has a shot. He's also not eligible for practice squad, which influences the final cuts coaches are willing to make. By Robinson did you mean Robby Anderson? Or K.Robinson, the RB?
  24. Ok. Well. It's not that rare that the Jets have a FB in. Enunwa IS NOT a true FB and is nowhere near the run blocker Bohanon is. You're not going to lineup Enunwa in an I-formation and expect him to pound through a hole in the D-line, he's a WR for christ's sake. He just happens to have good size and be a good blocker for a WR. Had he been a better WR in general, faster, better route runner, better hands, etc.- the whole H-back thing would be scrapped and he would play WR. But he's not, and kudos to him and the coaching staff for finding a role for him. But we're not cutting Bohanon and having Enunwa play FB now that he had SOME success as an H-back. I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend, but the idea is silly and its not going to happen.
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