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  1. IF Becton has a fantastic pre-season at LT there is no way he plays RT just because Fant (the guy with no extension coming into this year) is better on the left side than the right side. Becton was drafted to play LT. While I understand the the o-line as a whole may be a bit better if Fant stayed on the left side and Becton moved to the right, for the future of the team, the Jets will keep Becton on the left side if he is 'dominating' there as the OP words it. Now way will Fant's play determine where Becton plays. Becton's play will determine where he plays.
  2. "The New York Jets (+2200) have more bets on them to win the AFC East than the New England Patriots (+500)."
  3. This is exactly what I think will happen- 24 Offense, 26 Defense. So much depth on the D (and Saleh loves his depth on D), with the caveat that we instead keep 6 WRs, which I noted in my post! We seem to agree fully! lol. The Jets kept 5 WRs last year but you are right, maybe the will want to keep 6 this year.
  4. Completely agree. To me (and I've said this before), Wesco is in a precarious situation. He is in no-mans land at TE with two guys definitively ahead of him on the depth chart, a third guy (Ruckert) who will almost definitely make the team as a 3rd round rookie, and two TEs who are probably just as good at blocking -his strength- as he is (Conklin and Ruckert). At FB, his other potential role on the team, the Jets have Bawden, who is much more of a traditional FB and played well in the few opportunities he was provided. Unless there is something I am missing, the Jets have way too many quality players on the team that will be vying for roster spots for them to keep Wesco as a 3rd blocking TE a backup FB or purely a blocking H-back. My prediction is: 5 WRs: Davis, Moore, Wilson, Berrios, Mims/Smith - this should be a great battle to watch, could see Mims getting traded. 3 TEs: CJ, Conk, Ruckert 4 RBs: Carter, Hall, Coleman, Bawden (FB) *This also POTENTIALLY leaves room for the Jets to make a tough cut elsewhere to leave room for 6 WRs, rather than keeping a guy like Wesco.
  5. Fair enough RE: the rookies. However, the signings of proven talents such as Whitehead, CJ/Conk - who you mentioned, DJ Reed, and Tomlinson, undeniably immediately upgrade their respective positions. You could argue that the addition of Whitehead can be considered a push because we lost Maye. However, Maye barely played due to injury last year. Its hard to measure how much of a contribution he would have made. May have had a great year, may have had a down year.
  6. The Jets made considerable strides in upgrading a number of positions. They are in much better shape. This is why I have way more additions than departures. They simply added more, better players/prospects. Top Additions: 1. DJ Reed: The secondary was one of the worst in the NFL. DJ Reed brings an immediate upgrade to the CB personnel and Defense in general. He could prove to be a true #1 CB. At least while Sauce is developing. And the Jets got him at a good price. Best signing by far, IMO. 2. Laken Tomlinson: Second best signing by far. The ONE hole the Jets had on the o-line (yes, yes, I know Becton is a big question mark) was a second Guard to replace GVR. Tomlinson was a huge get because he is a proven commodity who will not only solidify the line but should immediately elevate their play as a unit. Not to mention he should be used to the system and I believe is coming off a healthy, productive season. 3. G.Wilson: I have this addition as high as #3 because of what an impact I think Wilson can make. He is a top tier rookie WR added to this offensive group. JD clearly wanted another weapon at WR for Zach and simply couldn't get it done until the draft. Wilson took care of that. Huge addition. 4. CJ/Conk: Similar to #3, the Jets desperately needed to upgrade at TE. I know they added Ruckert in the draft but it was these two signings of CJ and Conklin that will truly make the difference this year. Big impact because it massively upgraded the TE room in one FA period. 5. Whitehead: Should be on here because it mitigates the loss of Maye. I know they don't technically play the same position but after losing Maye the safety depth was atrocious. Bringing in Whitehead was a huge addition, allowing Pinnock/Davis/Joyner to potentially slide to FS as JAG starters. 6. Breece: Its been a while since the Jets selected a top RB in the draft. I think this will be big- not just because the Jets will run the ball a ton but because it takes the load off both Zach and Carter II. I would say a critical addition. 7. JJ/Clemons: Young, talented pass rushers. Nothing else to say here. The Jets needed to add more talent to Edge and they did exactly that. It would have been a mistake if JD decided to remain passive and rely on Lawson, Martin and Huff. Moving up for JJ and taking a flyer on Clemons were gutsy moves and will pay dividends. Top Losses: 1. Moses: The Jets have yet to fill this hole. They drafted Mitchell but Moses was a proven vet backup who they were able to plug and play with confidence. They don't have that now. Easily the biggest loss. 2. Maye: Probably the most talented player they lost. While Maye was hurt most of the year so its hard to judge exactly how much of a loss he represents- when healthy, Maye is as solid of a safety as they come and he was the foundation of our secondary, albeit a very young, underperforming one. I would say second biggest loss for sure. The jets still have not quite filled his position (FS). 3. Fatukasi: He had an off year last year but having a run stuffer like this on your line is always critical. Especially for a team that is terrible at stopping the run. Again, another guy the Jets have really not been able to replace yet. They may feel like they don't need to. After his poor play last year, they may feel like he's not a great fit and another player can pick up the slack or fill his role.
  7. Same. 9-8 finish with those exact wins. Now, this is assuming nothing terrible happens for the jets like a devastating injury(s), and things, for the most part, go their way- or as expected. Certainly more of a best case scenario. I just don't see any more wins they can squeeze out unless the Pats happen to have a collapse/rebuild type year and the Jets sweep them. I think you can swap some of those division wins between the Pats and Fins, we may not win both home games, maybe we steal one on the road, like the game coming off our BYE after a tough loss at home to the Bills? But any way you slice it I have the Jets splitting with the Pats and Fins and getting swept by the Bills. I think the games that can really go either way are the Vikings, Steelers and Browns. I have the Jets beating all three of them but these are all going to be really tough road games.
  8. 'Jumbo' baby! Surprised this did not make the list.
  9. Fair enough. Quick question. Do you think the Jets will win a division game this year? or go 0-6 against the Pats, Fins, and Bills. Thats what this is all about, really. I guess if you think they will, you must be a homer. Even though they won at least one prior to 2020 every single year for like a decade. And the aforementioned non-franchise bust QB Darnold was the QB in 2019 when they won two of them. Stop acting like I'm predicting playoffs, the Lombardi trophy, pro bowls or superstardom for Zack or anything like that. Simply put. Will the Jets win at least one division game in 2022? Does me predicting that they win 2 make me a homer? I think not.
  10. Anything is possible. I'm really not trying to get into a debate to score points. You won't see me breaking down every sentence you write and providing some sort of counter-point. I don't care enough about being right. Everybody has opinions. Don't need an endless list of data and stats to back up my belief that the Jets will be better than many think they will. But it just seems silly that there are fans out there who think THIS team isn't set up well to win at least one or two division games this year. That they will get swept by the Fins and Pats. Again, anything can happen but I just don't see it barring some unforeseen set of circumstances. And so SORRY that you pulled one line from my interaction with another poster and decided to engage. lol. deal.
  11. Its fine, but you are digressing. All I was really saying in my op is that its silly to say I am a homer because I was suggesting the Jets will win x2 division games this year. The Jets are a much better team (on paper) and while the Bills are still tops in the AFCE, there is no reason to think that the Fins and Pats will sweep the Jets this year. There just isn't. None of these stats account for games that were close for the first 3+ quarters and ended up out of reach late in the game. 11.7 points is statistically a whopping difference but in reality is the difference between one or two plays- a turnover and a score- vs. the other team scoring (14pt swing), etc. Just saying. Don't overanalyze. You know I'm right. You know its absurd to assume the Jets won't win a division game this year. It just is. Who are you trying to convince and why? You know division games have a different feel, intensity and degree of importance (even if they shouldn't or if the players won't admit it). Some of it is pride. Some of it is simple competitiveness. When you look at the standings and you see your opposition ahead of you by one, two wins. If the Jets don't win AT LEAST one division game this year it will be due to something drastic (I think they will win at least two). A devastating injury or injuries, suspension(s), trade that strengthens the opposing team, some insane stroke of luck for the opposition or terrible play call(s) for the Jets. Something monumental has to happen for them to lose all 6 of those games.
  12. Again, they have won one or more division games in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008...and so on. Yes, the last two years the Jets have not been able to win any. Its an outlier. Division games are hard fought and often nail biters.
  13. Ok. A bit of a skewed look at divisional matchups. Division games are always tough. They are always a bit of a toss-up. Yes, the Jets did not win any divisional games in 2021 or 2020....BUT...they did win at least one divisional game in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, I mean, should I keep going? Cuz I can. Cuz they did in 2011 as well. And 2010 and 2009 and 2008... Suggesting that the Jets will get swept by the Bills- a far superior team and split with the Pats and Fins is far from being a homer. Maybe a bit optimistic? Sure. Homer? Nonsense.
  14. I mean. There seems to be this all or noting attitude. That's just not how things work. 'everything' doesn't need to break just right for the Jets. If just a few things do and they can win 8-9 games. Below are games I think they will WIN and LOSE. No homer stuff. They split divisional games against the Fins and Pats and they lose both divisional games against the Bills. They get the very winnable games vs Detroit, Jax, Chi, @Seattle, and @Minnesota. That is 7 wins right there. NOW- if a few things go their way. If they stay healthy while the opposition has some untimely injuries (maybe Rodgers or Burrow get hurt?). The Jets could easily steal a few games and end up with 8 or 9 wins. Its not crazy talk. These things happen all the time. Just as easily, things could break south for the Jets and they could get hit by the injury bug or lose some of the games they should win, ending up with 3 or 4 wins. Also possible. Albeit, unlikely, IMO. vsBaltimore- L @Cleveland- L (winnable) vsCincinnati- L (winnable) @Pittsburgh- L (winnable) vsMiami- W @Green Bay- L (winnable) @Denver- L vsNew England- W vsBuffalo- L 10BYE WEEK @New England- L (winnable) vsChicago- W @Minnesota- W @Buffalo- L vsDetroit- W vsJacksonville- W @Seattle- W @Miami- L (winnable)
  15. I think the Jets 'Biggest Strength' is going to be the RUN GAME. Followed by the Pass Rush and Secondary, who will complement each other. Both units now have a ton of depth and finally proven vet talent (DJ and Whitehead for the secondary and Lawson at Edge). I agree that their biggest weakness will be the LB group.
  16. The Jets will have a perfectly good kicking battle. lol
  17. Wish guys like Lawson, Huff, JJ, QW, JFM even Martin were on the list b/c we desperately need Pass Rush. However, I love seeing Wilson and Sauce on there. And its nice to see Davis on there because of the uncertainty of the FS position and depth.
  18. In the 're-building process' yes, the offense is ahead of the D, I would argue. However, I think the Defense will be a better unit than the offense this year. Or at least SHOULD be. For a variety of reasons I don't feel like getting into right now. But lets just say- JMHO.
  19. The Jets had a terrible secondary statistically last year. Then they overhauled it by potentially upgrading at at least 4 of the 6 critical 'starting' positions (Outside CB- Reed, Sauce; SS-Whitehead, Hall-Dime). But that's the thing, its all about POTENTIAL with the Jets. IF Sauce proves to be the real deal and DJ proves to be as good as advertised and the second year guys (as they typically do) continue to develop, and guys like Pinnock and Hall find a productive role, the Jets could have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. They really have that kind of potential. This is not me drinking Kool-Aid. Its just what JD was able to build and kudos to him. I mean, look at some of the other teams on this list. I know the Bengals have great safeties but should THEY really be that high on this list? It's debatable. The Titans are similar to the Jets, lots of young talent that has to prove themselves before we can elevate them as one of the best secondaries. Another thing I will note is that the Jets added Pass Rushers (with Lawson coming back) that will help with the secondary play. Thats just how it works. One unit helps the other statistically.
  20. It doesn't really matter. Its all relative. He's a purely receiving TE who is a converted WR. He won't be blocking out there. I would imagine the Jets flex him out into the slot. He won't be playing as an inline TE. He's still, essentially a big WR. The Jets would need to balance their WR and TE depth, yes, so maybe he is officially labeled as a TE.
  21. Right. The scenario would be that Cager stays over Wesco and the Jets carry more WRs. And of course, Cager would have to absolutely explode onto the scene. He would beat out one of Mims OR Smith...I think that is somewhat realistic, and Wesco gets cut. You know what Wesco can do but you also know that Ruckert can block. Ruckert was one of if not THE best run blocking TE in the draft. You don't need to carry Wesco another year just in case Ruckert does not work out as a blocker. You KNOW he can block. And like I said in my original post, while Wesco is able to play the FB role. The Jets have a better, 'true' FB in Bawden. So they have a FB in Bawden, they have a blocking TE in Ruckert and they have two pass catching TEs. Wesco is IMO, obsolete. Now, do I think that means Cager WILL make the team. No, probably not. But I think it means he may just have a better chance than Wesco if he balls out.
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