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  1. Can't keep him from crapping on Becton in a single thread. May be time for drastic measures.
  2. "Speaking of the WRs, Saleh stresses versatility, says players such as Moore, Davis and Wilson need to play more than 1 spot. Won't say who replaces Crowder in the slot. #Jets" If I remember correctly this is what really hurt Mims. Not only did he not contribute on specials but he was limited in his route tree and Saleh kept ragging on how he could not play multiple spots. I honestly have a feeling he will be considerably more prepared this time around for what is required of the WR position in this offense. Excited to see what he can bring to the corps.
  3. Relax. Its nice that you have a massive boner for Larry. But all I was saying is player 'X' has varying interests other than football and it does not preclude him from being a success in the NFL. Becton can be into video games, not be the sharpest tool in the shed, post silly things on social media and still be committed to football and a success in the NFL. Maybe he won't be Larry, your God. But he could still end up being a HOFer because just like Larry he is is athletically gifted. A physical freak of an o-lineman.
  4. You're not serious are you? Truly a troll comment. He's a football player. Who spent his life playing football. Who had a bad injury that required surgery and trained hard to get back in shape to play football, which required serious dieting because he also happens to be an enormous human, who posts on his social media that he will prove everyone wrong, who pays big money to train with one of the best o-line trainers in the country. If he had no interest in football he would have retired by now. It is WAY too much work to come back from an injury/surgery the way he did/is for someone who does not care about football. You could take the guaranteed money and retire on whatever NFL benefits package you got and start a business or comfortably do whatever the F you wanted to if you had no interest in football.
  5. My comparison had to do specifically with his interests off the field. Clearly. You are reading WAY too much into my comparison to Fitz. Becton is a guy going into year 3, coming off an injury that took him out for the year. Not a player headed to the hof. To compare the two would be moronic. I'm SPECIFICALLY talking about players having lots of varying interests other than football in their life, valuing family above the NFL, while still having drive and a commitment to being great. You are proving my point. Those things CAN coexist. Who knows if Becton will end up being great. But him not showing up to voluntary workouts means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Especially since he is working out with one of the best O-line trainers in the country. Can we stop with this nonsense already and let the guy play before we continue to bash him? Seriously. It's gross.
  6. All of this is bs. You are exaggerating to the extreme which makes your point completely invalid. Side gig? Obese? Pro gamer?
  7. So let me get this straight. ALL NFL players are supposed to have ZERO other interests and choose FOOTBALL over FAMILY? Otherwise they cannot succeed? WTF are you even talking about??? Larry Fitzgerald is well known for travelling all over the world, 10+ different countries to take photos because he's into photography. He does this mostly in the offseason. OBVIOUSLY. He's not focused on football all the time. In fact, I would bet he spends A LOT of time focusing on other things. He's headed for the HOF. I would call him a success in the NFL. Are you also suggesting an injured NFL player should be playing on the field? Yup, just throw him out there fresh out of surgery. He'll do fine.
  8. Its simple. Its because he doesn't say all the right things on his social media and because he doesn't live and breathe FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL. Because, HOW DARE HE! How dare he decide to take extra time to fully heal his body before coming back to the field. How dare he take time to witness the birth of his child and spend as much time as he can in the first few days with his wife and newborn instead of going to voluntary workouts. How DARE HE! We must burn him at the stake for such insolence. Nevermind that he has been working out with one of the best O-line trainers around to practice his craft and get in shape. Nevermind that he showed up when he actually had to. Nevermind that his comments on social media were all about proving people wrong and coming back as the dominant player supporters always knew he could be. Forget that. Childish insults, fat jokes, calling him lazy, and a 'bum' is way more fun. Then, when he starts playing lights out during the regular season, those same Jet fans will quickly turn around and start supporting him, as if they never sat there behind their screens and little keyboards spewing vile hatred towards a 23yr old kid. And as soon as he gets hurt, even if its just for a few games, they will crawl out of their holes again and start to trash on him "See! It was because he wasn't here for OTA's!! That lazy bum. Cut him! I was right! I was right!" Ladies and gentlemen...these are Jet fans.
  9. I don't know how many times we have to repeat the same thing over and over and over again. This will the the third season for these guys. Some are clearly busts, some have flashed and shown they can play in this league. I think everyone agrees overall this was a BAD draft for JD. However. If Becton realizes his potential and is able to stay on the field. I don't think its far fetched AT ALL to think he can and will do that. If Mims ends up being a contributing player/playmaker (won't even call him a 'starter'). Also not far fetched to think he can do that. And if A.Davis develops into a solid depth piece...You will end up with One dominant OT (Becton), and at least 3 solid contributing depth players (Mims, Davis and Hall). Far from a terrible draft. And I'm excluding Braden Mann because he is a punter. But if Mann continues to improve his consistency and develop as an NFL player it will only add to the quality of this draft. All of these things can go the other way and by 2023 we could very well see JD completely get rid of all of these guys. Who knows.
  10. I'm just going to throw a couple of thought in... 1. Saleh DID publicly bash Becton when it mattered and was fair to bash him. Its not like he's a guy who constantly covers for his players and 'doesn't run a tight ship'. He criticized Becton for being out of shape when Becton was out of shape, for example. You saw the same thing with Mims. He may not have been as harsh publicly, but he severely cut Mim's snaps when Mims could not grasp the playbook, contribute on specials, or made costly mental mistakes on the field- that kind of thing. In general Saleh doesn't let his players dictate how he runs things. So that is an unfair criticism IMO. 2. Becton played 13 games in 2 seasons. Sure, that is bad. Not a good sign. But he's only been in the league two seasons. He, essentially suffered a season ending injury last year. I get it. He wasn't SUPPOSED to be out all season. But injuries effect people/players differently. Some take much longer to recover. Nobody (fans/media) seems to be constantly barraging Lawson for playing 11 games his last two seasons. Becton gets a ton of flack but he's actually missed less games than a guy like Lawson, who, by the way, was signed to a 45mil contract for 3 years. I'm not saying its not a problem that Becton can't make his way onto the field (or Lawson for that matter). But the level of hatred directed at him because of it is absolutely absurd. Why exactly are you more and more pissed at the guy? Let him enjoy early fatherhood for the first few days of his child's life. He seems to be physically ready to go and he seems to be in communication with coaching staff. They seem to all be on the same page. Relax.
  11. Lawson and Mosley should be on that list. Assuming both can stay healthy.
  12. On par with the 'Seahawks won the Jamal Adams trade' thread?
  13. And the Jets still won the trade. Big time. No arguments. They just did. The Hawks just got a really good safety. for the Jets it was a Franchise changer. Who knew it would end up this way? But it did. Thats the bottom line. The players the Jets got for him are too young to know for sure but it would not be a reach to assume the Jets got a stud O-lineman who will be an anchor of a young, re-built o-line. And (luckily) they got a stud WR. They got cap flexibility which allowed them to fill the hole Jamal left with a very good Safety in Whitehead. You can argue almost as good in the box as Jamal. I'm not an Adams hater. But the Jets ALREADY won this trade. And if Wilson and AVT develop into Pro Bowl caliber players, the Jets would have blown this trade out of the water. *Sure if Coby Bryant ends up a Pro Bowler and Wilson/AVT bust, we'll talk. But right now, there's nothing much to do but laugh at an 'article' like this.
  14. honestly, I don't want to hear from DEFENSIVE coaches. This is the same stuff most fans have been talking about ad nauseum. I actually don't agree with the 'Zach should throw off-platform more' comment. While he has the arm strength to throw off-balance, he is much more accurate when he sets his feet and steps into his throw. Duh! You give Zach a pocket and the WR does not need a lot of separation, he will squeeze get it in there. And he's not Lamar Jackson. You want him to run selectively- then SLIDE. In fact, I thought early on in the season he bailed out of the pocket way too early.
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