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  1. LOL forgot about that! Add it to the list!
  2. Braden Mann played really well after being put on notice. Not only did he have some killer punts inside the 10 but he had a perfectly executed onside kick. I know he's just a punter. But you gotta give credit where credit is due. Jets would not have won this game without him.
  3. I know your hate for Zach Wilson is strong but he (not Mike White) is still considered the future of this franchise. Starting him next week, even if Mike White plays reasonably well against the Browns (although he most likely wont see the field) is a no-brainer and regardless of how fans react or how Zach plays against a legit SB contender (the Bengals), this would be FAR from 'end-times' for Saleh and Douglas. To seriously think that is laughable.
  4. We will see Mike White play if: 1. Flacco get hurt 2. Jets get blown out and Saleh puts White in for garbage time in the 4th. I doubt Flacco will get hurt and I doubt this will be a blowout. Anything can happen but I really don't think we will be seeing Mike White today. I don't believe Saleh will bench Flacco if he is playing poorly.
  5. While its fun to s**t on the Jets, the team as a whole did not play all that bad last week against a considerably better opponent. I honestly believe if we had Zach starting instead of Flacco, we would have squeaked out a win in a close one. I started my prediction by saying that this was always considered one of the more 'winable' games and the Browns are officially without Watson this week. I think it will be a close game but the Jets will fall short with Flacco at the helm. If I was generous, I'd say we get a win in this one. Browns are beatable, even on the road.
  6. This was a very 'winable' game with a healthy roster. With Flacco starting and Whitehead probably out I'm a lot more concerned. Especially with how bad Flacco looked last week. Luckily this is a Browns team without Watson. We should be looking at a low scoring game EARLY on. Both teams will try to establish the run, with limited success. Both defenses will be on high alert early on. But I just don't have ANY faith in Flacco to make plays to move the chains and put points on the board which will eventually be necessary to win this game. As much as I want the Jets to win this game, as much as I think they need to win this game...I just think we will see a repeat of last week. The defense will play solid early, Flacco will lay an egg, and eventually the defense will break down. Jets- 13 Browns- 24
  7. Everybody with me now....SIGN THIS BEAST!
  8. Absolutely disagree with that. I know chemistry is a huge part of any sport. But the two new CBs played great in that game. I mean, if you are a FS and you get stellar outside corner play like the Jets got from Sauce and Reed, you have to be happy. It SHOULD make your job super easy. I think Whitehead also played well. As a box S his job was to contain the run and he did just that. The big plays that cost the Jets were on Hall (who gave up a 50/50 TD grab) and on Joyner, who gave up 2 TDs because he was either out of position or just got burned (or both).
  9. Joyner looked like a dumpster fire vs. the Ravens. Whitehead might be out with an ankle. The Jets brought up Parks. AshTON Davis is next up at SS and Tony Adams is next up at FS. Who you starting? Are we really gonna see a Joyner/Davis combo out there this Sunday?
  10. Looked clearly like zone coverage where you pass off the receiver. Sauce even pointed to Bateman as he was crossing from left (his side) to the middle of the field (where the safety was) and towards the right side of the field. Sauce was looking at Joyner like- 'dude- cover your guy!'. I remember watching the replay on that to see what the f happened and, well, thats what happened. By the time Joyner turned around to run with Bateman it was too late.
  11. Its just one game but somehow its hard to NOT vote for Sauce. Seems like teams are already avoiding throwing his way. When they do, he's got it on lock. I know this is a very small sample size. But he is a highly touted rookie and sample size works both ways- guys like QW have been in the league for 3 years now and while being very good have still underachieved. RIGHT NOW its hard for me not to call Sauce (or frankly a guy like CJ Mosley) our best player.
  12. This will depend on: 1. How well Flacco adjusts: If he thinks he can stand in the pocket like a statue and throw an inaccurate pass as he is being hit, he has another thing coming. The Browns D-line will feast. 2. How much better the O-line can protect him: Simply put, can the Jets O-line give Flacco a better pocket/more time to work with, knowing full well that he is goddamn statue back there. 1 and 2 are related and will impact each other. 3. Can the defense put up a similar (or better) performance to keep the Jets in the game: Lest we forget that the only reason we looked half-way decent against the Ravens was a pretty solid showing by our defense. If the Jets defense can shut down the run and give Brissett fits, they will once again have a shot to win the game. He's mobile but nowhere near the athlete Lamar is. The Jets just need to keep him from making big plays to his deep threat WRs (Peoples-Jones, Schwartz, Cooper) and they should be able to keep this offense in check- something much harder to accomplish against Lamar. SIDENOTE: Unleash the STREV
  13. I don't know how we win this game if Flacco starts again. I don't care about their logo.
  14. Could JETS Look to Jets For Quarterback Help After Zach Wilson Injury? FIXED IT
  15. Its simple. If you read what I wrote I simply said that terrible punt was not the reason we lost the game and it was not the reason we gave up 7 points. Yes, special teams are important. But there's a reason QBs get paid top dollar and punters are cut and signed off the scrap heap after a few bad games. Our terrible QB play was the main reason we lost this game, not Braden Mann. No matter how bad that one punt was. If your take is that Mann is the reason we gave up those 7 points and Special Teams was a major reason why we lost...
  16. LOL seriously. I said this in another thread but the Jets had Baltimore in a 3rd and long on that drive and could have held them to a FG. But Lamar threw a long TD pass. Sure, Braden Mann might suck. That was an awful punt. But we did not lose this game because of him and his terrible punt probably did not even cost us 7 points. Even though it certainly didn't help.
  17. This is a weird way to look at it with more than a quarter left to play. You can also argue, going for it means the Jets give Baltimore the ball on their own 40 (practically in Tucker's FG range) and they go from being down from two possessions to being down by 3 possessions. Effectively, ending the game (although I would argue that doesn't even end the game with how much time is on the clock). If, as you say, the Jets punt and stop the Ravens- that's pretty much as far as you have to think. Now you have the ball and you are down by 14 with a full quarter to play. You can score and its a one possession game. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT THAT POINT. Its like a totally different game. THIS is why you don't risk it by going for it on 4th and 2. JMHO.
  18. I think your credit for Ulbrich is a bit much- the players should get some of that praise. But I pretty much agree. And think about the plays the Ravens DID score on. Joyner- probably our weakest player on defense- was burned by Bateman who caught a rocket from Lamar. Hall, who has been struggling in pre-season had great coverage and just could not keep Duvernay from catching a 50/50 ball for a TD- you could say that is just bad luck. And the last play was Lamar making an amazing no-look throw where he looked as if he was throwing to a covered Andrews and tossed it over his head to an open Duvernay. The Jets defense played really well. The Ravens offense just made some big plays because of Lamar while the Jets offense did diddly squat because of Flacco.
  19. Eh. This doesn't bother me at all. The offense was doing nothing. The Defense was playing well. Now you are putting pressure on your offense to convert a 4th and 2 while risking putting the defense in a hole? No this does not make make the most sense. Its the 3rd quarter, your offense is playing poorly, your defense is playing well, you are down 14 on your own 40-- I think 90% of coaches will tell you this is not a time to go for it on 4th down. Certainly not something you should use to base a generalized judgement about the organization. LMFAO.
  20. White can move in the pocket, White has surprisingly quick feet and can throw on the run with a decent amount of accuracy and he's typically not rattled. We could have won with White. Yes, he may have been knocked out of this game. LOL. But we would have had a better chance. Maybe the moment would have been too big for Streveler. Who knows. I'm not a fan looking at things in hindsight and saying maybe if this guy was starting, etc., etc. But Streveler would could have also been a PROBLEM for the Ravens. I'm really just pointing out how LIMITED Flacco is and how that is what sunk the Jets yesterday. Coaching staff will really need to think hard about the QB position for Week 2.
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