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  1. I know these are just drills but I do not want Wilson returning kicks lol
  2. You should post the full current roster. As you typically do. lol. I copied and pasted it. Your list makes a ton of sense. I pretty much agree. One thing I would argue is that Riley goes as one of the early cuts. I think they like him for depth and would rather release a lesser known entity like Kai Nacua. I could also see Rashed outplaying a guy like Zuniga and forcing Zuniga to get cut before he does. But otherwise, yeah, those will be the early, easy cuts. Sidenote: I like Pinero but he seems to be losing the battle to Greg the leg and he doesn't have the power that Zuerlein has. By pre-season that should be a fairly easy call to make. I also think the Jets will cut Streveler by then as well. Mike White can take the final pre-season snaps. OFFENSE Quarterback - 4 2 - Zach Wilson 6'2" 214 BYU (QB) 19 - Joe Flacco 6'6" 245 Delaware (QB) 5 - Mike White 6'5" 218 Western Kentucky (QB) 15 - Chris Streveler 6'1" 216 South Dakota (QB) Running Back - 7 32 - Michael Carter 5'8" 201 North Carolina (RB) 20 - Breece Hall 6'1" 220 Iowa State (RB) (Draft Pick) 25 - Ty Johnson 5'10" 210 Maryland (RB) 22 - La'Michael Perine 5'11" 216 Florida (RB) 48 - Nick Bawden 6'2" 245 San Diego St (FB) 38 - Zonovan Knight 5'11" 210 NC State (RB) (2022 UDFA) 23 - Tevin Coleman 6'1" 210 Indiana (RB) <<< Active Non-Football Injury Tight End - 6 87 - CJ Uzomah 6'6" 260 Auburn (TE) 83 - Tyler Conklin 6'3" 248 Central Michigan (TE) 85 - Trevon Wesco 6'3" 267 West Virginia (TE/FB) 88 - Kenny Yeboah 6'4" 250 Mississippi (TE) 81 - Lawrence Cager 6'5" 220 Georgia (TE/WR) 89 - Jeremy Ruckert 6'5" 250 Ohio State (TE) (Draft Pick) <<< Active Non-Football Injury Wide Receiver - 11 17 - Garrett Wilson 6'0" 183 Ohio State (WR) (Draft Pick) 84 - Corey Davis 6'3" 209 Western Michigan (WR) 8 - Elijah Moore 5'10" 178 Mississippi (WR) 10 - Braxton Berrios 5'9" 190 Miami (FL) (WR/KR) 11 - Denzel Mims 6'3" 207 Baylor (WR) 16 - Jeff Smith 6'0" 195 Boston College (WR) 3 - Tarik Black 6'3" 213 Texas (WR) 9 – Calvin Jackson 5'9" 193 Washington St. (WR) (Tryout Signee) 86 - Keshunn Abram 6'1" 194 Kent State (WR) (2022 UDFA) 82 - Irvin Charles 6'4" 212 Indiana Univ (PA) (WR) (2022 UDFA) 6 - Rashard Davis (WR) 5'9" 175 James Madison (WR) Offensive Line - 16 77 - Mekhi Becton 6'7" 365 Louisville (T) 76 - George Fant 6'5" 322 Western Kentucky (T) 78 - Laken Tomlinson 6'3" 315 Duke (G) 60 - Conner McGovern 6'4" 306 Missouri (C) 75 - Alijah Vera-Tucker 6'4" 308 USC (G) 67 - Dan Feeney 6'4" 310 Indiana (G/C) 69 - Conor McDermott 6'8" 305 UCLA (G/T) 72 - Isaiah Williams 6'3" 296 Akron (T/G) 63 - Grant Hermanns 6'7" 305 Purdue (T) 66 - Ross Pierschbacher 6'4" 315 Alabama (G/C) 70 - Chuma Edoga 6'3" 308 USC (T) 61 - Max Mitchell 6'6" 307 Louisiana (T) (Draft Pick) 71 - Nate Herbig 6'4" 330 Stanford (C/G) (Waiver Claim Eagles) 68 - Parker Ferguson 6'4" 306 Air Force (G/T) 62 – Derrick Kelly 6'5" 320 Florida State (G/T) (Tryout Signee) 64 - Greg Senat 6'6" 305 Wagner (T) <<< RESERVE NFI LIST DEFENSE "EDGE" - 10 58 - Carl Lawson 6'2" 265 Auburn (DE) 52 - Jermaine Johnson II 6'5" 254 Florida State (DE) (Draft Pick) 72 - Michael Clemons 6'5" 263 Texas A&M (DE) (Draft Pick) 47 - Bryce Huff 6'3" 255 Memphis (DE) 99 - Vinny Curry 6'3" 279 Marshall (DE) 54 - Jacob Martin 6'2" 242 Temple (DE/LB) 92 - Jabari Zuniga 6'3" 264 Florida (DE) 51 - Tim Ward 6'6" 255 Old Dominion (DE) 55 - Hamilcar Rashed Jr. 6'2" 251 Oregon State (DE) 50 - Bradlee Anae 6'3" 260 Utah (DL) BOTH "EGDE" & "INTERIOR" - 2 91 - John Franklin-Myers 6'4" 288 Stephen F Austin (DE) 94 - Solomon Thomas 6'3" 280 Stanford (DE) (Free Agent) "INTERIOR" - 5 95 - Quinnen Williams 6'3" 303 Alabama (DT) 98 - Sheldon Rankins 6'2" 305 Louisville (DT) 97 - Nathan Shepherd 6'4" 315 Ft. Hays State (DE/DT) 96 - Jonathan Marshall 6'3" 310 Arkansas (DT) 79 - Tanzel Smart 6'1" 296 Tulane (DL) Linebacker - 8 57 - CJ Mosley 6'2" 250 Alabama (ILB) 56 - Quincey Williams 5'11" 225 Murray State (LB) 9 - Kwon Alexander 6'1" 227 LSU (ILB) <<<< NEW ADDITION 44 - Jamien Sherwood 6'2" 216 Auburn (OLB) 45 - Hamsah Nasirildeen 6'3" 215 Florida State (OLB) 43 - Del'Shawn Phillips 6'2" 230 Illinois (LB) 36 - Marcell Harris 6'0" 215 Florida (OLB/S?) 53 - DQ Thomas 6'2" 216 (MTSU) (LB) (2022 UDFA) Cornerback - 10 1 - Sauce Gardner 6'3" 190 Cincinnati (CB) (Draft Pick) 4 - DJ Reed 5'9" 193 Kansas State (CB) 37 - Bryce Hall 6'1" 202 UVA (CB) 26 - Brandin Echols 5'10" 180 Kentucky (CB) 30 - Michael Carter II 5'10" 184 Duke (S/CB) 40 - Javelin Guidry 5'9" 191 Utah (CB) 34 - Justin Hardee 6'1" 194 Illinois (CB) 27 - Isaiah Dunn 5'11" 189 Oregon State (CB) 31 - Rachard Wildgoose 5'10" 191 Wisconsin (CB) 0 - Luq Barcoo 6'1" 175 San Diego St. (CB) <<<< NEW ADDITION Safety - 8 6 - Jordan Whitehead 5'10" 198 Pitt (S) 29 - Lamarcus Joyner 5'8" 185 Florida State (S/CB) 21 - Ashtyn Davis 6'1" 202 Cal (S) 41 - Jason Pinnock 6'0" 205 Pitt (S/CB) 39 - Will Parks 6'0" 200 Arizona (S) 33 - Elijah Riley 6'0" 205 Army (S) 46 - Kai Nacua 6'0" 205 BYU (S) 22 - Tony Adams 6'0" 185 Illinois (S) (2022 UDFA) Punter - 1 7 - Braden Mann 5'11" 198 Texas A+M (P) Kicker - 2 14 - Greg Zuerlein 6'0" 191 Missouri West (PK) 15 - Eddy Pinero 6'0" 185 Florida (PK) Long Snapper - 1 42 - Thomas Hennessy 6'2" 246 Duke (LS) No Longer on Team 14 - DJ Montgomery 6'1" 201 Austin Peay (WR) (Released) 65 - Dru Samia 6'5" 308 Oklahoma (G) (Released) 9 - Javin White 6'2" 211 UNLV (OLB/S?) (Released with Signing of Kwon Alexander) xx - Craig James 5'10" 191 Wisconsin (CB) (Released) 38 - Jovante Moffatt 5'11" 213 MTSU (S) (Released)
  3. I am scared of that Bills defense. Probably will be the best in the NFL this year.
  4. They can definitely go 3-2. But odds are they go 2-3 in that stretch. Browns and Dolphins are very winnable games, IMO. Ravens, Bengals and Steelers will be very tough. But anything can happen in the NFL. The NYJ will be primed to upset a number of teams this season if they can stay healthy. I'm fine with them going 2-3 in the first 5 games. Because what follows are 8 beatable teams. Packers, Pats x2, Bears, Vikings, Lions, Jags, Hawks, Dolphins. That's 9 potential wins to potentially get to the playoffs at 11-6. Now, do I think the Jets will win ALL of those games. No. But the fact that only the Bills x2 and the Broncos are almost certain losses and its fair to say the Jets will at the very least have a fighting chance against every other opponent, should make Jet fans feel ok about a 2-3 start (having lost to the Ravens, Bengals and Steelers).
  5. If Davis stays healthy I think he will lead the team in TDs. I think Moore will lead the team in catches and will prove to be Zach's 'safety blanket'. Last year Davis got hurt and I don't think got a chance to develop chemistry with Zach as he struggled early on as a rookie. Still Davis ended up with 34 catches, 492 yards and 4TDs in 9 games. That's more TDs than Berrios in 16 games, and one less than Elijah Moore (5TDs) in 11 games. While I think there's still a good chance Moore will have the most TDs, I also think he will be getting the most attention from opposing teams. Obviously, its possible Wilson will explode on the scene (he certainly has the talent) and lead the Jets in TDs, but I just find it unlikely. Hard for a rookie to adjust that quickly to the NFL and produce immediately with a second year QB at the helm who will need a reliable target. And as so many people have already stated- Zach will spread the ball around, so the difference in TD catches between the guy with the most, second and third most wont be major. Its quite possible Davis will have something like 6, Moore will have 5, the TEs will have 5, Wilson will have 4, Berrios will have 3 and the RBs will have 4. That would give Zach 27 TDs, a big jump, but not out of the realm of possibility if he stays heathy and this offense gets on track.
  6. Not depth. He would be the starting Will and if he stayed healthy and proved that he still has plenty left in the tank I think he would influence how much 4-3 vs Nickel Saleh runs. Note- Having read more of this thread I want to add that he WILL NOT solve our porous run D problems. Like, that is not what this signing is about. If anything he will improve our ability to cover when we are in a 4-3. Nonetheless, considering we only have Sherwood and Nas at Will, Kwon would be the starter and improve the LB corps. It would probably make Saleh feel more comfortable running 4-3 more often.
  7. Not really. Ok, let me rephrase that. I'd be ok if we did it next offseason. We need to know what we have in Zach, what we have in Becton/Fant, what we have in this WR corps (if not Wilson, then Moore or the group as a whole) and what we have in in our Edge group (if not JJ then Lawson). These are CRITICAL positions that will need to be addressed ahead of LB with ANY first round pick, IMHO. So, lets say its the offseason and we feel pretty comfortable at those positions. We feel like we're going to stick with Zach as he is progressing nicely, we feel like one of or both Fant/Becton can be a legit OT and we have a plan for that position, we feel like the WR core has legit studs in Moore and Wilson, we feel like JJ has some real promise and Lawson can stay healthy and be a true menace off the edge...yes, by all means give up the 17th pick (or higher) for a stud LB like Smith. BTW- if the above were to materialize that would also mean the Jets are on their way to being a winning Franchise. That is the recipe for success and once you are at that level I think it is ok to start to forfeit some draft capital for immediate gains.
  8. You do not. I repeat. Do not trade a 1st round pick right now if you are JD, not for Roquan Smith. This team does not have a proven franchise QB, it does not have a proven franchise Pass Rusher, it does not have a proven franchise receiver, it does not have a proven franchise OT. This is not a winning team. Not yet. So we cannot give away first round picks, even if its for a stud LB.
  9. SHOULD be very effective. COULD be one of the best in the NFL.
  10. Frankly I'm very surprised. I genuinely thought this would be a somewhat open competition for LT.
  11. Well, the way I look at it there are two positions right now that are completely up for grabs- the WLB spot and the FS spot. Sure, there are some depth spots and the Jets could use a vet backup at OT. But as far as starters, FS and WLB are the only two spots that are still major question marks. For the most part, I believe the Jets will be playing Nickel. So the WLB spot is not going to be AS critical to this defense. Of course, you want to have a starter and you want to have someone you have some confidence in, you want to have someone grab hold of that position in camp. BUT not super critical. FS on the other hand, you NEED someone to grab hold of that spot ASAP. Its a critical position in this defense. You really need one of Joyner, Pinnock, Davis, Parks or Riley to excel in camp and grab hold of that starting spot. And I don't think the Jets have much confidence in ANY of these guys. Why should they? The recent rumors of the Jets 'making a SPLASH' supposedly have to do with them going after a safety. My hunch is that will end up happening unless someone on the Jets really steps up at FS. There's not much available in FA (Landon Colllins??) but maybe someone shakes loose or maybe JD has a trade in mind. There's been noise about Jesse Bates wanting a trade but that seems unlikely, IMO. Plenty of other teams to deal with however.
  12. Pretty much spot on. Now that Bawden is healthy, FB is pretty much his job to lose (assuming the Jets plan on carrying a FB on the 53, which I believe they do). With the 3 new TEs, this puts Wesco in no-mans land. The Jets have quality receiving TEs, blocking TEs and a legit blocking FB. Wesco adds no unique skillsets to this group and will most likely get cut. I also want to say- while comparisons between the GB, SF and the current Jets offenses are expected, they are not quite accurate. Yes, there are similarities. But at best Mike LaFleur runs a hybrid. For example, how often do you see the Jets target the FB on passing plays? Almost never. They've had an opportunity to bring in a pass catching FB who could add that dimension- even when Kyle Juszczyk was a FA the Jets made no effort to go after him. I think Mike LaFleur just prefers to use his FB to block.
  13. Not going out on limb here but- Jets sign or trade for a vet starting caliber FS.
  14. Well, you specifically said weight, and not just weight- but weigh-in. As if hitting a specific weight target will make much of an impact on his gameplay, conditioning and overall impact on the team. And my point was, NO, it won't. And thats an important distinction to make. He can come in weighing more than whatever the target is and still dominate, be in great shape and have no issues with fatigue. He can come in UNDER his weight goal and still be kept from participating by coaches early on because they want to be cautious with one of their best/most critical players coming off injury (like they are being with Lawson). And lets be clear, Becton missing time early on in camp will have little to no effect on team chemistry. It simply wont. The o-line will have plenty of time to gel before week one of the regular season.
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