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  1. You do not. I repeat. Do not trade a 1st round pick right now if you are JD, not for Roquan Smith. This team does not have a proven franchise QB, it does not have a proven franchise Pass Rusher, it does not have a proven franchise receiver, it does not have a proven franchise OT. This is not a winning team. Not yet. So we cannot give away first round picks, even if its for a stud LB.
  2. SHOULD be very effective. COULD be one of the best in the NFL.
  3. Frankly I'm very surprised. I genuinely thought this would be a somewhat open competition for LT.
  4. Well, the way I look at it there are two positions right now that are completely up for grabs- the WLB spot and the FS spot. Sure, there are some depth spots and the Jets could use a vet backup at OT. But as far as starters, FS and WLB are the only two spots that are still major question marks. For the most part, I believe the Jets will be playing Nickel. So the WLB spot is not going to be AS critical to this defense. Of course, you want to have a starter and you want to have someone you have some confidence in, you want to have someone grab hold of that position in camp. BUT not super critical. FS on the other hand, you NEED someone to grab hold of that spot ASAP. Its a critical position in this defense. You really need one of Joyner, Pinnock, Davis, Parks or Riley to excel in camp and grab hold of that starting spot. And I don't think the Jets have much confidence in ANY of these guys. Why should they? The recent rumors of the Jets 'making a SPLASH' supposedly have to do with them going after a safety. My hunch is that will end up happening unless someone on the Jets really steps up at FS. There's not much available in FA (Landon Colllins??) but maybe someone shakes loose or maybe JD has a trade in mind. There's been noise about Jesse Bates wanting a trade but that seems unlikely, IMO. Plenty of other teams to deal with however.
  5. Pretty much spot on. Now that Bawden is healthy, FB is pretty much his job to lose (assuming the Jets plan on carrying a FB on the 53, which I believe they do). With the 3 new TEs, this puts Wesco in no-mans land. The Jets have quality receiving TEs, blocking TEs and a legit blocking FB. Wesco adds no unique skillsets to this group and will most likely get cut. I also want to say- while comparisons between the GB, SF and the current Jets offenses are expected, they are not quite accurate. Yes, there are similarities. But at best Mike LaFleur runs a hybrid. For example, how often do you see the Jets target the FB on passing plays? Almost never. They've had an opportunity to bring in a pass catching FB who could add that dimension- even when Kyle Juszczyk was a FA the Jets made no effort to go after him. I think Mike LaFleur just prefers to use his FB to block.
  6. Not going out on limb here but- Jets sign or trade for a vet starting caliber FS.
  7. Well, you specifically said weight, and not just weight- but weigh-in. As if hitting a specific weight target will make much of an impact on his gameplay, conditioning and overall impact on the team. And my point was, NO, it won't. And thats an important distinction to make. He can come in weighing more than whatever the target is and still dominate, be in great shape and have no issues with fatigue. He can come in UNDER his weight goal and still be kept from participating by coaches early on because they want to be cautious with one of their best/most critical players coming off injury (like they are being with Lawson). And lets be clear, Becton missing time early on in camp will have little to no effect on team chemistry. It simply wont. The o-line will have plenty of time to gel before week one of the regular season.
  8. Um no it won't. Whether Becton comes in a few lbs over or a few lbs under what is the target weight is pretty irrelevant considering he is a behemoth of a man. Its how he plays when he steps on the field. Is he looking sharp? Does he look mentally ready? Is he showing good endurance? Is he dominating guys he should be dominating and holding his own against quality starters like Lawson? So yes, Becton's ability to play and Becton's quality of play WILL have a huge impact on the season. But not nec. his weight.
  9. Skip the link, here ya go... LDE: Jermaine Johnson LDT: John Franklin-Myers RDT: Quinnen Williams RDE: Carl Lawson MIKE: C.J. Mosley WILL: Quincy Williams LCB: Sauce Gardner RCB: D.J. Reed SCB: Michael Carter II SS: Jordan Whitehead FS: Lamarcus Joyner As mentioned, this is assuming the most common 4-2-5 lineup. There's going to be a variety of other packages with sub personnel.
  10. Eh. you make it sound way worse than it is. Both Fant and Becton are healthy. It'd be another thing if they were still healing or rehabbing. They're NOT. Senat is a nobody and will probably get cut anyway. Right now you have Edoga and McDermott as the starters (would be my guess), with Mitchell getting backup reps as the less experienced rookie. It's actually maybe good that both starting tackles are out? It gives guys like Hermanns and maybe even Kelly a chance to get some reps they normally wouldn't. I know some of these guys are just camp bodies but you do want to see what they are capable of. This is the very start of training camp. I wouldn't worry about a couple of starters on the o-line missing time, especially knowing they are not injured.
  11. I'm sorry, haters gonna hate but these are frickin' AWESOME! And I DO love throwbacks as much as the next old timer, but you can never go wrong with black on black. A big reason why I have always loved the all black Ravens uniforms.
  12. SPLASH! https://www.jetnation.com/2022/07/20/douglas-signs-former-eagles-special-teamer-craig-james/
  13. this thread has been really inspiring
  14. Sure, this is a good break for the Jets if he is out or if he has limited touches. However, he is not who I am worried about. The Baltimore defense/secondary, their o-line, Lamar and their TEs will be the story of the game. Their secondary was already stellar and they added Hamilton in the draft. I expect Lamar to be as dangerous as ever as a runner. They have Andrews and they drafted Likely and Kolar for the TE position. I know these are rookies who may not have a major impact, but these are just some of the additions the Ravens made. This game will be incredibly hard for the Jets to stay competitive in regardless of how much Dobbins contributes. IMHO.
  15. This. I am pretty much on board with all of these answers. However, Flacco is NOT a very good backup. He's just not. I can't speak to his mentorship skills. But I'd rather have a number of other backup QBs if I had my pick from players around the league. I think if JD made that a priority he could have definitely upgraded the position to make sure if Zach got injured the position would remain close to the current level of competitiveness. And White has no business being a backup. He would be one of the worst backups in the league if he was promoted to that position. So yeah, he is a third string developmental QB. Like so many other teams have on their rosters.
  16. Precisely. Which is why the Pats signed Henry/Smith and drafted Keene/Asiasi. But without Brady, who was an absolute master at executing that game plan. Its not quite the same. If the Jets can rush the passer these passes turn into dump offs for short gains. Hard to win that way.
  17. I mean, they DID draft two defensive players in the first round and sign a potential #1 CB in FA to address the defense. Like, give some credit where its due. JD addressed the defense. Did he go far enough? We shall see. I think there is a LB signing on the horizon to add to the depth. As far as kicker, sure I agree. But the Jets have a pretty darn consistent kicker in Eddy P. Zuerlein is here for competition and because if his leg. I think Eddy ends up with the job if he can remain consistent like he did all of last year.
  18. Lol not happening. Here's whats going to happen-IMO. The Jets will carry 3 RBs and a FB/H-Back for a total of 4 on the 53 man roster. Two of them will definitely be Carter and Hall. Call whichever you want the starter. I think both will get a close to the same amount of snaps barring injury. Coleman will be the vet backup or #3 RB. He knows the system, he can block, he can catch, he is a true veteran, Saleh has familiarity with him, and he still has just enough gas in the tank that he can fill in if needed as a #3. We saw him have a couple of good games last year in a supporting role with limited snaps. This is a very solid, versatile trio behind the stout run blocking line I expect us to have. I think Knight will make PS and Ty, being no longer eligible (if I am not mistaken) will get cut. As will Perine because he has shown very little promise since he got drafted. With the low value of RBs these days none of these guys will be getting you anything in a trade. Not Ty, nor Coleman, nor Knight and certainly not Perine. Nothing, Nada, Zilch, Zippo.
  19. Maybe, lol, I mean you are acting like you are part of the braintrust. I agree that the line has to gel, but i'm not talking about swapping positions back and forth throughout all of camp. I'm talking about giving him a shot. And let me be clear. If he shows any promise as a future LT- THEY HAVE TO. This is why Fant does not have an extension yet. They want to know if Becton can be the future LT. The WILL NOT just plug him in at RT without giving him an opportunity at LT. Especially if he comes in dominating in camp.
  20. Well, I tend to disagree. Even if to avoid a PR nightmare with the 'Becton camp' they are going to at the very least give him a shot. Are you suggesting they have been talking about this battle at LT between the two and now they will have Fant and McDermott taking the LT snaps? I mean maybe...maybe they stick him at RT right away. But I wouldn't be nearly as sure as you are. Personally, I think when camp starts they keep things open (both guys vying for the LT spot) and see how the competition goes, then adjust. In other words, if Fant seems to have the edge right away, maybe THEN they decide to stick Becton at RT. If Becton comes in and immediately shows he is the better player on the left side, they start giving Fant more snaps at RT. Saleh can be fluid with the situation. Doesn't have to be cut and dry.
  21. Fair. But that's not Baldy's deal. He's not the guy that gives balanced analysis being critical of players. He's the hype guy. That's his angle and he's great at it. You want to see some analysis of highlights and breakdowns of why players on the Jets could be real contributors, watch Baldy's breakdowns.
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